MEDIAWATCH: The Nation review – Luxon’s clever Maori Electorate Opportunism


The Nation is like organic muesli. Dry but you hope its good for you.

Today’s wasn’t very good.

The Luxon questions are really basic.

The new host keeps talking over the top of some really weak gotcha attempts.

Luxon’s clever opportunism in standing candidates in the Maori electorate is driven from watching the deep resentment from the provinces by Maori towards Labour. 53% of those at the protest voted Labour/Green. None of those protestors will be voting Left again.

National are stepping in to woo that new angry electorate without having to openly appeal to them.

Every Maori vote away from the Labour Party vote total is a vote National can win.

It is infuriating that Luxon is doing so well with such simple tactics.

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I didn’t watch the rest of the show because, well, it’s The Nation.

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    • So the Maori Party is the Central Maori Wing of the National Party, that actually makes sense to me, so their could be another back door deal done with the Maaori Party.

  1. Probably a few stray votes to be picked up in the Maori Seats for Central/Right Wing Maori voters, Winston and NZF are not interested in the Maori seats and want them abolished.

  2. Remember Bomber usually elections are lost not won. The covid election was a 1-off that won’t be repeated for a long, long time

  3. They won’t get many votes from the Maori electorate and I am looking forward to seeing what sort of Maori candidates they (National) can put up given they don’t have many Maori in their main party.

  4. Once again you quote the Curia poll. You do realise that all the respondents apparently voted in the last election. Most people will agree that the % of non-voters at the wellington protest would be quite high.

  5. The Pati Maori will be back with National/Act next election. Comments from Turia and Fox confirmed that. Those Brown protester have been captured by the natz dirty politics team and became followers of the right wing parties such as Maori party, Destiny, Billy TK, NZ First and will be competing for those votes with Natz & Act. Definitely no potential Labour or Green votes there.

    • Has Fox paid back the investors in her failed business yet? There was very good reason the Maori voters jumped from the Maori party to Labour.


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