From prick to arshole – why Jacinda’s attack on David Seymour was so wrong


Jacinda Ardern, David Seymour to raise money for ‘pricks’ – prostate cancer charity

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Act leader David Seymour are putting aside their bruising week in which Ardern was caught calling Seymour an “arrogant prick” in Parliament.

The pair will sign a copy of the Hansard page that includes the remarks and auction it for a prostate cancer charity.

“It’s a very Kiwi resolution to what might be seen as a nasty incident,” Seymour said.

It’s moved from pricks to arseholes as David Seymour and Jacinda Ardern auction off the signed copy of Jacinda telling us what she really thought.

It was outrageous calling David Seymour a ‘arrogant prick’.

He isn’t!

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He’s a dangerous prick.

Arrogant suggests an intellectual vanity that David doesn’t possess. His sociopathy is far more dangerous than that!

This is a man who texted out a Māori health code at the height of the pandemic for shits and giggles.

This is a man demanding ankle bracelets on 11 years and when National set it at 10 years he accused them of stealing his policy!

This is a man who if a National Party are elected will be the next Finance Minister of the country with a glassy eyed vision of taking a chainsaw to the States capacity to provide the basic level of living standards in a liberal progressive democracy.

ACT have been a ceaseless political war machine for the ideological right and if they are elected with National next year, we will all be calling David far, far, far worse than arrogant prick.

The resale on that signed copy could fund every cancer surgery in NZ if National and ACT win next year.

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  1. Too early for a diagnosis of sociopathy. Is it so wrong for him to want to improve the lives of the wealthy?
    Devote a working group to put him under the microscope. Who is the smiling assasin? Who does he work for? Who does he want to help?

    • I see you list the questions for Jacinda? Because nobody knows the answers. She never gives an honest or straight reply. At least Seymour is not a spinner and bullshitter like her.

        • Jack. I think it’s a growing up thing, which evades many of them. Kids lie, most grow out of it, some don’t. Worse now with claims of ‘own truths’ scattered very irresponsibly, and dangerously when woefully elastic minds are in positions of power. Sadly, when you get a bunch of semi-literate old women denouncing giants like William Shakespeare, and comically when politicians delude themselves into thinking that they’ve fooled us with their lies.

          Ardern and Seymour doing this auction stunt is little more than el cheapo opportunism, cloaked with virtue by charity fund-raising which shouldn’t even be necessary if health funding were on a proper footing.

    • @ Orbital panda.
      Spot on, in my humble opinion. Royal Commission of Inquiry please?
      It’s bad enough that we have now nine multi billionaires and four foreign owned banks taking billions of dollars out of our relatively small economy the primary industry of which is agriculture comprising a scant few 50,000 people ( Dept of Stats.)
      The real problem now for the, as I see them, traitors, who pillage our economy is how to keep a lid on the scam. I believe that’s where the idea for MMP came from which splintered the deviant machinery into smaller divisions which has effectively scattered the vote across a wider area to diffuse and confuse those who bother to vote.
      Compulsory, or mandated voting plus a Royal Commission of Inquiry would, I promise you, cause much tea spitting and cat kicking of a polite Remuera breakfast routine.

  2. Whew! For a minute there I thought you were going to say he was a lovely little man. Just a little misunderstood.
    He’s a crafty little fucker alright. He quickly capitalised on adern’s hot mic comment and spun it around 180 degrees. That’s why she should have dropped the wet bus ticket she slapped him with and took him outside for a proper spanking.
    Let’s go back in history to roger douglas. It seems like only yesterday that the pig eyed moustache wriggled out of Labour. The little parasite had only one agenda and that was to get his hands on taxes paid for assets to then pass them on to privateers like graham hart, AO/NZ’s richest tow truck driver with a nose for other people’s money. Then there’s michael fay and david richwhite of BNZ fame, then gibb, chandler, etc etc. The state assets that were sold by douglas belonged to we tax payers. The taxes that were used to build etc those assets were export currencies brought to our economy via selling our agricultural produce to Europe, the UK and the USA.
    The problem now, however, is that Oh! Fuck! moment when the internet made keeping the dirty laundry well hidden from the public after The Boys pocketed the money. How does one keep the biggest baggiest, nastiest shit stained Y fronts from the glare of public scrutiny?
    MMP! That’s how! Fund a lame duck logical fallacy party like ACT and find a cunning little bow legged rat to run the shit show. Send in seymour to squeak in the walls and shit in the pantry followed by an all bought and paid for MSM to give him plenty of smile, giggle and twerk ops to keep the hoi polloi engaged in his candy floss brain farts of Machiavellian trickery and bingo! Nine multi billionaires and families living in vans, if they’re lucky.
    Royal Commission of Inquiry. Cheers, ta, thanks.
    Adern? You were duped. You were played. In future, when you’re played again? Fight to the death. Never cede to the enemies strategies. Even if you know you were wrong? Fight! Scratch the fuckers eyes out.

    • MMP is not the problem.
      FPP system far more likely to enable the stripping of public assets to private interests.

        • Blazer and GL.
          They’re round and they roll mates.
          “MMP is not the problem” Oh, yes it is. Add MMP to a casual ” Don’t really feel like it this time round” voting approach fiasco and one runs a grave risk of losing control of one’s democracy. Oh wait…!
          1993 !
          “Jubilant Labour supporters hoist leader David Lange into the air on the night of the snap election on 14 July 1984. As promised in the party’s election manifesto, the following year the new government established a Royal Commission on the Electoral System, chaired by Justice John Wallace. Although Labour’s leadership subsequently tried to ignore it, the Royal Commission’s 1986 report was to kick-start a process of electoral reform that culminated a decade later in New Zealand’s first election under Mixed Member Proportional representation, or MMP.”

          MMP was introduced by the same neoliberal scum bags who plague we good ( relatively) fuckers to this very second.
          No one can convince me that the same scum who brought down neoliberalism upon us motherfuckers didn’t also bring down the confusing rabble of time wasting over paid ding bats and dip shits AKA MMP parties to waste our time, confuse the fuck out of us and in the end achieve fuck nothing. Unless poverty, hardship, shit pay for essential workers etc and now nine multi billionaires and four foreign owned banks taking billions in net profits out of our country is something.
          MMP is a neoliberal plaything. It’s confusing, distracting and useless unless you have something to hide and by something I mean our money.

  3. ” Arrogant suggests an intellectual vanity that David doesn’t possess ”

    I disagree Bomber.

    He would fit right in with the arrogant pricks at The Standard.

  4. Parliament – paid advertising content? Well could be good. ( eg The following is paid content sponsored by Funereal Funerals Corpse Group.) As least it would be open and we would know from whence the smell emanates.

  5. Bomber … I guess its in your DNA to set up straw man arguments. Seymour will be Deputy PM and a Minister in Luxon’s National led government but one thing he won’t be is Minister of Finance. Willis has that job sewn up tight.

    • Willis and her degree in English literature. Ha ha ha! Well qualified for a National govt. finance role.
      And they have the temerity to pose & posture as ‘superior economic stewards’.

      Of course, with such a qualification, she may well be the only Nat who can read.
      Which would explain nicely why she “has that job sewn up tight” 🙂

      • Before you throw stones at the other side. Get to know this because any National supporter can prick your argument with their arrogant prick. Grant Robertson attended King’s High School in Dunedin, where he was head boy. He then studied political studies at the University of Otago, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with honours in 1995.

      • Jase Double Dipper English had an English Lit degree which left him unable to comprehend the contents of Hager/ Stephenson’s “ Hit&Run” report about the SAS in Afghanistan and he toddled up to Auckland to see an Adele concert instead,murmuring nothing to see here, and he got it very wrong. This same English Lit grad pontificated that our young guys are useless druggies so let’s exploit cheap immigrant labour and keep wages low for the have-nots. I could say more, but he’s gone now, Deo Gratias.

    • This Natz party is the weakest and most incompetent tory party I have seen in 60 years. Willis the tory’s 5th financial spokesperson has no financial skills and Luxon is a dithering wreck when pressure is on and an answer is required. As for support Minsters – a bevy of hopeless negative retro-joes. They will be found out by Labour in 2023 and the right wing MSM wont be of any help. Go Jacinda

      • Nikorima did you not see the recent survey of NZ media where over 80% of respondents self identified as being left wing. The majority of NZ media have long been left leaning and this would be the third study that I’m aware of that confirms this fact. Currently Labour have an unholy alliance with our MSM. They are bought and will not criticise certain Labour policies for fear of discontinuation of funding/needing to repay funding.

    • Ethan Woke “ The surgery to reattach Jacinda’s image was successful ? “ Certainly not. She’s still the PM who accepts freebie designer clothing, and that’s not just tacky, but mean. Fashion is a very challenging business to break into locally, and if the labourer is worthy of his hire, he should be paid for it. She proclaimed herself personally baking scones for visiting millionaire pop singer Ed Sheeran while Kiwi kids still go to school hungry and malnourishment is reintroducing third world medical conditions, so no, there’s room for improvement which cutie photo ops don’t help in any way.

  6. The other question that needs to be asked of this giant knob, is if he gets anywhere near the reins of power, will he repeal the guns laws as he has claimed he would do?

  7. Difficult for Labour to fight ACT, sharing the same parent as they do. If they didn’t he’d be paste.

    Our species’ tragedy — the freemarket coup/ ‘revolution’ of the eighties.

    Of course, no one remembers now. Back then politics was entertainment. We’re a plaything for the supremely ignorant rich now. Thanks, individualism, self-expression, self-fulfillment tripe. Personified in Oprah Winfrey.

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