Under the Radar: CTU inflation chart, 3 Water Labour lies & this weird finger chopping Trump loving freak


We here at TDB like to be first at pointing shit out, but in this never ending 24-7 news clusterfuck of a media environment we all live in, even we can slip up and miss something that should get more focus, so from time to time we’ll run Under the Radar News, things of note that escaped attention.

This week, the CTU inflation chart, 3 Water Labour lies & this weird finger chopping Trump loving freak.


The CTU inflation chart:

The CTU released this chart early in the week that clearly showed Government spending IS NOT the main generator for the shocking inflation we are seeing…

…if Government spending was the driver of NZ inflation, the gap between our GDP and CPI would be enormous. It is not. Despite the Right continuing to claim Government spending is driving up prices, the media still don’t point out that’s not true!


3 Water Labour lies:

Labour put this out on Mother’s Day…

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…now I love Labour, but Christ this is disingenuous to the point of being openly manipulative.

Firstly, the image of the baby bottle?


On Mothers Day?


The painful and excruciating truth is that the claim of 34 000 people getting sick each year from polluted water is so weak it’s embarrassing.

It’s based on a 2006 report!

That’s right,  a 16 year old report on sickness from polluted water!

I can’t see how data that old can be used to justify something as radical as 3 Waters and as manipulative as a baby bottle advert on Mothers Day!

Don’t get me wrong, I want water nationalised and the State should just seize the assets under the Public Works Act, but using very old data to sell this in this manner is pretty fucking audacious!


This weird finger chopping Trump loving freak:

Nothing about this weird story if a Farmer shopping off the finger of a burglar makes any sense at all…

Finger chop trial divides town – Teen’s family fume while locals laud verdict

A family member of a teenage burglar who had his finger cut off says the boy had the mental age of a 10-year-old, and it is “disgusting” the father and son were found not guilty.

William Burr was found not guilty on six charges and Shaun Burr was found not guilty on four charges after arguing self defence at a trial in the High Court in Hamilton on Wednesday.

The trial divided the small and rural Waitomo town of Piopio where it happened; with some saying they couldn’t be more happy with the result, and others being horrified and disappointed.

The Burrs declined to talk immediately after the verdict on Wednesday, saying they needed to be with family and well-wishers.

…until you read this…

…that this feral lunatic could chop off a kids finger and get away with it after such a history of racial antagonism says something about the banjo twanging culture we live in.


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  1. He should have been found guilty then given a $2 fine. Stupid of him to do an amputation, should have beaten the crim black and blue.

    At least I now know the career criminal is a Maori, I thought it probably was but media of course bury that info (lying by omission) because it reinforces “harmful stereotypes”.

    So the only racism going on here is a serial crim Maori terrorising a White farmer family – you know the ones who are up at 4:30am and go out into a winter storm to do productive work. Meanwhile the Middleclass Marxists still snoring under their duvet in their $4m restored Mt Eden Victorian villa.

    • Assumptions abound like bunnies here. Ass….
      Does anyone know if Burr is a native-born NZr or an outsider from the USA or perhaps Canada, UK?

  2. What is it with people that go out of their way to show support for a political figure in another country? Is he trying to rally votes in the King Country?

  3. Good summary Martyn…except, the farmer was the victim of a dangerous criminal…put yourself in his shoes Martyn.

  4. The guy’s political views should have nothing to do with anything. He was repeatedly burgled by this kid and then assaulted by the kid’s girlfriend. Sometimes you have to take the law into your own hands. If you believe in democracy then surely you have to stand by the jury’s decision to acquit him. Too bad for you and this kid that most people aren’t raging, criminal-loving lefties

    • Freda you have just said it all….“ take the law into your own hands”. That’s way more accurate than pleading self defence in terms of the amputation. There was nothing defensive about getting his son to cut off the kids finger.

      I am sure with your comment about “criminal loving lefties” you believe in tough on crime etc, etc so I would assume you believe the law should be upheld? That law applies to everyone. Based on your revenge theme why not chop the girlfriend’s finger off? Given his size it sounds like, apart from threatening language, the boys actual physical part in events consisted of getting beaten to the ground, then beaten with a piece of wood, and then having his finger cut off.

      • “the boys actual physical part in events”

        drove 5 hours from Auckland where he was bailed for his previous, burglary of the same farmer and entered the racist farmers house armed with a knife and told the court he was ready to “fuck him up”, so yeah he had a physical part in it. But if the farmer knew the guy he probably knew he had a mental age of ten and perhaps could have handled things differently. The area police who know the farmer and used their discretion to press charges.

        • Did the boy and his associates and the farmer have a past history beyond burglaries? Mediation and recompense earlier on could have avoided this

        • Joseph I should have said ‘physical violence’ not physical as in just present. As Freda rightly noted it was the 15 year old girl friend who did the assaulting (on behalf of the home invaders) with the wine bottle. The big fella seems to have talked a big game but got well and truly walloped.

      • Agree Wheel. Not only did he do something unconscionable (why not give him a slap and tie him up) but he engaged in racist, arguably, hate speech as well. He clearly believed that he had the right to ‘take out the trash’ except that is what our legal system is for.

        I cant believe the judge let him off in entirety and BTW, his political views probably do have something to do with the crime. The politics of DJT seems to run hand and hand with vigilante justice (The Capital Riots anyone?) and at the more extreme end, white supremacy.

    • Yes the defendant’s political views are irrelevant. And yes occasionally taking the law into your own hands is justifiable. But summary surgical punishment??? Not a good precedent to set.

    • So what if he is hanged from a lamp post?

      This is the sort of shit that allowed the KKK to terrorise minorities in their communities.

      The farmer was a racist, homophobic, Trump supporting mysoginistic facist who thought that he, as a white male farmer, would be able to dispense old Testament law.

      He would have lynched the kid if he had his way.

      Trumpism is cancer.

      • You do realize that the farmer had a shotgun & didn’t use it despite a clear self defense justification of being assaulted & threatened with a knife wielding intruder in his own home.

        Admirable restraint really. What would you have done I wonder.

  5. The more detail one reads in the dramatic, sensational media accounts, the more things can be nuanced either way. The post above also gives the impression that an entire finger was chopped off. Look into the detail, and it turns out it was just the tip of a finger. Just how much of the tip is not stated, but that is hardly chopping off a finger..

    • Ok, sorry the tip of the finger then. It’s a bit like stressing this kid was gigantic but all of the accounts seem to show that the feral girl friend was the one doing the assaulting. The boy seems to have been well and truly dealt to.

      I am not here to defend the perpetrators, I just think it is laughable to say that the act was self defence. If he had got off the floor, threatening with a knife and received a gunshot wound, or worse, that would have been more understandable.

      • Yes, seems like culprit(s) were subdued. If you wanted to give him a punch in solar plexus or black eye or rub pig poo in his face. Fine – Rough Justice. But a permanent injury to hands? Hmmm. And getting your son to do it? Not a great example of Fatherhood.

        Not heat of the moment either. Calculated. So no defense there.

        Guilty and small fine. Lecture on “taking law into your own hands, setting poor example as a father”. And then a comment about the frustration and harm caused to victims, community by serial property crime which never gets solved.

  6. And more flying under the radar. NZonAir is spending $200,000 of taxpayers money on a 90 minute hagiography about Chloe Swarbrick. Martyn might watch it…..

    • It won’t be wasted money if it shows that Chloe Swarbrick would be a fit person to follow on from PM Jacinda who has done well in a pretty good sort of way and I am grateful. But as soon as she gets her next position tied up, preferably something that looks after the nation’s parents and children to get them all off to a good and happy start, then she could bring forward something practical now and not care about all the look-alike Ron Brierleys back in the shadows.

      There’s no sense in throwing the last of youth away helping the Labour Party control its crutches – the leg has gangrene and a wheelchair is needed, followed by specialist treatment and bed rest, There should be a happy hour for the many gaga anarchissists (that’s people with a rare but now growing disease that causes social dissolution and is similar to autism; extensive research is being undertaken on it and its outcomes.)

      • There’s no way on God’s GREEN earth this can be seen as anything but taxpayer funding of a politically partisan puff piece. To fund it with our taxes is bent, crooked, corrupt and wrong particularly if it may be seen as electioneering. If it has merit, let it be funded privately if you think it won’t be wasted money.


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