Dear Kiwi’s – BlackRock are Corporate Nazgul and this investment deal is manipulative Greenwash


Government teams up with US investment giant BlackRock to deliver new climate fund

The manner in which this BlackRock deal is being sold as some great initiative for clean energy is total fucking bullshit!

BlackRock are the corporate Nazgul of this planet, these evil fucks are using NZ to greenwash their repulsive oil investments everywhere else. They make insane money out of the exiting oil industry and are desperate as the planet boils to greenwash their corporate oil profits by launching this fund for NZ to pain themselves as supporters of the environment.

It is nothing more than Greenwash by one of the planets most awful pollution profiteers.

We are being used, look at the money oil makes to just appreciate its power…


…fossil fuels are the biggest contributor to global boiling and BlackRock are using us to gloss over their environment crimes.

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Fuck BlackRock, fuck every Kiwi supporting them and fuck global warming that the oil companies knew all the way back in the 1970s that they were contributing to.

Greenpeace NZ know BlackRock are not to be trusted, and neither should the rest of us!

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  1. Fear not. I couldn’t get my head around the whole deal that was full of ifs, buts and maybes. What political advisors also term these announcements as “aspirational”.

    Point is its so complex, its a pipe dream from a political party whose record on delivery of something extremely basic is simply embarrassing. Put it in the bin with the Harbour tunnel promise. Whatever it was supposed to do, it’ll never see the light of day. BlackRock may have thought they were playing with chumps but the last laugh us on us, they have no idea how chumpish Labours chumps are!

  2. Blackrock shouldn’t be allowed near anything, In the States they are currently buying up land, anything from trailer parks to farmland, they’re building entire suburbs for the middle class. But not for sale though, it seems their intention is to turn the next generation of middle class Americans into generation rent. If there is even the smallest amount of profit to be made from misery, these motherfuckers have got their finger in it somewhere. They should not be allowed to get a toehold in this country.

    • Greenpeace has offered to build a house for every needy person for free and pay for the education and health for every person living in the houses that they have built.

      The BlackRock announcement says what exactly? It is like a bank saying we will work with people to help them own houses. Yippee, who would have thought? Done deal. Everyone who wants a house will now have the potential to buy a house………if only they can find the money to pay the mortgage.

      • If you think that taking a deal with the largest slum lord in America won’t come with repercussions further down the road, then you are an idiot.

      • Notice how these politicians have no interest in energy independence, national self-sufficiency, domestic advanced production, national infrastructure schemes, or even national sovereignty itself.

        However they are all extremely interested in handing over power to enormous transnational companies and their front groups, including various unelected global institutions. That should tell you all you need to know about your ‘elected representatives’.

    • indeed our middle class nat voters have yet to understand the poor are squeezed dry and the corprate landlords are after YOUR assets now

  3. Umm the real worry is what Ardern and Hipkins have given away to Blackrock and the joined-at-the-hip WEF. It was no coincidence that Hipkins met with Schwab recently.

    Te Reo and Beltway will fully support these initiatives being woke corporates.

    We can only hope for Winston with this one.

    Scary times.

    • Frank the Tank. Plus I think that Ardern visited Blackrock secretively fairly recently while still PM; I thought that this was was just Ardern selling off New Zealand the way that PM’s try to do.

  4. Be interesting to see what the deal turns out to be. I mean Blackrocks Clean Energy Fund sure pays poorly, so who knows.

  5. I cannot believe a so-called “Labour” Govt have gotten into bed with this corporate monster.
    Politically, this really is nail-in-the-coffin stuff.

    Just who the fuck is running this country anyway??

    • Well Jase to answer your question it’s definitely not Chippy and his scurry of MPs.
      They (Labour Government) further displaying their loss of credibility.

  6. As an ACT member I have to agree with you on this Martyn. Blackrock is a monster that lurks in the shadows, well known for its political influence by owning politicians. If it can distort US politics, it could swallow NZ whole.

    And while we’re talking about wind farms, they too are essentially greenwash bullshit. From the 3,000 tonnes of reinforced concrete in their base to the tip of their carbon fibre/epoxy blades, every single component in those things requires fossil fuels to manufacture it. Because their output is both variable and as unpredictable as the weather, they require back-up generating capacity. So sure, we can add some wind power to the mix in this country because we have lots of hydro capacity to fill in the gaps and stabilize the grid. But they aren’t going to get us to our carbon reduction target because they’re the energy equivalent of bailing a yacht with a teaspoon. In the long run all we will achieve making electricity less affordable and killing millions of birds and bats.

    • So right Andrew .This crowd will run rings around our public servants who are followers no leaders I have read wind turbines are so carbon intensive it takes 15 years of their production to offset them and they only have 20 years of life.

    • ” As an ACT member I have to agree with you on this Martyn. Blackrock is a monster that lurks in the shadows, well known for its political influence by owning politicians ”

      Well you should be supporting it then after all ACT and the Nasties take large amounts of donated money from the uber rich to enrich them further and maintain the current status quo and plutocracy by buying the influence you say your against.

      And a lot want to remain anonymous.

      At least Blackrock has come out of the shadows.

  7. Yeah well, arguably the biggest beneficiary of climate change will be Blackrock. You’ve heard of the carbon market, you’ve heard of carbon taxes – say hello to one of the architects of this whole shebang. The climate change market place – serves their interests, not ours.

  8. The African continents are rejecting european exceptionalism. Niger the latest oil, gold, uranium resource rich nation finally have coup their puppet govt and are taking back its sovereignty from US and French companies like Blackrock, Orano etc… Russia is the winner in this geo-strategic tussle with African countries siding with the russian who have had a far more positive engagement with africans than the US, France,UK etc..

  9. Look. Governments from around the world give BlackRock Inc money. Why? Because they want to be ‘in the club’. So for lil ole NZ gifting BR $2b+ ‘koha’ is a signal to them all that NZ is up for rape and pillaging!

    BR have had access to both the NZ Superfund & NZ Kiwsaver since 2013. Theyre a cancer. But LINO like using lots and lots KY and having memories of Roger Douglas ‘rogering’ Labour over and over again from 1984. Why not get it on for everyone to watch! Theres probably money in that too!? FFS!

  10. Expensive energy infrastructure that will be public private partnerships where the tax payer ends up paying the private capital cost and govt capital cost plus high interest payments forever and subsidies to top up the faked up paper losses. You will own nothing and rent everything.


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