The Greens + Woke needlessly attacking dump National MP saying dumb Christian stuff 20 years ago

God made me do it

This is so dumb…

National candidate previously compared civil unions to incest

A National Party candidate previously compared civil unions to polygamy and incest.

Greg Fleming, who is standing for the party in the Maungakiekie electorate, made the comments when managing director of the Maxim Institute.

In June 2004 he put out a press release questioning the government’s motives behind the Civil Unions Bill, which passed later that year.

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It allowed couples to formally register their relationship. At the time same sex marriages weren’t allowed.

“We must be clear that the sole purpose of this Bill is to provide for same-sex marriage in all but name. Government propaganda suggesting civil unions are an alternative for defacto couples is just a farce,” he wrote.

“Why is the government allowing discrimination to continue by refusing to legally recognise other relationship forms such as the union of siblings or more than two people?”

Today, Fleming said he now “very much supports civil unions”.

…petty woke cancel culture always trawl for things people say decades earlier, hype it up as some shock horror and then lose their shit.

Yes this dumb Nat said dumb Christian bullshit 20 years ago, but that was 20 years ago, why drag this up as some great sin now?

Why are we constantly allowing the woke to play these games of revisionist history so they can damn us now in the present?

It’s like an angry girlfriend waiting to bring up some issue that has nothing to do with the argument you are having.

Of course the pile on was quick and stupid…



Sure, but the exact same criticism could be made of course of Efeso who made a stand against Gay Marriage 20 years ago.

Look – how about we focus on things that actually have immediate impact on the now, shit people said 20 years ago brought forward under the bright glare of woke to be judged by the puritanical present is performance art for wankers.

This is how stupid the culture wars are going to get.


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  1. He (Greg) will win Maungakiekie at this stage, due to the fact the current Labour MP has done F-All for the area…

  2. The Greens? This was a hit job against National on TV3 News! They doorstepped Luxon and as usual he looked like a rabbit in the headlights.

  3. The IQ of NZ pollies and political news junkies and MSM media is;

    a. Low
    b. Very low
    c. Doesn’t register in an IQ test
    d. Not Applicable

  4. Ummmmm

    So incest is an interesting one. Because like why is it wrong? My understanding is its basically biological issues right? Like incest babies are messed up… but gay people aren’t having babies in that way, their either adopting or using a donor. I mean if incest relationships didn’t have kids that they made themselves without outside help then isn’t that ok? So I think the irony here is that this guy was being even more ‘progressive’

    “Why is the government allowing discrimination to continue by refusing to legally recognise other relationship forms such as the union of siblings or more than two people?”

    Seems to me he wanted civil unions to be extended to polygamy and incest relationships.

  5. Tired of the lack of debate in NZ and the political dialogue has descended to a childish level, while important issues for people living here like floods, high waiting lists for health care, declining educational standards, workers too woke to work now and NZ workers on low wages fleeing to OZ, our social services overloaded with the worried woke, gangs up 13%, primary school kids being encouraged to ram raid by their parents, random violence that gets a slap on the wrist by our justice system, while victims are crippled/killed, etc, are ignored.

    Our shocking media, which is only getting worse. The terrible woke social engineering of children’s taking kids back to spiritual knowledge from 200 years ago as.

    NZ academics being harassed and bullied and inaccurate statements in the media printed about them. Media complaint upheld

    Yet another academic has come out against Mataranka Maori the wokes version of what the NZ curriculum should be

    Statistic’s show that Maori are not pushing this journey, woke spiritualists with government funds are pushing this bizarre outlook.

    “evidence does not support an idealised picture of Māori spirituality. According to the 2018 census 53.5 percent of those identifying with Māori ethnicity had no religious affiliation. The number identifying with Māori religious, beliefs and philosophies is small and declining, from about 12 percent in 2006 to 7 percent in 2018. As more Māori enter the professional class it is likely that this trend will continue.

    Given that over 50 percent of Māori already have no religious affiliation, it is doubtful that there is a constituency for a spiritual-based education.”

    The woke are taking NZ back into an anti science, woke form of spiritualism, and the nations kids with it.

    That could explain the 1500 woke consultants at the ministry of education (one of the highest use of consultants) as NZ’s international standards of maths, writing, literacy and science go downhill and Maori learning is certainly not on board, judging by the huge amount of truancy – yet again no evidence that the approach helps Maori children, in fact all evidence suggesting they are harming Maori kids the most as well as everyone else!

  6. Gang squatters on Maori land making the Maori owners have 10 years of legal action to try and get him removed. But he is still there.

    Nobody want’s NZ to decend into NuZill woke land where anybody can say or do anything and it takes woke law over a decade to remove a squatter from land, and they still have not done so.

    High Court rules against notorious Black Power member in his latest bid to fight eviction

    But hey, a 20 year old tweet is news, in NZ as evidence of some aggression against civil unions.

    Green Party – helping current and former criminals and violent people thrive in NZ and make a legal hell for anybody else!

  7. Research and statistics are increasingly being made up in NZ by woke.

    Some are so made up, it is obviously they were made up.

    Inaccurate data and increasingly woke metrics on everything and research, means decisions and funding are made on false data that is allowed to be reported to the public when it is inaccurate or not meeting international research standards.

    Te Whatu Ora pulls inaccurate emergency department data

    Dr David Lillis: Allegations of Racism in New Zealand Universities

    • @SaveNZ
      This is ‘ideas laundering’ and a skewing of epistemology for political purposes which can then be used to (mis)inform the public, politicians and institutions.

      Create academic papers where only a certain politicised way of thinking (woke-B critical consciousness) and a certain range of conclusions are acceptable. The activists academic succeeds, not by open enquiry and following where the evidence leads, but by selecting evidence or applying an interpretation that validates the intersectional model (cultural conflict theory).

      Create enough of these papers with new papers citing the old and soon you have an entire field of ‘knowledge’ that appears rigorous, scientific and with an academic consensus (ideas laundering).

      However it is actually rooted in political ideology, often with shallow circular reasoning. To get a sense of this here is american academic Professor Kendi, author of bestselling books about racism trying to define ‘racism’.

      Obviously such a body of work does not stand up to scrutiny, so scrutiny must be deterred or delegitimised by introducing a moral superiority argument from which an ad hominem argument can be launched. We the academics who produce this research are the ‘good’ people fighting for (critical) social justice therefore any challenge or objection to our work shows that someone is uneducated, ill-intentioned or evil.

      It is analogous to the ‘punching-up’ taboo within the intersectional model.

  8. well if the right are gonna use stuff leftists said 20yrs ago he’s fair game…personally I think it’s a sad tactic but sauce for the goose etc….

  9. “Yes this dumb Nat said dumb Christian bullshit 20 years ago, but that was 20 years ago, why drag this up as some great sin now?”
    Because there is no forgiveness in the cult of woke, unless you are on the right team and your beliefs are politically expedient. Such as the conspicuous silence or sudden discovery of due process by previously over-zealous activists when Joe Biden faced credible #MeToo accusations.

    It is de facto application of Marcuse’s ‘Repressive Tolerance’.

  10. nathan, Andrew, The Kraut Went Wild and Bob the first .
    Like all good little flies, they get to the Natzo stink first.
    We’ve been dominated by blank-skin morons like greg for far too long. Greg’s just another nut. Get over it. Move along.
    If you need someone to guide you through your heart-brain existential thinky-thinky turmoils try this guy instead.
    Alan Watts.
    At least he won’t break out his gleaming *Chads and spill his bullshit into your spongy, cranial vacant lots.
    * Chads. As in teeth. As in Chad Morgan.
    Chadwick William “Chad” Morgan OAM (born 11 February 1933) is an Australian country music singer and guitarist known for his vaudeville style of comic country and western and folk songs, his prominent teeth and goofy stage persona. In reference to his first recording, he is known as “The Sheik of Scrubby Creek”.

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