NZ Banks make an obscene $6billion profit during Covid! Why the Left can’t respond

Jacinda has her 'Mother of all Dragons' moment on Parliament's Lawns

Record profit: NZ banks made over $6 billion in 2021, KPMG report

Despite battling the second year of a global pandemic banks operating in New Zealand collectively made more than $6 billion in 2021, according to a report by KPMG.

Its Financial Institutions Performance Survey of banks found net profits rose nearly 48 per cent last year to hit $6.13b – the first time it had gone over the $6b mark since KPMG began monitoring the sector.

Once upon a time when the Left were more focused on class and economics, we would have had a plethora of responses to this madness.

The economic stress TDB has been pointing out for sometime will hurt everyone except the very rich…

Leading economist says inflation will worsen, could see Kiwis pay ‘bit more’ towards their mortgage

A leading economist has a grim outlook for inflation over the rest of the year saying “it’s not going away soon” and could result in Kiwis paying more for their mortgages. 

…sadly the entire movement is infected by woke identity politics with no intellectual muscle beyond micro aggression policing and cancelling people on Twitter.

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The Right look for recruits, the Left look for traitors and right now, the dangerous far right are winning. The Dumb Lives Matter violence on Parliament’s Lawns proved that.

Thanks to Middle Class Marxists, the Left have spent more energy on virtue signals than hegemonic economic reform.

Look at this…

…In 2010, the 388 richest individuals owned more wealth than half of the entire human population on Earth

By 2015, this number was reduced to only 62 individuals

In 2018, it was 42

In 2019, it was down to only 26 individuals who own more wealth than 3.8 billion people.

And now in 2021, 20 people own more than 50% of the entire planet.

This isn’t democracy, this is a feudal plutocracy on a burning Earth!

Labour have failed us over 4 years because they had no plan to scare the public service into serving the public. They see the lumpenproletariat on Parliament’s lawns as an embarrassing reminder that they haven’t been transformational and so label all protestors as Nazis.

They need 5 big Radical Centre ideas that actually do more than woke virtue signalling to challenge inequality and poverty .

1 – Financial Transaction Tax – TAX BANKS!

Society needs money for social infrastructure and to rapidly adapt to the climate crisis. It is unacceptable that citizens pay more tax. A Financial Transaction Tax set at .001 cent would capture all those speculators who trade and the banks that enable their gambling. Hit the corporates with this tax and the beauty is that it’s unavoidable because every electronic financial transaction is recorded. This would see billions available each year and start to push back on corporate power.

2 – Use Public Works Act to seize 90% of all golf courses in Auckland.

The Housing crisis needs an immediate solution, not more empty promises. Using the Public Works Act, central Government should seize 90% of golf courses in Auckland and build a mix of state houses and first time home buyer owner/occupier tiny houses using the best environmental & urban design housing. Fuck the golfers. We could solve homelessness, provide extra resources to these new communities while giving first home buyers an immediate way into the housing market. Why not turn golfing privilege into economic justice?

3 – Feed the bloody kids – all of them!

Not just some bullshit unhealthy food, I’m talking community garden, local produce, parents paid to come in and help serve up the most nutritious and healthy breakfast and lunch at every school we can provide. To actually care about our children and set standards of what is most healthy for us. Hungry children can’t learn and removing this cost from the poorest parents pockets would do more to put money back into those pockets than any welfare increase would do without getting clawed back by MSD. We would build community at schools, while providing healthy food to our kids, while putting money into the poorest parents. Make this universal.

4 – Break Supermarket Duopoly with 30% State owned competition 

A new Supermarket chain with a focus on better prices for consumers and producers with better conditions for workers is the very type of market regulation New Zealander’s are screaming for.

5 – Free Public Transport

You want Aucklanders to get out of their cars? Make public transport free. Again this would help save the poor money and force change by providing and enormous incentive to get people out of their polluting cars.

This Government is failing in every indicator except keeping us safe from Covid but that’s not enough.

What is required are some big ideas with immediate pay off that enables the Government to bypass the public service and their fiefdoms.

Keeping Covid out isn’t enough. Those 200 000 kids in poverty, those 25 000 on emergency housing wait lists, the 50 000 households living in poverty and the generations locked out of home ownership deserve better.

We need to be kinder to individuals and crueller to corporations.

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        • All banking should be publicly owned.
          1. Government should get ACC to sell their share in KiwiBank back to the government for $1.
          2. Switch government banking to KiwiBank.
          3. Begin increasing taxation on banking until at 100%.

          • That would be communism wouldn’t it Richard?
            It was a public asset until ACT Party infiltrating a naïve Lange Govt made them finance ministers.
            Then the banks were sold off by ACT to Aussies.

  1. 2-5 can’t happen because the poor man’s Gordon Brown pissed 100B against a wall. 1 can’t happen because it will increase the cost of living and inflation even higher as corporates such as Fonterra and the Warehouse factor this into cost of goods.

    The 1-in-a-generation time to be courageous with 20 months ago when we had a team of 5 million and a full war chest. We now have a team of 1.75m and an empty bucket……..

    Wait till our dear leader hits the eject button come winter when it all becomes too hard and she has lost interest.

    • If she does step away, it’s no wonder she has “lost interest” Frank.

      The bile, vitriol, personal attacks, lies, Karen portmanteaux, MAGA execution threats perpetrated by Dirty Politics operatives, Arps Corps, Alt Right, Groundswell, Density Evangelists, Counterspin, My Cocksking, Liz Gunn and the Karen Choir is f-cking disgusting.

      The hatred towards our PM makes me ashamed to have actively sought citizenship here in NZ

      I just want to slap the sense into these nasty pieces of work, but it’s like pushing shit uphill with a fork.
      Misogynistic racist pricks like we see in this site, attack her every waking moment. Jeremy, Danny Boy, New Kraut, Sour Kraut to name but a few.

      I challenge all the Tory shills to denounce, but they won’t, because they know they are just another cog in the alt-right destabilization of democracy in general and a hideous targeted undercutting of a fantastic PM.

      New Zealand ought to be ashamed of itself for the last 2 years, well 6 months really, since Judith Collins was benched and could go full commando into Dirty Politics full time. I wonder whether her kneeling in the church was a prayer for “forgiveness for what she was about to do!”
      Jacinda Ardern has seen NZ/AO through a pandemic that has infected over 500 million, and killed north of 6 million.

      It would be a travesty if Jacinda “hits the eject button”, as you suggest.

  2. Well weren’t our Politicans stupid selling the National Bank of New Zealand, and the Bank of New Zealand for peanuts. Old Roger the Rat and David Lange Labour 1982 New Neoliberal Economics

  3. Because its not golfing privilege. You seemed determined to turn golf into an elite sport when its not. Why not just all sports grounds, race courses, in fact why not take the Auckland Domain. Cornwall park etc. Hell who needs green spaces

  4. Not to demean the five big Radical Centre ideas. On the face of it they do have merit. One has be positive, do something about it. But evidently in the bigger picture these kind government interventions are not a major factor [The Great Leveler: Violence and the history of inequality from the stone age to the twenty-first century]. The thesis of Walter Scheidel, a Stanford University academic, is that only one of the “ four horseman” can adequately deal to inequality and redistribute wealth, albeit it seems only temporarily: total war, in our living memory the kind seen throughout Europe – and later spreading to the Pacific – in the early /mid 20th C; large scale revolution; complete state failure; wide spread plague, pestilence and pandemics. Ironically, it seems that the most recent pandemic has worked the other way.

    Granted, we can’t believe everything academics have to say. But better perhaps those in the ivory tower than those in the halls of power or the dreary corridors of commerce.

  5. All those multi nationals have been creaming it over the pandemic while the average person suffers more by the day

    Unbridled capitalism is doing what it does best: making a minority filthy rich off the backs of the majority

    When will the majority wake up to the fact they are being fleeced by suits? When will they get angry and want to do something?

    • the duopoly a million a day in excess profits, not a million in profits an extra million every day…ca ching ca ching day in day out….and the answer a code of condust(that will be ignored) and self regulation (ha ha ha there are soooo many examples of that working well) and what do the LINOs do? big fat nothing, I wonder how many future unemployed MPs will find a nice nest working for the duopoly….juz sayin loike.

  6. Many NZers bank with all the foreign banks because they are financially lazy to change banks this was obvious when Kiwi saver was set up as many remained in the default system. I changed to the Cooperative bank from Westpac cause I got sick and tired of Westpac wanting more and more of my money when they already had most of it. NZers need help and encouragement in this area. I would like to see children and teenagers taught about money and financial literacy in school. I believe people aren’t dumb they are just lazy and tend to accept the status quo.

  7. Many NZers bank with all the foreign banks because they are financially lazy to change banks this was obvious when Kiwi saver was set up as many remained in the default system. I changed to the Cooperative bank from Westpac cause I got sick and tired of Westpac wanting more and more of my money when they already had most of it. NZers need help and encouragement in this area. I would like to see children and teenagers taught about money and financial literacy in school. I believe people aren’t dumb they are just lazy and tend to accept the status quo.

  8. Reminds me of a comment I saw by a young Chinese man….’In China the Govt tells the corporations what they can do….in the West the ‘Banks’ and corporations tell the Govt…what to!

  9. I think your analysis is correct Martyn. The neo left care about controlling speech and their so called inclusivity is about superficial inclusivity.

    I was alerted to this about 3 years ago when a hobby group I was part of said they wanted more women of colour to join. what the neo left hate is diversity of thought and ideas. They can’t/won’t tolerate it. Eg the Listener 7 so will try and shut them down

  10. “…Why the Left can’t respond.”
    Because there is no Left, left so how could it?
    roger douglas and his cronies lied to those stupid enough to believe the treacherous little shit after he spent two terms up Labour to best figure out how to leave Labour in enduring, powerless, asset stripped ruins.
    Why? To get your money for nothing dumbasses.
    Also, to make sure the workers of AO/NZ couldn’t unite with our primary industry farmers thus fucking rogers devious plans to feed free money into the soft, pink little hands of our abusers who’ve never done a days work in their useless little flea-like lives. No disrespect to actual fleas.
    In my humble opinion, we need a temporary administrative government put in place by the Crown until we get our politics back on track. We also need, from that same Crown entity, a royal commission of inquiry to go up roger and his pretty little mates like a rat up a drain pipe.
    Until then, we must endure a cross-party charade that sees us in desperation being besieged by greedy sociopaths in suits.
    ( bnz ‘made’ $6 billion aye? Not bad for NAB AU. I bet you Kiwi homeless and hungry are relieved that neoliberal capitalism’s working out for you. )

    • pardon me mr CB but I understandeth not your faith in the Crown, indeed certain reparations presently being made to Ms Guifre of some millions of bucks-where exactly from whence cometh those glorious scheckels? I have been wondering..?

  11. Capital Gains Tax?

    Or a Surcharge for repatriating profits generated domestically here in NZ?

    Why is it so difficult to figure out ana apply an appropriate tax?

    • Jesus Danny Boy. You are going to be drummed out of the Tory Party if you expect NATZACT, NZ First, Destiny Political Party and NCCP (the New ‘Creepy’ Conservative Party) to pick up and run for the next election on a CGT?

      Next thing you’ll be denouncing as a disgusting Dirty Politics inspired site

      Please ask Martyn to delete your request for National and ACT and Destiny Political Party and the New Creepy Conservative Party to introduce a CGT, before you lose your income from commenting on these independent media sites.

      • You’re so fuckn funny Mike!

        I have never voted Nats, Act, NZF ever and there is a very high probability I won’t. BUT, who knows.

        I am however deeply motivated to get rid of this pathetic LINO government.

        What happens next is the conundrum I guess?
        A period of ‘Hung’ parliaments where a series of elections are held before their term is up? That’ll engage the public maybe and flush out the shit in the system?

        As long as this current gween party is not in the mix ever again, I’m good.

        I’m still betting a Nat’s – Labour combo!

        The bishop might have to concede that he doesn’t have the numbers on his own, and when he figures that one out, we might all be feeling the cold from a nuclear winter been forced upon us?

        Who said this decade was gunna be a doozy!

        PS: The first order of business for the next government is to raise the voting age to 35!

  12. It seems that the Labour Party all took their grandchildren to see the Disney? film Frozen and came away with protruding, gob stoppers for eyeballs – can’t see, won’t see.

    The banks are keen to get rid of money – that’s people’s currency. They want to remain in the arcane niche of fantasy money that with luck never morphs into real money in hand! But that’s what we use to handle our living expenses and transactions. So where do we fit in – we don’t – as we can see right now and it will get worse. We have the education, the intelligence, the food and clothing that has enabled us to live till now, but we haven’t learned the skills of critical thinking, following thoughts forward to the likely conclusion, and/or backwards so we can see the foundation and history of that procedure or habit.

    Our Reserve Bank has just closed the latest enquiry of three into the future of money. I put up the link for the online channel they set up. I exhorted people to take part but I got overtaken by events that concerned me and didn’t myself. They have the replies before closing off. But it only closed 7 March so like the sneaky mouse in my kitchen that I have to deal with, perhaps some sneaky late entries will get at least glanced at if they are succinct, bulleted and have a bit of personal reasons for the entry?

    Anyway read their info on this link. They are going to produce a report in April 2022. Let’s be there. They might at last have some value for the people and not just grand economic theory for big business and financing war which was the impetus for early economic theory. How we advance!

    Some entertainment of a sort – the MONIAC.

  13. Ngungukai and all. The NZ owned banks that have widespread branches include Cooperative Bank, Kiwibank, SBS Bank and TSB bank.
    Get off the butt one day and walk in and just have a chat. I find Cooperative bank are super approachable and you don’t usually need to make an appointment. I suggest ring first and discuss coming in to change over all your banking, maybe not mortgage if its on fixed. Or check them out online. When it’s up for renewal would be the perfect time to change over. The new bank does all the changes with the other bank for you. It’s a great feeling to give one finger to a bank in a meaningful way.
    Good luck.

  14. Labour had their chance for true transformative change, they utterly failed to capitalize on it. There is no saving this current iteration of Labour from political oblivion. But you have suggested some good policies for the next Labour government, whenever that will be.

    • And how’s Ireland doing these days MickeyBoyle?
      Have you made Business Roundtable financial experts Fay and Richwhite National Irish treasures after they left NZ/AO to transform Ireland’s economy?
      You should invite them back to transform New Zealand’s economy, especially if National gets elected in coalition with ACT. In 1984, ACT and Muldoon would have made a formidable alliance, but for the fact that Rob Muldoon was a socialist within National and Roger Douglas and his cronies were ACT party within Labour.

  15. While they had us distracted with COVID and dividing ourselves into neat little groups and fighting each other they have been able to rob us blind. Some of us have been trying to sound the alarm.

  16. I wonder what would be the clamor coming from Labour if National had been in charge for the last 4 years. Covid threw a curved ball but surely if you put your hand up to lead you need to have a a plan to meet unexpected happenings. I am afraid I have seen little to give me any feeling of them being on top of the present situation with regard to finances

  17. I just feel that if you’re working 40 hours or more a week and are driving a reasonable distance to work in a vehicle that you personally own, you shouldn’t have to pay at least 20 percent personal income tax, 15 percent goods and services tax on the food you buy, plus $2.85 a litre in petrol which includes a mixture of GST and Excise Taxation; while your employer owns vehicles which perhaps aren’t used very often but from which the cost of fuel, maintenance, and depreciation is removed before they are obligated to pay any taxation.

  18. Its like National screwed everything down during a financial crisis but never opened the taps again after things started recovering, it was hoped with all the virtue signalling and sound bites Labour were saying that they would do some corrections if elected, medicinal cannabis was also a big winner for them in conjunction with the greens, if we were to use that as a litmus test of what was coming next what we see and continue seeing is Labour stepping on the poor while giving hand outs to the rich, they’re not a working mans party anymore, they may as well as merge with National because now they seem to be beating from the same drum.

  19. I also have an idea.
    All these businesses who sell products overseas for the global price, shouldnt in turn wages and salaries be set at the global price too?
    I mean if its justification to charge through the nose for a local product then surely employees should be treated the same with incomes.

    • nice point mark, that genuinely hadn’t occurred to me..and let’s face it ‘world rates’ are the the excuse for the exorbitant fees paid to CEOs in both private and public sectors

  20. Housing is so expensive NZ children are born into serfdom – never to own property. Normally there would be a revolution but dna testing, cameras and policing + government owning media make it difficult. 9/10 youth can only go on benefits to support their children. Soon as the borders open again there will be more cheap labour to keep wages down and fight inflation – and those foreign labourers will return with enough $ to buy property in a cheap country.

  21. The New Zealand sharemarket along with many other sharemarkets throughout the world have bounced back. Sanford Limited being one example. This is a NZSE listed company which was trading at $9.00 per share pre-Covid, and it dropped in value to around $2.80 a share right after Covid. As an exporting business, the closed borders had a direct and immediate effect on the company’s profitability. Now the share value has risen again. The borders are set to reopen. It will likely increase in value even further.

    This scenario can be repeated with a large number of firms. Air New Zealand, too, along with many others, experienced this effect because of the global pandemic.

    As banks are heavily invested in shares, their profits are now immense as things begin to pick up again in the economic world. This is a similar scenario to KiwiSaver account holders, many of whom lost up to ten percent of the value of their investments due to the pandemic because of the dip in the domestic and international share markets. This is now changing, and those who opted to invest in Growth Funds in particular, which invest largely on shares, are also experiencing a surge in the value of their investments.

    Let us now apportion blame to our commercial banks for something which is a technical error perpetuated by successive governments. That is namely that inflation has been able to take root, and rapidly of late, due to a lack of controls and due to the New Zealand government having a vested interest in high fuel and grocery prices. The higher these items are, the more money the government will make in Goods and Services Taxation.

    I’d like to moot the idea that the Reserve Bank be given more discretionary power but also more responsibility. In times such as this, it is needed in order for the cost of everyday goods to remain reasonable.

    If you really want to blame any groups in the business world for any of it, then what about the merchant bankers or the speculators in the financial markets? For it is the merchant bankers who are powerful and who lobby the government more than any other group and have done so since the 1980’s. Their influence is seen in the corridors of power more than that of the environmental groups, even. As for the speculators, their rumours, gossip, innuendo, and greed continue to perpetuate a system filled with boom and bust cycles which adversely affect the poor.

    For it to be resolved properly, we will need to have a major restructuring of the personal income tax system. The brunt of the tax obligations will need to be taken on by the wealthiest earners for at least a decade. None of this removing GST from fresh fruit and veges, implementing a Financial Transactions Tax, or introducing a widespread Capital Gains Tax. These would only be Band-Aids on a gaping wound.


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