The Working Group announces 7 live-streamed TV simulcast Election Debates for 2023 Election


The Working Group is proudly New Zealand’s Best Weekly Political Podcast (that is not funded by NZ on Air) and we are excited to announce that we will be taking The Working Group live around the country over the 7 weeks leading into the 2023 Election as we will be hosting the Taxpayers Union Live-streamed simulcast on Freeview Election debates.

We will be coming live from the following electorates:

Tuesday 22nd August – The Napier Electorate Debate

Tuesday 29th August – The Ilam Electorate Debate

Tuesday 5th September – The Party Election Debate in Auckland

Tuesday 12th September – The Northland Electorate Debate

Tuesday 19th September – Finance Debate in Wellington

Tuesday 26th September – The Auckland Central Debate

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Tuesday 3rd October – The Tamaki Electorate Debate 

Each Taxpayer’s Union debate will be livestreamed and simulcast on Freeview 200 with a unique electorate poll for each debate!

That’s 7 live debates with unique polling – no other media network is doing anything as huge as this for the NZ Election – The Spinoff isn’t doing anything this huge, neither is NZME, Newshub, RNZ or TVNZ!

Despite all them receiving huge money from NZ on Air!

We are doing this because if you have ever seen the show you know we love to vigorously debate and argue politics where everyone at the end shakes hands and no one gets cancelled by the woke!

We do this because we believe in Democracy and believe Democracy should be debated, so come see us or watch the debates online or on Freeview!

Are you not entertained?


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