MEDIAWATCH: Melissa Chan-Green destroys Luxon over abortion stance



Melissa Chan-Green destroyed Luxon on his abortion stance this morning on The AM Show in another reminder why you have to tune in just in case you miss something.

Melissa was challenging Luxon on having Simon O’Connor take down his love heart post for anti-abortionism. She asked why had O’Connor had the post taken down and Luxon claimed it was just a small issue of not being on message and a fear that it would be interpreted as National Party Policy.

Melissa then devastatingly brought up an earlier post by O’Connor on June 15th and asked why his support of a Christian State funded school that was shaming gay students hadn’t been removed and an incredibly uncomfortable Luxon was left struggling to explain the difference between the two.

He was left acknowledging that the difference was because the abortion issue was politically bad for National.

Luxon and National are deeply socially conservative and are compromised hopelessly on this issue.

Excellent interview from Melissa.

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    • And why are the hypocritical right, so fucking keen on protecting fetal rights to live, but will fight to the death to protect gun nuts and INCELS killing school kids in mass shootings?

    • Why are the same right-wing people who are against abortion so keen on reducing benefits to solo mums? Thus ensuring that we have an ongoing problem with child poverty. Oh and at the same time giving the rich a tax break.

    • While I am disappointed that abortion seems to be the best solution to pregnancy in some cases it is only in a perfect world that it would be safe to say that all pregnancies would be wanted, that world does not exist.
      A bigger lesson from history is that mixing church & state is very dangerous for freedom, the freedom to make your own choice is vital for all of us & while as a conservative Christian (not right-wing though) I disagree with some things in society I need to show love in how I respond.
      While I can appreciate that the majority of readers have no belief in a God all that proves is that the major deceptions from the Devil have been effective. Those deceptions are to have religions that promote a false view of God or to deny the existence of God. God is love is a definitive statement in scripture so christians who are not loving are obviously worshiping a false god.

  1. Women make up approx half the population, and their reproductive rights and sexual health are their business. Womb less people should butt out or support women in solidarity.

      • Well put it this way…you are unlikely to get pregnant, have an abortion, or carry a foetus to term, or give birth vaginally or by C Section without a womb as far as medical science tells us.

        “real woman” is no doubt up for grabs as much as “real man”

    • I think TV has been designed to tell Boomers and Woke Ideologs what they want to hear. Truth mixed with distortion.

      TV is very comforting to them and with years of distortion-upon-distortion they believe themselves to be wise but they actually haven’t a clue about how the world works, let alone what happening in NZ.

      They have excluded themselves from the real world and live in a State and/or Social Media bubble. Best to avoid such people.

  2. I watched it and here’s what I think. TV3 fucked up what was a great thing with Ryan Bridge running the show solo. Now it’s a wokefest as boring as 7 Days. Melissa puts one to sleep

    • Voice of Reason,

      It’s a sad state of affairs when she is considered their heavy hitter.

      I watched her interview Grant Robertson. I believe him to be a transparent minister and good to interview. Mellissa asked him several questions but was 100% on send. Robertson was busy answering her questions in a forthright manner but she kept interrupting and talking over him. What’s the point in asking questions if you don’t allow the target to answer you?

      • indeed it’s a very low bar if she’s a ‘heavy hitter’ TM
        it’s the interrupt rather than challenge with facts school of journalism a la piers morgan and his slimey ilk,
        I don’t wanna get all ‘eee when I were a lad’ but our 3rd form debating society was more informative than anything on tv or seen in parliament today.

        • It is fairly clear, when watching them, that Ryan is not really happy anymore. He’s too good for that. He’s like Paul Henry in a way. Let’s see how long that will last. I suspect not much longer.

  3. It is simply not accurate that Luxon and National are deeply conservative. For all intents and purposes from what they’ve stated thus far, they intend to change nothing going forward about the new abortion laws which were purported to be some of the most relaxed in the entire world, with almost unlimited scope!!

    People aren’t going to be focusing on the issue of abortion in the 2023 election. They will want assurances that they are going to be getting bang for buck from the politicians they elect. This means lowered petrol prices and motor vehicle charges; low electricity costs; a liveable income for the sick, and the disabled; a higher rate of Company Tax on the exorbitant profits made by the supermarkets; and more State housing to be built.

    The only major political party that is even able to deliver all that is the New Zealand Labour party.

  4. I think we should have figured out National by now and that is to not trust a word they say. They have a habit of saying they will not do this or that or the other but if by some misfortune they become government after next years’ election those pre-election ‘promises’ will be discarded once the votes are counted and if in their favour. They are ones who live by double-standards and lies. But then it’s likely they will do what is normal for them and that is Copy and Paste whatever is going on in American politics eg the Trickle-down effect.

      • Okay tell me why we should trust National because although you believe JustMe to be dishonest I have found he/ her to be the honest. History tells us this, however the cancel squad say we can’t talk about the old National government.

  5. What I don’t get is how the National Party have a policy on something that’s traditionally been a conscience vote, and how does the current group of National MPs make promises for future ones.

  6. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind …would be for ALL men to stay the fark out of the “abortion” subject. Nobody understands it better than females. It’s females most impacted by abortion……but it’s invariably males the make the most noise on the subject.

    • There are women on both sides of the agreement so men have a right to voice an opinion re arguements for and against the situation.I would concider myself prochoice but can understand why someone would be pro -life . Politicians should be promoting policies that stop the unwanted pregnancy but if that fails take away the need for an abortion due to lack of money or social services . All children being born have a tight to be wanted and cared for.

  7. Sorry TM we’re all entitled to any opinion we like,
    what we’re not entitled to is to enforce that opinion on others

    • gagarin,

      I’m not referring to opinions bro. It’s right that we all can express those. It’s the people forcing their “opinion” onto others I strongly disapprove of. Ever noticed how those with the loudest voice are invariably men? Same applies with God botherers and those responsible for firebombing etc abortion clinics.


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