CTU is right – of course there will be $1.5billion dollar hole in National’s tax bribe (+ ACT will throw 5 Ministry’s & HRC in it to fill it).


Christopher Luxon responds as Council of Trade Unions says National’s tax plan has blown out by $1.5 billion

Christopher Luxon is standing by National’s tax policy after analysis found the party may have miscalculated how much it will cost.

New analysis by the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (CTU) found the cost of the National Paty’s tax threshold changes has blown out by $1.5 billion to a total of $8.2 billion over four years.

The CTU is completely right, there is a $1.5billion hole in National’s tax plan, unfortunately ACT have the solution!

The policy difference between Labour and the Greens is almost 90% the same, but the policy difference between National and ACT are light years apart.

With ACT in double digits, they are a constant existential threat to National and because Luxon is so weak, he will agree to any of the crazy far right policy ACT want to implement and it is far right nonsense on meth.

  • A billion into more prisons and detention camps
  • Near flat tax fantasy
  • Amputation of 5 Ministry’s plus closing the Human Rights Commission plus billions slashed from welfare plus a referendum to rewrite the Treaty with no negotiation to Māori.
  • Destroy Gun register so gun fetishists can legally masturbate to their favourite guns again.

It’s libertarian gibberish with culture war dog trumpets thrown in for shits and giggles, but as we saw with Liz Truss when she attempted to implement the same types of free market bullshit in the UK, the Market itself revolted.

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If ACT and National attempted to implement half of this policy platform it would lead to vast civil disobedience on top of the Markets doing the exact same thing to NZ that they did to the UK.

ACT intend to cover National’s $1.5billion hole with State wide amputations, I do not believe most voters comprehend the sheer scale of cuts a National/ACT Government represents.

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  1. 1.5 billion is nothing especially when it’s only talk and affects no one.
    Last week the Govt missed by 7 billion and that does affect everyone, even a lot who have yet to be born.
    One is worth serious mention but as usual the media in NZ will ignore that in favour of being overly dramatic about a nothing instead.

    If the model the Govt is following for the gun register is NZ’s future then yes bin it quickly and save the billion dollars the Canadians have spent so far to get only an estimated 35% of the weapons they reckon are out there. I’d far prefer less homelessness, better school outcomes and medical outcomes that billion bucks could give than a Register that will change absolutely not a thing.

  2. Martyn – Human Rights Commission, and Race Relations Authority total failures over that hated filled Samoan “poet” showed what scam artists they are…fix it, or remove both of them

  3. Based on past history,( Steven Joyce) National are clueless with numbers, it’s more like a 2.5 billion dollar hole.
    One thing we know for sure, the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions is trustworthy, copious amounts of evidence shows National isn’t.
    $18,000 to Luxon per year
    $ 104 to the poor per year
    Oh yes National are certainly the party for the poor!

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