Government must pull out of Agritech seminar with apartheid state


In light of today’s Amnesty International declaration of Israel as an apartheid state, PSNA has renewed our demand for the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nanaia Mahuta and Minister of Primary Industries Damien O’Connor to pull the government out from the proposed Agritech seminar with Israel – scheduled for 15/16 February.

The Chief Science Advisor to the Ministry of Primary Industries, John Roche, is scheduled to speak at the on-line event on 15/16 February. He must be withdrawn from the speaker line up by the government.

Amnesty International declaration of Israel as an apartheid state demands government action today.

“Our report reveals the true extent of Israel’s apartheid regime. Whether they live in Gaza, East Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank, or Israel itself, Palestinians are treated as an inferior racial group and systematically deprived of their rights. We found that Israel’s cruel policies of segregation, dispossession and exclusion across all territories under its control clearly amount to apartheid. The international community has an obligation to act”

Agnès Callamard, Amnesty International’s Secretary General

“Aotearoa New Zealand’s “obligation to act” begins today. There is no place to hide. The ball is in Nanaia Mahuta and Damien O’Connor’s court” says PSNA National Chair John Minto.

“Israel is a racist apartheid state and its agriculture sector is based on ethnic cleansing, war crimes and human rights abuses against the Palestinian people.”

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“Amnesty International’s report confirms this”

“As we have said previously, our government and farmers should be demanding Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to their land instead of helping Israel profit from theft of land and systematic human rights abuses”

Israel’s agriculture sector is based on:

  • Abuse of International law. (eg Illegal Jewish-only settlements built on occupied Palestinian land)
  • War crimes (eg Illegal settlement building on occupied Palestinian land is a war crime under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court)
  • Violation of United Nations Security Council and General Assembly resolutions. (eg UNGA 194, UNSC 242. UNSC 2334)
  • Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their land and the blatant refusal to allow refugees to return to their land (UNGA 194)
  • Frequent racist attacks by Israeli settlers, backed by the Israeli Defence Force, on Palestinian farmers (eg here, here, here and here
  • Seizure of water supplies and blatant theft of water from Palestinian farmers. (eg here and here)
  • Destruction of Palestinian crops and olive groves (eg here, here, and here)
  • Instances of draining sewage onto Palestinian land and crops (eg here and here)
  • Indiscriminate aerial spraying of Palestinian farmland along the border with Gaza. (eg herehere, here, and here)

“This Agritech seminar amounts to a celebration of ethnic cleansing, war crimes and human rights abuses”.

Withdrawal now is the only moral and ethical course for the government.



    • The key word is ‘wise’. Not a lot of that on display in these blogs. The US is leading condemnations of this report but it’s easy to see its appeal to the antisemites…it shares their goa – the destruction of Israel the world’s only Jewish state.

      • Criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism. Calling it that is simply the Zionists way of trying to shut down the debate, as decent people don’t like to be called anti-Semitic. It’s not going to work.

        • Yes, it is going to work.
          If you single out Israel and Israel alone for demonisation, if you deny Jews alone the right to self-determination in their ancestral homeland, if you apply a double standard and whitewash Palestinian rejectionism, racism and terrorism then you are violating the IHRA definition of antisemitism which is being so universally adopted worldwide. AI have lost all credibility with this farce and condemnation is mounting.The US has utterly dismissed the report.

          • Funny, Amnesty International has condemned at the very least –Iran, Cambodia, the US, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Thailand Russia, India, Ethiopia, China and Turkey. So tell me again how it’s only Israel that gets hammered.

            • Iran, Cambodia, the US, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Thailand Russia, India, Ethiopia, China and Turkey: all condemned as “apartheid” states on which BDS sanctions should be applied then?

          • Honestly, 30 seconds of googling got me a list of countries that had been condemned by Amnesty International, and funnily enough it didn’t just consist of Israel, Israel, Israel. Why on earth did you not do that instead of coming here and showing your ignorance in public?

            • Iran, Cambodia, the US, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Thailand Russia, India, Ethiopia, China and Turkey: all condemned as “apartheid” on which BDS sanctions should be applied states then?

              • Logic bypass again? If Israel isn’t an apartheid state when it has laws enshrining discrimination, then surely neither are those you listed. On the other hand, what are you going to do about the situation you claim, just throw stones as usual?

                • Comprehension problems again? Israel has been smeared as an apartheid state by Amnesty International. Where is the same smear on those other states. Lebanon denies its Palestinians citizenship. That is apartheid according to the new definition.

                  • Who has comprehension problems? You have had 24 hours to read, digest and research the information that ‘Guerilla surgeon’ has provided (see above!).
                    As said before, what are you going to do about the situation you claim, just throw accusatory stones as a diversion?

                    • You have comprehension problems aom. Everybody with a functioning brain knows the UN have condemned the countries listed by GS. But it has not condemned them as apartheid states, it preferring to keep that malicious excresence to Israel alone.

    • Andrew are human rights important, they should top everything. The palestinians have called for a boycott, we should be supporting them.

      • Supporting listed terrorists who refuse to even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist? I don’t think so. With AI’s egregious call to “dismantle” Israel Germany has recognised the same lethal eliminationist antisemitism of the Nazis that plunged their country into barbarism and has condemned the ludicrous AI report.

  1. The NZ Zionist Council is currently running a campaign for NZ to set up an embassy in Israel.
    Full page MSM ads ,petitioning support.
    The ads have the usual anti Palestinian bias .

      • ppssssttt — some-one tell Anne About covid-19 and it’s worldwide effect on tourism and travel ,,, EVERYWHERE.

        Or is she blaming Labor for that ?.

        Perhaps she was always for the Nats/Judith Collins/Boris Johnston “Let it Rip” herd immunity and die strategy?.


        I’ve also heard a rumor, that Boris Johnston contracted his corona virus sickness from sticking his dick in a dead covid patients mouth ,,, figuring that he did not get swine fever from the Pig.

        ,,, reportedly he suffered brain damage form his serious illness ,, but no-one can notice .

        • Ask me yourself reason and I’ll tell you. But nicely now please.
          And do keep the salacious comments for your boys’ locker room.

  2. We have already lost our major source of income, the tourism industry, thanks to Labour’s misguided policies John. And we will all be paying for it, the poor which you express so much concern for, more than most. Don’t encourage an inept govt to further undermine our earning abilities.

    • Can anyone understand or explain what Anne is trying to convey?
      It is a headscratcher trying to understand what New Zealand’s contentious involvement in a conference that has little relevance to NZ’s Agritech industry has to do with opening the doors to tourism. It is also unclear as to what it has to do with John (presumably John Minto).

  3. Amnesty International has declared Israel an apartheid state. The unchecked killing and detention of children and the uprooting of hundred year old olive trees etc show a crass arrogance and real lack of humanity, but the cultural appropriation (thanks for the link aom), claiming another’s work as their own, really, that’s like those Grimm stories where the human child is switched for a changeling (like a goblin or a pig or a pixie)
    Israel having such advanced tech as “Precision farming”, Pegasus data collection etc, well, the attitude is ‘because I can.’ Yes, I can do vile things and not get caught. Doesn’t make these vile things acceptable.
    Rabbi Weiss should have the last word today, I feel,:


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