According to the Ministry of Truth Disinformation Project you are all Transphobic Nazis & here comes a new $300million Spy Base


Rise in disinformation prompts calls for election protections

Unprecedented levels of disinformation will only get worse this election, but systems set up to deal with it during the pandemic have all been shut down, Disinformation Project researcher Sanjana Hattotuwa has warned.

He says the levels of vitriol and conspiratorial discourse this past week or two are worse than anything he’s seen during the past two years of the pandemic – including during the Parliament protest – but he’s not aware of any public work to counteract it.

So because people were shocked by the mob violence of the Trans activists at the Posie Parker clusterfuck riot, that shock makes you a Transphobic Nazi.

If you were taken aback by the comments made by the Young New Zealander of the Year…

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…that surprise makes you a Transphobic Nazi.

If you rolled your eyes at Marama Davidson saying violence in the world is cause by White Cis Males, then you are a Transphobic Nazi.

Outrage Olympics is a feature of culture war dynamics.

I’m not saying there hasn’t been some ugly awful hateful shit said, but the context of this matters right?

The Academic Gatekeepers are attempting to convince the mainstream media to ignore these issues because the stupid masses can’t be trusted to make the right decision on these social engineering projects.

Woke activism is about censoring opinion and that censorship is what creates Anger Grifters like Posie Parker.

It’s a self feeding loop of fear, ignorance, distrust and woke Puritanism.

Comrades – Your enemy isn’t a woman who says stupid shit about Trans people in a public park, your enemy are the Banks, Oil Companies, Billionaires and Property Speculators who continue to pillage this country while we are bickering over the narcissism of petty difference!

We now have a new $300m spy base being quietly built in NZ…

Government has been secretly building a $300m data centre at an Auckland air force base

The Government has been secretly building a $300 million data centre at an air force base in Auckland since early last year, to house its most important information.

Defence and GCSB Minister Andrew Little said the first funding for data centre at the Whenuapai air force base in west Auckland was approved in 2019.

…as we have new domestic spy bases built, we have incredibly woke Academics like Professor Kidman appointed to the Academy of Extremism who helps the Intelligence Apparatus spot enemies of the State.

Professor Kidman attacked the Auckland University Politics Department for calling their Cat ‘Governor Grey’ because according to the good Professor, Governor Grey was a genocidal force for evil and the Auckland University Politics Department was celebrating that (I know, I know, I know – total bat shit crazy, but she actually that).

Professor Kidman then led a cancel campaign against Trellis Cooper for supposedly making a genocidal dress.

I’m not joking.

So the person with the most easily triggered woke thresholds is advising the Spy Nazgûl on who to go after.

The woke’s reliance on cancel culture and deplatforming has generated a movement incapable of persuasion and instead now justifies street violence as a means to an end.

The Ministry of Truth Disinformation Project now want to add anyone who thought the Mob Violence by the trans Activists at the Posie Parker event was not right onto the list of Nazis who need to be spied upon.

And the State is quietly building the assets to do that spying.

The Woke will cheer the Surveillance State they are building.

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  1. That’s supposed to be what the scientific journal industry is for, and the peer review process. The problem is that the system has utterly failed to preform it’s job. Publishers are supposed to curate the studies they publish to ensure validity, but in truth they have utterly failed to answer the most basic questions like “what is a woman.”

    • what is a woman is a philisophical/legal/administrative question and therefore doesn’t come into the pervue of scientific journals sam but good attempt to apply a tired rightwing talking point

    • I did a degree in sociology with a minor in psychology, I started out in ancient history, switched to computer science and maths and statistics, a little bit of languages
      , back to ‘arts’. When I left I wanted to go into ‘research’ but I knew that the the ivory tower was nothing like Everyman. The person on the street did not think like them or have those theories in their consciousness. This is where we are at. Woke is not real

  2. Martyn – The Disinformation Project is an National Embarrassment…they have hissy fits if they are slightly challenged by the media..and blacklist individuals/institutions who ask questions about the project.

  3. RNZ now has article about anti trans. Nike now has sports bra advert with trans who doesn’t have breasts. It’s ridiculous.

  4. We get faster data processing & less lag when we don’t have to move it all to Utah. Plus uses less power too, so is good for the environment. All that renewable energy (except for the coal) to run the new data center & less energy expended on data transfers. Win, win. And as an extra bonus you Kiwis pay for it all.

  5. The Banks, Oil Companies, Billionaires and Property Speculators are pillaging our country because both Government ans mainstream media are in the pockets of the aforementioned moneyed crowd.

    You want to stop the pillaging then break the chain of control that money has over government and media. This is a worldwide problem .

    The solutions to thee biggest problem the world faces today – the power of big money – is obvious but also highly censurable (in this day and age) so…..

  6. But all this spy apperatus will only be used for good right? Right??? Guys?? Hello?

    Hang on someone’s at the door….

  7. The Academic Gatekeepers are attempting to convince the mainstream media to ignore these issues because the stupid masses can’t be trusted to make the right decision on these social engineering projects.

    That’s a definition of fascism. The masses can’t be trusted to make decisions and do their supposed superiors wishes.

  8. Any “Disinformation Project” that is not raising merry hell about Julian Assange is obviously a dishonesty project ,,,,

    Assange revealed and released truth,,,, to counter Govt/Corporate disinformation.

    Any stooge who works for ‘the project’ and does not write about and fight against the persecution and abuse of Assange ,,,,, does not care about or want people to have factual true information available to them.

    What have NZ’s “Disinformation Project” ever said or done for Assange ????

    If the (lack of ) evidence shows that the biggest Disinformation is in their own title ,,,,

    Then it should be pointed out repeatedly to them,,,, that they have no credibility in the true content versus propaganda/disinformation battle,,, that exists and competes on the internet/social media……

    Assange fought disinformation by releasing the truth …

    Britain went full Kangaroo court show trial to convict him,,,,, a conviction based largely on the word of a pedophile ( or rock spider as the aussies call them ) liar and self confessed perjurer..

    Only Dishonest Disinformation Designators could possibly ignore him….

    perhaps they’d be de-funded if they presented and debunked all the disinformation and smears made in Julians state orchestrated character assassination.

  9. I don’t mind if people slag each other off so long as there’s a level of flair, wit and style in what they say and do. Personally, I don’t care what people say about me so long as it isn’t true.
    There’s also great beauty in simplicity and the simple simplicity about we AO/NZ’ers is that we’re being ripped off by crooks who will clearly be brokering our AO/NZ off to the highest bidder as I write and if you think there’s no merit in that opinion then you must spend far too much time watching mummy knit your socks and undies dear.
    5.2 million people on an Island country with a land area 29 K sq km larger than the UK with its 60 million and all we did to build the first world country AO/NZ is, is to grow first class food from one end of the country to the other and how about all them fish then?
    We’re sitting ducks and delicious ones at that.
    Once jonky and his band of cheap, tacky yank crooks take our country off us by convincing the moron class here to become a republic he’ll invite his Zionist Israeli mates over to push us off our land.
    Sound familiar?

    • @Countryboy
      Too true. We’re all Palestinians now. Time for all sleepwalkers to rise fully alert from their years long slumber.
      Let’s do this.

  10. Well lets not get too carried away…Sanjana Hattotuwa is right about the level of toxic crap online–and it is orchestrated by some of the usual Steve Bannon fans as well as your local raving random anger–meisters.

    The state spies should be snooping on people like neo Nazis, small as their numbers may be, but NZSIS/GCSB and the alphabet soup of other committees tend to spy on the rest of us instead!

  11. Who said…

    “In a report on News Hub, presenters said, “our secret service is launching an initiative to help us identify people who may have been radicalised. “Know the Signs” is a guide for identifying signs of violent extremism’, details dozens of indicators that a friend or family member could be planning a terror attack.”

    Rebecca Kitteridge stated, “It could be the COVID measures that the government took. Or it could be other policies that are interpreted as infringing on rights. And it’s sometimes described as a kind of hot mess of ideologies and beliefs fuelled by conspiracy theories.”

    However, it is important to note that Kitteridge may have overlooked High Court rulings that have found government actions were in violation of citizens’ rights. For example, a judgement declared vaccine mandates for Police and the Defence Force were an unjustifiable infringement on the country’s Bill of Rights.

    Two months later, another ruling found that the government’s COVID-19 border controls were unlawful and deprived citizens of their right to return home.”

    We’re fucked with the lunatics who’re running the Asylum in Wellington!

    Fuck sake! Somebody nuke us now!

  12. “He Says,” sounds like chatty gossip to me. Can he provide proof? Oh and who is funding the DIP project? Keep going on “As If” these militant medicated leftist mobs that want to beat women up are not themselves the real anger grifters. What a total joke, only it is not funny, but dangerous. So any reaction to violence and corruption is now “anger grifting.” Got it.

  13. ‘So the person with the most easily triggered woke thresholds is advising the spouse on who to go after.’
    I’m guessing that for ‘spouse’ I should read ‘spies’.

  14. “Comrades – Your enemy isn’t a woman who says stupid shit about Trans people in a public park” our enemy is the thugs who used violence and intimidation to shut her and other women down.

    The Disinformation project would be a joke if it wasn’t so terrifying

    • So what are these guys, organisations for then?

      This is the list of NZ security apparatus, many acronyms you’ve never heard of, who are supposed to keep us safe with mass surveillance powers from domestic terrorism…

      The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)
      The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)
      The NSG (National Security Group)
      The Police Intelligence Unit
      The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)
      The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)
      The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)
      The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)
      The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)
      The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)
      The NRU (National Risk Unit)
      The NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

      Or are they here just to suck up $300m+?

      • No they are all arms of the State, largely if not wholly, manipulated by the Govt of the day. And $300m- you wish, I would imagine it costs more than that but with no transparency around a handful of those, we wont ever get to see the real figures).

        One of the recent pieces of legislation put through with that raft towards the end of last year? had in it a clause to limit the oversight of the SIS? Shit’s getting bad in NZ whilst the poor go all Oliver Twist down at the Foodbanks or WINZ Office.

      • The $300 million is just for the data centre, all those organisations already have their own, regularly increased, budgets.

    • If someone came in here arguing 2+2=5, then I would argue just as hard for the fact that 2+2=4.

      Not because I am super enthusiastic about math but because it is simply the truth.

      To deny the truth,… once you break the truth and say it doesn’t matter and that it’s more important to make 2+2=5, and for everyone to accommodate that then the problems down stream of that are going to be numerous and extremely chaotic.

      We now live in a world where men demand womens rights, pollution is building into a genocide, nuclear war threatens humanities existence.

      The truth is being rejected and if you can do it on one issue then you can do it on many other issues and we can’t allow unelected spooks this type of power and control.

    • Yes odd how those 2 statements are simultaneously true.

      Welcome to our brave new world when idiots most people wouldnt mingle with, (Let’s face it you dont watch Kate Hannah on the TV and think, what a cool person, I’d love a bevy with her) get paid vast sums to drive paranoia and govt agenda.

  15. It’s not at all up to a government-funded organisation, or the government itself, to determine what is true or false – that is completely up to the public. I mean, it’s not like the government has any conflict of interest in telling people what the “right” thing to think is, given that any dissenting opinion or contradictory idea is necessarily a threat to their maintenance of power and their ability to enact their agenda, is it? The “authorities” are just a collection of individuals who have a common agenda; they aren’t, therefore, a source of absolute and unbiased proclamations. Their only concern is “what is good for us, and what will advance our goals?” If that involves lying to the public and trying to protect their lies via censorship, then that is what they will do.

  16. That Young New Zealander of the Year is pretty fuckin aggressive from the safety of their/them’s Twitter account. Say that to someone’s face and see what happens.

  17. “we have incredibly woke Academics like Professor Kidman appointed to the Academy of Extremism who helps the Intelligence Apparatus spot enemies of the State.”

    The Academy of Extremism, nurturing extremist talent.
    Ensuring a steady supply of radicalised individuals (directly from or in rection to) seems the path of least resistance to justifying their own existence.

    One wonders how far away we are from the FBI entrapment operations which claim credit for thwarting extremist plots. During ‘War or Terror’ they groomed vulnerable muslim men towards terrorist activities or similarly the Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping plot where FBI undercover agents and informants became ring leaders, provided planning, materials and drove the plot forward, making up to half the conspirators.

  18. “Comrades – Your enemy isn’t a woman who says stupid shit about Trans people in a public park,” – your enemy is the Capitalist system which, aided and abetted by our social institutions, long, long ago established a model wherein Capitalism’s values, norms, ideas, expectations, worldview, and behaviour, came to define that of our society, so that today Capitalism’s victims argue, fight and die for more of the same.

    • The problem is Malcom. They don’t teach any real economics these days(??). The curriculum is jam-packed with theories about how you can now invent stuff like history or ignore it. Live in a make-believe world where you can decide, and ‘change ‘anything’ materially, physically, vegetably and imaginary into reality at the stroke of a pen!

      We’re fucked! Doomed!

      The only solution is that we introduce into legislation compulsory military service for all Uni students post-grad! Two years in Ukraine or OZ or Taiwan! That should be a good enough deterrent for the chaff muddle class scum! They’ll get to practice their brand of fascism in a real hostile environment with nowhere to run to and hide!

      The benefit of this will be the smart ones will opt for a different career path without the need for a uni-debt and maybe we could get more builders and workers out of them instead of loonie tunes.

      Aside from all this. This pending election. It needs to be hung! For as long as it can be so that the public can not be denied public space to speak. No MP’s or government until the public decides is a pretty good position to be in I recks.

  19. I support Posie Parkers right to be heard as I do anyone who is concerned with the radical trans agenda.
    I support women to fight and retain the rights they fought for over decades.
    I have closed my Kiwibank accounts
    I have canceled my PSA membership.
    I have refused to submit my census forms.
    My actions are not cancellation or violence they are a boycott which is how we did things before wokedom.
    If you think that makes me a Nazi you are part of the problem.

    • Of course she has a right to be heard. Trouble is people seem to only hear part of what she says. She is NOT just about women’s rights at all.

  20. I dont think NZers have any clue how much they are being monitored.

    I guess many of us are guilty of thinking, well I dont do anything wrong, why should I worry? Until one day, you maybe decide, the Posie Parker sitch is really shocking and the next thing, you start to look into what they are up to and realise that they are tracking every keystroke, stalking (if they choose to) via TV and Laptop cameras. So, all i can say is Disinfo project, spooks et al. Fill your boots. Must be a hell of a boring job.

  21. First disinformation is Chris Hipkins umming and ahhing about what a woman is. He’s a father ffs, he obviously knows what a woman is. Don’t fucking tell us our biology doesn’t matter. So fucking angry about this. Ryan Bridges in tv3, asking his band mate to carry his two-father baby if it ever becomes possible, because he can’t stand the idea of a woman and what it means. Ffs New Zealand, get a a fucking grip.

  22. There is no way that you can say to the extreme left ‘I am not a Nazi’. They’re just going to call you a terf and metaphorically throw you in a dumpster fire. Basically you can’t win. So you have to start thinking about alternatives. Like voting for Act. Or not voting. Or wasting your vote on an alternative party. I’m never voting left again after all their bullshit. I’d rather not vote or eat shit and swallow a great big dead rat and vote right. I never thought I’d ever say that. Thanks Chris Hipkins

    • The Greens and Labour are going to take a hit for enabling this bullshit.
      I cant tell you the number of people who feel the same.
      Decades of advancement by moderate gender advocates has been trashed be extremists.
      Ironically by pushing the pendulum too far the trans movement will force an ACT (anti woke) and National (woke lite) into power.
      They will truly get the government they deserve.

      • I think a lot of those antagonists are/were paid actors and I wonder who, exactly, pays their ticket.

  23. The government – any government – will use any means available, and any excuse it can find to surveil and control the citizens who elect it.

  24. ” We now have a new $300m spy base being quietly built in NZ…”

    Love to see the breakdown of expenditure for this little project.

    Imagine what the money could do for the victims of austerity and corporate carnage.

    Grant has obviously given the green light while saying NO to so many other urgently needed funding.

    The teachers had to strike before Hipkins and Robertson would front up and pay them. And this from the NZLP 2023.

    Its all about priorities real or imagined.

    • It’s not a 300 million dollar base as it’s a Govt project so at best maybe a 150 million base.

      • It’s supposed to be some sort of all of government firewall to protect government information. What Russel/RNZ and wookie is on about I have no idea.

        Whanuapai has been taken over by developments, the infrastructure is trash. NZDF infrastructure is trash. Personal are leaving $300 million is a fraction of what’s needed to keep everyone safe not some twitter burn campaign.

        This woktards are a joke.

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