MEDIAWATCH: The Sanctification of Parliament Lawns a virtue signalling pantomime


Parliament grounds clean-up crew to show ‘what community actually looks like’ video

Wellington volunteers are planning to clean up Parliament grounds in order to return the area to the public now protesters who have occupied the site for more than three weeks have been evicted.

The way some are holding that fucking slide up as some sort of religious sacred ground is driven by a political need to justify the Police action.

If you label everyone protesting as a Nazi, you need to fetishise the damage they did.

These Nazi Monsters on Parliament’s lawns didn’t have pronouns, the Left only like protests that know their pronouns.

The slide is more important than the people whose pain burnt it because the smelly Lumpenproletariat ruined the dinner party aesthetics of Wellington’s Middle Class Marxists.

The $585000 slide was always an expensive virtue signal while 25000 rot on emergency housing wait lists.

The canonisation of Parliament’s lawns is an important myth that must now be worshiped to justify State force.

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There will be taxpayer funded art to commemorate the hate crime of protest, local artisans will knit together a peace quilt weaving together their pubic hair with recycled sustainable plastics.

Every native tree replanted will need a ceremony and its own twitter account.

The replacement slide will get a live interview with John Campbell.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Press Gallery call for a statue of Trevor Mallard to be built to commemorate him fighting the Nazis off the lawn.

The pain of those who suffered the harshest yoke of economic sanctions will be cauterised and amputated so that middle class dinner party aesthetic activism can once again rule Wellington.

You can build your fucking slide after we’ve housed those 25000 waiting on emergency housing lists.

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  1. “ Desecrated “ was blatantly sloppy terminology. Ignoring the fact that it bestowed undeserved avatar qualities upon very mediocre politicians, it designated all the protestors sociopath vandals, when it was clear that they were a disparate group, who in many ways do in fact define what we are, a society with many problems which are not being addressed, and which are worsening. Pretty words change nothing. Some media do appear to realise this, even if the politicians are unable to.

  2. The ‘left’ don’t do real-life activism anymore. They prefer to hide behind a keyboard, ghost people, gaslight people pm or dm each other in their ‘secret network’ of conspiracy comrades as well, and troll their enemy and nark on people to the cops because that’s how the woke left roll.
    All a bunch of cowards and pussies.

    So another part of NZ society has to do the heavy lifting instead. Surprise surprise it’s a combination of all sorts. The alt right tag is bs. They didn’t turn up. All that was produced was a picture looking out a building window across the road from the Mallarville park. Sent to the media by more woke maori narks who call themselves paparoa. A guy who was convicted ex Tuhoe Raids and an ex Navy Semen come news influencer journo writer conspiracy buster extraordinaire! And a load of CRT maori wahine with mental problems.

    What a disgrace the left are. I suppose we’ll just have to make do with what we’ve got.

    A few lose cannons, the hippies, god-squad, karen’s, karen’s kids, karens mum and dad and uncles, and aunties and their kids. The locals who’ve got nothing better to do. A few more conspiracy theorists and a lot of well-meaning people who dig in to help out the cause.
    Now doesn’t that all sound familiar to you?

    • You are minimising the Dirty Politics and Alt-Right Overseas influencers Denny Paoa aka Hone Carter. You would love this all to be one great big left wing stuff-up.

      For the record and on the record: Nuremberg NZ site had a list of politicians, Maori and Polynesian leaders, health experts and media to be executed.

      Arps was on his way up from Christchurch for the ‘public executions’. Or like your ‘tin-foil hatted Karens’, I suppose you’ll claim he was just saying this ‘for a laugh’?

      You don’t negotiate with those sort of racist feral extremists. They are domestic terrorists who threatened Kiwi lives. Standard operating procedure: don’t negotiate with terrorists.

      Links to Steve Bannon, MAGA nuts, QAnon, Counterspin, point to overseas fomenting of the mob all point to externally driven dismantling of democracies around the world. USA, Canada? Trump flags and Canada flags just happen to be colorful flags-du-jour flown on ‘freedom’ campers? BFD, Groundswell, Karens with their mini-Karen human shields and Density Church’s involvement have all the hallmarks and the same old stench of a National Party Dirty Politics 4.0 operation.

      Sure, there were mistakes made by Labour once this convoy of hate surrounded the Beehive, but with a rabid, disparate internally and externally fomented frothing mob, it was always going to be a lose-lose for the Labour Party. They guided a team of 4.9 million through a pandemic that worldwide had over 442million cases and nearly 6 million deaths.

      And its not over yet! And Dirty Politics and Alt-Right interference in our democracy is being investigated.

      You should know Danny Boy, because you do your little bit for the dirty politics team too Danny Boy, shilling and stirring and undercutting anything good that this government has done. Tell me, Danny Boy, do they pay you in pieces of silver, or in Bitcoin?

      • You forgot Brexit Mike.

        Xenophobia, which was at the core of Brexit, was also on show at the convoy of hate:
        Farage has called some Muslims a “fifth column living within our country, who hate us and want to kill us.” He once warned Britain of a “Romanian crime wave” sweeping the nation. His party officially debuted this poster to warn of the dangers of letting in more migrants, which was actually reported to the police for resembling Nazi propaganda

        The posters on Groundswell tractors said it all “Stop ramming Maori down our throats”. Another banal dog-whistle trope to the alt-right, dirty politics National Party.

        And, Danny Boy, with his Hone Carter-esque facade, who, as his Freudian slip will suggest “hide behind a keyboard”, encapsulates anti-Maori sentiment. Danny Boy, ripped into Maori with “more woke maori narks who call themselves paparoa. A guy who was convicted ex Tuhoe Raids and an ex Navy Semen come news influencer journo writer conspiracy buster extraordinaire! And a load of CRT maori wahine with mental problems. You didn’t even use a capital letter for Maori, Danny Boy.

        Denny Paoa, NZ/AO’s Nigel Farage. Describing the women as “aunties”, was another allusion to Jason Kerrison sending Hilary Barry, what she considered a death-threat.

        But, Denny Boy, hiding ‘behind his keyboard’, doesn’t just stop at racism, his (Tane/Male/Man, not Female/Woman) offers a not-so-subtle misogynist, AND LQBTQI-e-aversion epithet and even adds antipathy towards women and the gender choice, in a “one-pseudonym-to-hate-them-all” addendum.

        You’re a misogynist racist Danny Boy, another Hone Carter, another Merv from Manurewa Roger Bridge. Dirty politics inspired, pale, stale male.

        That’s why your pale, stale dirty politics ‘hide behind the keyboard’ pseudonym and Faragist dog-whistle brings you to centrist-leaning blogs.

        I like Mike Judge’s last sentence, which sums up you and your paid shills. Tell me, Danny Boy, do they pay you in pieces of silver, or in Bitcoin? But, you, Comrade Danny Boy, seem more likely to be paid in worthless Rubles or NFT’s than silver or Bitcoin for your dirty politics shilling.

        • (Tane/Male/Man, not Female/Woman)

          Psst! @Jeremy’s dad.

          Danny Boy’s pseudonym is blatantly displaying his racist AND misogynic tendencies, by leaving out Maori women, Wahine from his “one-pseudonym-to-hate-them-all” addendum.

          Danny Boy’s might just was to remove the vote from women, just as he left Maori women his “one-pseudonym-to-hate-them-all”.

  3. I don’t think RNZ read my letter out, the one about them going on about the ‘mammoth’ clean up and how terrible the scene was the task is. They seemed to have the grounds in then order of the ‘fields’ of Passchendaele.
    I simply said that ‘mammoth’ was Christchurch and the road down the coast after the Kaikoura ‘quake.

  4. The sign holder made a choice based on some information gleaned from social media to not join in to help safeguard those less vulnerable people and fight the war against this virus . If he does not like the consequences he should have added that in when he chose not to get vaccinated it does not give him the right to destroy other people’s lives who have done their bit .

      • The sign holder has lost job and home – that is something that government should be helping more with. Real pain and hardship there.

        But the sign also implies that the person’s only concern is for themself and too bad if shopkeepers lost their business. The fact that a micro business can be as much of a burden as a baby and need care from possibly poor people who themselves might lose home and job as a flow-on effect – doesn’t sink in.

        The money needs to be trickling through and helping those who do some specified task, share a car, babysit, form small teams who share resources, and can apply for extras, even just universal supermarket vouchers.

    • Does someone who chooses not to get vaccinated deserve to lose their income? Is this a fair outcome in terms of natural justice? Not really – in my opinion. Yes – they made a decision that went against the majority but could we not have done more to protect them from unjustified consequences?
      Even now – the government could address this economic injustice – it would cauterize the wound and allow those affected by the vaccine mandates to feel like they have been given some restoration and can move on.
      The alternative course of action is to allow this to become a festering, toxic, political boil that will burst out all over the next election in the form of votes for the Act Party.

    • How was the sign holder destroying others’ lives?
      Genuine question, I don’t know what you’re referring to.

  5. Thank god for you Martyn and your commentary on this………

    The building of the playground in parliament grounds never seemed right to me in the first case, almost a let them eat cake scenario.

    “Jacinda “oh the playground not the playground”……

    I frequently walk in parliament grounds and for a playground it was very underused, but of course that is not the point….

    It’s obscene it cost half a million dollars when people are living in motels.

    Ps love your humour, sometimes I think humour is all we have in these times

  6. You’re 100% correct Martyn.

    Sniff! sniff! I smell propaganda. Desecrated – my arse! It’s not a church. It’s patch of grass.

    This is Ardern yet again ginning up division in the community.

    A recent poll asked if New Zealanders and New Zealand is less divided or more divided than a year ago. The results were that a huge 72% said more divided and only 10% less divided.

  7. Left, right, who cares. Most of the rabble left at the end of the protest probably couldn’t identify a political leaning if they had to. In the end it was just a group of people, most if them angry who believed what they read on some social media platform that vaguely resonated with how they see the world. Many of them probably incapable of understanding basic science and possibly semi literate. Nothing will change. Nobody cared about them before and no one will care about them tomorrow. That’s New Zealand for you. The great egalitarian society.

  8. Oh blah blah police bad blah must show individual principles police faulty blah blah blah. Holy angel babe take your rest, we are all tizzed up and need a break from constant annoying events, especially to peaceful Wainuiomata Marae; or are you on steroids as Putin is supposed to be. Too much, already!

  9. I though that Parliament was for the people, by the people…Boy, was I wrong! Parliament is for scumbags, by scumbags

    • It’s only for certain people. You have to be in Jacinda’s self-proclaimed team of 5 million…make that maybe 2.5 million these days.

      • If you two insist on promoting this alt right spin – let’s look at the camp shall we? Ordinary new zealanders abused for wearing face masks. Reporters threatened with violence, abuse and actual death. Mps threatened with execution and hanging. People, ordinary people shut out of the camp due to incorrectly perceived bias. Children abused and pushed. Shop workers abused.

        Their individual rights above all else and bugger everyone else, even if their rights are based on some trumpian fantasy.

        Paranoia. Violence. Believing alt right conspiracy propaganda.

        That’s the world you’re defending.

        So go ahead and keep up the counterspin, but you know exactly what you’re doing, and it’s wrong, historically, morally and factually.

        • I totally agree with you Daryl. Any genuine protest message was totally swamped by totally unacceptable behaviour.

    • Be kind to us scumbags. Not everyone is top drawer with upward mobility. Even scumbags come in different types. Some might be really good when they aren’t tempted by the demon drug or drink,. And then there are super scumbags who are those who obtain the drug and net others to be involved and hooked, now that’s another kettle of fish.

  10. You can hardly blame people wanting to clean up reclaim the city they live in

    Yes the sanctify of those grounds matter. It is the peoples house. 2.9 million new Zealanders cast their vote to be represented in that house. We are a democratic society not one of angry mob rule. We change governments and laws at the ballot box not joining up with a bunch of the delusional, the hateful, the vial, the mad and the sad to enforce our will on the people.

    They tried to set fire to the very notion of democracy. That building and it’s grounds mean something. Those war memorials they vandalized mean something.

    It’s the peoples house. Those people set fire to, dumped shit trashed vandalized , blocked access and for weeks took the rights of all other protest movements by refusing to move. They clogged roads and terrorized a city. They live stremed threats of insurrections, public hangings, through faeces attacked working class staff at supermarkets, cafes ,buses, bars, dairy’s and abused the locals for weeks you can hardly expect the locals to not want to reclaim their town.

    And you can hardly be surprised that the people of this country wanted these people vandalizing and trashing the peoples house removed.

    I’m sad that some of the protesters who were peaceful albeit deluded got mixed up with the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of vile thugs, charlatans con artists and wannabe insurrectionists but they stood with them.

    To this day they are talking about hangings and murdering our politicians and people openly online. They filmed themselves commiting serious crimes. Many will go to , most will now have serious criminal records and never be able to pass a security check to get a rental or a job. All for nothing.

    They are now smashing up the bridge of remembrance in chch, trying to force their way on maraes.

    I stand with the people who have to clean up this mess in their towns, who haven’t been able to go to work at their min wage supermarket or cafe job , who are refusing to let violent mentally unwell ferals on their sacred marae land and who will fix the memorials they trashed.

    I hope the ones who were peaceful are able to see reality one day.

    I hope the insurrectionists, agitators, plotters, arsonists, propagandists and vandilizers and assaulters get long, long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long stints in jail.

    The threats of the significant minority of qnon, alt right violent insurrectionists and their continued threats should not be ignored mocked or minimized.

    Ive said for a long time the left needed to stop calling everyone they don’t like Nazis cos it dilutes the word and makes it meaningless and there actual facist scum out there and now they are at the door.

    It wasn’t a right wing protest or a left wing protest but there was a significant amount of dangerous lunatics there who seem to continuously be minimized and they are planning more disruption.

    • Thank you Corey, the gleam in your eyes throughout this help illuminate my fears at your righteousness.

      • You see Martyn, you’re being condescending yourself. Which part of Corey’s statement is incorrect?

  11. I dispair of the quality of labs pr team….I mean who fuckin thought that that would ever be a good thing….I wanna know who they are and how much we pay them…cos frankly I can do an equally shit job for half the money.

  12. If that little child’s playground cost $585k to build. WTF is Trev gunna price up the parliament grounds at? $5.85m? or $58.5m? or $585m?

    Does anybody know how much money is in Parliamentary Services coffers at the mo?

  13. @ Danny Boy.
    Your paymaster, Luxon, finds the money to pay you and should be able to find the money for the clean-up from his liar’s tax cuts, whatever it takes.
    Lower the taxes for the rich and they will sponsor the clean-up (with sponsorship of the grounds rights included).
    Just like his glove puppet/mentor John Key. Watch GST go up to 20% under Luxon.
    It’ll be more money for the rich and bugger all for the poor. Another pale, stale mother of all budgets.
    By the way, why didn’t Minister of Finance Simon Bridges announce the tax cuts for the rich?

    Luxon and co have been baying for a Capital Gains Tax to drive down house prices. Now that would be an election winner for the Nats and Act, the New Conservatives and Destiny Church Political Party coalition after the next election.

    • Conveniently ironic that Bridges AND Luxon have a similar strain of Covid that Donald Trump had? Won’t be able to go into finer details of theit tax reduction for the rich “tax cuts”. So, if NACT are getting rid of all Labour’s tax changes, does that mean that landlords, and say, hypothetically, someone with more than 6 houses might bd ablr to claim back “rental expenses again”

      Good time to allegedly catch Covid if you ask me.

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