Green Party non-binary co-leadership model suggests a membership more infatuated with its own navel than voters pain


This, this will not end well…

Green Party may scrap rule requiring male co-leader

Green Party members will soon need to make a decision that could see the rule requiring a male co-leader scrapped.

The move is part of constitutional considerations that will be decided at a special general meeting in the coming months.

The Green Party has led the political field when it comes to progressive leadership models.

Its male and female co-leader requirements began with Jeanette Fitzsimons and Rod Donald, then to Metiria Turei and Russell Norman, and the current duo Marama Davidson and James Shaw.

The party is now looking to go further, with a proposal for one co-leader to be female and the other any gender or identity.

…most people will not understand this, they will think it means the other co-leader is Trans.

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The perception that the Greens are just a Feminist party with some environmentalism thrown in could cause the Green Male vote to either transfer on mass to Labour, or be tempted by Winston’s machismo, Christian Lex Luthor’s eager Dad routine or stand up comedian David Seymour’s sick burns.

At a time when more women’s voices in positions of power have had platform and at a time when male identity has been so ruthlessly critiqued in open social media, a political cultural backlash is brewing and it will be anonymous incel Troll on 4chan nasty.

Gender and all the culture war fun that brings will be a central fault line that erupts politically as the economic pressure really bites.

The Greens will herald their non-binary co-leadership model as progress, the wider electorate will see it as emblematic of a woke dogma that alienates far more than it can recruit at a time of peak economic anxiety.

Pure temple politics is fine until all the people you’ve denied into the temple are far larger than you can ever hope to be.

James will go, the new non binary co-leadership model will be adopted, 10 000 people will like it on Twitter and it will lead to the Greens limping home with 7% in 2023.

Chloe as a leader on her own could get 15%, winning it through a gerrymandered non-gender binary co-leadership model will rob her of the mana she deserves.

It just hurts all the time being a Green Party voter now.


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  1. Why don’t they just have a co-fuckwit arrangement. No need for a gender qualification at all then!

  2. My first ever vote was for the Values Party candidate. My most recent party vote was Greens. I really hope they present a good environment policy for the next election.

    • Delia. There are biological men in the Greens/Purples. The young gay Mexican guy is a male and I think James Shaw is a man as he is married to a woman, not that that necessarily means anything nowadays. The obscured person in the back row looks masculine, and I hope I’m not being in any way phobic by saying that. According to trans ideology, apparent women have to be identified as women even if they were born male or other, or suffering from gender dysphoria, dependant upon how they self-identify. Representative leadership may need a trans female to male representative too, as well as a physically handicapped solo mother and definitely morbidly obese when that is such a burgeoning health and social problem now. An environmentalist should be part of the package although Eugenia Sage seems to have been well regarded here with her Forest and Bird work history, but she is a white New Zealand born biological woman married to a man.

      They also need to ditch the unicorn as unicorns only appear to virgins and this isn’t about bridal candidates for Prince Charles. A couple of elephants in the room could be more appropriate symbols, plus keep the curtains closed during photo ops to avoid any distraction caused by pigs flying past windows.

      • True we have the appearance of men in the Green Party. but do they identify as men? It is a risky business these days when you can inadvertently make a mistake and be called a transphobic bigot when the fella actually identifies as non binary. Whole thing is a minefield.

      • GE. Your post is getting sent directly to the gweens Stasi unit for consideration whether it breaches the threshold of ‘hate’ speech or, even worse Terrorism Annie!

        I’ve already breached the gweens UN Indigenous Human(Male-Female) Rights threshold hundreds of times. No GCSB, Police Stasi units parked on my driveway, yet.

        • Denny, Thank you for the warning. I’m now hiding in my closet transitioning, and I won’t come out except. Except to make muffins.

          My understanding is that the cops will decide what is hate speech, so I need to get onside with them. Soon I will be Andrew – yet another Andrew – and I will be Andrew the Terrible, no gentle man nonsense. I can whip some muffins round to the cop shop, but problem is, I’m uncertain as to whether real men make muffins. Also they abolished the cop shops, so I might have to post them somewhere. Problem is, they abolished all the post boxes too, as well as the Post Offices, and we have to post at a local petrol station.

          Given the petrol stations’ terrible track record in providing hot sausage rolls for MP Chris Bishop’s hungry old father, I’m reluctant to entrust them with muffins for the police. I blame the Purples for this. They should have stuck to being Green, instead of trespassing on territory where angels fear to tread. But hey, it’s warm and comfy in my closet, and if I get hungry I can eat mothballs, shoes, and certainly the odd spider or two.

  3. The message will get through eventually–committed Green voters won’t give a sod about the angst all you angry blokes are feeling over this proposed change. It is Green members, supporters, and voters that count here. Green policy is actually very good–have any of you sheep shaggers bothered to read it? I have read National and ACT policies.

    Personally I would just say co-leaders, or even just Leader and Deputy Leader, but hey, I will vote Green anyway! Until Mana or something like it is reformed. Also if Pāti Māori looks tactically necessary to defeat the filthy tories they could get my vote too.

    • They could like the Greens in Scotland just have a Non Male Leader and a Non Woman leader, be that whoever that is. Pronouns and all that jazz. Let it all hang out Green Party. All of it.
      Others might think that there is some truth to that, not that the dear well paid ‘dames’ or “not dames’ have forgotten this, if they ever knew understood and knew it in the first place.
      Susan B. Anthony:

      “No self-respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party who ignores her sex.”

      Gender is made up and full of stereotypes, Sex is a lived reality. So yeah, Greens go ahead and hang our your inner whatever it is. But as i can not trust the Green Party to differentiate between a male and a female dog unless said dog pronounces their preferred pronouns, so can i not trust the Green party to know anything else. Or are there any biologists in that Party who could explain some basic biology to this Party and its members.

  4. ” The Greens will herald their non-binary co-leadership model as progress, the wider electorate will see it as emblematic of a woke dogma that alienates far more than it can recruit…”

    So true Martyn! And they’d be perfectly correct in making that assertion, wouldn’t they?

  5. How do the Greens define ‘female’? ie correctly as the female sex (identified in utero and at birth and can’t be changed), or redefine it as anyone who identifies as ‘female’.

  6. Thanks for pointing that out, I had misread it to mean scrapping the male/female rule in favor of any gender goes. But a rule for a female and other is disgusting reverse-sexism.

    The leaders should be just that: The humans in their team who have the best combination of leadership skills, wisdom and charisma and that the public will most likely vote for. Who gives a toss what they’re packing in their pants or what gender they identify with?

    Surely this awful woke era will soon implode as the masses come to see it for what it is: Reverse-hatred with a toxic millennial flavour. Otherwise where does it end?

  7. Turns out they are all a bunch of narcissistic flogs who aren’t interested in helping govern for the betterment of everyone.
    No chance this mob will receive my vote whether or not they remove the already neutered Shaw.
    Nandor and Jeanettes outfit different story.

  8. Obviously, if the greens had a merit based leadership model they would achieve more success. Their coleadership model has never seen them outright win an election therefore it is a loser leadership model.

  9. Official delete yourself bro, policy.

    Men to be cancelled, and woman that have sons, be cancelled too.

    They allow trans to self identify as either gender, so not sure why they need this policy apart from an animal style manifesto where they make up the rules to get more power to their preferred candidate while not stepping down.

    • savenz Men fearing cancellation can transgender into women, and women birthing sons can turn them into daughters, the latter now being enabled by legislation to imprison parents obstructing children from changing
      gender. Fairly radical circumcision could do the trick. In any resultant shortage of male labour, government can do a deal with Boris Johnson for New Zealand to take the UK’s unwanted migrants instead of Rwanda. They’ll behave themselves when every government entity is headed by a middle-aged indigenous female, and if they don’t like it then they can transgender themselves and enjoy the easy sort of life which no woman I know ever has, but at least mothers will no longer have to worry about slimy Prime Ministers sending other people’s sons off to fight in other people’s wars.

  10. “The party is now looking to go further, with a proposal for one co-leader to be female and the other any gender or identity.”

    So that means a monkey would qualify ay?

    What if you transitioned and then transitioned back?

    What if you are identify as a grifter identity? A floater?

    They really haven’t thought this through.

      • Thats fuck’n offensive! I’m reporting you to other Stasi and the GCSB!

        So I guess before the next general election 75% of men and women will be on the Nazi Gestapo’s GCSB’s watch list for terrorism.

      • Only a fool would identify as a man in today’s world, and do we really want fools leading political parties… ?

  11. I’d prefer it if they ditched their other co-leader that we hear nothing from and replace her with Chloe Swarbrick. Would give the Greens an instant boost in the polls and they wouldn’t need to change any part of their constitution!

  12. If the rule is female coleader plus another identifying entity coleader then perhaps the other leader could be extra green and strongly environmental say the Whanganui River, a Maunga or Tane Mahuta.

  13. If the rule is female coleader plus another identifying entity coleader then perhaps the other leader could be extra green and strongly environmental say the Whanganui River, a Maunga or Tane Mahuta.

  14. Marama doesn’t want to step down, so they have to jerrymander the system.

    Polls show that Shaw is more popular than Marama.

    Marama’s policy seems to have not only destroyed the ability for many renters to find a decent property to rent, but now food is also unaffordable as their policy helps fuel speculative new builds taking over productive land.

    • saveNZ. Davidson’s blatant anti-white sentiments expressed at the shocking Auckland Muslim tragedy vigil, should have had her ejected from any sort political leadership, and it is disappointing that this hasn’t happened. It may also throw doubt in her ability and efficacy in tackling domestic violence issues when these are possibly more widespread amongst Pakeha than Maori, when she seems to me to only view things through her own possibly idiosyncratic lens. I also thought that she appeared hostile towards home owners, yet she also holds some sort of housing portfolio. All these things require a breadth of vision which appear to escape contemporary so-called politicians, including the Green ones.

      There should be, has to be, talent at every level in the Green movement, and it may be that leadership candidates should apply, or be invited to apply for positions, because they way that it’s being done now doesn’t seem to be working. The co- leadership m/f model was an appropriate one when there happened to be two very good leaders, and it accommodated the reality of that time then. Now, the moment mad woke requirements re race or gender or gender identity start being imposed, it immediately circumscribes the leadership position(s) in a counterproductive way, and it may also preclude the best candidates on what are fairly irrelevant grounds. Environmental issues are far too important to be subjected to non- pertinent ideologies or compromised leadership.


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