101 days of horror in Gaza – NZ is now a legitimate target for protest against Israeli war crimes



Hey NZ – this image is from Yemen who we attacked with no explanation from our politicians as to how we enabled this.

Instead it’s a daily update on shoplifting allegations.

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Helping bomb one of the poorest nations on earth is less important than shaming Golriz.

Charming country we have here now.

Did any signals comms from our intelligence agencies help target for America? We have a long history of our Defence Force enabling American military actions and lying about it to the NZ public.

We are enabling an escalation of conflict by attacking the Houthies.

The Houthies are attacking shipping lanes because of the disproportionate ethnic cleansing war crime response by Israel to the October 7th attacks.

An immediate ceasefire will do more to stop Houthie attacks than bombing them will.

NZ is now a legitimate target for protest against Israeli war crimes.

24000 dead Palestinians equates to one of the worst attack on civilians in the 21st Century.

The disproportionate Israeli response has started a chain of events that are now spinning out of control.

Netanyahu’s corrosive and conflict generating Prime Ministership has created a never ending assault on Palestinian rights and interests that have driven the latest spasm of violence.

I was arguing last year that Israels new far right Zionist Government was pushing Israel to a new uprising.

We are choosing sides with the side generating the conflict.

That makes us a legitimate target for protest, by enabling the attack in Yemen, we are enabling Israeli war crimes.

The next trigger event will be Breaking News that Iran has successfully tested a nuclear bomb.

Netanyahu, Putin and the American Military Industrial Complex are the only winners in this latest escalation.

It’s only going to get worse from here.

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  1. Thank you, National and FM Peters for taking the correct, the only viably humane and decent stance towards Israel in its war against genocidal jihadist terrorism in the form of the neo Nazis, Hamas/ISIS.

    • I love how much you fall for propaganda gaby, Hamas knocked off ISIS when they tried to promote their shit ideas in Palestinian. It would appear that the IDF missed the memo in their rush to push out propaganda.

    • I guess genocide is an easy term to throw around and a difficult one to prove but as history shows us time and time again if you deny people a legal and political solution to justifiable grievences violence becomes the only solution open to them. You seem to frame this conflict in a simplistic good versus evil narrative and as long as it is seen in that context then the violence will never end. It’s about time governments stood up and stopped parroting the US line and started to hold all parties to account.

      • Given Arab and Iranian Islamists frame their conflict with Israel as a religious war you are quite right – the violence will never end. So until dhimmi western governments stop allowing foreign-financed and trained Imams and jihad sympathisers to infiltrate their nations, subvert our western, secular values, and continue to demean Jews as “apes and pigs” nothing will change.

        • Reverse this, then you really are speaking the truth….not that you already do not know this.

          Let us remember. The Western media frames narratives here. No one else gets a look in. Apes, pigs, animals, genetically inferior, this is how many of us in the West view Arabs. Few, if any, attach these labels towards Israelis. Only the West has the money to influence anything, anywhere – money rules – hence why we shaped and still rule (indirectly) the Middle East, ditto the world, no one else. We rule the world cos we have the money. Money rules, every Westerner knows this.

          You are right about one thing. Nothing will change while money is the centre of our universe.

          People first, not money, will change the rotten world we live in today.
          People power.

          • “We rule the Middle East”. Rubbish. Have you any idea of the Saudi and Gulf countries money which has flowed into the UK (including the royal coffers) and western EU countries over the last 40/50 years? The ME and Turkish funds financing and training Imams and sharia enforcement police? The increased ME shareholdings in western media? And in the reverse direction remittances flowing from the west back to the east along with profits from the halal rort inflicted on the west (more fool us.) Not to mention the billions in aid the west has delivered to Palestinians since 1948.
            Stop pretending ME nations have no agency. Money is not the only incentive of human behaviour. Did the Salman Rushdie affair not teach you anything. The disappearance of Molly Norris? The misogynist hate campaign against Hatun Tash? The Batley school teacher who’s career has been ruined by Islamist death threats? In hiding and now given a new identity lest he become the next Samuel Paty. This is the UK you think “rules” the ME. Do you genuinely have no idea of the extent of western dhimmitude?

            • Who picked the house of Saud to rule what then became Saudi Arabia. We did.

              No one has any agency, let alone ME nations. If they had agency, they would all be united, but no – WE – keep them divided. This, is the true tale of the tape. What ever they or any country does, let alone any group or individual, is at our convenience.

              The trillion dollar military-intel-media industry, needs excuses/reasons that they can take to the people to keep this ruinous machine both existing and growing, after all.

              You touch upon the aid that we have given Palestine for the calamity that we forced upon them. Note the examples you cite and how trivial they are next to well, who created this entire region in the first place? Note the difference in power. here. This is what they are up against. They are not in the same league, by any stretch.

              Having said all this, this is all rotten – it is money having its way with the world and we – people power – need to stop it because this money is increasingly turning its attention towards us as well – the billions of useless mouths – that thanks to AI, among other things, is soon to become redundant within a capitalist system that detests drains to its bottom line.

              Stop the rot. People power.

              • And didn’t those Saud’s just grab the opportunity to restore ownership of the Islamic holy sites to Arabia and sock it to those Ottomans eh. See … agency. They could have declined but, you know … power and all.

                You marxists who can only view the world through an oppressor/oppressed lens fail to grasp the other drivers of human behaviour. The ME nations will never be unified while the Sunni/Shi’ite conflict continues and that has nothing to do with any western intervention, real or imagined in that region.

                And I hesitate to remind you of this but which Hamas billionaire leaders are currently living in inconceivable luxury in Qatar? No such inhibitions there to availing themselves of the splendours of capitalist products and services.

                • The tragedy taking place right now is one of the best, and unfortunately, one of the most horrific, examples of the ‘oppressor/oppressed ‘ dynamic. Guess Marxists are on to something.

                  But when you can reorient a foreign people on to a populated land, and then allow these foreigners to take over this land, while also keeping neighboring peoples at bay, then yes, this is power. This is our power. This is the power of money. And little ole me, understands this, one doesn’t need to be attached to anything to get this. Although, growing up in the 70’s helped with my understanding of the changing dynamics of the world, namely how moneyed interests were able to reorient governmental power away from an unusually even distribution (by historical levels) between money and people interests, to power predominantly serving moneyed interests only. The Powell Memorandum best illustrates this.

                  Oh, and once upon a time Sunni and Shia got on fine, but yeah, we stirred that pot and continue to stir this pot, well and good. And I hesitate to remind you, too, the strong ties between Israel and Hamas. Who would have thought that Israel would fund Hamas to the tune of billions of dollars though. And the Sauds, our guys – our guys – don’t need to say anything more than that.

                  Money rules, this horrific circumstance spells this out well and truly. But money rule is rotten for everyone – we need to understand this.

                  The Lewis Powell Memo: A Corporate Blueprint to Dominate Democracy – https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/democracy/the-lewis-powell-memo-a-corporate-blueprint-to-dominate-democracy/

                  A Brief History of the Netanyahu-Hamas Alliance – https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/2023-10-20/ty-article-opinion/.premium/a-brief-history-of-the-netanyahu-hamas-alliance/0000018b-47d9-d242-abef-57ff1be90000

  2. Israels main defense at the ICJ is the court does not have “Jurisdiction” as there is no dispute between the parties of the crime of Genocide.
    Israel is openly admitting that the accusations by South Africa are in fact correct, the claims of self defense have no basis under international law as the courts have already ruled Israel is an occupying power.

    • So their defense is “We are not committing acts of ethnic cleansing or genocide, just a little harmless crimes against humanity”?

  3. What kind of freedom, what level of material existencecould Jews expect in that forsaken land? What had a movement of this kind in common with their messianic hopes? Anglo-Jewry did not engage in open polemics against the visions of these well-meaning but obviously eccentric compatriots; its members acknowledged them gratefully, promised support if someone else would take the initiative, and shelved the whole idea. Nor did east European Jewry at the time take much notice. The British had no monopoly of blueprints of this kind; several Jewish writers on the continent were also advancing similar projects at the same time. They usually entered into surprising detail but it was no doubt in anticipation of a hostile reception that most of them were published anonymously.

  4. The various plans were not devoid of political vision, but the link between the dream and its realisation was missing, and for that reason, in the last resort, they were bound to have no effect. They were premature, just as the ideas of the Utopian Socialists had no lasting impact because they were propagated in a vacuum, without reference to the political and social forces which could provide leadership in the struggle for their realisation. Even Moses Hess’ Rome and Jerusalem , the most important by far of these appeals, belongs to this genre. Published in 1862, it had no immediate effect. Isaiah Berlin, who compared it to a bombshell, exaggerated its impact; 160 copies of the book had been sold one year after publication and soon after that the publisher suggested that Hess ought to buy back the remainder at a reduced price. When Herzl wrote his Judenstaat more than thirty years later, he had not even heard of it. And yet Rome and Jerusalem stands out in the literature of the time for reasons that will be immediately obvious.A History of Zionism, Walter Laqueur.

  5. The projects of the 1840s showed a great deal of ingenuity, acute analysis, and sometimes a remarkable gift of prophecy. But in the last resort they were all romantic and artificial constructions suspended in mid-air; they did not provide an answer to one all-important question: who would carry out theseprojects, who would lead the Jews in their return to their homeland? The anonymity of the authors made it clear that they were not volunteering for this mission. The spate of projects at this time was a direct outcome of the acute crisis in the Near East, the beginning of the dissolution of the Ottoman empire. But they did not coincide with any marked rise in Jewish national awareness. Despite all the setbacks on the road to emancipation, the overwhelming majority of western Jews were by no means willing to abandon that goal. The idea of settling in an uncivilised, backward country, subject to the whims of arbitrary and cruel Turkish pashas, was unlikely to appeal to them.

  6. Reply to AO
    Marxxists are on to something? Well no, you’re on a hiding to nowhere. But if you were prepared to drop the ideological blinkers for a moment you could learn a thing or to from recent immigrants to the west who have managed to escape totalitarian communist govts and are desperate to warn us of the signs they see appearing in our once free liberal democracies. And why are we no longer free? Well now, those people whose lives have been threatened by the bearded bully boy brigade, could also give you some indication but as you seem to think an ex-teacher’s life in hiding is trivial compare to a “real oppressor/oppressed” dynamic you’d hardly be likely to listen huh?

    • I don’t know what a Marxist is, I am not anything other than a for-the-people-Lettie. I’m a simpleton, what is influencing the world around me, is it the will of the people or is something else? If the latter, what is that something else! This is how I view the world. Simple, dimple. For a good deal of my time, I believed, perhaps foolishly, that the forces shaping my world were a relatively even mix of people power and special interests. But come the 1980’s, that all changed – drastically. There was no question what forces were now predominately shaping my world. People had little say and special interests, namely money, held majority say over the world around me. Of course, I look back now with the understanding that I didn’t have back then, of the larger forces at play in reshaping the entire world, let alone ours…too busy in dealing with local politics and issues of the day to see the bigger picture/forces behind them.

      So, this is the power of money, the ability to predominately shape the world we all live in. And yes, power corrupts, with oppression being but one, terrible expression of this. We all know this, and thanks to you, I now know that Marxists understand this as well, albeit within whatever context they typically run within.

      And, again, what is taking place in Gaza-Palestine right now is one of the worst examples of the act of oppression – ever – because prior to Oct 7th, 2023, Palestine was merely an occupied land, with little agency, that the international world didn’t care about resolving. But since Oct 7th, occupation has been superseded by genocide, as Israel has its way with any already beleaguered people, with many an Israeli official voicing their oppressive intentions on top of the actions they are committing. And worst of all, the international world, namely the large part of the world that has the money and power to stop this genocide, at best, at best, just turns a blind eye to this calamity.

      OK, after all this palarva, I realize now, oh how slow I often am, that you’re the ideological one between us two. You’re the one that speaks in ideological lingo, Marxism, communism, liberalism, blah, blah, blah. Heck, you came up with the oppressed-oppressor dynamic to boot. You have all this concepts that then shapes your views and how you believe others to be thereafter.

      As for triviality in the context of power. One of us is speaking in terms of how power has the ability to shape the world, from a local to a national to an international level. The Powell Memo, mentioned/linked to earlier addresses this. While the other one of us is speaking power in local terms only. The discrepancy here between the levels of power being discussed is the triviality. The abuse of power – never trivial.

      • Umm …. didn’t the originator of the class conflict theory – you know that ideological giant (cough, splutter) of the early nineteenth century come up with the oppressed/oppressor dynamic? At the same time as he lived off the charity of Engels and other friends, doomed his family to poverty, three of his children to an early death and fostered out the illegitimate son borne of an affair. Such a moral man wouldn’t you say. But hey ho, he catalogued the evils of capitalism for us and led us to believe that money rules the world.
        Could have saved his breath, it had been spelled out nineteen centuries earlier but Marx may not have heard of 1 Timothy 6:10 … from all accounts he wasn’t too fond of religion – an oppressor force evidently. Maybe that held him back from examining too closely those societies which put religion and/or the protection of traditional ways of life ahead of economic needs. And which still do. Gaza, with their patriarchy’s love of sharia rule is one of them.

        • Bit late to this party, but never mind. Ideology – meaningless – in the face of the genocide that Israel and their main sponsor, the USA, are committing against Palestinians. Take the main sponsor, aka big-money, away and the occupier will be no more. It is simple dimple stuff albeit tragically so.

          • Oh the most interesting tete a tete’s happen between those few who remain after the party exodus.
            To what do you attribute the Arab conquest and occupation of the Holy Land and the subsequent centuries of dhimmitude for Christians and Jews? Big money? Class conflict? Israeli oppression?

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