Anti-semitic word games


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes the word ‘Semite’ as defining: “a member or descendant of ancient south-western Asian people including: Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews and Arabs. Accordingly, a Semite is any person whose native language is one of Semitic origin.”

Encyclopaedia Britannica informs us that the most important Semitic language, in terms of the number of speakers, is Arabic. Standard Arabic is spoken as a first language by more than 200 million people living in a broad area, stretching from the Atlantic coast of northern Africa to western Iran. Because the various Semitic-speaking peoples are so culturally different from each other, they cannot be considered as a race. Indeed, Encyclopaedia Britannica regards such use of the term as “pseudoscientific”.

So why do Israel and its pro-Zionist allies almost never use the term ‘anti-Jewish’ to describe criticism of Israel. The answer is that, just as Zionism aims to remove the Palestinian people from their land, the ideology desperately needs to foster a concept that totally removes Palestinians from the real meaning of the term Semitic. Many Zionists deny the existence of the Palestinian people and Israel is incrementally seizing more and more of their homeland.

Anti-Zionists are defending a Semitic-language speaking people’s right to live in peace, free from contemptuous foreign military occupation. Anti-Zionist Jews tell Israel: “not in our name”. So should we all!


  1. Can you use a dictionary, Bravery? Look up the term ‘antisemitic’ and see if it mentions Arabs anywhere. The word, invented by a German, applies exclusively to Jews.

  2. It’s a bit like anti-colonialism or anti-imperialism as a reference to a relationship between Europe and the rest of the world in the 19th and 20th C.

    Such is anti-semitism. It refers to the relationship between Europeans and Jews within Europe, based first on Christian supremacism and then on national state identity as per a foreigners/of a Semite people (ethnic group/religion/culture) living in Europe.

    Ironically Jews then got called agents of European colonial/imperialism by moving to a foreign land, one where Jews had lived before moving to Europe.

    Of course it could refer to those of Arab language/culture in Europe. Arab religion is more tenuous – given some are Christian (as are many Europeans) and some Moslem.

    Thus to refer to Arabs as anti-semitic is wrong. Many are however anti-Zionist. And near all are anti an eretz Israel border Zionist state.

  3. Golda Meir: “I don’t say there are no Palestinians, but I say there is no such thing as a distinct Palestinian people”.

    Er no, when the Jews sought a homeland in Palestine they created an area of land where local Arabs would become Palestinians – so Zionism created the Palestinian Arabs into a nation and thus a branch of the Arab people of that name.

    It is an irony, that some Jews have tried to be the only people in Palestine with a homeland in Palestine and refer to others as Arabs who could live elsewhere (and some do, as do many Jews).

    1. the original Balfour Declaration said without prejudice of the rights of another people in Palestine
    2. the UN created two states where each would be a majority and a minority so that they could learn to live together respecting each others rights.

    • Palestinians living in Israel has the democratic right to vote.
      There is a two state option, a federal state option, a single state option and the status quo.
      Which one do you support?

      • The first step in international law is for two separate states.

        We can note that originally Jerusalem was to be a separate international city – but that relates mainly to arrangements over the Mount and full access to the city by those of three religions. That can be part of each having Jerusalem as a capital – West and East with a wider agreement as per Jerusalem.

        Israel will want some settlements nearby within Israel – probably for a land swap for a rail and road corridor to Gaza.

        The other issue is refugees (family home loss compensation – including right of occupation of West Bank Jewish settlement housing or a Palestine passport and right to live in Israel if they have work there and pass a security test) and the Jordan Valley border – if the Arab League recognised Israel and (Hamas), Hizbollah and Shia militias in Syria and Iraq were disarmed).

        Once they co-exist all sorts of options then occur, some would prefer a unitary state to keep their own nationalist extremists in line, but the nationalists would want a Jewish and Moslem cultural regime.

      • PS

        If they fail to agree on two states, a federal structure is more likely to be agreed to than a unitary state.

        If they agree on two states a move from there to a federal arrangement is more likely.

        A unitary state would depend on the world becoming a more civilised place than it is at the moment, or the opposite where one side was allowed to win and rule over a remnant of the other.

  4. I always say “anti-semitic is anti-semantic, so go fuck yourselves supporters of killers of babies and children”.

  5. funny how the proponents of the jewish space lazers are now ardent zionists….once this is over they will revert to their traditional jew hatred

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