PODCAST: Media bias, propaganda and conflict-force fact-vacuums in a disinformation age

Paul Buchanan and Selwyn Manning deliver A View from Afar podcast. This episode: Media bias, propaganda and conflict-force fact-vacuums in a disinformation age.

In this episode of A View from Afar Paul G. Buchanan and Selwyn Manning examine how a real war of global proportions has been waged to shape opinions.

Paul and Selwyn deep dive into the battle to control a narrative, waged by all sides in a polarised combative world, and how modern mainstream media institutions, like Radio New Zealand, fall vulnerable in the absence of robust all-sides-considered analysis and debate.

In this episode, Paul and Selwyn analyse how fourth Estate bias, propaganda, and conflict-force fact-vacuums are the challenge of our times in this disinformation age.

Upon this context, Paul and Selwyn consider:

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* Why Is the Radio New Zealand sub-editor pro-RU-content debacle symptomatic of a fact-vacuum environment?

* Why is all media vulnerable to disinformation in the absence of robust NATO-Ukraine-Russia analysis?

* What are the unspoken of ‘big picture’ shifts in Russian Federation / Global South relations?


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  1. And now for the latest piece of news for our mil bloggers to analyse, for its veracity, and digest for its implications.

    From a battle of words, reports are that the long running dispute between the Wagner Group and the Russian army has escalated into armed conflict between these two Russian military factions.

    If proven, this must be good news for Ukraine, in the midst of the Ukraine counteroffensive, better that the Russian invaders are busy fighting each other.

    Time will tell how big this conflict gets, and whether it will spell the end of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    No honour among thieves.


    Feud Between Moscow and Wagner Group Turns to All-Out War
    Josh Fiallo
    Sat, June 24, 2023 at 9:43 a.m. GMT+12·4 min read

    …..things came to a head Friday when Prigozhin accused the Russian military of ordering a rocket strike on a camp full of his men and vowed merciless revenge.

    …..Local media reported checkpoints being set up late Friday night on a highway that leads from Rostov-on-Don to Moscow, and the territory around the Kremlin was reportedly closed off to visitors for the foreseeable future….

    “Today, seeing that we have not been broken, they conducted missile strikes at our rear camps,” Prigozhin said. “The council of commanders of PMC Wagner has made a decision—the evil that the military leadership of the country brings must be stopped.”

    …. “Those who destroyed our lads, who destroyed the lives of many tens of thousands of Russian soldiers, will be punished. I ask that no one offer resistance.”

  2. Promoters of the narrative that we can’t believe the reporting on the war in Ukraine, except from Russia’s perspective, have at various times claimed that the wounded mother filmed being carried out of the Mariupol Maternity Hospital was a crisis actor, that the Ukrainians killed 14,000 ethnic Russians or Russian speakers.


    After recently re-reading accounts of the Zionist’s deadly attack on the Mavi Marmara aid ship. I came across this piece by the Al Jazeera journalist Jamal Elshayyal who was on the Mavi Mamara when it was attacked and reported what he saw.


    “I am convinced to my core that if we stand any chance of making our reality that little bit less unjust, we need to protect journalists and the notion of a free press. Because while the victims may never get their day in a court of law, at least the public is able to make up their minds after seeing factual evidence on their screens and in their news feeds.”

    The accounts of the Zionist’s unprovoked military attack on the Mavi Mamara shocked the world. Following the reports of the attack on the Mavi Marama I volunteered to join the Kia Ora Gaza aid mission to try and break the Zionist and Egyptian siege, by going overland through Egypt.

    The Zionist propagandists tried to make out that I and my fellow siege busters were misguided and misled by disinformation.

    The Zionist’s claim that we can’t believe the video evidence on our screens, or eye witness accounts, mirrors the claims of the Pro-war Russian trolls. According to these trolls, live video of Russian missiles slamming into civilian apartment buildings, of footage of wounded mothers being carried out of a destroyed maternity hospital in Mariupol, of drone footage of the city mostly flattened by genocidal bombardment by Russian air raids and artillery fire, is all faked.

    Pro-war trolls deny this video evidence, at the same time claiming that the Ukrainians wreaked similar devastation on ethnic Russians. They never show any proof at all of their second claim. And in fact this second claim has been widely debunked. Also their second claim that Ukraine conducted similar attacks on ethnic Russians, contradicts their first claim that the evidence on our screens, of attacks on Ukrainian civilians, is disinformation.

    What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

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