The real reason Winston snubbed the 3 way face to face

This isn't as much fun as Mum said it would be

National, Act, NZ First coalition talks: Christopher Luxon, Winston Peters and David Seymour set to meet today after a Peters no-show as talks carry on

The leaders of National, Act and NZ First are set to finally meet all together today – the first time they will have all been in a room together in more than a month during coalition talks.

It’s understood the three have arranged a meeting together, an important stage of the negotiations after a no-show by NZ First leader Winston Peters in Wellington on Tuesday.

While details around the venue and timing of the meeting were being kept under wraps, National leader Christopher Luxon was seen leaving Parliament in a hurry with MPs Paul Goldsmith and Simeon Brown last night and later spotted boarding a flight to Auckland, along with Act leader David Seymour.

Sources warned that despite the milestone meeting, it does not mean a a deal is imminent, and talks could stretch into the weekend or next week.

Follow the timeline.

Winston. David and Luxon agree to meet face to face.

Nicola Willis surprisingly announces a mini budget yesterday at 12pm.

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Winston takes offence at a mini budget being suggested he hasn’t agreed to and snubs the  face to face.

They have to renegotiate for a meeting.

These are all power games being played out by Winston, David and Luxon and externally it’s being sold as friendly, internally it’s a knife fight in a dark alley.

NZ First is like retirement village political chlamydia, but more delusional. ACT have values that would embarrass your average Drug Cartel and shame flesh hungry piranha while Luxon looks like a frightened virgin at an orgy.

National built their entire economic model on the fake premise they’ll make billions in revenue from a tax on foreign buyers speculating in the domestic market.

Problem is NZ First had the foreign buyers ban in their manifesto and helped Labour put in place in the first term of the Labour led Government.

The Real Estate Pimps have pumped millions of dollars in donations to National and want the foreign buyers ban lifted on top of re-opening tax loopholes, on top of dumping healthy home requirements, on top of the right to evict.

The solution is no lifting of the foreign buyers ban, dump the tax cuts and make the savings in the slashing of public services, or go to a second election.

This is why there is still so much of a chance that we may well go to a second election because National can’t budge Winston and ACT hate Winston.

The right have the money for a second election, the Left don’t and if Winston can be painted out as the problem, they could burn him politically.

National/ACT/NZF represents Old Zealand and right now, Old Zealand is only bound by a shared hate of beneficiaries, gangs and prisoners, but beyond this common malice towards the poorest and disenfranchised, the Alliance of Arseholes has nothing to offer but right wing social vengeance.

How long will the NZ electorate find that bitter cocktail politically palatable and how long are we going to wait for it to be served?


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  1. A three way…!!! can be a challenge at the best of times…for some rather obvious reasons.

    Hopefully there is chaos and collapse with Baldrick, Incel Dave and Vampire because the existing incremental reforms will stay in place until something is finally settled–a few more months of free prescriptions and positive union settlements and so on.

    A second election is highly unlikely because of the intense pressure capital will put on messers Winston, Luxon and Seymour–but it would be most interesting to have one.

    Greens and TPM need to start acting like an opposition right now anyway! Labour need to get what remains of their shit together and bury Rogernomics publicly. Poll after poll shows that even a number of tory voters now support fare free public transport, wealth tax etc. A united Green, TPM, Labour approach, rather than a mixed message one, could win a second election.

    • Have you forgotten Labour had an unprecedented never to be repeated parliamentary majority and they blew it.
      A bit like having the winning lotto numbers but not buying the ticket.
      If they cant get their shit together under such perfect circumstances they will never do so in coalition.

    • Far from being an Incel, I’m reliably informed by a Wellington insider that David is quite the player, being regularly seen with various pieces of ‘arm candy’ around town. He has what women want: Money and Power.

      It’s one of the advantages of being single I suppose, not that it stopped Chippie from humping his PA whilst married. (Or did she wear a strap-on and Chippie take the submissive role?) LOL

  2. So what is Chippy doing?
    A) Taking long walks on the beach with his
    new girlfriend.
    B) Working feverishly with strategists from
    Labour, the Greens and TPM to present a
    unified Centre Left alliance ready to attack
    this Coalition shambles in Parliament or
    win a seemingly inevitable early election.
    Just imagine if Maori, Greens and the Left stood as three equal pillars, three pou, determined to advance the rights of and enhance the lives of all those Kiwi being left further and further behind as wealth steadily accumulates in fewer hands.

    • I can imagine and the words “failed state” spring to mind. Good old socialism; “it’ll work this time” is the mantra of the extreme left.

      • This ignorance around socialism is astounding to me. We don’t have any socialist parties in New Zealand (in the Beehive), probably the closest we have is NZ First who are based in Muldoon’s approach to economics – which is more leftwing than any government since then. Get educated Salacious Crumb and come back for a proper conversation about what’s happened economically since 1984.

  3. If the 3 Stooges can’t form a government and we go to a 2nd election, I doubt Winnie would get too burned politically.
    Most people are used to his shenanigans and in many ways expect it and see him as a circuit breaker

    The real political burn would be to Luxon. The successful smug and experienced corporate CEO, who couldn’t negotiate a deal to form Government.
    You’ve had one job to do Curly….lead the country and you can’t even pull a coalition together….
    Why vote for that a second time?

      • We had a politician leader with both Ardern and Hipkins and they did a terrible job of running the country for the man in the street.Luxon deserves o be given the right to prove himself.

          • Perhaps the men and the women who will lose their jobs before Xmas Luxon has promised. And no Trev we will see that Ardern nor Hipkins did not do a terrible job given the low unemployment and increased wages across all demographics. It was the business roundtable, right wing media and real estate moguls complaining. And if that’s your idea of the man in the street Trev, then NZ is doomed.

  4. It says a lot about the dysfunction of our political system & the basic stupidity (or ideology) of our MPs that it seems impossible that a majority of MPs across all parties cannot form a stable government. While Winston has his own problems the ACT vote should be enough to show that most of the country does not want their destructive policies also. I guess our political party system takes an overwhelming share of the blame for this as well.

    • Surely it’s Winston’s job to get the best deal he can to represent the interests of the 6% of the country who voted for him. That’s the whole point of mmp so that the interests and ideals of smaller groups in society are represented.

      • Of course, heaven forbid that MPs actually do anything for the good of the country as a whole. Money and the pursuit of it seems to be the most common motivation so it is no wonder that we are in a mess.

    • The Westminster political/judicial system needs traded in for a 21st century Made in NZ model.

      If the system were a car, it’d be a steam powered clunker from the 19th century bought 2nd hand from the Queen of England and driven by some rich old white guy with a gold-digging dusky maiden beside him and her grumpy Nana in the backseat.

      We can do better. We deserve better.

  5. What I suspect is happening: Both Seymour and Peters are insisting on a referendum on the Treaty but Luxon, in typical National (weak, apologist) fashion is scared of a referendum ‘because it might upset someone’.

    Bing it on I say!

  6. I’m going to run out of popcorn soon, but this clown act is captivating entertainment.

    Can you hire private jets with minimal notice from Te Puke?
    Asking for a friend.

  7. “if Winston can be painted out as the problem, they could burn him politically.”

    ” if Winston can be painted out as the problem, they could burn him politically.”

    Before this happened Winston would do a deal with the left. Chippie lost the election so Winston would have to be PM. A NZFirst Labour Greens Maori Party wouldn’t be any less stable than NAct NZFirst. Winston would paint the problem as Seymour being an economic school boy.

    Who can call a second election?

    • Who can call a second election?

      The Governor General with powers invested by the King to preserve the Crown’s best interests.

  8. Ho ho ho. Foreign buyers could do a secret deal with the WCC, Wellington’s Mayor Tory Whanau seemingly being keen on secret deals and secrecy, with unsuspecting punters stumping up cash, and Linda Clark, Investigator Judge, summoned to scare the bejesus out of anybody who does a Nicola Willis on the convoluted Wellington City Council.

    There are precedents for everything. I recall Linda at a meeting with then Wellington mayor Fran Wilde, about commercial development of Wellington’s Town Belt in 1994, and I think the Mayor agreed with Linda’s assertion, as I recall it, that the skyline was a major consideration, and in retrospect I think both ladies were wrong, although Wilde was a very good and open mayor. I may still have a tape recording of that meeting, and think that Linda’s was not the major concern of the miscellaneous residents and at least one national politician.

    That issue was throughly debated by the print media and talkback radio, and at well-attended public meetings at Crossways in Mount Victoria, and the Band Rotunda in Oriental Bay, as it should be. It was largely the developers and subsequently Wellington ratepayers, who enlisted the help of the media here, but one councillor and her beau may have.

    Clark and Whanau need to consider whether the secret leaker of the WCC’s secret meetings about the Reading Site, was a Reading person, Reading being the people who have most to gain if the deal goes through, with the ratepayers stumping up for it having the most to lose, and hence the determination to keep them ignorant about it, and to cast unfounded aspersions on elected councillors doing their job the way that they should, openly, just like Nicola Willis, or even better.

    • The thing is in NZ everyone wants it but absolutely nobody wants to pay for it. So people aka. rate payers etc etc think they should get it for nothing. People in the bigger cities need to take a serious look at the provincial cities like Tauranga which is an absolute shambles . The 3 waters is another good example where the councils can’t afford they were offered a way out by the Labour government but didn’t want it it so who do they expect should pay for clean water , its obviously the tax payer who is also the rate payer. Now we have a situation with the coalition of clowns where once again nothing will happen, the media will focus on the left wing women like Tori because they have nothing better to do.

  9. Labour/Green/TPM could theoretically govern with support from NZ First. Perhaps the left block could get together and see if they can come up with a proposal for Winston. Unlikely, but worth a shot.

  10. I love reality and that’s why I did those good drugs. To give me a point of reference. If one’s terminally sober then how would one know what’s real or not, if you know what I mean.
    My joyous history of recreational drug use is a period in my life I enjoy revisiting to remind me of to better understand AO/NZ politics when now not high.
    Here’s the thing humanoids, stay high. You’ll be better informed.
    Our political reality is a buckled, tangled mass of writhing lies and it’s my bet that luxon had no idea just how fucked up everything really, actually is. In his defence, he was only 14 years old when roger the destroyer waddled out of his pig pens.
    Winston knows because he’s a University educated fucker-upper to keep the truth at bay, particularly in regard to our economy. Winston peters has been there since the dawn of neoliberalism. He’s tight with all the creeps and he’ll be playing games with the others while desperately trying to protect those who must remain invisible. Read The Wine Box Inquiry by Ian Wishart then read it again only this time, between the lines.
    Creepy, lizard face seymour [knows] too because he will have been well schooled by roger douglas, the arch-enemy of clarity and truth in just exactly how to avoid those terrible words while spouting logical fallacies aka Lawyers Truths aka things that appear true but which are not.
    The sober reality is simply this. Our primary industry, which, in AO/NZ’s case happens to be agriculture has been mercilessly exploited by people who would otherwise be labeled criminals if it were not for the want of tighter laws.
    In short; our farmers have been swindled of their money then demonised for wondering where it’s gone then suffering the abuse, degradation, humiliation, demonisation and despair when they dare question their exploitative abusers.
    The pathetic trio of stooges you now see that may be your government are doomed to failure because the truth will always out and I’m here to aid and abet that as best I can because I have a grudge and nothing to lose except my sense of humour and by looking at the national party, their colleagues and their pretend cake eater and tea sipper opposition, there’ll never be a shortage of something to laugh at.

  11. No mini budget until there is a coalition agreement that supports one !

    Typical Natz arrogance for the process as long as they run the agenda.

  12. The look on our PM elect says a lot, do you think he may have realised a three-way deal is not going to be a walk in the park. And we all know what has happened previously to smaller parties after going into a coalition with National it’s the kiss of death.

  13. Winstone snaps his fingers and his two stooges fly to Auckland, having deprived Luxon of the glamour of the trip to meet Biden, Winny now has asserted his authority and will relish the coming fiasco.

  14. Is hard to have much confidence in the three political parties meeting to form our next government when it’s taken this long for the three stooges to actually be in the same room. And all we hear is it was a good meeting yeah! whatever we are not of to a a very good start and this relationship has to last three years.

  15. Is hard to have much confidence in the three political parties meeting to form our next government when it’s taken this long for the three stooges to actually be in the same room. And all we hear is it was a good meeting yeah! whatever we are not off to a very good start and this relationship has to last three years.

  16. Millsy, Labour don’t even have a leader or caucus at the moment. They won’t be in any state to Govern for 6 years most probably.

  17. Hee hee, I bet Luxon has a bruised head from banging it on the wall in frustration.

    In my very humble opinion for all it’s worth, the three of them with their negotiators should be locked away like a jury, and only come out when a satisfactory coalition agreement has been reached. No agreement after a reasonable amount of time, then another election is called.

    • mary-a How very clever you are. But why not lock them away with no time frame at all ? Forget about them. Let the venal corrupt lobbyists buzz around each other in the Beehive until security tires of them and tells them to sod off. Marama can pitch them chocolate over the balcony, Bishop’s dad is a sausage roller, Trevor’s sprinklers can be repositioned upwards to hydrate them, although imbibing their own wee wees could work fine – the sun kills the bacteria and it does occasionally shine around the Bowen Street molehill.

      If or when any ever emerge, alive or otherwise, it may have cured them of politics, and we’ll have had time to rethink the way the game is played.

  18. I hope Winston makes Millionaire Luxon , his colleagues , wealthy donors and the self entitled arrogant Seymour + those who donated $$$$$ who just believed they would slip in to government that its not going to be a cake walk.

    Winston and Jones along with the NZF party DESPISE the NACT corporation and have the cut of their jib.

    If we are going to suffer for the next three years then Winston and his party have their finger in the dyke……no offense intended.

  19. National did their share of humping to Andrew instead of humping their PAs they humped one another Ross who National got rid of was humping Invercargill National MP and wasn’t she married.


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