Thoughts for the Green Left Coup Plotters


Shock James Shaw vote rocks the Greens coalition boat

The Green Party’s James Shaw says he is “still processing” his shock ousting from the co-leadership and is yet to decide if he will contest the job again.

Under Green Party rules the position is contested when at least 25% of delegates vote to reopen nominations. A vote is taken every year.

Shaw said he received 75 votes against 32, but that was enough to trigger a contest for the co-leadership.

Congratulations Comrades, you had more ability to plot out a basic take over strategy than I gave you credit for and you haven’t listened to anything I’ve said to you.

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I’ve spoken with these factions before and I’ll tell you what I told them, “you should have done this last year like I fucking told you to”.

You can’t burn Chloe’s political capital on a takeover that splits the wider membership and she bleeds out at the ballot box in 2023.

Yes there needs to be a far more radical Green Party, yes James Shaw is a clown, yes Chloe would be amazing – but timing Comrades, timing! The time for this courage was 12 months ago, leaving it this late risks implosion!

Like I told you all this week.

As the father of 100 coups in various political factions in NZ over the decades, my advice is you can’t take someone out simply because you gerrymander the numbers, you have to have an entire change of direction ready to implement.

You have no new policy for Chloe, you have no new strategy and no new messaging.

You have to have the solutions in hand and a new leadership vision and strategy ready to roll out.

Remember Todd Muller?

He had no idea of what the fuck he was going to do once he had the leadership.

If you simply replace James with no new policy platform, then this is a move for power, not progress.

I’m all for coups, but they must establish a new tranche of change, if it doesn’t do that, it’s just power stealing for the sake of ego isn’t it?

With all due respect to my Comrades in the Underground Green Left, you’ve all been played by fucking Hooton!

He is the architect of the Death Star, the Union representative for South American Dictators and the Sith, he is a player of the Dark Arts at the highest level, and the fact he talked about you behind his paywall made you feel special didn’t it?

He manipulated you all and he’s currently doing the the victory lap at the, ‘I-can’t-believe- how-clever-I-am-and-how-dumb-they-are’ Nazgul Consultancy Express…

…you’ve been breadcrumbed into a minefield by Matthew Hooton. Nothing good ever comes from that decision.

Matthew Hooton has played you like a fiddle, here is the fiddle…

…if I were being scathingly critical, I’d say “You clowns can’t even get a fucking coup right – Jacinda’s already pledged support to Shaw to remain as Minister, meaning YOU GAIN NOTHING by dumping him other than looking divided & pissing wider membership off with a Whare of Cards ego power-play – the time to do this was last year”!

That’s what I would say if I was being critical, but let’s examine the Chessboard and game out the options.


Here are the scenarios.

1: Continue walking into the Matthew Hooton built trap and kill James Shaw and replace him with Chloe, with no new policy, deep divisions in the wider Green membership and a message to the wider electorate of division in the Greens. This scenario risks making the Greens look like a University Feminist Party with environmental pretensions.

Like this…

…in a culture war election, the wanky wokeness which Marama Davidson is claiming is their means to victory, is going to beat the fucking bejesus out of the Greens. They just don’t understand how alienating they currently are. The Left are haemorrhaging male votes, knifing off the last remaining Heteronormative White Cis Male for a non-binary co-leadership model will electorally have the effect of Ebola on most male voters.

2: Don’t take Shaw out, cut a deal that allows him the dignity of fighting this last election and he steps down right after that and allows an open leadership challenge. Use the time to activate youth vote and actually have a policy platform ready to go when he does step down.

3: Take out Shaw, have a barnstorming election process that doubles as a grief counselling session for pissed off members and have an entirely new policy platform that throws everything at the issues that must matter most – green economics with real material change in peoples lives that goes beyond the performance art of identity.

The problem is the Greens don’t know if they are Arthur or Martha anymore, and if they did they would require a 6 month hui to debate which pronouns to use.

Marama is already on record before the AGM saying alienating middle class identity politics is the future of the Greens, which in a way could be true. An army of eye twinkling woke micro aggression policing neophyte’s is one future if you want a Green Stasi I suppose!

I’m no political expert but a movement that sees everyone less mentally ill than themselves as privileged and everyone more mentally ill than them as toxic doesn’t win elections.

Replacing James with Chloe with no new policy and just more alienating middle class identity politics is a sure fire way of being 7% on Election Day 2023.

If you are lucky.

Meanwhile the 1% are laughing while the planet is burning.

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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, under the Greens rules, co-Leaders must be a male, and a female…so, if James goes, it, under the Greens rules, must be a male…

    • That’s just an attempt to take the piss out of The Greens. Asking weird questions is the literal definition of taking the piss.

      Voter participantion is steadily declining no one carea about leadership squabbles.

      All the Green Party constitution does is set out a frame work with which who ever leader or competence can read and work with in. Ability has very little to do with Green party recruitment, training and retention.

      Ultimately no mater how gifted an idea or leadership is it takes an entire Party list to run a 300 billion economy.

    • Changed, one has to female, the other can be of any gender persuasion.

      Because ones genitalia has EVERYTHING to do with ones ability

      • Why should we give power to overt climate change to the very people who put there fingers on all the wrong buttons?

    • “co-Leaders must be a male, and a female”

      Not any more – as JohnO has pointed out. The heteronormative, patriarchal, discrimination of male and female is exclusionary; problematic! What about the fifty odd other genders you transphobes?

      Men are from Mars, Women from Venus, all the other genders are from Uranus.

      • Yes DG very confusing isn’t it.
        Thankfully this stupidity is a passing phase.
        At the end of the day the Greens are just a political movement in a shambles

    • If a beatroot can be a male, so be it. It’s in the gweens Gender Identification manual.

      • Hold on a minute! I know what’s happening with the gweens!

        A rabid infection throughout the leadership!!

        Maybe they need to let the antibiotics take it’s course before making any major decisions?

        • This just gets better and better!
          Jimmie’s in for another crack and Chloe looks like she’s lost her bottle already. She hasn’t thrown her hat into the ring!

          Imagine if he wins outright uncontested!

          They really are the experts at fucking things up!

    • @Nathan as the commenters above have said, the leadership rules were changed to ensure the one leader is Marama Davidson and the other is not James Shaw.

  2. James Shaw. HSBC bank. Sustainable development.
    “James Shaw is the Green Party’s new co-leader. The former PwC consultant has advised Shell, Cadbury Schweppes and HSBC Bank on sustainable business development.”
    “sustainable business development”
    noun: oxymoron; plural noun: oxymorons
    a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g. faith unfaithful kept him falsely true ).
    See ya.

    • Yes, but they’re not angry at him- as they should be- for caring nothing about the environment or humanity- it’s because he has a penis (size unspecified).

  3. 1945-1960: American share of global GDP = 50%

    Currently: American Share of global GDP = 15-20%

    Chinese share of global GDP = 20-25%

    I dislike these faux comparisons. On the other hand I really liked Shaw. He captured what it was to be a politician of responsibility at a time when the economic engine of the world subsumed itself into China’s century.

    A lot of it has to do with economists inability to calculate inflation but more importantly their inability to calculate growth. Neveromd about asking a politician for examples of growth rate calcs. The hardest thing which the most wonderful and powerful economy to ever grace planet earth was turning 20’th century dirt farmers into 21’st century consumers.

    The past is dead. No matter how hard we try it’s just impossible to recreate the conditions in which stoicism was the norm (no one wants another World War).

    Said another way it’s easy becoming the world’s largest economy when you’re the only economy left over from the war. Turning that into an equitable society just comes from a different place.

    It’s not really an ideological debate or backatading or whatever capitalism vs communism nonsense. It’s about collectivism vs individualism and the loss of meaning and appreciation of the original sins. In this case destroying over developed capital.

    I mean who would have thunk that capitalism baby (technology) would eventually destroy private capital. The rise of Bitcoin is an example, so is Universal Basic Income.

    You, you Green Party have 3 months to come up with something that makes it okay for the next generation to explore the final frontier of the human experience – The Internet.

    Perhaps there is no reason for accepting innovation in finance except that every other alternative is brutally worse.

    • @ sam. Are you suggesting my ‘comparisons’ are ‘faux’ ? Are you daring to suggest that Wee Jimmy’s associations with some of the largest corporate criminals in the [under] world are above scrutiny? Multi trillion dollar criminals too, I might add, are entirely honorable? Did you check my facts? Or did you make that most dangerous of all mistakes? You assumed…
      I worked with a German director once who said in a pensive moment while peering out over the beautiful Maniototo Plains* at day break. ” You Kivis… you can all live like millionaires.” He also said “Azzumptions, zey’re z’ mozzer of all fuck ups.”
      Learn to pronounce
      adjective: faux made in imitation; artificial.
      “a rope of faux pearls” not genuine; fake or false. “their faux concern for the well-being of the voters didn’t fool many”
      * “The name Maniototo derived from Māori, is said to mean `plains of blood’ and refer to the `flowing’ red tussocks that once covered the land. For early Māori, the major valley systems that led into the interior known now as Central Otago were natural pathways enabling exploration and discovery.”
      It’s also said that the name Maniototo, AKA the ‘plains of blood’ was called so after an act of revenge against the Kati Mamoi by Ngai Tahu. Kati Mamoi attacked a Ngai Tahu scouting party and generally fucked them up. Ngai Tahu waited a long time ( Ten years or so, it’s said.) to return to exact revenge.
      And revenge the got. They slaughtered the Kati Mamoi from around the Kaitangata region at the moth of teh CLutha River where the suvivors fled up into the Maniototo. Ngai Taho followed and caught up on the Kati Mamoi where Ngai Tahu killed everyone they found in the Maniototo but for the stronger fellows who were taken and used as slaves to portage pounamu from the West coast. So I was told by Maori, anyway. Walk alone along the edges of the Clutha River in the mists late at night and you can fell the old people watching on. A bit freaky for this old pakeha.
      “Kāti Māmoi is a historic Māori iwi. Originally from the Hastings area, they moved in the 16th century to the South Island which at the time was already occupied by the Waitaha. A century later, the Ngāti Māmoe were largely subsequently absorbed via marriage and conquest by the Ngāi Tahu, who migrated south in turn. Wikipedia ”
      My advice to young people is this. Believe what you see. And if you can’t believe your own eyes, get a second opinion. If those opinions coallese… you’re probably more right than wrong.
      William S Burroughs:
      ” Words of Advice for Young People. ”
      I am sometimes asked if I have any words of advice for young people.
      Well, here are a few simple admonitions for young and old, man and beast.

      Never interfere in a boy and girl fight.

      Beware of whores who say they don’t want money. The hell they don’t.
      What they mean is that they want more money; much more, these are the most expensive whores what can be got.

      If you’re doing business with a religious son of a bitch, get it in writing; his word isn’t worth shit, not with the good Lord telling him how to fuck you on the deal.

      If, after having been exposed to someone’s presence, you feel as if you’ve lost a quart of plasma, avoid that presence. You need it like you need pernicious anemia.
      We don’t like to hear the word “vampire” around here; we’re trying to improve our public image. Building a kindly, avuncular, benevolent image; “interdependence” is the keyword — “enlightened interdependence”.

      Life in all its rich variety, take a little, leave a little. However, by the inexorable logistics of the vampiric process they always take more than they leave — and why, indeed, should they take any?

      Avoid fuck-ups. Fools, I call them. You all know the type — no matter how good it sounds, everything they have anything to do with turns into a disaster. Trouble for themselves and everyone connected with them.
      A fool is bad news, and it rubs off — don’t let it rub off on you.

      Do not proffer sympathy to the mentally ill; it is a bottomless pit. Tell them firmly, “I am not paid to listen to this drivel — you are a terminal fool!” Otherwise, they make you as crazy as they are.

      Above all, avoid confirmed criminals. They are a special malignant strain of fool.

      • Might I add Countryboy……Never believe anything you read or hear , and only half of what you see…..

      • You make it really difficult for me to hold the weight of this conversation when you begin with I hurt your feelings.

        While you, Country Boy are looking up a dictionary meaning of faux, look up the definition of “destroying over developed capital.” Try not making it into a cliche.

        Iv noticed a pattern in you that takes great delight in naturally or unconsciously so that you can do away with bad actors I call them, some might call them financial intermediaries, accounts, charlatans, I know you like to simplify the descriptors a lot more.

        I am none of those wonderfully trained community members of academically trained University professors of economics and humanities. And politicians come from even softer areas of study. Non of whom learnt any of the lessons of the 20th century. NON! ZERO!! FUCK ALL!!!

        See where I’m going with this??? Country Boy. Capitalism has nurtured the greatest technology gifts to humanity since God gave us fire and now it’s baby, technology is doing a judgement day on them namely Bitcoin is doing away with financial middle men in a process called disintermediation. You can look up the definition of disintermediation while you’re looking up the definition of faux.

        I will concede my theis by saying that no one has learnt the lessons of the 20th century.

        Glen Greenwald said in this Ted talk speaks about tyrants dreadful and subtle all crave the power of privacy for no other reason except for power. Power is not evil in itself it’s how it’s applied that matters. If it’s for murder and genocide and selfish reasons people grab power then that is evil. But if you’re just trying to make the trains run fortuna on time or generally improve people’s lives then that’s not evil at all!

        I’m not supporting the likleiness that the 2 largest financial houses of the world will continue to exist! I’m saying that they will decline. Now we can debate behind the how far and how fast they’ll fall depending on how much the energy sectors trades it’s units of energy using Bitcoin, between nations.

        The truly wonderful thing about Bitcoin is that Governments can’t confiscate it.
        Said another why on earth would I or anyone else give power to change for the better to the very people who summoned climate change. Why!

        What on earth goes through your head after reading my comments that says oh Sam cares really deeply for the profits and bonuses of bankers. What? Mother fucker I am not an academic professional of the university I’m from the hood.

        And I don’t like the way The Greens play with suffering and promotes suffering! That’s just feminist hysteria. There is a reckoning coming that denies males basic rights. Males have killed for far less to protect other people’s rights they will go plenty far further to protect their own rights power my dear Boy. The Greens must be far more than any radical religious group.

        The answer I guess is that Donald J Trump tried to destroy the rules based order but he was stoped just in time. Among the things destroyed was the most powerful response to climate change we had.

        Jacinda knows what it means to balance out kindness and responsibilities in order to help people where as Hooton dosnt care about people at all when he grabs at power. Subtle yes, a siths style – absolutely.

        Still confused? Hooton wanted to have his cake and it it too by being selfless and, peaceful and optimistic and yet gready.

        If your still confused all of these things are the complete opposite and it results in pure madness. What Hooton failed in his studies is that the left are truly selfless and will do it because the left partially care about people. The left partially use power to help people where as Hooton is just using and manipulating.

        Still confused? The Sith grab power only to cause harm to people’s lives where as the left try there best to help people. Hooton is only compassionate and peaceful just to grab power. The Greens do it to help people.

        One can not simply bend people to there will using Sith techniques while helping the Greens domination of either good or evil breads discourse of the worst kind not to mention Darksiders are weekend when they indulge in helping people.

  4. “the Greens don’t know if they are Arthur or Martha anymore”
    Haha, nailed it Martyn.
    Golriz was on the other day insisting that men can give birth, Marama is more concerned about her “trans whanau” and they both spew hate about colonists (AKA white people) and women wanting to protect their private places. It’s a belching sewer pipe of hate and a freaking madhouse, quite why anyone would want them anywhere near the levers of power is beyond me.

    • But you know come election time David, they’ll park all that aside and cry over polluted rivers and environmental degradation.

      The average voter, not political tragics like those who read political blogs, wake up every 3 years and think to themselves, “oh look at those harmless Greens, caring about the environment again! Let’s vote for them.”

      The day after the election, all is forgotten and the Greens go back to hating men, success and free speech. The ads about the actual environment will be parked up, only to be pulled out in 3 years time again.

      Question: who do the soccer mom’s love more, Jacinda or Chloe? It maybe telling if Chloe gets even more exposure that she may start taking the Princess mantel off the Prime Minister.

    • Agree DG.

      Loved that you used the add with the wahine in Green Martyn.

      James should leave them to it. maybe stay on as Climate Minister. I am not sure the climate plan is that great, but he’s certainly worked his guts out.

      I would like the Greens to be free of James, so they can go fully woke so the electorate sees them for what they really are. BTW if Shaw goes, expect to see Davidson gone after next election, replaced by Dr E Kerekere. A name change into the Trans/non binary party would be appropriate

      • Anker. Nope. With Kerekere whose ancestors’ diverse sex lives were repressed by colonialists, they rebrand as The Purples. From their vegan ashes an authentic ( great buzz word) Green Party may arise like a phoenix, or a Winston.

    • Agree DG.

      Loved that you used the add with the wahine in Green Martyn.

      James should leave them to it. maybe stay on as Climate Minister. I am not sure the climate plan is that great, but he’s certainly worked his guts out.

      I would like the Greens to be free of James, so they can go fully woke so the electorate sees them for what they really are. BTW if Shaw goes, expect to see Davidson gone after next election, replaced by Dr E Kerekere. A name change into the Trans/non binary party would be appropriate

    • Seriously:
      Golriz was on the other day insisting that men can give birth

      The is really frightening and downright stupid. Where and when did this happen.

      • Look I think that Chloe is highly over rated and will eventually be a burden to the Greens.
        I know I’m biased but what has she ever said that’s great or original?

        • Bob the first. Chloe said, “Ok boomer, “ to Gerry Brownlee and made it into the UK Guardian, just as Marama did for her cunt connection. Not good enough.

          Chloe, with the hubris of youth, told receptive VUW students that “experience doesn’t count.” Not good enough.

          • Bob has an over inflated ego particularly on his own biased opinions, I wouldn’t take too much notice Applewood.

            • Bert I found the “ Ok boomer “ comment offensive and I don’t even like Gerry Brownlee. It was the sort of smart-bottomed insolence, in this case age-ist insolence, which women have had to put up with from sexist males for much of our lives.

              Marama not worth further comment.

  5. Chloe is more useless than Shaw and more polarising. Marama has become a horrible joke.

    But I’m beginning to think that when the current Greens obsession with themselves and their neoliberal advisors takes them out of action, hopefully a brand new Green environmental party (or one without the current Green MP’s) will form with real environmentalists running it.

    Now’s the time for ex Greens to form a new environmental party, many voters are waiting for a new party that focuses on this, not identity.

    When the greens are signing off more foreign water bottling, gives Natz their questions, wants to form Stasi police groups to police thoughts while Rome burns (NZ’s shootings/ram raids), separate race based health systems (with all that added bureaucracy), putting drug smugglers, violence and gangs on pedestals etc, adding in 200,000+ more residents when the current ones don’t have enough health care, education, transport, housing, something is wrong. They couldn’t even get their signature policy, legalise dope, through.

    Earth is burning, but they are still fighting to make sure that everyone is talking about ‘chest feeding’.

    Note the big propaganda from Russia about anti vaxx, black lives matter was targeted at NZ, OZ and Canada, likewise the ‘trans’ identity movement – soft power tactics to disrupt these countries by dividing people and stopping policy to help the maximum amount of people in these countries and stop oil propaganda.

    Identity and lifestyle choices becomes a distraction to more pressing issues such as 40 degree heat in the UK and Europe and parts of India now is too hot to live in. Pacific Islands are disappearing. Droughts and weather events are everywhere, leading to food and water insecurity/war.

    The effects on not being too worried about stopping climate change yesterday, also effects trans, black lives etc, and is going to kill and put in poverty a lot more people than the current woke worries obsessions on cancelling historic events, most of which are not even happening in NZ and don’t effect those alive today.

    • saveNZ Yes. Dumb Davidson should have gone long ago. I quit the Greens because of Davidson’s shocking anti-white diatribe to the traumatised Muslim community when she and a couple of others hijacked the tragedy in Christchurch to toss their own destructive brand of racism around.

      They’re social meddlers and tinkerers. During lockdown when the police were in Wellington’s Courtney Place about 2am trying to avert a rival gang showdown, a girl popped out of the Splash Strip Club and asked them to tell her what they were doing there. It was Chloe on a night out with her girl friend.Politicians need to butt out of police operations, especially dangerous ones. During the Parliamentary protest Mallard called the cops in but when the police asked that the sprinklers be switched off this request was denied and Mallard’s idiocy worsened already- difficult dynamics. Separation of powers should be precisely that.

      We need an environmental party and it used to be the Greens but now they’re every wo-man and their dog.

  6. The Greens are nothing more than a vitrue-signalling open borders party now. Ricardo should team up with Seymour and Stanford and make the Open Borders Party. I’d rather vote for the Killer Beez.

  7. James Shaw is the main reason many environmentally concerned persons vote Green. He doesn’t frighten the horses. He is a normal sort of person compared to some others; he’s not a gender-bender, and he deserves a medal for coping with some rather extremist females.

    Out in the everyday world, we’re weary of extremists, racists, ageists, and socially divisive politicians. Cannabis Chloe may be the darling of Auckland, and her youthful dismissal of the experience of her elders may endear her to the undergrads, but having the gift of the gab isn’t enough. It’s not worked out that well for Jacinda Ardern.

  8. Wow, the only one in the Greens walking the walk, and not all talk. It was refreshing to have a politician more concerned about the cause than their own ego. He would be the hardest working politician in Wellington at the moment and the Greens don’t deserve him. The legalisation as Climate change minister will have the longest lasting impact of any legislation ever introduced into parliament. ‘climate change – climate change’ James Shaw seems to be the only one who understands what is going on here. Even as masterful
    as Chloe is with the political rhetoric, she seems less focused on the two C’s – climate change, and no one in the Greens has their head around the detail of it as James Shaw does – at times he seems like the only adult in the room.

    Even when he was physically assaulted, the guy just gets up and carries on.
    If James goes then I go – I will say it on the Daily Blog now, if these kind of antics, and disloyalty to your hardest working members is successful then I will never vote for the Greens again. It can obsess over the small stuff forever, petty and indentity-less while the world ‘f**king burns. You are making me turn green in disgust!

    To quote James Shaw

    “It is hard when there is a group that’s organising against you. But… I have been so focused on my job as Minister for Climate Change, doing what we need to do to fight the climate crisis, that I really don’t have a lot of time for factional organising.”

    • I disagree, others work hard too. The climate change legislation is totally pathetic as is Shaw. I think of all the work done by Jeanette and Rod et al and I am truly horrified about the demise of a party they have got caught up in so much stupid shit. As a long term member I have quit. For me Te Pati Maori is the only party with an excellent climate change policy, written by Jack McDonald who publicly called out James a long time ago and left, he is young and was quite high on the list. Foolish for James to have ever got the job – should have been Kevin Hague but then he was Forest & Birds champion. Too many flakes including Marama in there now.

      Who in the Greens is really focusing on all of the seriously scary statistics we have around poverty, housing, etc. Don’t forget they have never ever been JUST AN ENVIRONMENT PARTY, part of their kaupapa is around social justice.

  9. The Greens don’t need any of the things you listed, Martyn. Labour had none in 2017 when they threw the Jacinda hail Mary pass and look what happened in that election.

    Worse still, look what happened to poverty, housing affordability, health, mental health, education, crime, inflation and so on, ever since. But none of that matters once one has had a taste of power and international adoration.

    • Never a truer word JohnO.
      After 5 years she has along with her inept ministers almost destroyed our country.

      • Compared to National having completely destroyed our country and Labour having to rebuild it, that’s why those issues JohnO raised are massive issues today.

  10. Aaaa, the death of a once decent Political Party. Can’t come soon enough for me. I am all for starting again.The death of the Greens will guarantee Labour’s defeat next year and increase TOP’s vote. All good

    • lol yeah, the Greens definitely didn’t die (arguably before) when Sue Bradford had had enough. It’s this one banker losing co-leadership that’s the problem.

      • Salute splendid Sue Bradford, champion of our battered and murdered kiddies. What a loss to politics, and what a good Minister for Children she’d be.

    • TOP Shona please spell out what they are offering and forbidding and so on? I need to know more. Why are you so positive.?

  11. I’m not sure it matters much who leads the so-called “Greens.” Either way, they’ll get close to 10% at the next election, courtesy of the legions of young woke zombies being churned out by the Department of Indoctrination.

  12. Personally I think it’s a great move. I have no skin in the game, I think all the Green MPs and those who vote for them are bat shit crazy, but the media love Chloe. And Elections are won or lost now on personality, not policy.

    Yes they may leak a few more male votes, but in the Greens mind “good riddance, if you’re going to leave because we have two female leaders (can I say that) then you’re just a misogynistic pig anyways”

    The fact is that, can you imagine Marama fronting the Green Party next year? Chloe, full of middle class rightousness, debates very well, no one can disagree with that. Shaw, hmm not so much.

    The only caveat is, that they will take votes from Labour, but that was always going to be the case. Chloe will bring more people with her than Shaw ever would. Ironically enough, if they had half a brain they’d replace Marama with Chloe, but that’s never going to happen because that would be racist wouldn’t it? Like I said, bat shit crazy

    • ‘if they had half a brain they’d replace Marama with Chloe,’
      Yep and if they did I’d go back to voting Green.

  13. Ah yes, your other precious darling Chloe.
    Utterly clueless and inept just like Adern.
    First speech to parliament included ground shattering topics as her neopet.
    She is proof that some people probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote at any age.

  14. Greens don’t need a list of policies and goals any more than Labour did in 2017; they just needed a Jacinda hail Mary pass and look what happened. Also look what happened to poverty, home affordability, child welfare, mental health and so on ever since. But hey, what matters – making a difference, or getting into and hanging onto power?

    That Swarbrick has more intellect and capability in her little finger than Ardern has in total is by the by.

    • I with the line about Swarbrick, an intelligent capable woman, who has a high profile and who has done great stuff on cannabis and the recent stuff on how students have to live.

      However she only got there because she had a high profile for the mayoral campaign. I really do not understand what she stands for overall. An opportunist I thought.

      I have always thought that the Greens should only have MPs who have worked in grass roots movements. And I think they should pay much more than the current tithing arrangements. Why would anyone do phoning to people on pensions to ask for $20 when these politicians are creaming it.

  15. International talkfests like Cop26, don’t seem to be working.

    “The Democratic Republic of the Congo has announced it will auction oil and gas permits in critically endangered gorilla habitat and the world’s largest tropical peatlands next week. The sale raises concerns about the credibility of a forest protection deal signed with the country by Boris Johnson at Cop26.”

    Climate change seems to be increasing at a rapid pace and Russian and oil propaganda are targeting green and left groups by a distraction strategy of identity!

    Targeting Black Americans, Russia’s IRA Exploited Racial Wounds
    A new report documents how Russian online propaganda had a much more sustained, deliberate focus on black Americans.

    Russian disinformation in the time of Covid-19

    “According to Sarah Evert of Carleton University, young people between the ages of 18 and 29 are more sensitive to conspiracy theories. The biggest supporters also have much more activity on social media than individuals who do not adhere to such theories. They share much more information about conspiracies than the majority of normal users and are also much more likely to discredit scientific advances or true information – by commenting extensively fake news for example – than users who do not subscribe to these theories.”

    Kiwi journalist caught up in misinformation campaign puppeteered by Russian trolls

    MSM media now get their ‘news’ via social media so essentially much of the media is now running fake or conspiracy stories rather than factual news – it’s a massive echo chamber of non news stories that are then influencing government policy based on foreign paid propaganda groups.

  16. Now the gweens will truly be a eco nazi gender identity proto fascist mental yoof pronouned influencer political activist party.

    In short, the ENGIPFMYPIPA party!

  17. I don’t see the current NZ Green Party as the way forward for the left (economically or on social issues).

    James Shaw always seemed like a soft neoliberal to me. But Chloe Swarbrick also seems to me to be economically more centrist than left, plus very much into gender ID ideology.

    Plus, putting hopes in her leadership attracting more young people who are radically left will only deliver more of the same identity politics that have gripped the current NZGP. The distinctive demographic that votes more NZ GP than other parties are students. That is likely why the NZ GP commissioned a survey of renting experiences for students, rather than for low income people in general. And probably also a reason why Davidson is highlighting social issues.

    Gender ID ideology arose in the neoliberal US, and the wealthy drivers and funders of it have specifically targeted youth and Universities. That is where cancel culture and pronouns, etc are strongest.

    Plus, many young students are attracted to environmental politics because it directly impacts their future and can be graphically explained. However, many who are attracted to the GP do so for the environmental and social policies, and do not understand, or want to understand, that it is capitalism that is preventing strong anti-climate change measures. And it is neoliberalism that is driving the expansion of gender ID ideology.

  18. Just had a thought. What if Jimmie does have another crack at the job and put himself up again and wins!

    What would happen then?

    • This trainwreck just keeps on getting better!

      Chloe’s ruled herself/himself out!

      It looks like the Kereru is gonna take a run at it!

      The word “Munted” comes to mind.

  19. If you have sinned, I mean despot-serial killer-billionaire type sinner and when you die and as punishment for those sins, does going to hell mean having to sit through an entire Green Party conference?

    Were I religious and the ministers sermon preached that as a direct consequence, I would cleanse my soul and change my heathen ways forthwith!


    • X-ray “ Does going to hell mean having to sit through an entire Green Party Conference?” Probably not.

      God invented black holes to post-humously accommodate politicians, estate agents and pedophiles. Other pronouns probably disperse fairly evenly throughout the various circles with a potential for social mobility, but the black holers spend eternity specking off off and away throughout the ever-expanding multi-verse, with no comeback. That’ll learn them.

  20. The salient calls for a new Green party rings lots of bells on the left.
    However, the alternative to the madness driving the social and current environmental world to destruction will not be achieved by just another ‘Green Party’.
    The necessary organisational and political alternative must be an Eco-socialist one.
    Only the struggle for a revolutionary transformation that ends the capitalist-driven economic, political and idelogical domination of our lives and the concomitant threat to our presence as a species on this planet can change our future into one where humanity and the planet thrive in unity.
    Let’s have a political vehicle fighting for Eco-Socialism.
    The ecosocialist project is necessarily a joint feminist, environmental and socialist one. The ravages of colonisation must also be redressed.
    Patriarchal class society where property-owners rule over the rest of us has existed for only few thousand years of our more than 300,000 years of existence as homo sapiens on this earth. It is time for the end of the rule of property and money.
    It is time for “a revival, in a higher form, of the liberty, equality and fraternity of the ancient(s)” as Lewis Henry Morgan wrote in his ground-breaking “Ancient Society” as far back as 1877.
    Let’s aim at the advancement of the human project beyond the present dead-end.
    This requires a revolutionary alternative!

  21. what a bunch of sheep molesters above–CB excepted–have even one of you ever supported or voted Green?

    If not, the remarks are nothing but malice and concern trolling at best. The Greens conduct their party affairs and internal democracy a lot more transparently than the natzos or Labour what ever people may think of their policies, which are also available to read in great detail.

    The Daily Blog has been crapping on the Greens from a great height for several years now, so it is a bit of a stretch to think they would do anything but the opposite of what TDB suggests in respect to anything!

    Come Election 2023 a solid 9–10% Green Party vote will likely be there, and more possibly if they push economic issues like the treatment of students and restart Climate Strikes.

    • You seem to be boasting about having stayed a Blue-Green Party supporter long after Sue Bradford and other actual Greens realized it was lost.

      You are the lost one, sir or m’am, not the actual Left.

    • Tiger Mountain. I used to vote Green and I donated to the Green Party, 2x. I dumped them following the Auckland Muslim Vigil, when Marama Davidson, told the assembled crowd and television cameras that Pakeha/ Colonialists etc were responsible for the Muslim massacres in Christchurch carried about by an evil little Australian runt. It wasn’t fair on the bruised and bereaved immigrant Muslim community painting their Pakeha neighbours as haters, and the connection to colonialism was tenuous, to say the least. I think it was the last young female speaker who proclaimed, “ White people hate us,” a downright lie.

      I don’t care about Davidson recommending that white males delete themselves, that was just dopey, and reclaiming the word “ Cunt, “ because apparently someone called her one and hurt her feelings, was a piece of social engineering or linguistics not part of the job of a party political leader and perhaps also indicative of someone with skin a bit too thin to be a political leader, IMO. I also consider her handicapped by a deficient knowledge of our shared history.

    • I pretty much always vote Green, not because of their policies or their people, mainly just based on the concepts that I associate with the idea of the Greens (which is probably more a denial of reality than anything).

      Realistically, based on my education, race, gender & general level of affluence, I should vote National or ACT. Certainly based on status as a licenced firearms owner, I should vote ACT, as they are the only party that has promised to protect those interest, whereas Labour & the Greens would happily strip away a legal firearms ownership if they could. Labour are definitely trying to make it harder & more costly to use firearms for anything other than robbery, shooting up houses & protecting the drug trade.

  22. Get this. The now sole interim leader of this party, whose prime objective is to look out for the environment (pretty single minded job!), only has one…only one noteworthy achievement to her name: the reclaimed the word cunt. Tells you everything you need to know. What a fucked up party.

      • Bert. No way. What Marama proposed was incorporating the word into everyday language so that if , for example, your granddaughter or mine, had to visit a pertinent doctor, she would say that she had a sore cunt. Thanks for nothing, Davidson.

        • Yes I love it.

          Doctor: “Now what appears to be the problem, Madam?”

          Patient: “My cunt hurts”

          • Pope Punctilious 11. It gets worser and worser. Toddlers, 3 year olds, are now being taught to reference their vulvas. Apparently this is to ensure that they use anatomically correct terms if they get fiddled with and they need to explain this to interrogators. I suppose that may be marginally better than mothers now being chided by school girl daughters for not being sufficiently gender fluid. And apparently this is thanks to the mad damn Educ Dept now overseeing Oranga Tamariki in lieu of the Commissioner for Children. Thanks for nothing, Sepuloni.

  23. I just wish the Greens would get on and change their party name. They are utter sellouts and it annoys me that my hippie living friends from way back (mainly Takaka way) keep voting green because they still think it is the environmental party

    • Better to look at Te Pati Maori who have the best climate change policy of any party, written by an ex green who publicly took on James Shaw.

    • Fantail. I persuaded a bunch of old ducks to vote Green and have been chastising myself about it ever since although I suspect that at least one duck stuck with Winston and lied in her gleaming dentures. I apologise about this all over the place now – and cross the road if necessary.

    • Apparently that’s not allowed. One co-leader must be of ethnic decent.

      So not only are their foundations sexist, they’re racist.

      • If having ethnic political leaders sexiest and racist, what character trait makes the The Green Party sexiest and racist bit not any other political party?

          • Putting arbitrary waiting times on Maori seeking to switch from the general role to the Maori role is just a way for right wing Christian sexiest homophobes to say that their not racist, Maori are.

            People on the general role can just walk straight through and vote but Maori have to wait. That is racism. Granted Green Party people lack the clarity for this conversation. It’s just way to heavy for them to lift.

          • Pope P 11. The only racy party is that of Mr Peters, and if there was any sexy politician in Aotearoa New Zealand , male, female or other, then I’d probably vote them, having given up on hoping for brains, wit, charm, and clean backs of shoes.

            I can’t think of any sexy real man since John Wayne and he wasn’t even a politician, the blokes at work said that Jenny Shipley was a woman, Ruth Richardson uncertain, and for all the Greens’ verbal acrobatics I am still not a slender young male with a bulging wallet, so sod them.

            • You had me worried Gentle Annie – I felt obliged to go and check the backs of my shoes. Well OK, they quite as clean as the front, but I think they passed muster.

  24. Is it now a ‘Cult’ or a ‘Sect?’

    The reason why I ask is that it is neither a environment party not a social justice party for the masses. It has become entrenched in cultural identity politics so fucked up that they are no longer relevant to anybody or anything that is important.

    Let us hope that they fade away fast.

  25. Best thing they’ve ever done. Shaw buys into the harmful neoliberal consensus. I love Marama but hope there’s some way Chloe can become co-leader.

  26. Lol at BMW Jimmy. 5 years of being “Our Glorious Leader’s” poodle got him nothing but a Ned Starked by wokeborg. Don’t cry for him I see him being a nice little prop for a corporate that does a lot of Government business on $300k a year.

    There is 10% of the population that will vote green even if they burn Jimmy’s genitalia in a ceremony on parliament grounds. Doubly so given next year we will be in recession.

    This is a side show to the looming economic collapse around the corner.

    • Tankie go back and read the 2017 greens/labour confidence and supply agreement (
      and answer me this: All those line items in there that JS has delivered, was anyone else going to achieve half of that?
      Don’t bother me with the ERP is this or the CCC is that or the 2050 target is too far away to be meaningful. Without JS we would be no further ahead on climate today just like housing, poverty, health and so on.

  27. Entertsaining post and informative on reality. I’ve got over the grief about the disappearance of the Greens down a sinkhole, or was it them that got stranded on a sliding bit of cliff in a landslide having to be rescued with difficulty, anyway at least they bring a hollow laugh into a gloomy day.

    And why was James Shaw a clown I ask? He seemed to deserve more respect than that, trying to move environmentally those narrow-eyed business types serenaded in Mac the Knife, while sticking in with that bunch of creme-de-menthe cocktails. He will be glad to be out of it and to turn to chardonnay socialists.
    Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear
    And it shows them pearly white
    Just a jackknife has old MacHeath, babe
    And he keeps it, ah, out of sight
    You know when that shark bites with his teeth, babe
    Scarlet billows start to spread
    Fancy gloves, oh, wears old MacHeath, babe
    So there’s never, never a trace of red

  28. James got more than 50% support which is a majority isn’t it? Like the 50.1% who voted against drug reform, or Labour’s 50% 2020 election majority and subsequent mandate.

  29. I think young Jimmy will be secretly pleased to be out of that group of toxic fucktards, namely the NZ/AO Green Party.
    He’ll be easily snapped up by a multinational corporation to front there sustainability profile.

  30. James should seek advice from the National party on leadership changes, they are professionals at it.

  31. Clearly James had to go! He was too white, too male, too reasonable and insufficiently tattooed.

    The Green motto: “Making the world a better place, for me and my Volvo”


  32. The Green Party drifting off on the tide of woketopia. Likes gulls doesn’t like buoys and now no shore in sight.

  33. I hope James starts up his own successful party if he gets the boot. The guy works hard and has diplomacy where it counts. Plus he has valuable political experience it’s a shame to loose his input.

    Pity if he does go though, I thought him and Chloe would have been a better team than his shared leadership with Marama.

    If Chloe does get a chance at leadership I hope she pushes hard the legalization of cannabis , much cheaper medical cannabis options , retail selling of lower percentage level CBD products (likened in the UK and US) It needs to gets thoroughly addressed this time around.

  34. Calling women ‘pregnant people’ in any policy relating to women. Removing the word women, even mother, has lost Greens plenty of women votes to. The fact that James is a middle aged white male, is not his fault and stop being so prejudiced, Green members wanting him out. I predict a loss of at least five seats at the polls without Shaw’s leadership.

      • That’s cap.

        Trans people are so few in numbers and spread so far a part we have no choice but to include them in what the rest of society does. That is the responsible thing to do (Shaw I’m looking at you. Stop simping and be a fucken man, a protector).

        And I want to see a bit more submission from the female co leader.

  35. Yes agreed Martyn the wealthy few are having a great old time watching this with their pop corn this is their type of entertainment. “Oh look at what’s happening to the greens darling” LOL.

  36. Greens just crazy enough to send all white males to ‘re education camps’ and then release them when the economy collapses.

  37. Enjoyed Hootons input on the TWG last night. The old Values Party is making a play at ousting the Soc Credit element.

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