International solidarity turns the tables on apartheid Israel – Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa


PSNA is celebrating the news of a breakthrough in the BDS campaign against sports brand PUMA which has announced it is ending its sponsorship of Israeli soccer teamsin illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.

“This is the latest example of the success of BDS” says PSNA National Chair John Minto.

Our own modest efforts here in New Zealand were part of this international pressure – just last weekend we had an in-store protest at Rebel Sports in Christchurch against PUMA.

“We saw many victories like this in the international campaign to isolate apartheid South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s. It is now gaining momentum against apartheid Israel”

As the Palestinian-led BDS movement explains, it is a bitter-sweet victory with genocide and ethnic cleansing taking place now in occupied Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

“However it underlines the reality that there is no stronger force than the power of people acting together to defeat racism and apartheid” says Minto.

“When governments fail to act – such as the New Zealand government refusing to utter a single word of criticism of Israel’s slaughter of Palestinian civilians – people around the world can organise together to defeat racism and apartheid”

This is encouragement for us to redouble our efforts against two other BDS targets: HP and Marvel.

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  1. Remember apartheid Israel is the only democracy in the M.E. ‘sarcasm’ The Abrahams accords is done! Apartheid Israel PM a week before the 7 Oct attacks was in the UN pushing his case on normalizing at least publicly relationships with other arab states. Hamas put a stop to that reminding the world that they still exist and want a piece of the huge gas field sitting on their shores.

    Free Palestine

      • Democracy, what Democracy, since when has any Apartheid Nation ever been a Democracy? Was South Africa a Democracy under Apartheid? NO! Israel is not a Democracy, it’s a British creation that became a American construct, a Military Outpost, setup to keep the ME in perpetual chaos & instability, it’s America’s unsinkable Aircraft carrier to prevent peace among the Arab Nations, but Israel needs two floating US Aircraft Carriers to prevent Hamas & Hezbollah sinking this murderous, genocidal War criminal Nation! Adolf Bibi Satanyahu is riding this bitch for as long as he can because he’s a thieving crook who was about to be convicted & thrown in jail before Hamas attacked! This entire conflict us to stop Bibi Satanyahu from going to jail for the rest of his stinking life & Netanyahu is personally responsible for the Terrorist attack on Israel, the buck for Israeli security stops with him & he was asleep at the wheel, he should have fired & booted from Office but like the Dictator he is, he’s clinging on to power like a limpet crab to a rock? And concerning Hamas, Israel has been terrorising & murdering innocent people, children, mainly civilians & unarmed Palestinians for more than 70 yrs, what Hamas did to Israel on Oct 7th was small potatoes to Israel’s mass murder, Israel has killed & displaced at least a Million Palestinians over that 70 yr period, they are a evil, illegitimate Nation created from repatriated European Zionist Jews, illegally occupying Palestine, a poisonous toxic group that must be expelled from Palestine forever!

      • The Mid East is loaded to the gunwales with authoritarians of various stripes, the Israeli State and Military being a prime example. Democracy does not involve ignoring hundreds of UN resolutions and bombing the crap our of civilian populations.

  2. It’s always fun to see gutless bullies get their arses kicked. The israeli’s will be fucked when Big Daddy Warbucks, the U$A, shies away from their military industrial complex cash cow currently experimentally slaughtering their reluctantly neighbouring and invaded women, men, kids and animals.
    Big brave israelis in full combat gear and armed to the teeth with dubious, state of the art, weaponry against kids in T shirts and sandles. What’s an M16 bullet worth these days. Lets find out?
    How Much Does a Bullet Cost?
    “By Col. Stanley Lillie, Maj. Mark T. Corbett and Rick O’Donnell
    The answer to this question seems easy if one assumes, as we have for years, that ammunition is simply
    expendable. Very few military planners thought there would be follow-on costs associated with each round fired.
    Rather, we assumed that once the trigger was pulled, the money was spent — case closed. Unfortunately,
    bullets in the 21st century are not as expendable as we once believed. In fact, years later they still have a clean-
    up cost associated with them due to the projectile’s high lead content and potential impact on the environment.
    Green ammunition has been developed to reduce the need for clean-up and with it, the overall true life-cycle
    cost of a bullet. This green ammo also characterises the Army’s greater commitment to its stewardship of the
    Wow! Didn’t expect that.
    I’ll try again…
    ‘Happy Kid fully automatic m16 toy gun plastic bullets’
    Trying again.
    So about a $1 NZ a round.
    There you go. Bang-bang-bang. $3 bucks NZ thanks. But life’s all about turning a profit right? Growth, and all that. Bang-bang-bang! = Growth. Profit. Success. Bang-bang-bang ! Ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching. “Whoop! Fuck yeah! Be able to buy that there 4×4 Ford F150 now Boy!”
    Humanity’s a bit fucked isn’t it. If looked at in an abstract fashion, in a rational, creative human-being fashion, humanity’s fucked. In a modern, new age, peace and spiritual expansion kind of way making money from the israeli’s killing children living in poverty while their parents watch as their little puddles of blood drain into the sand seems a bit naff really.
    Nice to see there’s never a shortage of sadistic cowards here ready and willing to lend the israeli’s their support. Go you guys! What real men you are! Wow!

  3. the World is horrified, sickened at the sadistic murder of Gazan women and children; the butchery from on high with fuel air explosives, phospherus and guided jdam bombs, the deliberate destruction of hospitals, schools, mosques, churches plus the starvation by denial of fuel, water and any life support. Israehell is the new Attila the Hun supported by the vile zionist controlled U$$$ this is a modern barbarousness only matched by the NAZIS death squads. They are the chosen scum of the Earth.


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