M.A.D. – Why ACT and NZF want a Coalition of Crows

The Coalition of Crows

David Seymour has let slip his belief that he thinks he is negotiating a Coalition Government.

Whether that’s what Winston wants is moot but seeing as ACT and NZF are both tag teaming Luxon on some race knee-jerk virtue signal, it’s fair to say a Coalition Government is on the cards for a couple of reasons:

The first is that David and Winston need to both be in Government and in Cabinet so they are both bound by Cabinet Responsibility and ties the fate of the other to the other.

This Government is a scorpion, sitting on a fox’s face, riding in the open jaws of a great white shark.

ACT and NZF are negotiating a Mutually Assured Destruction agreement to hold the peace for 3 years.

How aspirational.

The second reason a coalition Government is the likely outcome is because it has become glaringly apparent that Luxon is utterly out of his depth and the only reason both Winston and David want to forge a Government is to exploit this hapless muppet beyond their wildest dreams!

What will turn ACT against NZF or NZF against ACT is if either one of them exploits Luxon beyond what they are exploiting him.

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If they can find a happy medium where they are both exploiting Luxon in equal measure, these circling Black Holes of self interest can maintain a political orbit.

If they suspect the other is getting something they aren’t however, then all paths lead to Armageddon.

The naked venality we are watching is the dance of those who master power for their own ends.

This is going to be a dreadful fucking Government.

A Coalition of Crows.


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    • “….but….but………Labour!”
      That’s all you right wing nut jobs have STILL got?

      Is it because the policy platforms of your incompetent, corrupted representatives are unworkable?
      Or perhaps you simply cannot understand them?
      Or maybe, like them, you are lazy and bereft of imagination.

      Soon, you will be judged on outcomes.
      And “….but….but………Labour!” will be even less of an excuse than you pretend it is now.

        • I am tribal because I push back on some of the drivel directed at Labour? Labour aren’t even left wing. I call bs on them being blamed for everything under the sun with no factual basis for about 60/70% of it. They sucked on CGT, the weed referendum, their gutless approach to three waters, and the environment ( though they look like David Attenborough compared to the three amigos)

  1. Luxon seems to be inexperienced, inept and out of his depth. But he is the Leader, the CEO, the boss of the National team. Where are the experienced, wise and clever MPs who will form the bulk of this Coalition cabinet. Where are the steady hands and the brilliant strategists who will run the PMs office. Why aren’t they helping their guy do a better job?

    • Peter. John, Bill and Steven were never brilliant strategists. With the family silver gone, more sovereignty gone, health service foundations gone, and educational competency gone, the blind are leading the blind.

    • Well Peter, the advisors are probably out trying to sell houses and dodge paying any form of tax. They assumed when they handed over millions to National that things would take care of themselves.

    • Gerry wants to hold hands with Canada & Australia before making any decisions regarding the genocide in Gaza so I presume that other National MPs are seeking the advice of their financial masters (donors) as to what they should think.

    • Peter, they see Luxon as Trump like. Better to say nothing and keep their jobs or better still say nothing and be considered stupid than comment and be proven so.

  2. Coalition negotiations expose the hollowness of New Zealand “democracy”. Under MMP individual electors vote for a party and with it a set of policies. What they get is quite different to what they thought they were voting for: a potpouri of policies and personalities, many of which may be anathema to them.
    Yet they have to face the uncomfortable truth that their own vote helped to create the political mess that leaves them appalled. They have no recourse. Regardless of how they voted power is taken out of their hands (if it ever lay there) and given to party political hacks to do their worst.
    In a genuine democracy (rather than the present monarchist colonial regime controlled by bureaucrats, vested interests and foreign powers) the people would be the ones managing “coalition negotiations” and the process would be seamless, fast, transparent, effective and most importantly it would reflect the genuine will of the people.
    Those who chose to have an undemocratic system of government are in no position to complain that it has become dysfunctional. That goes with the territory.

    • So how are you going to get “the people”, all 5 million of them to agree on anything? While MMP has faults it is better than FPP where a usually minority government had absolute control for 3 years. Allowing MPs a bit more autonomy independent of the party system might be one way to get better laws passed although that would rely on them being elected on merit instead of financial or other interests.

      • Very simply, you have a system of continuous election and an open ballot which puts the voters in the driving seat and makes the politicians accountable to the people. Instead of horse trading among the politicians, the public can adjust their voting preferences to produce an outcome that reflects their own informed choices.

    • Totally agree with you Geoff. ‘Democracy’ demands that National and Labour negotiate a coalition (over 60% of the vote between them) – then we would see decisions made for the good of the whole country, not decisions made for particular sectional interests.

  3. This is not democracy in action, this is extortion by minority parties. It is certainly not ‘proportional’ representation.

    • Exactly and whoever said that Labour and National received a mandate to form a coalition TOGETHER, hit the nail on the head. That’s what they were told to do by most voters.
      BUT too many big egos and too many expectations from the right’s donors for that to happen.
      Any other coalition falls well short of what we were led to believe MMP was all about.
      Which proves that we are governed by outside forces and really don’t have much say because they refuse to see this gigantic elephant in a room full of crows.
      p.s. Winston hasn’t got his knighthood yet, so unfinished business.
      p.p.s. MP for Upper Harbour has already shown his true colours, as if we didn’t know. Sadly, most people were fooled and voted for another backward-looking dinosaur.

    • If NZ1st is opposed to something that the other two want it will probably be something to which the parties of the left are also opposed, otherwise National/ACT would not need Winston’s support. So it can’t really be “extortion by a minority”.

      • Why then do they need a coalition? Just get on a govern and let the full parliament decide; that would be a true democracy with proportional representation on all issues.

    • Well I guess National didn’t do well enough proportionally either. As you say, National and Labour should working together given the size of vote they have collectively.

  4. It’s a good coalition. As long as the negotiations carry on, for 3 years maybe. We’re all good! It’s been the 18 days of calm over the whole country for decades. No ramraids, no more countdown staged burgs for the media. No more murders in the streets. It makes you think that if all of this bs that happened in the election campaigning period was all staged bs!? Or overhyped? Whatever it was thank fuck we still haven’t got a government in place! Long may it go on!
    Let’s just carry on like this but put in place Government by Refferendum(s)!! The last 18 days demonstrates that we don’t need politicians!!

  5. Agree Den, watch Luxon take credit for falling rate of ram raids, which was already decreasing due to new wrap around interventions instigated by Labour Govt and Police. Shame the Media don’t focus on serious domestic violence. Instead off ramraids which gave the perpetrators the attention and notoriety they craved.

    • When funding is stopped for the wrap around interventions are stopped, the ram raids will start again. And no, none of the incoming pork chops will choose not to take credit for that.

  6. I’ll never stop writing this unless death and/or infirmity get in the way. I’m already half way there but I can’t remember which half.
    This. All of this. The idiocy of the pretence of gubbimints and its ministers desperately working tirelessly for those whom trusted them enough to vote for them, then, once [in] those trusting lot then pay them extremely well to act, but in who’s best interests? I’d say from looking around, it isn’t fucking us but for whom and why? Us? Yeah-nah. I don’t think so.
    The literal and actual reason for why the confusion and the pretences of general misinformation, disinformation and blatant MSM normalised lies is to deflect and obfuscate for one reason and one reason only. Unless of course there are also UFO’s hidden somewhere then this is it.
    The reason why we have the current bitter soup of political bullshit is because the unscrupulous have been effectively stealing farmer money in truck loads, aye Boys?
    No, I don’t mean they’ve been creeping into Brian’s wool shed and stealing his wool clip, although that has happened. I mean, that there’s a complex structure of mercantile firms, in cahoots with banking and sundry agri-businesses. There are also accountancy firms and legal professionals well trained in the art of lying without actually lying. There are media entities today who, on the instructions of those who own them, will tell you anything they think you need to know while never, ever actually telling the truths that bind billionaires to our money.
    Aotearoa / New Zealand’s economy, and by extension our society, is a tangled web of complex lies saddled up to enduring logical fallacies which prompted one Hong Kong banker to describe New Zealand “ One of the most corrupt countries he’d ever had the displeasure to do business within.”
    The Wool Board, now disbanded I believe, the meat board, the dairy board, the apple and pear marketing board etc are all street level criminals with buckled and unattended to departures from truths to enable them to fuck our farmers repeatedly and all without the kissing.
    And that folks, is Aotearoa / New Zealand’s current position. A limping, leaning, grossly parasitised victim to greed balanced by very clever media induced ignorance and any day now, our agricultural cash cow’s going to go into shock caused by financial anaemia deliberately brought about because The Crooks now desperately need to make good their escape with our farmers loot so they’ll tank our economy to cover up their crimes but before we go into receivership, one, or all three of The Stooges will broker deals which will mean someone else will eventually own our AO/NZ. Devalue the asset, then buy at below market value, then re-value and sell at above market value = Ca Ching! Aye graeme hart? How many billion? 12 or so Billion?
    AO/NZ= 14 multi-billionaires. 3118 multi-millionaires each with $50 million in cash each. Four foreign owned retail banks making record profits at a rate of $180.00 a second in after tax profits 24/7/365.
    The only possible recovery we can reasonably expect is if our farmers forcibly demand a Royal Commission of Inquiry to go up the aforementioned above like a Meth addict rat up a P pipe.

  7. just wait and see jack the poor have been wrung out it’s the ‘middle’ next see the death of the middle class in the us…it’s YOUR assets they want next son.


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