Online Pokies: What They Are and How They Work


Many people get confused when they see pokies on online casino sites. Pokies are another way people in New Zealand and Australia refer to slot machines, better known as casino slots. 


Although the names pokies and slots seem different, both games are the same. For instance, Classic pokies are the same as classic slots. Thankfully, this article discusses the different types of online pokies and how they work. 

What are Online Pokies?

Pokies are casino games where different symbols are displayed on the pokie machine. To win, the symbols have to match when they spin. Depending on the slot machine that is chosen, it’s possible to unlock several extra features such as bonus rounds, gambling features, and more. 


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As the name implies, online pokies are the pokies that you can play online on a PC, phone, or tablet. All a gambler needs to do is have a stable internet connection and a device compatible with the pokies. Also, similarly to land-based casino pokies, the symbols on the screen must match in the right order to win. 

Types of Online Pokies

There are different types of online pokies available, depending of course on the user’s experience, preference, and expertise. For your convenience, we have summed up the different pokies that are available at online casinos around the world. 

3D Pokies

3D pokies are one of the most modern pokies a gambler can get on the internet today. Famous companies such as Betsoft create 3D online pokies for players using top-quality graphics. In addition, 3D pokies have an interface that mimics a real-life casino. It’s not unusual to find users immersed by the pokies owing to its quality graphics.

5 Reel Pokies

Another common slot machine you can find online these days are 5-reel pokies. These pokies have various unique features such as bonus reels, free spins that can be earned, or a gambling feature. However, one outstanding feature of 5-reel pokies is that players can create a jackpot that’s difficult to win. 

Video Pokies

Although all online pokies are in video format, video pokies refer to animated videos. Unlike other types of online pokies, video pokies graphics aren’t static and are rampant on the internet. Unsurprisingly, they are in high demand owing to their animated graphics. These online slots are mostly based on films, series, or animations.


Other types of pokies include 7-reel pokies, 3 reel pokies, MegaSpin Pokies, 243, Progressive Online Pokies, etc.

How Online Pokies Work

Online pokies work similarly to land-based pokie machines. All that needs to be done is to press the spin icon, and the virtual reel chooses random numbers. The set of numbers is referred to as the payline. However, to win from a spin, the numbers chosen must match the pre-set number combinations for winning.


If a payline wins, depending on the prize level, a number of credits will be paid out. After that, a gambler has the option the start the gambling feature, withdraw the cash, or continue the game.

Final Thoughts

Pokies are common in Australia and are dependent on not just skills but also luck. While it doesn’t require serious decision-making, people enjoy playing pokies because they have unique features and themes.