Ute tax shows Labour are planning to win election (R18)


Americans become sexually aroused when thinking about their guns.

NZ Male voters seem to get very horny when thinking about their Utes.

The decision to tweak the clean car tax on gas guzzlers to subsidise electric cars shows Labour are here to win the election no matter the cost.

Tradies and male voters emotionally attached to their Utes already dislike Labour and are voting National or NZ First so they aren’t the target.

Who are those who love electric cars most?

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50 year old + white tertiary educated women.

Who is the swing voter Labour need to keep to have any chance of leading the next Government?

50 year old + white tertiary educated women.

Giving a bigger tax break on second hand electric cars is aimed at those swing voters who weren’t rich enough to buy a Tesla.

It’s like one giant publicly taxpayer funded vibrator for swing voters.

Middle class bread and butter if you will.


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  1. Commercial vehicles are used by people who make and maintain things that keep society functioning. That Labour/Greens don’t realise that does not surprise me at all. They just taxed the shit out of them some more and we all end up picking up the cost so Sylvia gets a cheaper Tesla to Julie’s bicycle activsm meeting in Mt Albert. FFS! Call it bread and butter idiocy. And yeah, its anti male. Go Labour…

    • People who do things need to be hammered by Labour, because they won’t be voting for Labour.

      • I hope you are correct Free Peach.
        Those that work hard and those who need a hand up are hammered by this dreadful Labour Government.

      • What a stupid comment. Nurses “do things” and they have had the biggest pay rise in political history. They are only angry about the amount of back pay. Are you seriously advocating for nurses to vote right when they’re real time wages went backwards under the previous Nact government? Jesus wept!!!

    • yes and urban tanks driven by ‘young middle class mums’ dropping the kids off or going shopping…I’d love the see the comparative figures for tradies and ‘city farmers’

    • Just do not tell Sylvia how many children ruined their heslth in “artisan mines” to dig enough Cobalt ore for her “Tizle”

  2. Yes the tinted window grey, sliver, anthracite, black, white and black, double cab, Raptor etc. boys were always going to vote Natzo/ACT anyway.

    Campaign tactics aside, there is also the point that EVs are the future (now) of personal and small business transport. I am a petrol head from way back–Ford Custom 300s, Fairlanes, Galaxies etc. but just love my EV–endless torque and driving right past gas stations for a year.

    Some of the ute pack will turn in the end…

  3. Very true.
    The environment has nothing to do with it and let’s not forget that subsidizing rich city people in to Teslas is being payed for by those less well off, working class tradies, farm workers and rural people.
    Yes Labour, we see you.

    • Keepcalm agree with you.
      This Labour Government is not a friend to the people it should be.
      Chippy wants power at any cost.

  4. My wife (adult, human, female) loves her Ute, her Harley and her V8.
    Be weary of women getting sexually aroused by African cobalt mines.

  5. t was a busy Saturday morning on George Street Palmerston North,  contestants for the annual Stockcar Championships were in town and the vibe was humming. 
    Strolling along with the flow of pedestrians, my Wahine and I came across a bunch of Petrolheads gathered around the drivers door of a large and distinctly yellow  late model Dodge Ram. 
    The conversations  from this group centered on  how close the drivers seat was to the steering wheel and there were several guffaws about the cubic capacity of the bloke who was suspected of driving this particular behemoth and were there blocks on the pedals?
    Moving up behind this high octane gathering my wife  attracted their attention by pressing the unlock button on her key fob. Looking around they were stunned to see a 5ft tall  Maori Lady  waving her keys. 
    Leaving a sea of dropjaws in her wake, my wife turned to me and with a knowing smile uttered “Blokes!!”

  6. who likes EV cars?
    ” 50 year old + white tertiary educated women ” so tertiary educated men don’t like them? Or is it more to do with disposable income considering that these cars are expensive to buy and there is not yet a decent second hand market of it available?
    And please define ‘women’, are you talking about the ‘women’ in politics, academia and media? And are these female/women or male/women or a mixture there off and does it include female/men?
    And is this now a case where polititans shit themselves when asked what women are, but still a good enough word to blame ‘women’ for the things rich male and females in media, academia and politics are doing?
    Cause poor women in this country own shit fuck all. The female women and the female men alike.

  7. The West Auckland/Hamilton House Wife/husband,’ s decide elections and none if them can afford a electric car

    The EV battery s are not safe enough for house wifes and house Husband s

  8. I bet this change in tax will upset more voters than it pleases .EV drivers are left leaning I would think so they are already in the Labour /Green camp. Hunters farmers tradies boaties some would be on the fence and this tax could push them to N/Act

    • left voting? I thought your gripe was how it would affect those well known lefties tradies and farmers trev

  9. It’s bloody ridiculous, the Ute Tax is just Tax rort using Climate change as a excuse? Pathetic & I’m a Labour voter!

  10. “Americans become sexually aroused when thinking about their guns.
    NZ Male voters seem to get very horny when thinking about their Utes.”

    And sheep are chilled! No pressure on them to put out!

  11. Who would contemplate buying a second-hand electric car? You’d be a sucker for punishment wouldn’t you.

    When hydrogen takes over lithium tesla’s will be wanting CGT then if they can get money owed to them!

    I hate going to work every morning with leaf’s, prius’ and tesla’s not having lights on to get to their destination. It’s worse with darker mornings.

    You must turn on your vehicle’s headlights: from 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise. at any other time when you can’t clearly see a person or vehicle 100 metres away.

    The police do nothing to enforce the road rules around this- not just electric cars though to be fair. But we know their excuse most likely. Range anxiety.

    All electric cars pay nothing to use the roads so no wonder we have less infrastructure maintenance.

    I do have to stop judging the majority by the minority (which is still too many) – if the police did their job things would be better.

    I am excited about hydrogen – but lithium I refuse to touch.

    Our next environment disaster like the dross in Matara?

    • estate the idea we have no maintainence of infrastructure because of EVs is simply wrong….blame neo-lib privatised services for that one

  12. The emissions trading scheme already addresses fuel. And potential electric car owners are incentivised to purchase them because running costs are significantly lower. So why are we discounting the costs of high end electric vehicles for the upper middle to upper class?

  13. I drive a ute because the Government demands I do and if I don’t they fine me, possibly brutally.
    Besides I can’t afford 160K for the cheap one and the charger.

    The law of unintended consequences dictates those who have to use a ute will be better off to buy a truck instead. A big CO2 vomiting truck.

    • When you say “misogyny” are you using the dictionary meaning or your lived experience? Serious question

  14. That might work as a bribe so long as the voters in question don’t rent, don’t have a mortgage, have a secure, well paying job, have children either in private schools or have already moved to Australia, etc. Mind you those people don’t really sound like Labour voters anyway. Maybe they voted Labour because of Ardern, but I suspect they won’t make that mistake again.

    • Would be dreadful if the voters are fooled a third time,surely not?
      Deception,dishonesty, secret agenda,abandon ship.

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