Waitangi Day Worker Walk Out

20 hospo workers left the main gaming floor in Skycity Hamilton tonight, forcing top managers to give up their weekend to serve drinks in their place as they strike again for fair pay in a sector plagued by severe understaffing and low wages.
Union organiser Joe Carolan-
“Food and beverage workers in hospitality have had enough of low wages and severe understaffing, as people leave to find better paying jobs elsewhere. Our workers are out risking their health and safety in the middle of a pandemic and thry are saying no more- we are not returning to the “old normal” and we want this sector cleaned up once and for all.”
“To add insult to injury, Skycity continues to pay workers in Hamilton less than their colleagues in Auckland in most positions. What happened to equal pay for equal work. The support for equality of pay is supported by the union workers in Auckland
Workers had a hui at the end of the strike where they voted to escalate strike action next week.
Send them your solidarity and support below #HospoStrike #FairPayforHospo


  1. I love seeing things like this as for too long wanker employers use the excuse that rents and mortgages are lower in the provincial regions so that gives them [ the scumbag employers] the license to deny their employees a living wage such as their counterparts in the big centers. Yet hours worked are hours worked, and the last time I looked we weren’t Australia or Venezuela. We are still the same country so the pay rates should be the same nationwide, – though some might say we are now a province of China or the USA…

    These sorts of employers are below beggars as they bluff and lie and deny using out of date legislation and loopholes to connive. At least your average beggar has a reason to be on the streets [and a fair few of them are a direct result of the above scumbag employers deliberate theft of wages]. These types seem to think roger douglas and ruth richardson are still Finance Ministers of Labour and National. The penny hasn’t conveniently dropped that was over 3 decades ago. The same can be said about the equally as scumbag politicians who enable their fellow scumbag friend employers.

    Those same politicians who wring their hands and bleat on about the rising costs of living, inflation, a housing crisis, the costs of food , electricity, petrol etc [ esp those in opposition, the incumbents make promises to fix it then go strangely silent when they become the incumbents].

    There are far too many SCUMBAGS in this country now, and they need to have their wings clipped back hard. And because the scumbags usually have places of influence and position and don’t want to have their lifestyles threatened and have to cough up their leeched wealth, – it is left up to these humble working folk to do something about it. Like they’ve always had to.

    No true social change for the good EVER started from the elites, – but a majority of violent murderous social changes came from the elites and their wars. Using commoners as their playthings and cannon fodder.

    Remember that fact.

    • +1 WK

      ….”forcing top managers to give up their weekend to serve drinks”……
      Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

  2. It was New Year’s Eve when I met this crew at their first Strike in Kirikiriroa, which was the first Strike in the world for 2022!

    This time there were a few more workers on the line and more importantly, the public showed interest and Solidarity with these workers.

    More of this is needed to make a ‘Casino’ cough up some profit made from these workers hard work every day!

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