MEDIAWATCH: To be fair on RNZ – shouldn’t The Spin-Off also be tagged with ‘Government Funded Media’ Twitter tag?

Weekly Editorial meeting at NZ on Air in the Spin-off offices

To be fair on RNZ, when you consider how much NZ on Air money The Spin-Off gets,  shouldn’t The Spin-Off also be tagged with the ‘Government Funded Media’ Twitter tag?

$6million for nonsense?

This woke cavalcade of poorly viewed taxpayer funded content created with all the same intellectual rigour of your average suburban Wellington mommy blogger with really low trigger thresholds has produced an editorial team who are in a daily struggle session to prove who hates heteronormative white cis males the most.

$6million dollars so white middle class millennials can feel righteous and virtue signalling their therapy learnings just seems so fucking Wellington, am I right?

So let’s ensure Spin-off gets ‘Government Funded Media’ Twitter tag because it would be really funny and they would get very cross, which is a bonus.


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  1. Lets face it, the funding bodies are just giant Ponzi’s serving their own woke and expanding at rapid pace with more funding groups, middle groups, committees and task forces.

    Taskforce to address health staff gaps failing to deliver, doctors say

    In this case in health a 12 person committee set up to help medical staff gaps have done nothing but expanded and set up six professional working groups and 20 profession steering groups.

    “The taskforce, as far as I could see, hand-selected a few individuals – not necessarily with any workforce experience and certainly not representative of the workforce – and went about its business, and, as far as we are aware, has produced very little.”

    We have groups like the woke vehicle “We are Indigo” getting millions whose founders who don’t seem to have much connection to the arts.

    In 2023, the next Peter Jackson and Jane Campion would be cancelled by creative air as too white cis to qualify and be offered a questionable course in digital by some government appointed wokie grifters. New talent, films and billion dollar industry are unlikely to be made on the back of this way of working.

    Creative people need to get enough money to actually create their venture – woke resources taking the lions share of government funding might not be working out very well.

    Then there are the business predators of NZ, Eric Watson types, taking the gifted peoples IP, stealing it, the legacy still continuing unabated, as part of why NZ can’t get much innovation going.

  2. it is interesting that referring to overseas regimes our media are keen to say…govt controlled media or state discount stories….juz sayin loike juz sayin

    • One of the tricks of the right has always been to denigrate the state (until such time as the state is useful to push their agenda).
      You may or may not recall that muppet Bill Ralston always used to refer to TVNZ (or whatever it was called in those days as “State TV”. (Strangely too, his little wifey is starting to make some sense at times).
      But funny (as in ha ha funny) how he was quite happy in a later life to suck on its tit.
      Nobody has yet satisfactorily answered my question on how public, i.e PUBLIC non commercial media be funded.
      Probably that’s because everybody and his dog is a media expert these days, and they’re always ‘right’

      Meantime, I’m fucked if I’m going to ‘subscribe’, donate or throw a cent into any media’s begging bowl that takes government mony or subsidies.
      It really is quite sad that Willie made such a hash of the merger – which could have been quite simple, and most of it came down to enabling – encouraging even various “stakeholders” to clip the ticket for doing nothing of any vaalue, while completely neglecting public media’s BIGGEST “stakeholder” – i.e. its audience, the PUBLIC.

      …… burp

  3. Spin off has a good story about why our schools don’t work for boys..maybe they cordinated with the Education minister to solve the issue with the one less kid per class policy.

  4. Curious to know ……….
    – How do people think public media should be funded? Some sort of “Consumer fee”, a licence fee? sponsorship, taxation?
    – Do they think there should even be public media – as in the Reithian Trinity, albeit with accommodation of a diversity of voice given that societies are now less homogenous)
    – Who should manage it (Bomber Bradbury? Damien Grant? Sean Plunket? Toby Manhire and the Spinoff crew? Auntry Herald?, David Seymore? Mani Dunlop? Max Headroom or Kim Hill? Maybe that regular bloke Keiran McAnulty)
    – should we instead simply go to a subscription model where media begs for funds, and where “consumers” donate to their media Heroes within the bubble they inhabit?

    One thing that’s always concerned me for the past two decades (when tutoring and shuffling between Media Studies yakademia) was the trend towards people only EVER indulging in media platforms they actively solicited. Never exposing themselves to anything else, never hearing or seeing or experiencing stuff and things outside their own (self)-interested environments.
    Closed minds, reduced awareness, confirmation of biases, polarisation, exceptionalism and all the shit that goes with it

    • I’d rather the government got its dirty little fingers out of media entirely.
      If it cannot stand on its own commercially, shut it down.

      There’s a reason public confidence in media is at a record low: it’s a mixture of lies and errors.

  5. And stuff and newshub and NZherald
    All recipients of the public interest journalism fund that came with editorial strings attached to treaty issues.
    All should bear the government sponsored label according to twitters rules.

  6. Once was Tim…not like today FM. I think that any organization that has democratic balanced view s deserve s public funding. But a panel of objective citzens/ tax payers would decide. Not lobbyists or peeps with vested interest s

  7. It’s an outrage that the crap the Spinoff produces receives $6 million. How much poverty could we alleviate with that money?
    We are supposed to be a social democracy, not a woke echo chamber for upper middle class wankers and posers that read the Spinoff.


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