How to actually counter misinformation and disinformation in the NZ Media Landscape


The Disinformation Project wants censorship and power to determine what is real and what isn’t.

For them this is a cultural power grab for woke pretensions that determine micro aggressions creates macro violence.

My suspicion is that Millennials love micro aggression policing and have built entire trigger free safe space identities upon them because as a generation they looked up at all the neoliberal economic hegemonic structure and realised they couldn’t change any of that and settled instead for purely subjective feelings based at the interpersonal level and magnified beyond comprehension as moral justification.


I think the Disinformation Project wants power to censor us and that is the fucking last thing we need right now.

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What we actually need is journalism.

Good old fashioned, values based journalism.

What we need is a total rethink on public money spent on journalism. Currently it is handed out via a deeply invested NZ on Air who give their mates money to produce angry feminist mommy blogger podcasts no on watches.

The problem with the current model is that it is NZ on Air mates funding other NZ on Air mates to form an echo bunker of elite opinion that never has to dirty itself with reality.

All that is being generated by the current funding model is The Spin-off sharing their content with RNZ/Stuff/TVNZ etc etc etc. An endless social engineering campaign that promotes diversity over white cis male facts.

What we need is NZ on Air ‘Read between the Flags’ Kiwi journalism

In a world of disinformation, we need journalism we can trust. We all get the ‘swim between the flag’ model of surf life saving, NZ on Air should be given extra funding for ‘Read between the flags’ Kiwi Journalism. This money is to ensure plurality of voice for independent media, Māori media, specific communities,  news blogs and mainstream news media who become eligible if they agree to a set of Journalistic Principles.

These Journalistic Principles are fact checking stories, attempting to get comment and providing right of replies, protecting sources and attempts to hear the other side of the story.

If you do agree and sign up and can show a body of work that proves your journalism, you are entitled to funding and must have a Kiwi Journalism flag on your site to show you are obliged to follow the Journalistic Principles Code of conduct.

You would have an awareness campaign to urge NZers to ‘read between the flags’ for trusted information.

You can’t control the narrative by simply censoring it the way the Disinformation Project wants, and a ‘read between the flags’ campaign alongside a journalism fund would ensure Kiwis knew that whatever they were reading is at least base line journalistic standards rather than so much of the bullshit opinion masquerading as journalism.

We need to adapt our funding model if we want to have a media that can change to the realities of disinformation and misinformation while championing the importance of the values of journalism.

All NZ on Air funded journalism is now is an extension of elite opinion echo bunkers that only reinforces the privilege rather than challenges it.



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  1. Perfectly true Martyn, but you tip-toed around the fact that those in the “elite opinion echo bunkers” are the Labour Party leadership.

    All the blatant propaganda we see in mainstream media is bought and paid for by this government.

    • @ Andy
      “All the blatant propaganda we see in mainstream media is bought and paid for by this government.”
      Ba ha ! You really ought to think about looking up the word ‘ironic’ before you stab your pudgies at the keyboard with your pro natzo brain-fartery. Tell me? When you think? Do you also drool?
      39 Years of roger the rat’s neoliberalism. Thirty. Nine. Years. Andrew. And it was the national party who lit roger rat’s fuse, don’t you remember?
      If you can’t remember, then let me remind you with this excellent documentary.
      It should be noted that the lethal infection that is roger douglas and his psychopathic approach to simple greed was from a Labour Party standpoint. Roger Rat was a two term Labour Minister of Finance then he, or rather [it] fled the Labour Party to form the vile ACT party with like minded narcissistic sociopaths like don brash etc.
      The documentary was made, however, in 1996.
      “The first MMP election was held in 1996, and resulted in a coalition between National and New Zealand First in which Bolger continued as prime minister. Bolger was ousted in 1997 and replaced as National leader and prime minister by Jenny Shipley.”
      So, roger deployed his tactical weapon ‘reforms’ from within Labour thus destroying Labour’s reputation and segregating our primary industry from our primary industry’s down stream work force. He headed off to asset strip our AO/NZ to hand OUR wealth to his bestie privateers all sucking up to the National Party headed up by jimbo bolger, a traitor cockie, and a cadre of painted natzo crooks like shipley and richardson
      ‘Someone Else’s Country’ by Alister Barry.
      So there you go andrew. Covered it for you mate.

      • One more, one more little thing.
        The Guardian filed this. Is bloody interesting and the piece perfectly and very eloquently describes a system of moral corruption similar to that which laid waste to our now neoliberal AO/NZ. Now, no longer an egalitarian society at all but more an elite rich mans plaything enabled by same-school inbreeding. Check out this link imbedded within the main body of work.
        It’s clear as to why the natzo’s went after the workers only safety net after they Trojan Horsed their way into power via the now neo-liberal- parasitised Labour Party. The Trade Unions.
        End of compulsory unionism
        One of the new National government’s first measures was the Employment Contracts Act 1991. This deregulated labour markets and turned all collective contracts into individual contracts between an individual employee and his or her employer.
        Suggesting that Labour is the problem simply shows that one doesn’t read enough. There’s nothing surer than a closed mind, after all.

    • Just imagine if we give acknowledgement to good journalism.

      Who would have thought that even the Royal Society of Science will get captured.

      Maybe we should make Jacinda Ardern the final arbiter. She knows it when she sees it.

      Perhaps the market continues to be the best arbiter ….

    • One more little thing.
      Womens Weekly
      “Dame Jenny Shipley and Helen Clark talk about their incredible friendship
      The pair are actually a lot closer than people may have ever imagined.”
      I fucking bet they are. To quote The NZ Women’s Weekly’s front page: ” The Secrets we’ve never shared.” Yeah? What fucking secrets are they then? Those two ugly fucks would have known about roger rat secreted away within Labour’s ministry of finance prior to the natzo’s winning the 1990 general *election They’d a known about don brash and the other creeps and their evil plans and plots. Why are they not being turned inside out by a royal commission of inquiry? Well, I can tell you why. Because I wrote a letter to the Queen requesting an inquiry into our finances and our politics and HRH replied telling me she’d forwarded my letter to the Governor General at that time; Jerry Mateparae. Ok. So heeeeeere’s jerry
      sandwiched between jonky and that fucking idiot lockwood Robot Smile smith.
      Who else is starting to see the Big Picture?
      Jerry never called…. and I cried myself to sleep. I was to be the one he’d ask to the dance, but no. Jerry, how could you?? Did Shiny John have a wee word in your ear? Did Doctor Smith’s garter belt drop his nylons at the thought of that particular can of worms being opened?
      * The 1990 New Zealand general election was held on 27 October to determine the composition of the 43rd New Zealand parliament. The governing Labour Party was defeated, ending its two terms in office. The National Party, led by Jim Bolger, won a landslide victory and formed the new government.
      So there you go. Crooked factions within Labour did the dirty work then lost the election and in so doing handed the shit covered baton over to the jimbo and his nest of traitor rats.
      The rest, as they say, is history.
      Now. Today. Our AO/NZ supports nine multi-billionaires, four foreign owned banks stealing $180.00 a second in net profits annually and a growing population of wretched souls living rough with their hungry kids in desperate poverty in a country that had the third highest standard of living in the world in the 1970s.
      People. We have no governance. We, the people, have no political representation. None. At. All.
      We have, instead, a gaggle of money sniffers bending over forwards to be fucked by Big Business, and any business will do. Aye boys? Peter thiel? larry page? You’d know all about that wouldn’t you.

      • Poor soul. Black or white. Right or wrong. Strong or weak. Love or hatred! Male of female. Oppressor or oppressed. Friend or foe.

        Elie Wiesel argues that the opposite of love is not hatred ….. the opposite is indifference.
        Figure that.

    • oh and the right aren’t the same wilting ‘but ma feelungz’ sowflakes andrew….wake up to yourself son.

  2. “All NZ on Air funded journalism is now is an extension of elite opinion echo bunkers that only reinforces the privilege rather than challenges it.”

    This is a nice way of saying that NZ journalism is in the pocket of the Government, aka, compromised.

    We plebs can’t do anything about this situation other than to distrust NZ media. Unfortunately for NZ and fortunately for government, most people don’t give a rats anyway…and this is just the nice part of this unfortunate state of affairs.

  3. Of course The answer is more state funding. It’s worked so well already with that completely impartial fund and there’s no chance a change in government would lead to a change in directives. Of no of course not

    All of which ignores the reality that traditional media is dying and people just aren’t consuming information like they used to. It’s this reason that seems to me to be the driver behind this and similar obscene attempts to control the narrative. The elites and academics are shitting themselves as they know that the proletariat are getting the truth (most of the time)

    Sub stack and blogs like this point towards the future. Although once ChatGPt gets going we are all fucked.

    • Most humans have the ability to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. Most humans choose to abdicate from this responsibility…. For various reasons.

      Free speech will also apply to chatbots. Looking forward to the contest.

      Following the rules “laid out” by the free speech activist, Prof Strossen, on Q&A one can see that crimes can be prosecuted and speech criminals can be held to account.

  4. Martyn – Media needs to give BOTH sides of the story always…the media coverage of Posie Parker was a wake up call on how bias the media can be.

    • And they did us a disservice when they failed to keep the feet of the weak in the Beehive to the fire.
      If it was not for the Sean Plunket echo chamber ……. most would still be totally unaware that there may well be two sides to the story.

        • Fascist bullshit is one thing but ignorance and misinformation from parliament is another level of bullshit.
          We pay for the salaries of those lurking in the background when politicians of all sorts address us. They should do their work and stay informed and advise the politicians properly, not indoctrinate the poor bastards.

          Sometimes I feel kind of sorry for the poor politicians. But that feeling passes very quickly. We selected them to represent us with some integrity and competence.

    • Really Nathan. I think the media have done a huge favour to Parker by not showing her on twitter prattling on about child sex rings and a woman served in food products. She comes across as demented.

    • Some have argued that Jack Tame schooled Nadine Strossen.
      She schooled us all and then some.

      Good to see they edited the part where Jack Lame celebrated the love fest at Albert Park. They missed the part where he smugly suggests that PP achieved nothing at Albert Park. You can do better Jack Lame.

      The hecklers veto amplified her message. The hecklers veto also prevented her from saying anything that could have been used against her cause.

      • The BBC is not a mouth piece for government. It has a charter that allows editorial independence.
        Their actions to help manage the UK though the covid disaster was their duty as a public broadcaster. But you have a valid point that they did fail to hold government to account during that period of distress and fear as we now so we’ll know following the leaking of the Hancock files.

        • tell that to… kussenberg, burley, ms danoald et al johan…how many times is a guest introduced as—billy bloggs industry expert without going to the next line ‘who is a paid employee of rightwing think tank x’

          we have the ‘guest’ problem here in spades how many baby faced infometrics employees are routinely presented as impartial commenters on the economy….because infometrics is touted as a statistics company doesn’t mean it’s not a rightwing propaganda outlet.

          • Do not forget the John Tamihere’s and Mike Williams’s and soon even Gerry Brownlee.

            This is kind of fun … or should that read funny.

            Keep it coming. Maybe they should get a chatbot to face the panel.

  5. Great piece thanks MB.

    In yesterday’s Shaneel Lal – Seymour free speech piece, you copped some flack (from me too) on the free speech front.
    An article in this mornings Herald on prison populations resulting in a police directive got me thinking.
    I posted a piece critical of a labour MP or Govt some time back, where I stated this was happening.
    It has been happening in Auckland for a long time time now. I know this for a fact. The article is presenting this as something just happening.
    Now I don’t know if this is common knowledge? But it is real, and been happening for years.

    I personally think it’s appalling people are not arrested for crimes today, because they either don’t have room for them. Or there is now a policy at HQ where you have to get permission. It’s equally appalling if this is the first time MSM have picked it up and run with it. More than possible it’s out there and I didn’t read it.

    But to the point…..
    I would be very interested to hear from you on this subject, in general.
    Why was a post such as this not posted? There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the “censorship” which goes on here.
    I did wonder when posting such pieces? If you don’t know the story to be true, do you kill it?
    Or risk being part of the misinformation machine. Of course resources required to verify every random accusation make that impossible.

    So where or how can the balance be obtained?

    And finally to the credibility of the MSM.
    Funding models must be changed to be so far removed from govt, there is zero chance of meddling. We need people like Willie Jackson, Claire Curran kept out of the hen house.
    If public money is needed; it would be a very simple matter to set up a cross party bipartisan model where NO Govt ministers have any control.

    Just finished reading Red Notice. There are some similarities in the Russian state media and ours, which are somewhat frightening, and if the media want to save their skins, they need to understand why there is a loss of trust. This latest top up of $20 odd million just seems like the most cynical bribe to keep RNZ on song. It’s just a disgrace. Aka Soviet style control.
    Think about how to fix it. It could be done without killing the golden goose (Labour Party)

    • Biased reporting or censorship?
      This is exactly what is wrong with journalism.

      Nothing new under the sun. Give me USA type failure any day of the week. I too have seen and experienced the opposite type.

      At least this diktat is now available for our individual and group consumption and analyses.

  6. The New Standard is pretty keen on censorship & controlling the narrative. Not much room for alternative voices or counter arguments.

  7. It seems every day now on Facebook Im hiding content I dont want to see, stuff that is absolute garbage, stuff that stretches the truth, stuff that uses simulated video and portray it as real, stuff that just wastes your time. And then Facebook starts hammering you with all the alternative sites to the crap you just hid, getting sick of it tbh

    • They have your number.
      Avoidance ranks higher response to waste management than reuse, recycling, ….. disposal.

      Try moderation.

  8. “How to actually counter misinformation and disinformation in the NZ Media Landscape”
    Try not watching, listening or reading anything to do with the NZ media because it’s entirely and completely bias to right wing, pro Natzo, fascist-capitalist neoliberalism which has turbo charged the not so fictional mantra; ” Greed is Good.” Personally, the headlines on rnz’s website’s is as much as I can stomach and even then it’s usually gag worthy death, kill, hate or sugar sweet vomit inducing red-band gumboot wearing russet cheeked country can-do junk. If rnz came printed on toilet paper, then it might finally be of some use.

  9. We need journalism in NZ.
    There is an eager market for this product.
    Supply side is OK.
    There is demand. So where the bloody hell is the problem?

    Quality? Integrity? Ballance? Holding those in power to account? Lack of customer focus? Can’t identify the market?

    • He fails the character test.
      Something on his CV must have looked good.
      “I am a principled man, if you do not like my principles I am prepared to change them.”

      Guess he will soon make his entrance to politics and stand for parliament. He seems to be well qualified for such a role.

    • Thanks, I’ve just taken a look. The presenter’s “gotcha” tone is irritating, but it’s interesting to see another side of “The Bodhisattva”.

      • The presenter must have studied journalism at the NZ school for journalism.
        Annoying presentation style but he can’t be faulted on the story and linking the conclusion to the introduction in a paradoxical way.

  10. You are so fucked now Martyn! You’re proposing anti-millennialism! Yoof in Asia!

    This is the fascist doctrine that they’ve been indoctrinated in at Bubble Uni on the Google network!

    They are mentally deranged and most probably deserve a stint in a Boot Camp in the Ukraine Front Line!

    Their moaning about a shitty future is looking more and more likely to come true! Good fuckn job.
    It’ll be all over for them by 2025/2026.

  11. Had a look and NZ on Air, seem to be only interested in giving sums over $500k to corporates like Newshub, Pacifica, Maori, Asian and male led TV. Couldn’t see the Mummy bloggers unless they are trans, drag, Maori, Pacifica, Asian or disabled. Woman JK Rowling style, got cancelled.

    NZ on Air – a quick search where the larger sums of funding went 2022.

    Tagata Pasifika 2023
    A 2023 season of the flagship Pasifika current affairs and news programme.

    Only In Aotearoa 3 – Wahine Edition – $1,134,000
    Primary Platform:
    Whakaata Maori

    $619,613 for
    A documentary series on the history of Pasifika rugby players in the build-up to the menÂs Rugby World Cup

    The inspirational story of the Wheel Blacks, as they strive for a spot at the 2024 Paris Paralympics.

    Feature Animation 2
    Two new Disney films will be reimagined in te reo Maori for audiences in Aotearoa.

    Rnz Asia Unit
    A new unit producing news and current affairs content in Mandarin, Hindi and English, for Asian communities of Aotearoa.

    Paakiwaha 2023
    A bilingual news radio programme broadcast on Radio Waatea and Waatea News Online.

    Broken Backs And Mountains $1,980,000
    A new dark comedy series that explores the Ãups, downs, tears and tantrums, joys and lossesÄ of living with a disability.

    Q+A With Jack Tame 2023

    Newshub Nation 2023 – $999,781
    A weekly political current affairs programme that provides political news, interviews, and analysis.

    The Queen The Club The Boy The Girl And Everything $644,120
    A series that follows the journey of a son reconciling his relationship with his father, who just happens to be the most famous drag queen in the country.

  12. Grets suggestion Martyn but no chance!

    Here is the latest PIJF Funding round hot off the press. Looks like they are seeking to control the media well into the future even if they end up forced out of office (Not sure they will be)

    “Focus on ongoing success of existing roles for final PIJF funding round

    Ensuring the sustainability and ongoing success of existing funded roles is the key focus of the final general round of the Public Interest Journalism Fund (PIJF).

    The seventh and final round will extend funding for 36 roles through into 2025, with one role running to January 2026, and support journalism from Queenstown to Hawkes Bay. Thirteen of those roles will support Māori content, four for Pasifika media and two ethnic media roles.

    NZ On Air Head of Journalism, Raewyn Rasch, Ngāi Tahu, says NZ On Air consulted the PIJF Industry Advisory Panel on what should be prioritised in this last general round and the clear answer was to continue funding for existing roles.

    “Given we had only $3m left to allocate, it was important we prioritise funding where it would make the most difference,” says Rasch. “And, for industry, that was about maintaining roles already demonstrating success.”

    A further $3m is still to be allocated for Māori Regional News media through a special co-fund with Māori funding agency, Te Māngai Pāho.

    Round 7 also focused on Industry Development funding, with the growing importance of data journalism supported through the funding of a pan-industry training programme, Data Aotearoa. Led by Kōwhai Media and the Science Media Centre, the four-day wānanga will develop the skills of 18 data journalists and will be convened by Pulitzer-Prize winning US-based data journalist, Matt Carrol.

    The $55m PIJF was made available by the government in 2020 to support news media through the COVID-19 induced downturn. The limited-time fund provided funding for roles, projects and industry development. The fund is due to finish in June when a final review report will be released.

    Funding Details


    Digital News Sub-Editor, 95bfm, up to $36,956.
    An additional year of funding for the Digital News Sub-Editor, who creates news content for 95bfm’s website and social media channels. The role increases the reach of the station’s news to its student audience and undertakes training for volunteer student journalists.

    One Digital Content Creator and one Producer, Te reo o Ngati Kahungunu, up to $204,176.
    An additional year of funding for Te reo o Ngati Kahungunu’s two targeted roles. The Digital Content Producer makes sure that the station’s news is accessible to its digital audience and the Producer facilitates regular high-quality news interviews.

    One Audience Engagement Expert and one Hamilton Reporter, Indian Newslink, up to $199,650.
    An additional year of funding for two roles. The Audience Engagement Expert connects the outlet’s news with its digital audiences and the Hamilton Reporter produces stories about youth issues, poverty, culture, family violence and education.

    One Te Reo Māori Translator and two Marlborough Reporters, Stuff, up to $249,260.
    A further 12 months funding for three roles. The Te Reo Māori Translator normalises the use of te reo and caters to reo Māori-speaking audiences by providing daily translations of news stories. Both Marlborough Reporters deliver important local news stories for and about the Marlborough region.

    Four Roles, Pacific Media Network, up to $430,849.
    An additional year of funding for a Political Reporter, a Current Affairs Producer, a Digital Editor/Camera operator and a Sub-Editor to produce high-quality multimedia news stories for and by the Pasifika community.

    Video News Journalist, Te reo Irirangi o Maniapoto, up to $85,000.
    Te reo Irirangi o Maniapoto is receiving funding to retain its Video News Journalist for another year. The role produces news stories that are relevant to local iwi and the wider Māori population, for the station’s Te reo Kahika news service.

    Farmers Weekly Digital Editor, AgriHQ, up to $89,981.
    A further 12 months funding to AgriHQ for its Digital Editor, who creates and circulates digital content from the company’s flagship agricultural publication, Farmer’s Weekly, which serves to grow the quality and reach of agricultural news.

    Kaupapa Māori Editor, NZME, up to $123,600.
    NZME is receiving a 12-month funding extension for its Kaupapa Māori Editor. The role not only produces news stories from a te ao Māori lens but provides leadership and Kaupapa training across NZME’s newsrooms.

    Three Court Reporter roles, Allied Press, up to $266,951.
    A continued year of funding for three court reporting roles which produce local justice coverage from the Family Court, Youth Court, Employment Relations Authority and other tribunals, for Allied Press’ South Island outlets.

    Four News Roles, E-Tangata, up to $350,496.
    Funding to retain four news roles for an additional year. These include a Senior Writer/Editor – Pacific News, a Senior Writer/Editor – Māori News, an Editor/Mentor and a Digital Marketing Manager. All roles contribute to the production of high-quality current affairs and news stories for Māori and Pasifika audiences while strengthening E-Tangata’s newsroom.

    One Te ao Māori Editor and one Sub-Editor, Metro, up to $51,066.
    A further 12 months funding for Metro’s te ao Māori Editor to continue developing Māori writers and providing a te ao Māori perspective across news stories, and a Sub-Editor to ensure a high standard of accuracy and fact-checking for Metro’s content.

    Rural Content Editor, Ashburton Guardian, up to $85,000.
    A one-year continuation of the Ashburton Guardian’s Rural Content Editor, who creates and delivers news content focused on agri-business and rural issues across the Canterbury region.

    Kaupapa Māori Reporter, Gisborne Herald, up to $77,464.
    A further year of funding to retain the Kaupapa Māori Reporter. The role has revitalised and normalised te ao Māori reporting in a region with a large Māori population and is helping the Gisborne Herald to build its cultural capabilities.

    Auckland Council Reporter, Local Matters, up to $84,579.
    An additional 12 months funding for an Auckland Council Reporter to continue reporting on significant Auckland Council issues for nine community news outlets, including Local Matters, Gulf News Waiheke, The Howick & Pakuranga Times, The Botany & Ormiston Times, the Pohutukawa Coast Times, Mahurangi Matters, Hibiscus Matters, The Devonport Flagstaff and the Rangitoto Observer.

    Māori Affairs Reporter, Newshub, up to $145,810.
    A one-year extension for Newshub’s Māori Affairs Reporter who ensures that te tirohanga Māori (a Māori lens) is placed on coverage of significant mainstream stories while providing direction and input on decisions made in the wider newsroom.

    Sub-Editor, Newsroom, up to $94,395.
    A further 12 months funding for Newroom’s Sub-Editor, who edits content from the platform’s journalists, freelance writers, and contributors, as well as providing production services and quality control across all Newsroom articles.

    Māori Political Reporter, The Spinoff, up to $61, 050.
    A 12-month extension for The Spinoff’s Māori Political Reporter who provides coverage on Māori politics and current affairs for the platform’s audiences. This role is part-time.

    Sub-Editor, The Spinoff, up to $105,450.
    A 12-month extension for The Spinoff’s Sub-Editor who edits copy, proofreads news items, fact-checks pieces, writes compelling headlines and assesses risk and liabilities before content is published.

    One full-time News Reporter and one part-time News Reporter, Valley Profile, up to $89,300.
    An additional year of funding for two news roles which provide high-quality local reporting for the Hauraki Plains, Paeroa, Thames and Thames Coast, and the Coromandel Peninsula regions. Both roles produce content for the Valley Profile and the Coromandel App.

    Two part-time Local Accountability Reporters, BayBuzz, up to $88,800.
    An additional 12 months of funding to BayBuzz to retain two part-time Local Accountability Reporters who cover local issues of consequence, including the regional economy, healthcare, agribusiness and council decision-making in the Hawke’s Bay area.

    Senior Editorial Role, Crux, up to $126,250.
    A further year of funding for Crux’s Senior Editorial Role which provides newsroom mentoring as well as in-depth news coverage for topics impacting the Wānaka, Cromwell,and Queenstown regions.

    Industry Development Funding

    Disability: Industry Development Training, Attitude Pictures, up to $7,600.
    Additional multimedia training for Attitude Pictures’ journalism cadet. This upskilling will enable the cadet, who lives with a disability, to strengthen his capability to produce digital journalism.

    Chinese Journalism Cadetship Programme Extension, Go Global, up to $141,280.
    An extension of the existing cadetship programme which will see two more Chinese-background cadets trained in the production of digital journalism.

    Data Aotearoa, NZ Geographic, up to $98,824.
    A four-day wānanga to develop 18 data journalists across senior and emerging levels to improve the quality of data journalism and the diversity of data journalists in this increasingly relevant field. Hosted in conjunction with the Science Media Centre. “

    • Love how the disabled cadet can get up to $7.6k but two Chinese background cadets get trained for up to $141,280 and the 4 day junket for 18 journos for up to $98,824 – also bonanza for Maori and Pacific Island journos so many roles at double the other rates – no wonder the woke are growing in numbers while disengaging with the mainstream. It’s personally worth it.

      Problem is, it is taxpayer money handed out by woke for woke and identity is the requirement, not quality journalism or anybody that wants to consumer it, – there are probably few consumers that tune in daily to Pacific and Maori news from a woke led lens. And those leading it, are often out of odds with other Maori voices.

  13. the fact is we don’t know what is and isn’t disinformation till years after the event, rather than nannying our population, teach them critical thought then they can be their own personal ‘commission’ novel huh?

  14. Government appointed groups becoming a laughing stock.

    Chris Keall: The Government’s Digital Council dies, as it was born, in high farce

    “Some in the tech community like to poke fun at the Digital Council.

    The Government advisory body was prone to excruciatingly politically-correct, vague or even daft language, and some people found sport in re-posting some of its choicer statements to social media.

    “Our briefing was accompanied by a 3D-printed tree. The tree represents Aotearoa New Zealand’s digital orchard and all the work that is required to grow and maintain it,” the council announced, as it presented a watery briefing document to Digital Economy Minister David Clark last year.

    Alas, the plastic tree bore no fruit.”

  15. I’m afraid that Mulligan and The Panel really are the most mediocre bunch of airheads ever. Te Radar te puke… their studios need to be targeted by a Kinshal. Please Vlad save us from Radio NZ and the bleeding heart wokesters, one rocket, that’s all I ask.

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