PODCAST: Buchanan and Manning on Trumpism Beyond Trump – Brazil, USA, Israel

PODCAST – Buchanan and Manning on Trumpism Beyond Trump – Brazil, USA, Israel.

A VIEW from AFAR – In this, the 21st episode of A View from Afar for 2022 political scientist Dr Paul Buchanan and host Selwyn Manning analyse the notion, and perhaps the reality, of Trumpism beyond Trump.

In earlier episodes, Paul and Selwyn have examined how Trumpism, and even Bannonism, has been exported as a cult, a cultural political movement, around the world. And, we gave detailed examples of how it manifests itself in countries as untypical comparatively as New Zealand and Brazil.

And in this episode, Paul and Selwyn deep dive into this notion – that while Brazil’s out-going right-populist president Bolsonaro was narrowly defeated by his left-positioned rival Lula, there’s a risk that Brazil’s version of Trumpism will live on well after Bolsonaro’s electoral defeats at the ballot-box and enforce a formidable impediment to their successor’s policies.

And in addition, they examine what to expect from the United States’ mid-term elections. Will the GOP’s Trump endorsed candidates assist in removing a Democratic Party majority in the US Senate?

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And finally, they explore the Israel elections and how Benjamin Netanyahu has returned to dominating Israel’s political sphere.

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    • Tom:

      You clearly did not listen to the show. The underlying theme was “it is about the movement, not the man.” I even used the parallel of Pinochet trying to stay on in Chile in 1989 while his supporters moved on with the fact that MAGA and the Bolsonaristas transcend their original leaders.

      I am disappointed because usually you do your reading before coming up with a contrarian view.

  1. Obama list some things that happen in undemocratic countries:
    “You see it in countries where the government tells you what books you can and cannot read.”
    “Countries where, if you dissent, you get put into jail.”
    “Countries where reporters are silenced.”
    “Countries where it doesn’t matter who you vote for because the same folks are going to win every time and they’ll do what they want because corruption is rampant and there’s no accountability.”

    Sounds awful. The article has links to stories about exactly those things happening in the USA recently.

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