Labour have utterly failed us all on Medicinal Cannabis

Dr Buzzkill Andrew Little at 4.20pm

This is a joke…

Cannabis: Auckland grandma becomes first to legally use dried cannabis flower to relief her pain

Sourced from Australia, the flower has less than 10 per cent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis – and was high in CBD (cannabidiol) which helped treat pain and lower anxiety.

And it won’t be cheap, $220-$250 for ten grams around double what you’d pay on the black market. But he says “at least you know what’s in it”.


…the reality is this…

Most medicinal cannabis users buy on the black market – report

Only 6 per cent of people who use cannabis medicinally are getting it legally, according to a Drug Foundation report.

This leaves about 250, 000 people who source medicinal cannabis on the black market.

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…right after the referendum which showed almost a majority demanding cannabis law reform, Little killed off any cannabis reform and landed us instead with bullshit medicinal cannabis rules that only serve a billionaire while crushing the local medicinal cannabis industry.

Patients seeking medicinal cannabis now ARE WORSE OFF after Labour than before it!

Minister Little has the audacity to blame the industry which either suggests Andrew is either lying or grossly misinformed!

I am free anytime to explain to the Minister why he is wrong.

Labour have inadvertently set the medicinal cannabis industry up the way they have set the super market duopoly up. Labour have allowed the big pharma segment of the NZ market to write rules that exclude the smaller players which has led directly to the impasse we have now.

A framework that only the big pharma segment can pass through while fucking over medicinal cannabis patients as well as the wider industry.

Labour deserve nothing but contempt for their medicinal cannabis failure and if the Greens had any strategic brain they would make a legal market part of their agreement to form a government in 2023.

After 4 years in power and what did labour get us?
$50 joints. Yay.

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  1. I think those on the P Meth Pipe would be a lot better off smoking Cannabis IMHO, maybe we wouldn’t have had all that Aggression at the Covid Protest in Wellington ?

  2. I think those on the P Meth Pipe would be a lot better off smoking Cannabis IMHO, maybe we wouldn’t have had all that Aggression at the Covid Protest in Wellington ?

    • Early in the morning and people are trying to sort out what next for cannabis.
      Old song – we used to sing this sort at school, now we should sing it to Mr Little and Labour.
      You’ve tried rationality, persuasion, facts wot!, and felt like pointing out that there would be less
      violence, and it would save money in one budget, and earn it in another, without the interventiion of big business. But I have noticed before with Labour that they don’t seem to want to deal with the micro business man.Too close to the ordinary man in the street!

      Yodel our sorrows to the tone-deaf – it’s a crazy idea but it takes a lot to reach that rarified air in the beehive. Actually bees can be noisy all flapping their wings to keep the hive cool. Labour thinks it’s real cool!

      Early one morning, just as the sun was rising
      I heard a maid sing in the valley below
      “Oh don’t deceive me, Oh never leave me,
      How could you use, a poor maiden so….

      Here I now wander alone as I wonder
      Why did you leave me to sigh and complain
      I ask of the roses, why should I be forsaken,
      Why must I here in sorrow remain?

      Heres the music

  3. Is Andrew Little purposely as useless as Poto or Phil Twyford or Megan Woods to be a team player or is he just useless naturally and arrogant too? Light weight as Justice Minister, he’s proven MIA in Health!

    And the latest (ignoring mental health, strangled budgets, staffing shortages and hospitals that should have been bulldozed years ago)…

    RAT kits. You know, the kind used to test for this thing he’d never heard of, Covid, because of the inability of the underfunded state to test or plan or prepare Yes, those things, stolen off order sheets of private industry who knew their worth! Deemed illegal by his ministry until a few weeks ago, these symbols of the devil but now begrudgingly accepted, are in the depth of this covid outbreak rarer than rocking-horse shit. What the actual fuck Andrew? You didn’t see it coming? You were unaware how incompetent your ministry is while the rest of us have seen it repeatedly over the Covid years?

    The thing is we can’t find them to allow people to stay at work, so they have to go home and society slowly ceases to function.

    I am terrified of this new centralised health system this turkey is bringing in. The ineptitude shown by Little, I think, knows no bounds and we can be guaranteed whatever he’s dreamed up will fail us all!

    • So am I terrified of this new centralised DHB health system.
      It was brought in to bring the dhb’s into line after the Canterbury DHB told the Ministry of health to more or less go screw themselves after their hit man couldnt shut the board up.

      • Can’t be any worse than what we have now, with 1000’s of professional paper shufflers and administrators.

    • You are a voice of reason XRAY. You have accurately voiced my own opinion on Little. Just another useless lackey for the corporate shyte we are expected to swallow daily. personally I am looking forward to the Wellington spin machine having a meltdown when they realise there is NO JET FUEL when the borders open up. But of course we don’t need an oil refinery .

    • Wow!! You really should have taken the time to calm down before writing this comment… This is so emotional and convoluted that it simply disappears up itself. I’m starting to wonder if the “lunatic fringe” is now mainstream “informed” opinion… It’s getting so that I will be heading away from NZ as soon as practicable, just to get back to where there is sanity, and perspective employed in rational ways, because it’s not happening here…

      • Stefan
        Shona seems to get what XRAY wrote. So did I. Nothing convoluted about it. BTW you won’t find sanity anywhere else.

  4. I honestly thought that when Labour won the election it would be impossible to detest the current health minister as much as the previous one, Jonathan Coleman.

    Unfortunately it’s not worked out that way.

    What a spineless blowhard Mr Little has turned out to be.

    • Yep he bowed down before the neo liberal business focused bureaucrats .
      As I have said and Ian Powell’s many posts have stated local knowledge goes a long way.
      To have only 1 DHB for the whole South Island is absolute bullshit.
      Easy to see why.
      Most of the rebellion towards the business focused neo liberal health model is coming from the South Island DHB’s.
      Especially Canterbury which got totally screwed over.

    • I understand your grief @ma. Good things take time with this progressive, open, kind and transformational gummint apparently. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen – in the fullness of time in the cannabis, housing, povvidy and health spaces, going forward.
      Console yourself by remembering just how awful Coleman and his sidekick – the failed zoologist actually were.

      I’ve decided that the next election, I’ll be voting the way proportional representation was intended – something we fought for. I won’t be trying to be clever or tribal.
      I’ll vote for the electorate MP that I think is the most competent, and then for the party whose policies most closely align with my own principles and values – even if it means my darling Labour Party are going to get the big flick, based on their record to date, and even if I might be labelled and branded as woke,

  5. The minister is lying as incompetence at this point can only be called’ malice with intent to cause injury’.

  6. The more I see and hear Little the more I think he is purposely sabotaging Jacinda’s reign out of spit for her taking the top job from him. What other excuse is there for his incompetence and lies . The fact that 10000 medical workers were prepared to go against their own moral compass and strike during a pandemic goes to show his poor rappore with the work force.

  7. Before the referendum I went to 2 meetings in Chch and heard 2 Labour candidates say medical cannabis was all sorted and would be readily available no matter what the outcome of the referendum was ..I voted against legalizing marajuana as I have seen the results of use by some but would have voted differently if it had made medical cannabis more freely available as I know it has helped many avoid opioids

  8. I know someone who knows someone who knew someone who’s a Dom to the rich and powerful.
    She told me that powerful people, like politicians, get ‘off’ on knowing their gleeful cruelty hurts others. ( Pause and think about that for a moment. Let that sink in…”
    When something important and curative like allowing, indeed encouraging, cannabis use for those poor bastards in pain and suffering is stymied by cocks like Dr Andy you know there’s more to the story than his prison-pussy chin whisker will allow us to see past.
    Dr Andy? Can I ask? Have you heard of ‘Portugal’ ?

    • All the gangs would have voted to maintain the Status Quo as Legalizing Cannabis would have butchered their markets and income streams for weed, meth and cocaine. The overall market would have shrunk. Agree Country Boy Portugal have figured it out and I have thrashed it out on here over the years, however our Polly’s are that f**king thick they don’t get it. All weed does is gives the Police easy targets for the young uneducated Brown One’s who are just dumb uneducated and know no better, helps keep SERCO jails full and their profits up.

    • Oh my God. I’ve just read the above and I come across as an angry bogan.
      See what they do to us? See where they shepherd us? They turn us into vulgar malcontents. They defeat us by using ourselves.

      • I looked at Portugal on the map-seems they previously had a terrible addiction problem with meth, heroin etc before they changed tack and got sorted. I asked myself what physical similarities they held in common with other beleaguered nations? (thinking Palestine, Yemen, Haiti etc) Well, number one would be coastal access. Coastal access and a belligerent occupying power fuelled by high-yield bond monies, maybe, whose mates and facsimiles run super-yachts. no need for a private jet .

  9. The problem was the Referendum was badly worded and they lumped Medical Cannabis Use and Recreational Cannabis Use in the same Basket.

  10. Yes it would appear Andrew Little has turned into an idiot. Unfortunately a little over 50% of the eligible voters in the country proved to be pretty stupid too when they voted no.

    It’s easy to blame politicians on so many things when the public don’t look at themselves and wonder if they have a large hand in creating some of the problems. Like a number of posters on this blog who think Ardern put the paving bricks in the hands of the deluded in Wellington. Often the same people who accuse the government of not allowing people to take personal responsibility or ‘think for themselves’

    • They had the Women’s Yoga Classes lifting the cobblestones and supplying the fighters on the front lines, bit like the little old ladies making Molotov Cocktails in the Ukraine.

    • There is one thing to do now. Change the tragic voting system so that it has to be 59% for a majority. The Bresit vote showed that the UK, Father of Parliaments, needs to update itself after how many centuries.?
      Brexit was 51% wasn’t it? The average poll has a 3% margin of error yet the vote can go through with just 1% majority. Nuts. And for legislation that changes external matters like trade preferences, it probably should be
      66% or more.

  11. Don’t be hard on Labour. It is an old political party and like National is not what it was, but who is? Labour has cut ties with the unions and now is dressed by a tailor with better cut of cloth and style. As the play title said: ‘Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width’ or did I mean ‘The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd ‘?

    Anyway as Labour has risen higher or sunk lower, whichever, the distance between the people usually perched up in the ‘gods’ and the politicians strutting on the stage has led to the ‘absence making the heart wander’ syndrome. Labour being for the people? That was the old days before we knew how to roll in money and remain free from the special stench of financial doggy-do that can cling to those who don’t practice effective hygiene.

  12. I am guessing here, that Labour will need offer people a payoff to vote for them in 2023, so dangle Cannabis law reform as the payoff…

    • At this stage it would be like a re-run of the last Labour govt under Helen Clark that gave us Class D just as she was walking out the door and then Dunne and National scuttled it and it never saw the light of day unless you knew about it.

    • Could be an Election Winner if they are prepared to act, all the Political Parties are fucking hopeless, just trying to get re-elected and start sucking on the cows hind tit for another 3 x years.

  13. I am guessing here, that Labour will need offer to people a payoff to vote for them in 2023, so dangle Cannabis law reform as the payoff…

    • Too little, too late. If we want to effect change, Labour needs to be given a message – especially when they were given a mandate last time, and so far they’ve absolutely blown it.
      And I don’t even smoke the ganja, OR swear, OR drink cos (being aligned with Labour over a lifetime) I’m an utterly perfect specimen. (Bugger! I left my bloody pipe in the pub)

    • Could be Nathan, and I wonder if it would work for euthanasia as well, properly set out. Any nore hopes? A Kiwibank home loan account, where savings must go in regularly to build a credit record, and then assistance with housing, a low interest, long term mortgage for instance. What I had when I started out. It gave you a chance. At present rich boys and girls inherit, get assistance from, parents. Then we had a government that gave anyone a start who needed an initial hand-up and passed the criteria .

  14. Not sure what Andrew Little was thinking. Less and less I like this man. Shame really, as I admired his stepping down as Labour Leader in 2017. Even in rightwing governed US states, its legal.

  15. You know that poor NZ soccer girl who scored three own goals the other day…she felt so bad. Cheer up soccer girl. Labour is scoring more own goals than you can ever dream of.

    • A choice between Labour who only care about the rich now or National who only care about the rich regardless?

      • at least National don’t run around pretending to be better then Labour, and also i can’t stomach the faux concern look of dear Jacinda anymore. 2023 – Anyone but labour/Green will do.

  16. As someone born disabled and a life spent in and out of hospital Im reliant on pain releif, its the only way I can get through the day, its a sad life. Im being supported by my wife because her income is too high, I cant do opiates anymore, they have already screwed my stomach and I really hate the nausea and constipation, the only alternative is anti depressants “to depress pain messaging” apparently…all they do is fuck with your head and leave you as a zombie, I hated that life.
    I ended up flushing the lot down the toilet, I had had enough and turned to cannabis, when I was single I could get a tinny a week on the benefit but since being with my wife I have had to try find work to support myself, its been bloody hard going, the discrimination is huge, got sick of hearing no, even with qualifications and experience, its still always a no, so I tried doing Airbnb which worked out great for awhile but then we got kicked out for subletting, even though we still lived there? It was at this point with no income I feel I have been forced into the situation where I have to grow my own to support myself and if you keep your head down and stay out of trouble there is no reason to get an unexpected visit by the police.
    I spent nearly 20 years promoting cannabis on facebook to NZ, fronting comments, providing links, finally made it an election issue and BAM Labour went and handed the industry to a bunch of nobodies nobody had ever heard of before, just flashed the cash and Im thinking nice fat donations to political parties and walked all over everybody else.
    Im done with all this now, politicians can stick their vote, whats the point, no matter what part of my life I want to look at its govt inaction and inability that has caused me not to be able to get out of first gear all my life, they help with surgery but then drop the ball rehabilitation.
    If I have to be a criminal so be it, the govt pushed me here.

    • “If I have to be a criminal so be it, the govt pushed me here.”

      Your tale is so often heard by Green Fairies.
      Not all Green Fairies charge money for their products.
      Someone on here said $750 OZ? I have never heard of cannabis being that expensive.
      And I have resided in Cannabis County for over 40 years.
      It is a local product, and everyone is fed up with sneaking around.
      As for the chopper harassment this year? the gutless Green Party need to lose their seats!

  17. Same story with mental health.
    Remember the grand statements and promises, mostly from Jacinda if my memories correct.

    Mike King was very vocal a few months back, now deathly quite, I presume he got the funding $$$ he wanted?.

  18. Can’t be any worse than what we have now, with 1000’s of professional paper shufflers and administrators.

  19. I don’t think ‘Andrew’ will be a particularly popular name for new builds this year. All the real and decent ‘Andrew’s may want to restructure their hashtags.

  20. It would appear voting Green may be the only way to see drug reform in this country. I’m making the switch.

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