Mocking Jamie Ridge’s privilege misses the building rage & why MIQ will get harder


Kiwi fashion blogger and socialite Jaime Ridge hits out at Jacinda Ardern over MIQ

Kiwi fashion blogger and socialite Jaime Ridge has hit out at Jacinda Ardern and the Government over what she describes as the “completely unconstitutional” MIQ system after missing out on a room while stuck in the US.

The daughter of Kiwi television personality and real estate agent Sally Ridge says she has been contacted by hundreds of her followers who are also unable to get back into New Zealand due to the ongoing MIQ system.

“How the hell do you get a spot in MIQ?” Ridge wrote in an Instagram story.

“Number 9000 in the ‘queue’ yesterday and I’m just absolutely baffled. The flights are booked and have been for weeks, then the govt changed the rules (again) … Who is running this show. A complete lack of competence. Just a bunch of muppets.

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The tsunami of snark that greeted Jamie Ridge’s confused statements of MIQ being unconstitutional (we don’t have a constitution Jamie) was justified as was the criticism of the glaring privilege of her social media humble brags.

Why are you leaving the country during an unpredictable pandemic for anything less than an emergency and then have the audacity to bitch about not getting back into the country???

But the mocking and righteous indignation aside, it would be unwise to write the anger off. NZs diaspora are genuinely angry and hurt by the quarantine measures.

The million deep Kiwi diaspora doesn’t normally vote in great numbers but I suspect the incandescent rage the MIQ is causing those locked out of their home is going to only build once the new restrictions for Omicron come into play.

New Zealanders are watching in real time horror as Omicron sweeps across the world and are without mercy for the plight of kiwis trying to get back into the country in an effort to keep Covid out.

Domestic Kiwis and those shut out are becoming as far apart on the issues as the vaccinated and unvaccinated are.

This will have political ramifications.

Last election Greens did poorly in their usually high overseas support vote because Ardern’s global stardom eclipsed the Greens, this election however the frustration is directly at Jacinda’s policies so I think the Greens will take that vote back and then some.

0ur diaspora are furious and if the Green Party rhetoric is too moderate for their anger, ACTs throw-open-the-borders-and-let-the-free-market-decide-death policy is for you.

ACTs policy has the whiff of judgmental vengeance to it that is the perfect cocktail of payback people locked out of their own home want to inflict on those refusing to open the door.

My guess is that our diaspora are far more motivated to vote in 2023 than we have ever considered and their anger at being locked out will be sharp.

I think the Greens & ACT will reap a mighty harvest from their anger and fear.

Mocking Jamie Ridge misses this.


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  1. ‘Fashion blogger & socialite’? Jesus wept. WTF has she ever achieved? She doesn’t qualify to wash our leaders’ feet, never mind criticise her. Please, give me one example of anything that she has done that gives her the right to pass judgement on our prime minister in view of our incredible Covid situation? Anything! and I will apologise and withraw

    • Er…if Covid is so incredible and serous why has the govt taken a six week holiday then? Obviously it’s not that important as fish n chips on the Tairua beach takes more precedence.

      • “The governments on holiday” theme is recurrent at the moment and popular in the Herald comments but the truth is they’re not. They never are and if you think a minister can turn their phone off then it kind of kills the credibility of the argument.

    • Agree Sean. It’s a pity TDB doesn’t do videos in its header photograph/hook. We might have been able to see a little stamp of the feet and a pout in the photo-video. The social influencers cemented a loss of respect when they partied hard on The North Shore::

      Will the new “reality’ show be called The Fanly Shore; The Patreon Shore or The OnlyFans Shore.
      Or will the new “reality’ show be called The Real Houswewives of Fanly Shore; The Real Houswewives of Patreon Shore and The Real Houswewives of OnlyFans Shore.

      Was Jamie there by any chance?? Twerking?? Working?? Influencing??

      Most Aucklanders did the right thing to put up with the COVID restrictions, but a few entitled ‘Jamie-types’ let the side down.

      Aucklander. Influencer. JAFA? Or JAFI?

      • Hate the word ‘influencer.’ It reeks of triviality. Trump is an influencer, as are /were a number of other petty dictators. Influencer is similar to ‘celebrity’-one who is famous for achieving nothing.

  2. The fact that this nothing can say whatever stupid, off the top of what passes for a head, and get the credibility she does is a shocking reflection on Nzers descent into permanent childhood….
    “Number 9000 in the ‘queue’ yesterday and I’m just absolutely baffled”.. She honestly expected the government agencies to keep track of her travel arrangements, because, well, look who she is!! Not for a second do her, or the collection of self important puff bunnies, take that number on board.. So just how many thousands are trying to get into NZ at present? My guess is that now the “pampered few” have finally clicked that they really aren’t safe where they are, they are expecting the red carpet to be rolled out for them, and the “poor ones” trying to get back to their families can wait,.. After all those people aren’t important… If these self obsessed halfwits can effect the shape of the NZ government, then the proof of our being unfit to have proper leadership is there for all to see..

    • Yes it reminds me of National ex MP Aaron Gilmours “don’t you know who I am ” statement. It’s called entitlement.

  3. Yes and no. Remember the government and media’s narrative of covid has scared 35% of the population. In addition everyone is watching with interest Australia. If they get over the hump by late January then it’s potentially a master stroke. If it’s prolonged then advantage MIQ. Only time will tell

    • What hump? They got over the last one, kind of, in October, after a shocker of an outbreak, and what about the one before that? But this isn’t just one more mountain to climb is it, it’s open ended.

      One of the things I am noticing is medical staff burning out and walking away and the NSW/Victoria experience is perfect for that. Hence the recruiting drives here for Aussie not been taken up. Better surely you don’t thrash the medical fraternity so they last?

      • someone tell Andrew Little then that he should be nice to our overworked, understaffed and underpaid nurses.

  4. Normal for 2 years almost has been international travel that is, if not off the menu fully, then down right unreliable. It’s plain as day that is what it is, no secrets. Auckland and its 1.7 million population was severed from the rest of the world including the rest of the country for 4 long months because of some me me me person having to go to bloody Australia for a break and returning with Covid Delta, FFS.

    I am over people telling us they’ve been in Norway or the UK as a run of the mill conveyancing lawyer or wherever for donkeys years not contributing Jack shit to lame ol’ NZ and now demand we welcome them back. Like you lot, we never took your abandonment of NZ personally so don’t take your persona non grata badly either. We just don’t care if you never return. Perhaps try shoplifting or not paying a parking fine in Aussie and getting a free trip back on the house ahead of everyone else as an option.

    I know we badly need Nurses, Doctors, various other medical specialists, even bus drivers but honest to God, we are not exactly screaming out for individuals whose specialty in life is taking selfies for her world audience of not many.

    Jamie should save her sophistication and gorgeousness for an audience who deserve her presence. Not boring unsophisticated New Zealand.

    • And yet, she is still a Citizen and thus has a right to return, as do all these other citizens that are somewhere overseas.
      And the MIQ Lottery is simply just the NZ form of Hunger Games. Maybe they should televise it for the entertainment of some, i can see a few posters here taht would gleefully tune in order to feel all good about themselves.

    • Seems like some posters believe this woman deserves more than the doctors and nurses required in this country but the same posters think attacking the government is good sport, so therefore feel good about themselves.

  5. MIQ /3 Waters /rents/1st home buyers/ Maori left out of loop / just a few of the many issues that will make it a close race next election if National can come up with a clear message .

    • They were left empty because the liar in chief said they could travel MIQ free the next month. Don’t fall for her propaganda.

  6. One point that needs correcting in your post Martyn; New Zealand does have a constitution. It’s just not contained in a single legal document.

  7. The coronavirus that swept the world two years ago did no harm to at least 99.9% of people (government’s reactions to it did however harm the hell out of communities). Apparently Omicron is 100 times less dangerous than that ridiculous non event. Still, good time to have shares in pharmaceuticals ay, sell the magic potions to all the rich white countries?

    • Coronavirus did no harm to at least 99.9%. And 99.9% of people who wore a seatbelt didn’t need it.

      I realise from the beginning some thought there should be no lockdowns, none of the consequent limitation on crowds gathering for events, no limiting of people coming over the border, no MIQ for those returning. And too they had it that there’d be no requirement for mask wearing.

      Do you care to suggest the sort of percentages about ‘no harm’ in those circumstances?

  8. Poor Jamie, being brought up by Sally and Matty Ridge not really a privilege but it may make her an expert on muppets 🙂

  9. God, I wish I was as gorgeous as she thinks she is.
    “Sally Ridge is an interior designer, television personality and socialite from Auckland, New Zealand. She is currently working as a real estate agent in Auckland city.” Wikipedia
    So a vital member of the community then.
    Storm? Meet tea cup. Flea? Meet the rump of society.

  10. Sure, people are angry about quarantine measures.

    Open the borders, let everyone come in, no MIQ. See how it goes. Hundreds are coming over the border. Let everyone coming in just go and get on with life. They isolate if they feel like it. (We can trust people to do the right thing of course.)

    The anger is understandable. Just like it’s understandable there’s ignorance about what a pandemic is. There are a lot of thick people who have concept of what it’s all about and they’re certainly too thick to appreciate how protected we have been.

    • And those same thick people will cry blue murder if they open the border to everyone and we see the likes of Australia, the UK and USA.

  11. over priviledged entitled wealthy woman spouts crap, nothing new more qualified than any of us, except actually most of us probably keep up with events more than she does…but the media choose to focus on a fashion blogger airhead….mmmmm wonder why…distraction? you tell me.

  12. Todays totals: 27 Community cases and 33 in MIQ seems to say it all. Time some who moan about MIQ got real. 27 out of 5 million and 33 out of what, a few hundred. Why does the media give self-entitled moaners so much airtime while permanent residents have been doing such a great job by comparison.

  13. Yes many of us are getting sick of the privileged ones like Jamie many have had two years to come home and now we have to listen to all their bullshit. They were warned to come home earlier by Winston now we still have too many moaning about not being able to come home when it suits them despite them having a high risks of bringing Omicron with them effecting the majority of us.

  14. To be able to vote, overseas Kiwi would have needed to come home within the last three years… So that’s rather unlikely that they will turn out en mass to vote next time as they will more likely have lost their voting rights.
    Makes you wonder what it means to be a New Zealand citizen…

    • So are you saying that the lock out of Kiwis is done to prevent them from voting and thus Labour and the Greens might deprive themselves of these votes? Well done Labour, Well done Greens, and wow, is that not just them. Lets do nothing surely it can’t hurt us. Vote Labour, Vote Green – its like the movie Dumb and Dumber, just it don’t finish after a 1.5 hours, its ongoing.

    • I was going to make this point. There are a million super pissed New Zealand Citizens who will not forget how they have been treated once their voting rights are restored.

  15. And yet, here we are, and since the beginning we have not invested in our health care sector, last year gave nurses a bit a run around in regards to fair pay, have not build a single facility to isolate sick people in their own clinic rather then regular health care facilities, have not established a plan how to repatriate people who would like to come back and so on and so forth.

    Vote Labour 2023 – Hunger Games for everyone but us.

    Vote Greens 2023 – cause travelling is so much fun, and we get all the spots in MIQ that you dumb kiwi stuck overseas can only dream off.

    • Tell us about these “facilities to isolate sick people in their own clinic rather than regular health care facilities.” Where, how big, managed by whom?

      And when they’re constructed (how long for that?) would they then simply be regular health care facilities?

      What would your plan be like to repatriate people who would like to come back? As I mentioned earlier, open the borders, let everyone come in, no MIQ? Let everyone come in and they just go and get on with life? They isolate if they feel like it?

  16. Don’t forget we had the travel bubble to Australia for the trans-tasman families.
    Within weeks we had the Delta breakout and three months lock down for Aucklanders.
    Every New Zealander paid the price for your family reunions.
    Lets not forget these are people who are not residents of NZ and pay no tax.

    • And Jacinda and the Government’s Covid response allows me to walk down the main street of Hamilton nodding to people as they sit outside with their friends, enjoying a coffee, shopping and simply enjoying summer. Off camping for a week.
      Meanwhile the moaners moan. Can I suggest to them Australia, America or the UK are one way destinations should you think N.Z. bad.

      • Well said Bert agree wholeheartedly. In my day there were no such things as influencers, but every village used to have an idiot, that everyone would pity. They would sit on the stone wall outside the village as a warning against sloth and inbreeding.

        “Don’t let the turnstile hit you all on the way out on your one-way trip to Australia, America or the UK!” Be sure to start up your influencing business when y’all get there.

        To be fair, influencers sounds like some sort of transmittable disease you get from wanting to lie about and do nothing and let people and advertisers pay you.

        Can you also persuade Brian Tamaki to put aside a few dollars a week out of the tithing fund for him and Tamaki Incorporated to set up in Trumplandia. We have had enough of Tamaki and his noisy ‘flockers’ disturbing the peace and quiet of our Sundays in Cranmer Square.

        Could Brian be described as a religious influenza? Or is he a political influenza?
        There’s got to be vaccines somewhere against ‘Influenzas’? But, he probably wouldn’t take it in the arm anyway?

    • I wonder how many carpenters and their families secured MIQ spots before going overseas for holidays?
      I wonder how many left-handed people and their families secured MIQ spots before going overseas for holidays? I wonder how many undertakers and their families secured MIQ spots before going overseas for holidays?

      • Missing the point Peter…they (MPs) informed the so-called team of 5 million not to go overseas to allow Kiwis into MIQ…I know they, the MPs, did go overseas…so more BS

  17. I know what an interior designer does. I am also aware of what a TV “personality” (questionable in Ms Ridge’s case?) is and I know what a real estate agent does. But could someone please enlighten me as to what is a socialite and what does the job entail? Or is she following her mother Sally’s footsteps, being one of society’s useless nothings in particular?

  18. Obviously she didn’t make the wedding invite otherwise she would have been on the first flight in just like Lorde…

  19. “Why are you leaving the country during an unpredictable pandemic for anything less than an emergency”

    You mean like a certain Labour MP who decided to vacay in the Netherlands?
    Our freedoms and rights have been stripped away from us by both sides of the political aisle.
    I hope every MP that supports this gets arse cancer.

  20. Yes we do have a constitution, Martyn. It is not a single document but a collection of laws, precedents and prerogative powers of the Queen. See the Constitution Act 1986.

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