MEDIAWATCH: Q+A – Parliament Lawn violence & Covid Mandates


Jack Tame is doing the hard work as a public media journalist right now.

Trying to talk down frightened and angry middle class marxists from sending in the military is a tough job and Jack has been amazing in shepherding NZ away martial law.

He asks Coster if he feels vindicated by warning that this very violence was going to occur.

If he is smug, he doesn’t show it.

He argues Police were professional.

Sure. But the truth is that the SIS had infiltrated the protest in the second week and rushed intel back from hyped up fantasists about all the terrible things they were going to do, just like Police Intelligence had done 15 years ago with the Urewera Terror raids.

This intel scared the bejesus out of an already frazzled system and the decision to force them off the lawns was made.

Of course the protestors were violent – we had spent 3 weeks winding them up and then call their reaction a hate crime.

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The issue now is how this state force gets manipulated by the far right because we have handed them an enormous propaganda coup by using state violence in this manner.

Those questions are above Coster’s pay grade, but the push now by frightened and angry middle class marxists will be for a new Police State out of all this.

Hate speech laws, face recognition CCTV software and vast expanses of budget for the SIS and GCSB will be cheered by the woke, they won’t be challenged.

The impact beyond this decision to not de-escalate this dumb lives matter protest are enormous and all we managed to achieve is recruit 10 000 new stormtroopers for the far right.

Well done Trevor Mallard.

The woke want the Police to bash the protestors because to the Woke, the smelly lumpenproletariat are Nazis and they want them punished and bashed for being Nazis.

We are lucky to have Coster as the Police Commissioner right now, he stopped a far worse event from occurring.

Remember, Woke Lord Clint Smith called on the Governor General  to remove Coster because Coster wouldn’t bash protestors when the middle class marxists panicked.


The modern left are middle class, they have benefitted from work from home because they have nice homes. The perverse outcome of Government Covid support has made the rich far far far richer while those on Parliament’s lawns have suffered.

Chippy is on trying to defend the last remnants of the emergency powers over our lives. He is no chump and he has had to debate mandates on an intellectual level but his utter refusal to acknowledge that broad stroke emergency policies implemented on the hoof caught up an enormous number of people who were accidentally punished by the mandates.

There were far more people who couldn’t take the vaccines than we initially believed and those people on Parliament’s Lawns bore the yoke of that economic pain most.

He is logical about when the mandates can be removed and isn’t stupid enough to give a firm date.

He acknowledges that there will be far more people with Omicron than offical numbers. Accepts it could be 5 times larger.

5. Times. Larger.

Points out that it was hard to buy RAT tests on the international markets. The slowness of approach is driven by the Government bureaucracy moving as fast as possible rather than incompetence.

Points out that RATs have a high false test rate so weren’t useful in the early phase.

Chippy is so good. We are lucky to have his thoughtful intelligence over seeing this pandemic.


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  1. The records will still show that medical coercion, forced vaccination and segregation of communities based on health status was government policy. That is the only thing I will remember Chippy for.

      • You will. But you would, wouldn’t you poor Blind Faither.
        The rest of the country won’t in time. They will only remember this govt for one thing: they fucked up everything they ever touched. Plenty evidence of that around.

        • it is great that government policies worked as intended and the selfish and deluded virus spreaders voluntarily segregated themselves from public facing roles, reducing harm to the public from their dangerous fuckwittery

        • Show me the evidence, you blue rinse aid you?
          How is planet key and the rockstar economy working out for you?
          Did you get your tent back from parliament grounds and did you replace those pavers yet?

      • He is the Ernie to your Bert ay? Hey Bert, riddle me this. How come the million New Zealanders who didn’t get vaccinated not only didn’t die but didn’t even get sick?

        • Well to start off with he is the Kraut to your Putin.
          Maybe the millions were holed up in their mansions or lived on planet key or maybe their servants just took one for the team.
          Given 94% of those eligible are double vaxxed I’m not certain your math is right anyway and I’d ascertain of the 300,000 unvaxxed, some have died or got sick.

  2. Speaking personally, after nearly forty years of creepy, crooked neoliberal-capitalism which has heralded in homelessness, child poverty, soaring costs of access to what were once public owned assets and infrastructure and an elite cadre of what appears to be narcissistic psychopathic billionaires relishing their torture of we, the people, and they money they literally steal from us, I have no idea what the fuck to think, whom to believe and definitely who to trust which would be, at this point, not a fucking soul.
    Adern’s full of cryptic bullshit, luxon’s full of aggressive bullshit, The greens are full of organic, compostable bullshit and the Maori Party are full of the bullshit they caught off the colonisers who were largely desperate pirates running from tyranny in their own homelands.
    My concern is that my confusion, the confusions of others and the unrepentant greed of our lying politicians makes us sitting ducks to be invaded and I’ not kidding.
    The planet’s on fire, is soon to be radioactive and hundreds of millions of people are soon to be displaced by war and climate change and we’re here, miles from them with beautiful soils and fresh water coming out the wazoo and we cluck about the nest like a head injured chook.
    Who’s going to be the first in the door? My guess would be those who can pay the most to the fuckers who’re already here.
    A feeble wee protest by people as equally confused as me are being studied and evaluated by a princely line up of flash little harry’s paid six figures asking Big Bad cops talking about who they most enjoyed bashing is a signal to how weak and vulnerable we are.
    In my opinion, the protest debacle was designed and enacted to disempower and demonise our primary industry in the eyes of city people. There’s really only one way to defeat those who tyrannise us and that is to starve them out. All our primary industry needs to do is nothing but wait.
    And when the rumbling of empty stomach’s is too loud to bear farmers need to ask for a royal commission of inquiry into past and present relationships between politicians and big business both here and abroad.
    Aye Boys?
    Business Desk.

  3. While the grubby, vulgar oiks are protesting in the gutters of their parliament buildings the real power drives by in this thing.
    Review: Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost – cutting-edge cool for wealthy rule-breakers
    So? Wealthy ‘rule breakers’ get to drive a million dollar wank-mobile while the ‘rule breaking’ oik lumpenprols get the all bought and paid for piggy-bash.
    S’noice art an’ that innit?
    NAB owns us via our bnz being handed to them via peadophile ron brierly and his cohorts.
    Great. Just great.
    Clearing house – bank’s art treasures go under the hammer

  4. If the questions are for those above Coster’s pay grade who does that leave them to? Sue Grey?
    Karen Brewer? Brian Tamaki? When Coster was appointed it was said in the media, “The role comes with a salary of about $700,000, and will see him in charge of 13,000 staff.”

    When Tamaki gets all his contributors back in I guess he’d be the one with the numbers of feet and dollars.

    Yes, let’s leave the big questions for Brian. Will he stand in the next election? Sort of ‘put his money where his mouth is’? Or would the thought of a personal rebuff be too much for him?
    Ah, but God to the rescue! He’ll say he has the Lord’s work to do which is more imortant than any mere earthly task.

  5. I do wonder if those cheering on this high tech police state have any appreciation that this very apperatus may soon enough be used against them. Very rarely is any power given to the authorities repealed unless it’s being replaced by something more encompassing.

  6. The BNZ Collapse was classic corporate fraud, a number of NZ Businessmen and NZ Politicans should have been locked up in the Slammer. Corrupt Judiciary, always has been in NZ.

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