Aloha Luxon & the concerning reason why Oranga Tamariki may be kneecapping Children’s Commissioner


I am deeply, deeply, deeply skeptical about removing the Children’s Commissioner oversight from Oranga Tamariki and replacing that oversight with 6 faceless bureaucrats sitting inside the Education Review Office…

The new commission will continue to promote and advance the interests and well-being of children and young people, but its role is weaker.

In particular, unlike the current Children’s Commissioner, it will not be able to advise on establishing complaints mechanisms for children or monitor the types of complaints made.

Stripping the new commission of any powers to deal with complaints has a much wider impact on the application of children’s rights in Aotearoa New Zealand.

If the new commission is not able to advise the multitude of organisations that work with children and young people about how to make a complaint, this will significantly limit the extent to which the government can be held accountable for any failure to protect children’s rights overall.

…Labour are doing this because critics claim Carmel Sepuloni is totally captured by her Ministry and has been ever since they arrested her mother for a show trial over welfare fraud.

Labour are doing what the Wellington Bureaucracy wants because the sins of their past have been highlighted by the Royal Commission into historic abuse by the State, and they all want to make sure none of them get held accountable in the future.

The State has used despicable tactics to hide the abuse in their care and have been instrumental in removing oversight so that they can’t be held accountable for a broken and failing model…

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The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care has taken a hard look at redress processes for abuse in state care, the very issue the new bill is supposed to prevent. For more than 20 years, MSD has been responsible for the Government’s response to thousands of cases of abuse in state care spanning decades, and the royal commission had a specific investigation into that response.

The resulting redress report was released at the end of last year and made for grim reading. Minister of Public Services Chris Hipkins described the findings as “a national disgrace”. What Hipkins failed to mention was that the person most deeply involved in that response was the boss at Public Services Commission, Peter Hughes, who reports directly to Hipkins.

using its power to hide abuse simply isn’t acceptable…

New legislation to increase oversight of Oranga Tamariki has also come under scrutiny. It removes communications between the Ombudsman (which would investigate complaints about OT) and child-support agencies from the scope of the OIA.

The bill also replaces the Children’s Commissioner with a new Children and Young People’s Commission. But a second clause requires the commission and its staff to maintain secrecy in respect of all matters that come to their knowledge in the course of any inquiry. Again, this provision overrides the OIA.

…Carmel Sepuloni is absolutely correct in stating that the Children’s Commissioner wasn’t supposed to remain in an oversight capacity. They were tacked on at the end because Oranga Tamariki’s newly weaponised uplift powers were so over the top and draconian that the Children’s Commissioner was added in temporarily as an attempt at a check and balance to state agency powers that enabled the state to take a child from a parent using nothing more than a rubber stamped big data assumption.

Remember, Oranga Tamariki is a neoliberal experiment in welfare. It uses Big Data to justify uplifting children immediately to save money in downstream justice, crime and health costs.

Oranga Tamariki has always been about saving the State’s wallet, it isn’t about the welfare of the child who is viewed as a ‘client’.

To make the cost savings, OT had to weaponise uplifts, streamline 0800 numbers to immediate action teams and change the law over parental power to stop the state seizing your child.

The supposed counter weight to such enormous powers was the Children’s Commissioner being temporarily appointed  as an oversight. While they weren’t funded to investigate problems (that’s why cases were handed over to the Ombudsman), the Children’s Commissioner could give vital voice to the damage Oranga Tamariki was causing.

This matters because when Aloha Luxon isn’t holidaying in Hawaii while pretending to care about the cost of living crisis, he’s endlessly preaching that he will implement Bill English’s ‘Social Investment’ model, and what is that?

Why that’s Oranga Tamariki! That’s the ‘investment model’, use funds based on how much this ‘client’ costs the country in the future, bring forward some of that money, spend it now with immediate interventions and hey presto save money downstream.

Seeing as Aloha Luxon spent his time in the UK with Right Wing Think Tanks who spin this very type of right wing welfare experiment, it is very clear that if National get into power, more welfare experimentation will very much be on the agenda and the Wellington Bureaucracy will not want to be held accountable for that.



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  1. I’ve described Carmel Sepuloni as being deceitful before now. It’s exactly what she is/
    Deceit: “the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth ”
    The electorate has a right to expect better of their political reps.
    Probably more important for Labour (if they don’t want another shit storm) is that they have a right to expect better from their colleagues.
    They really should ditch these proposals even IF it means throwing Carmel under the bus

    • If Labour accepted Carmel to stand for MP as a gesture to her ethnicity and moral standing, then those of her ethnicity and moral institution must feel that it was a rude gesture. Labour sinks lower in the bog. They might try while they actually cry for help, to lie flat on their backs as it spreads the weight, and they can look at the stars and contemplate their sins while they wait for rescue.

      But do remember to call out and let people know that you are floundering Labour! If you remain silent out of embarrassment there will be nothing left of you to be even dog tucker.

      • I try and hold back a bit @ Grey – because for me it’s become personal. But she really is a bullshit artist, and as it happens, not really that good at it.
        Cargo cultism is again alive and well. What I’d like to understand about Carmel is does she really believe what she’s doing is the right (correct) thing. I’d like to think NO but I think she does understand the number of children she’s shitting on and is bloody well going to carry on – full steam ahead.
        And I find that quite evil – fuck her and all who sail in her. But thankfully there will be a few survivors who, as things stand are going to give her and all she stands for absolute shit. My only regret is that a few of her colleagues seem incapable of telling her to pullng her ugly head in

  2. Why that’s Oranga Tamariki! That’s the ‘investment model’, use funds based on how much this ‘client’ costs the country in the future, bring forward some of that money, spend it now with immediate interventions and .hey presto save money downstream.”

    That phrase strikes a bell. Isn’t that what is called trickle-down economics or politics?
    Or is it (using low slang) something about ‘taking the piss’?

  3. Absolutely terrible state of affairs and a national disgrace to our children who have to endure terrible abuse, not only covered up but sounds like Peter Hughes who contributed to that cover up and lack of justice, kept his job and, still there in the trough.

    In other countries he would be prosecuted or forced to resign.

  4. Can bookem Danno aloha Chris Luxon, with shades of shrodinger as he recently seemed present in two countries simultaneously, with a passing resemblence to an older more eccentric Dr Evil – ever be able to produce a single person who has been helped by the much touted social investment policy mirage, that Bill English banged on about for ages when he was PM, but if if hasn’t ever helped a single person, then it makes kiwibuilds Phil Twiford who at least built a few houses, look like a genius by comparison, and making Phil Twyford look like a genius takes some doing, so credit where credit is due, aloha Luxon strikes again.

  5. I was trying to think of something funny, interesting and unique to write but luxon can only inspire plaid slippers with a hair net thrown in for irony. Damn! I should have thought boot polish. Goose oil. Axle grease. Saddle oil. A can of silicon spray. Hair oil ! Ba ha! A super discount voucher for a fashion barber. Nits? Nah mate. I know! Dread locks for skin. Skin Locks, that’s sooo Plasti pasta-Rasta! A double dollop o’ Dapper Dan?,_Where_Art_Thou%3F was never needed.

    • I praise your fantastic endeavours to keep the news and comment bubbling cb. Does Martyn award a medal or celebratory beer or kombucha. I have a feeling that you have both to cover all bases and set you up for rocket launch.

      What’s so great about kombucha? It’s probiotic, made with a scoby, a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, sugar and tea. The many benefits of kombucha have to do with the fermented tea bringing the body back into balance, boosting the immune system and allowing the body to heal itself.4/01/2014
      Green Kombucha Smoothie – Spinach Tiger

  6. And labour thought Stalin was bad in his day.

    It looks like labour could teach him a trick or too how to run the politburo.


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