The Working Group with Jack Tame, David Seymour and Damien Grant



The number 1 weekly political podcast NOT FUNDED by NZ on Air

This week Political Broadcaster Jack Tame, Leader of the ACT Party David Seymour and the 17000th most important columnist at Stuff Damien Grant, debate the following:

Issue 1 – Latest TU, Roy Morgan and TVNZ Polls
Issue 2 – Chippy’s policy inferno & $2b Bread and Butter bonanza
Issue 3 – Food inflation hits 12%, where is your free market God now Damien Grant
and Issue 4 – Silicon Bank collapse and NZ Banks Obscene profits (same accusatory question directed at Mr Grant and his Free Market Gods)

The podcast broadcasts live 7.30pm Tuesdays from our purpose built studio bunker ADJACENT to Mediaworks studios on Facebook, YouTube & The Daily Blog and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & YouTube 

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    • Indeed. But let’s not fawn all over Him too much. Let His ego grow of its own accord without hero worship.
      If you do go for the worship option, nek minit there’ll be another bloody media outlet like RCR, and he’ll jump ship before you can tell Him how gorjiss He is.

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