Reintroducing prescription fees, attacking Treaty at Te Papa and starting war with the unions – week 2 of hard right racist Government


The NZ Right wanted a race war, well – they are getting one.

After the worst start to any Government in recent political memory, the hard right of National, ACT and the Qanon obsessed NZ First have sold their voters a mix of ignorance, bigotry and misplaced anger at Labour to mix this toxic stew of resentment.

The electorate turned against Labour because Labour broke their heart.

Jacinda promised transformation, all we got was incrementalism.

Yes Jacinda’s leadership saved us from the war of Covid, but her incrementalism killed the peace of Covid.

Chippy’s pathetic policy roll out only served to enrage voters even more.

Labour had a once in a generation MMP majority and still managed to fuck it up.

This fury has manifested in left wing voters not bothering to vote and redneck voters foaming at the mouth for race war.

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After an appalling first week that saw nation wide protests at the racist agenda of this Government alongside the desire to allow 8000 to die from tobacco so we can tax them alongside a cavalcade of Qanon conspiracy policy from NZ First, we now get the second week with Unions at war over the vicious 90 day right to sack powers, Treaty vandalism at Te Papa and fury at reintroducing prescription fees which will punish poor people who National don’t care about.

Meanwhile the planet burns and the new hard right racist Government are fuelling that fire…


…2023 wasn’t an election, it was a  grudge fuck against Labour by an embittered post Covid electorate who were economically insecure, alienated by woke dogma and heart broken that all Labour could do with a once in a generation MMP majority was ‘good first steps’ rather than transformational leaps.

It has resulted in a Hard Right Racist Government bound together only by a shared glee in bashing beneficiaries, workers, renters, prisoners, the environment, gang members, drug addicts and the disabled.

They all have a particular dislike for Māori and have used attempts at co-governance to fulfil the promise of the Treaty (which is our collective obligation) as a weapon with which to cement into place 19th Century White Settler Privilege and call that ‘democracy’.

As Verity Johnson so scathingly observes in her must read column, there is no Honeymoon here, just regret from voters…

Verity Johnson: This isn’t the honeymoon period, it’s the morning after

There’s been a lot said this week about the political honeymoon period with the Government. Namely, where the hell has it gone?

After all, this is supposed to be the french toast and art galleries period of our political relationship with Luxon & co. And yet there is a distinct lack of romance in the air right now.

In fact, I’d say this feels more like 14 years into a relationship. The point where you see your spouse eat mayonnaise straight from the jar while wearing a brown, stained towelling robe that makes them look like a recently shot deer – and realise that you can’t afford a divorce.

Now, many people have been blamed for spoiling the Government’s honeymoon. Mostly Winnie. But also David Seymour because, well, because it’s those two. But let’s be real here.

There was never going to be a honeymoon period.

Because we’re not in love with this government. Like I said the other week, Christopher Luxon is the rebound boyfriend who we’ve married because our ex broke our heart. So there was never going to be a morning-sex-in-the Seychelles period anyway. This was the kind of marriage where you wake up the next day in Vegas, and the crushing enormity of what you’ve done squats onto your chest like an FBI agent bursting in the door to arrest you for gross stupidity…..

So no, there was never going to be a honeymoon. Just the morning after.

Because let’s face it, that’s how most of us feel: dazed, disorientated and damply disappointed.

No one’s particularly happy with the new bunch, whether you’re left, right, centre, everyone seems to feel generally dissatisfied. In fact, in the everyday world, not the political or media world, you could best sum up everyone’s mood right now with, WTF just happened?

…Verity is right, no one wanted this right wing vomit as social policy, they were angry at Labour for their fecklessness!

The NZ Political Right have mistaken anger at Labour as a mandate for culture war vengeance and they have conflated Majoritarianism as Democracy!

In a modern liberal democracy, you acknowledge the power imbalance created in society and you resource to ensure those power imbalances are compensated for!

In a liberal progressive democracy, it doesn’t matter what role you play in the complex super structure of our society and economy.

It doesn’t matter of you are a garbage collector, a dr, a nurse, a drain layer, teacher or tradie – if you all stopped doing your jobs the system can’t work.

Everyone deserves to share the collective harvest of civil society with public services and policies focused on the public good enshrined in the intrinsic civil liberties each individual has.

Wealthy individuals who become mega rich thanks to the landscape generated by those values are required to pay more back into the system they have benefited from beyond the bare necessity of ruthless accountancy practices.

The Political Right are screaming that imposing Qanon talking points as social policy, destroying workers rights, Tobacco deaths for tax cuts and taking $555million from the poorest families are all acceptable because they have the Majority so fuck everyone else!

That’s why on the first day of the Government there were nationwide protests. That’s why in the first week of the new Government global headlines were attacking our u-turn on gas and oil exploration and smoking policy.

Dismantling the values of a liberal progressive democracy to cement into place 19th Century White Settler privilege using culture war vengeance as social policy IS NOT Democratic, it’s majoritarianism without any of the values of a true Democracy.

You can’t shit on Renters, Māori, the Environment, Workers, Beneficiaries and Prisoners while pretending to be democratic.

That’s the zeal of the Lynch mob, that’s not Democracy!

Majoritarianism is the whip of the autocrat masquerading as legitimacy. Is has none of the soul or wisdom that a Democracy requires to be meaningful.

The Right seemed to think the only ones who are allowed to protest are the Taxpayers Union and Groundswell, well surprise kids, here it is coming back the other way!

Waitangi Day next year will burn.

The peace has been broken by these hard right racist clowns and so too is the detente. Now it is protest on every front against these racist fascsist.

You intend to use democracy to lash the vulnerable end the poorest amongst us with no consequences?

Oh you silly rednecks.

You gonna git some now rednecks.

You gonna git some now.

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  1. What I find surprising is the amount of lying that is going on. The tobacco outlets lies, and the ‘oh we are finding out stuff’ that we actually already knew. Not giving extra funding to PHARMAC in perpetuity is not new. Of course they should have extra funding, end of story, but it’s not unusual that they announce an extra of say 180mil ‘over three years’ .

    Sure politicians are not necessarily known for the truth ( why we except this I don’t know) but these guys are doing it on a surprisingly regular basis given we are like three weeks in.

  2. Maori Leaders need to go to the United Nations & lodge a complaint regarding the failure of the current NZ Govt’s racist, apartheid policies & failure to address Maori’s legitimate Indigenous rights under the Treaty? Unlike other Native peoples of their Lands like the North American Indians & Australian Aboriginals, the Maori are unique in that they are the only ones who entered into a formal agreement with the British Empire & it’s Crown with the Treaty. Embarrass the Fuck out of this Bastard Luxon & the other Scumbags in his Coalition Govt & do it on a GLOBAL SCALE, create a shit storm & bring it right down, like a ton of bricks, on top of these fuckin assholes heads! If the bloody Maoreeeeees did this, Luxon would to a backflip that would put a Olympic Gymnast to shame? And regarding Workers, that Act Party Women, the tight arse bitch with the Dutch name, the so called Minister of Labour & her destruction of Workers rights with the cancellation of the Fair pay agreements & other hard fought terms & conditions, Civil disobedience & massive strikes are needed to put her in her place & make her regret her Neoliberal arsonist behaviour, massive strikes need to be implemented, EVERYONE should take a couple of Days sick leave right before the busiest period before Xmas & stick it to these Employers, if the Covid Pandemic has taught us anything, it showed us who really does all the hard work in this Nation & it ain’t the Employers or Govt Politicians, its the ordinary worker, they have the power to grind this Country to a standstill, use that POWER? This Act Party she devil can’t be allowed to get away with her bullshit nonsense! Oh & if it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander, if the current NACTZI, WINSTON FIRST, NZ Govt are going to stop employees getting any pay rises or fair pay, this needs to immediately apply to these non productive, never worked at a real job in their entire lives fucking Politician’s as well, no fuckin Fair Pay or Pay rises for them or golden handshake pensions!

    • Repealing the Fair Pay Agreement act shows the disgraceful actions this coalition government is forcing on the workers in Aotearoa. Massive strike action nationwide will show these employers where they get their goodies from. Time to share their profits with their workers. Fair Pay Agreements are imperative for all workers.

      • Bob the knob people need enough money to pay the rent to the greedy landlords who are getting thousands of dollar’s rebates from our sicko government but no rent reduction.

        • bob is too thick to understand the poor have been squeezed dry and his right wing buddies are after his assets next….so welcome to the bankowning your arse

          gammons always think they are on the same team as the rich good luck with that bob

    • well ant if people want their culture respected which is right good and proper then they should RESPECT the culture of others…swapping dominant paradigmes is just swapping the bullshit around

      as far the treaty goes neither side understood the others language so exact translation is open to contention

      • Are you a treaty expert gargarin all around the world indigenous people are suffering many are landless, homeless, over incarcerated these are common factors? now can you tell me despite having a Treaty why Māori are overrepresented in these areas?

  3. The protest at Te Papa I thought was timed perfectly with the recent far-right govt attack on our founding document. The supposition that Maori ceded sovereignty needed to be brought to public attention and what a brilliant move from the protesters hats off.

    Maori never ceded sovereignty and that reflected in the majority of chiefs signing the maori version which promises “Tino Rangatiratanga” Chiefly authority and continued control ova their lands and resources.

    Remembering Hone Heke was a ranking Ngapuhi chief that readily gave his support for the treaty than 5 years later attacking the British flag at Kororareka why? Because he notice that he wasn’t receiving royalties for european ships anchored in their harbour, among other slight but significant changes.

    This govt and it settler society need to be more careful how they manage their relationship with the indigenous peoples of Aotearoa. If pakeha believe that Maori are just gonna roll ova need to look at what happening in Palestine.

    Free Aotearoa

  4. Interesting threat Stephen.
    Try turning it on its head and saying 17% of the population are threatening to take power from 87% and the majority might fight back.
    Maybe continuing with our democracy and supporting the elected government is a more sensible option

  5. Martyn – The vandalism at Te Papa was a ‘look at me’ moment…the same vandals are behind the Stop Oil Protests…the same people…damaging things that upset you is a slippery slope

  6. The English version of the TOW does not match the Māori version and the indigenous version has precedent as it is more likely to be what was agreed to and signed by the indigenous leaders. The English version HOWEVER was not signed by Māori, and it is this version that claims Māori ceded sovereignty. The crown benefited the most from the signing and THEREFORE the crown is expected to uphold their obligations instead they are busy sowing seeds of division and in doing so taking us backwards in race relations. Our new PM needs to get some balls asap and not be weighed down by the two tyrant coalition leaders espousing hatred and division for their own people rather sad really.

  7. How can a colonial system imposed over 180 years ago be ‘modern’ ?

    To say Maori never ceded sovereignty is to call into question the legitimacy of the system that cemented governance and judicial power over them and their resources.

    Isn’t it about time we had a discussion to put forward some options on what a 21st century system might be better fit for purpose ?

  8. Can anyone really believe that we are even having this conversation. We have just come through the worst times in our modern history and all this government can do is divide. They have already divided the workers and their employers. The employers are now off the hook to pay decent wages and they can now sack someone at the drop of a hat ( low wage economy anyone). They have divided Maori and the rest of us from their Maori language. They have even threatened the principles of the treaty of Waitangi our founding document, They have got the health sector up in arms with repealing the smoke free legislation and getting rid of free prescriptions a proven method of actually saving health dollars. How can a government want to cure cancer and cause cancer at the same time. They are in the process of causing a very serious racial divide and all Luxon can do is speak gobbledygook. I am ashamed for NZ

    • “Worst times in modern history”
      Spoken like a true spoiled western adolescent.

      Being payed to stay home for covid was on par with the trenches in WW1 or the concentration camp showers in WW2 was it?

      What you mean is in “post modern times” which then allows narrow undeveloped brains to assume truths in the world through their own subjective feelings, in which case, yes dear.

      Jesus wept

  9. Not my government this government wants to reduce smoking by providing more access to tobacco (more outlets) and if you get cancer Luxon’s coalition will provide you with cancer drugs. In the meantime, here suck on this vape. Fucken sickos.

  10. Bob the knob people need enough money to pay the rent to the greedy landlords who are getting thousands of dollar’s rebates from our sicko government but no rent reduction.

  11. I’m still not convinced that MMP has furthered the cause of democracy in NZ, and my doubts are fuelled by the current coalition arrangements.

    Although it will never happen because it doesn’t benefit politicians I believe that STV would be better

  12. ” The electorate turned against Labour because Labour broke their heart ”

    No bomber that’s how a jilted lover feels.

    These LINO people shat on everyone outside of the Welly woke managerial class , elite Maori and the property millionaires club.

    And they lied to their own traditional supporters whose vote they solicited with the promise of ” transformation ” TWICE !

    Hipkins and the rest of the last government now in opposition learnt nothing from their defeat and their contempt and arrogance continues as it did in government.

    LINO have delivered on one thing … power and authority over to NACT and Winston Shane First.

    Grudge fuck ? No it runs much deeper than that and the damage done to many of our people who don’t share in or are part of this rapacious free market plutocracy that is safe guarded by the party once formed to fight the enemies on behalf of working people they now call friends.

  13. whilst I’d like to get agitated by the far right rhetoric, I just can’t. this progressive/conservative cluster fuck is just a last ditch effort at remaining viable. Change is coming regardless. Humans are fucked if we don’t put our petty consumerist squabbles aside and be -err- human.

  14. Be very careful of how you react. [They’re] deliberately baiting us to have as at each other’s throats. Dividing to concur etc. Remember? On a global scale we as a few people on the paradise they want we don’t matter. What does matter is the very islands we stand on. That’s what they want. On a sick planet with almost nowhere to go you’re going to come here.


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