90% vaccination rate – for all the piss & vinegar – well done NZ!

Jesus says thanks

It’s difficult to find much joy to celebrate in a never ending de facto house arrest.

The Woke are screaming that Labour’s policy this is a ‘modern genocide’ against Maori.

The Bishop Brian Tamaki mob scream Jacinda is the antiChrist.

The Crystal Karen’s scream Jacinda is raping Gaia.

The Qanon lunatics scream Jacinda is Adolf Hitler.

The Death Cult Capitalists scream Jacinda isn’t willing enough to kill her own citizens for the economy.

Grumpy farmers scream Jacinda won’t let them steal and pollute water with cow shit and piss like they used to.

Small Business scream they are on the verge of collapse.

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The double vaxxed scream why are they still under house arrest for all these antiVaxx nutters.

Despite all the piss and vinegar, NZ hit 90% double vaxxed in Auckland – an act that if we weren’t so busy screaming at each other we could recognize as the height of civil society working together for the common good!

China will try and tell history that unlike the weak democracies of the West, only it succeeded in stamping out Covid with its rigid and cruel use of State force. NZ however will also be able to hold its head up high and claim we also achieved this but through rational discussion and leadership that saw citizens empowered with knowledge so that they bought into it.

There were doubts we would ever get 90%.

We have and it’s thanks to the vast vast majority of citizens worthy of the freedoms of being a citizen.

Well done Aotearoa, there is much further to go no doubt, but getting there in one region shows it can be done everywhere.

Kia kaha!

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  1. I certainly hope you’re not eating any meat or veges ever again Martyn! There is no need to beat up on farmers incessantly. They are providing the golden eggs of trade for this country (thanks Chris T) and the food we need. Our lifestyles would be nothing much without either.
    Enjoy your tofu and miso soup.
    Support from the city, love to farmers. Mwah.

    • Clean water is the basic building blocks of a decent society. I suggest you look at the like of Somalia and India if you want to live in a world where we have no environmental regulations.

    • Magit, Martyn’s comment “Grumpy farmers scream Jacinda won’t let them steal and pollute water with cow shit and piss like they used to” is very relevant and measured. If farmers have to continue polluting our water in order to feed us (meat or any other product) then the farming model is simply wrong and unsustainable. If all that matters to you is producing foreign exchange whilst killing the environment, you need to have a long hard look at what you value.
      Attempts to divide urban and rural communities on this issue are contemptible; urban communities are just as negligent as rural – sewage regularly discharged from cities into rivers and harbours are just as wrong and need urgent addressing. Local councils have been woefully neglectful in this regard; it is the responsibility of the government to remedy these situations and not let local ego’s and empires delay a solution.
      What should be being debated is the 3 waters legislation and how it can be improved, not demanding its withdrawal so pollution can continue unabated.
      Country Calendar regularly provides examples of farmers going the extra mile to clean up the environment with the help and support of local communities; I wonder how many of those farmers were in tractors causing congestion and pollution in the cities?

      • A pretty fair and balanced comment Peter. I feel the pollution is sorting itself out in both urban and rural but with fertiliser taking years to work it’s way into water systems. You can turn the tap off but what’s in the pipe has to flow out. The shit and piss is stopping. Most farmers I know already have a hot wire preventing cattle from entering water ways. Three waters might work for me if we could trust the government or any government to implement it properly and fairly. This Government hasn’t got a good track record so far. Worse than that they couldn’t sell candy floss at a fair. You are so right they should be debating 3 waters in more depth. They don’t seem much interested in doing that and aren’t winning many friends in the process.

  2. Sounds like, as most things in NZ, the government woke force and subcontractors can’t even get the basics right and incompetence, lack of expertise and dishonesty seems to be encouraged!

    “The My Vaccine Pass is being emailed to people as an editable PDF.

    I could not believe it when a reader emailed me to point this out.

    I thought they must be mistaken. Surely the Ministry of Health would dispatch it as a read-only file?

    But when I fired up Adobe Acrobat, I could open my Vaccine Pass and change my name or the expiry date simply by using the text editing tool (your Vaccine Pass is only valid for six months because the definition of “fully vaccinated” will change next year as booster shots become available).”


    In another woke force announcement today, apparently black power gangs got permission to have a party… after the neighbours were threatened with having their throats slit and given vouchers and rent relief to be next to the hideous neighbours…

    Compassionate NZ. Well compassionate to those who abuse the system and love their individual rights,. A lot less kind to the victims who get zip, and woke thinking such as having 2 SIS agents guarding a ‘protected’ man who is determined to try and kill people or compassion to drugs and illegal smugglers who get residency here, and funny enough help fund the gangs lifestyle and recruitment campaigns.

    No wonder no money for health and education and normal folks not getting a pay rise, all the money being spent on the high needs people who seem to be increasing in NZ, and more and more encouraged into NZ to partake in the high needs experiences and welfare.

    Strangely places like Finland also are very compassionate to the criminals but do it is a educated not woke way and very intolerant of fraudulent qualifications https://www.helsinkitimes.fi/finland/finland-news/domestic/17335-finland-deported-unusually-many-foreigners-last-year-writes-yle.html.

    NZ neoliberal woke seem to involve copious amounts of money being siphoned into social projects to protect the criminals and fake paperwork seems to be the norm here. Now it’s so bad in NZ, we can’t build any houses, or send out a vaccination system with basics in place.

    • Has to be scanned so editing it won’t acieve anything. The name and DOB are coming from the database and won’t match whatever is swapped in after the fact.

      • Spot on Nick. Whether a pdf file is editable or not means little, there are plenty of ways of messing with them later. If the QR code though is set up right though and links back to the correct data it would make no difference at all as when scanned you’d be sprung.

  3. Fabulous Magic.
    The reality is the left wing hate farmers mostly out of jealousy.
    The farmers of NZ are the providers for all New Zealanders without them we would be third world.
    They truly lay the golden eggs.

    • Sorry John, you keep getting your vocabulary wrong: it’s ENVY your talking about, not jealousy.
      And just so you know, farmers are not to be envied. Many are up shit creek.

    • John, what evidence do you have that ‘the left wing hate farmers mostly out of jealously’; I certainly have not seen such a bias. Everyone should dislike pollution causes, Left, Centre, or Right, and not just in rural areas, cities have just as much to answer for.

      • Peter the rhetoric of the left has never been positive towards farmers.
        I totally agree with you on shared responsibility for pollution,

        • John, any ‘hate’ towards farmers I have seen has been directed towards the environmental damage some cause. I believe, because of the significant value farming adds to us as a country, we collectively have a responsibility to assist (government, local bodies, & communities) in working towards a sustainable farming model – but then that could be regarded as very Left wing.

  4. Your missing the point a bit Martyn. The point is even with +90% double vaxx population, it is still spreading amongst the unvaxx, AND the vaxx…so, Governments around the world are trying to extend Lockdowns (they are calling it other names), hence the unrest amongst European nations…will this happen in NZ/Aotearoa?

    • Yes, a fully vaccinated person can still catch it… BUT they are less likely to pass it on, less likely to get really sick, less likely to require expensive medical resources and support and less likely to die, sparing their families the trauma of grief. The lockdowns eg in Austria are because the virus is spreading BECAUSE of low vaccination rates. 64% Austria, 67% Germany.

    • Yes and even at 90% vaccination rate the virus still spreads and mutates into new and possibly more dangerous variants. To get the virus to fade away its likely we need a 100% vaccination rate. So why not make that the next target or like Austria have a 100% mandate. The mandate is only going to affect a small minority of people. We live in a democracy where 90 percent of the population without a death wish have already voted by their actions for vaccination. A 100% vaccine mandate can only be a good thing.

  5. Early days yet but Japan are reporting the virus has mutated itself out of business. It’s had too many mutations to the error correcting protein that allows it do what it does.

    Their infection rates had descended to less than 200 per day and no deaths for the first time in 15 months.

    Viruses do go either way and perhaps there is light at the end of this tunnel!

    • Interesting!- Historically viral pandemics do tend to become lesser as time goes on. The classic case is the Spanish Influenza. It watered down after around 2 years ( but only after it killed an estimated 50 million people and went on to become the most deadly pandemic in human history.) and became the ancestor of many of todays flu strains, but nowhere near as virulent and lethal. I do hope this is the case with wretched thing.

    • good to hear xray. The fear has been among epidemiologists that the antiviral drugs used against covid in hospitals would create mutations that were super strength like golden staph. Must read up on Japan’s experience.

    • Great comment, thanks for highlighting this Japanese success story about the Delta Virus mutating itself to the point of its own self destruction, but did we ever hear this in the NZ Mainstream Media? Not a peep of this positive news, they like to perpetuate unnecessary anxiety & Covid fear & have indulged this Fear porn propaganda by enabling silly predictions by “so called Health Experts & Modellers whose doom & gloom predictions have failed dismally to materialise yet they still plague our TV screens & continue to spout their ludicrous, end of the World Covid projections! Pathetic!

    • Great comment, thanks for highlighting this Japanese success story about the Delta Virus mutating itself to the point of its own self destruction, but did we ever hear this in the NZ Mainstream Media? Not a peep of this positive news, they like to perpetuate unnecessary anxiety & Covid fear & have indulged this Fear porn propaganda by enabling silly predictions by “so called Health Experts & Modellers whose doom & gloom predictions have failed dismally to materialise yet they still plague our TV screens & continue to spout their ludicrous, end of the World Covid projections! Pathetic!

  6. We are alive and have had few Covid deaths so far and that is a fantastic thing for this government, but removing democracy and the most stupid decisions and laws led by the woke neoliberals are a disaster.

    Today’s woke, incompetent new housing initiative (after not analysing why all their previous initiatives seem to be increasing the housing problems in NZ, not reducing them).

    New laws for housing, rushed thorough.

    “1. While “up to three” dwellings can be built on any site, there are to be no minimum section sizes. You could put two extra dwellings on your section, or subdivide it into two, or three, or more, and put three dwellings on each new site.

    2. The “do it anywhere” provision is an invitation to developers to build where it’s easiest and cheapest.

    That, says Auckland Council, “would see widespread intensification dispersed across the city in places not served by essential public transport, water and community infrastructure and in areas located far away from employment centres. This includes smaller coastal and rural towns on the outskirts of the city.” It’s an invitation to urban sprawl.

    The Environmental Defence Society (EDS) says this could even lead to “areas with significant landscape and environmental values, like Waiheke Island, being destroyed”.

    3. Developers will no longer be required to consider sunlight, privacy, safe pedestrian access, access to nature, servicing and the interface with the street.

    4. There are standards governing size and location, but even they are flawed. They’ll encourage what’s called “sausage flats”: rows of apartment blocks running back at right angles from the street, with little usable land for a garden or backyard.

    5. Want to object? Sorry, it’s all “permitted activity”. The council can’t do much, either. Even on matters of national environmental significance, there’s no recourse to the Environment Court. The minister for the environment will decide.

    6. Will developers have to include any social housing in their projects? Nope. What about universal design standards, so at least some of the units are fit for people with disabilities? No again.

    7. Are they preserving environmental standards or keeping up with the demands of a changing climate? Also no. Encouraging urban sprawl fails that test. So do the lack of standards for construction techniques and emissions over the life of the building. There’s no requirement for trees or other vegetation, either on sections or in public spaces near larger projects. “The first casualty,” says Stout, “will be the trees of the city.”

    8. The “rules and standards one might expect to find in a district plan”, as the EDS puts it, now rest with the Government. It means councils could become bystanders in the development of the cities they are supposed to be running.

    9. Why the rush? The announcement was just over a month ago and already the deadline for submissions has passed.”


    Oh, by the way, the shortages has never been land, it is our building materials monopoly and unqualified or under-qualified fraud Ponzi construction labour who are have no qualifications for the most part building, designing and approving our houses, with developers from NZ and around the world making a fast buck with no liability or risk (that’s the councils ratepayers carrying the majority of the risks).

    The new woke force is not about producing anything but a self fulfilling woke force who just keep expanding, while being funded mostly on government debt.

    Also construction is one of the biggest emitters of carbon emissions, but we only talk about farming in NZ.

    • Also don’t expect this to allow more housing, it seems to be doing the opposite as already massive floods are devastating existing housing and in spite of the fury of building, the housing situation seems to be worsening as the government ‘new build’ ‘consent’ frenzy continues. (note media always quote building consents not actual code of compliant certificates, as housing, but try living in a consent).

      Stupid consents in the wrong places, taking up massive resources for private gain, too intensive and signed off by bovine paid for engineers and councils, are increasing the housing shortages (if they even get built), not decreasing them by hijacking all the available resources and painting a false narrative.

      Residents of NZ are exodusing the worst areas, driving up record housing prices, only to have the developers pop up next to them in the middle of nowhere.

      Next minute, industry will be braying they can’t get any workers in the main centers and need to feed the Ponzi…. Doh!

      Meanwhile a generation of children are being bought up without any real standards in housing, education and with the messaging that criminals will be given massive help and subsidies, but your pregnant ‘person’ who has their baby, finds that their is now no midwife, obstetrician, hospital bed or help as it’s just not on the government radar.

      Most pregnant mums don’t turn up to corporate/government breakfasts (only the woke pronouns brigade) and government seem to be too lazy to notice that not only are they out of touch, so are all their massive mostly non expert advisors who don’t know anything and also moonlight for industry.

  7. No one in New Zealand is currently vaccinated against the next variant (covid-19 is history) and never will be, even with endless improvised boosters. You see how this works, the threat is always with us, dependence on pharmaceuticals is our only hope, the unvaccinated are the enemy to be blamed for all of life’s problems? I will not forget, I will not forgive.

  8. Heehee….”I dig the Jesus says thanks” image….groovy baby.
    Great article Martyn and interesting comments from readers too…what a fun way to start my day.

        • yesssss andy that flag has been touted like a soiled snot rag before
          ….figures for dead and seriously ill please?
          or did your twitter research from some guy who’s a doctor of crystal healing not provide those stats.

        • Have you been to Gibraltar. The streets are so small you can shake hands across it. While 100 percent are vaccinated many work in Spain and and visa versa and then there is the children and lack of booster shots yet . The death count is small and long term hospital stays are rare

        • They’re not dying at the rate that unvaxxed populations are, numbnuts.
          Transmission is not the same as hospitalisation or death.

        • yesssss andy that flag has been touted like a soiled snot rag before
          ….figures for dead and seriously ill please?
          or did your twitter research from some guy who’s a doctor of crystal healing not provide those stats.

  9. 90% good 95% better

    90% vaccination rate – for all the piss & vinegar – well done NZ!
    By  Martyn Bradbury –  November 23, 2021

    Yes. Very well done indeed.

    90% vaccination coverage is a great achievment, no doubt about it. Especially as you point out Martyn, when it was achieved against the headwinds from the conspiracy cranks and the Far Right.

    But 90% coverage is a political target, not a medical target.

    The Republic of Ireland has achieved 90% vaccination rate for all those eligile to receive it, yet is going through a big resurgence of infections. The county of Waterford where a remarkable 99.7% of all those eligible for the vaccine have received it, has been hit particullarly hard.


    The actual level of vaccination required to reach herd immunity for covid-19 in the population is unknown. Mainly because it has never been achieved.

    We know that 80% vaccination of the total population, grants herd immunity for polio.

    We know that 95% vaccination of the total population grants herd immunity against measles.

    I suspect that the level of herd immunity for covid-19 that would effectively eliminate its spread is somewhere near the 95% range of the entire population over 5. i.e. T achieve elimination and herd immunity means having to vaccinate not just the over 12s, as now, but also the over 5sl.

    Total elimination of the spread of the virus amongst the population.

    Now that would be an achievement.

    Can it be achieved?

    How different it was when we were children. My childhood recollection of being immunised, was of a no-nonsense operation; One morning the school ordered all the children at Orakei Primary, out of the classroom and into the playground, where they formed us into queues to get our shots, no ifs, no buts, no maybes. We stood around admiring each others’ welts on on our upper arm for a few short minutes, then ordered straight back to class. 

    Nobody asked our permission. I doubt our parents were even asked.

    It was a different time. 

    The War was not long over. We got a free milk in a glass bottle delivered to our school gate and drank it through a paper straw. 

    We did compulsory military drill in the playground in the morning before the start of school. No exceptions.

    In those days the government determined that to achieve herd immunity against polio and TB the total population, including children had to be immunised. And so it was decreed.

    Different times.

    In those days democracy meant elected leaders ruled by decree.

    In effect we lived under an elected dictatorship. If we didn’t like it, every three years, we got the chance to elect a different regime.

    These days our elected political leaders have to lead more by example, and less by decree.

    The pfizer vaccine has justbeen approved for over 5s in the US. Following our approval process the pfiser vaccine is also likely to be approved for the over 5s here as well. In two years time Neve turns 5. Prime MInister Ardern went before the cameras to get her jab. An even more dramatic demonstration of the government’s determination to eliminate the virus would be a video of the Prime Minister’s daughter getting the jab,with her loving parents beside her.

    Leading from the front, the Prime MInister received her own vaccination before she was normally due for it to make a point and set an example for the nation.

    To make the point even further the PM should seek disppensation to vaccinate her child at age four.

    Autocracy and democracy both share the ability to get things done. Both means of government have advantages and disadvantages.

    In the age old contest between authoritarianism and democracy, now being played out against the background of the pandemic. It is my opinion, that, over the long run, leading by example and democracy and using logical argument and persuasion, less stick and more carrot will prove to be less divisive and more effective than ruling by decree and authoritarianism.

    In the meantime, if there is a resurgence in deaths and hospitalisations, if there is any stick to be used, let that stick be used against that minority at the top of society not those of us at the bottom.

    Let’s set an example for the world.

    Let’s kill this virus off. 

    Let’s take the stringent measures necessary to eliminate the Covid-19 menace.

    Let us do it democratically.

    • Andy
      Time will tell but Sweden still looks like the winner here

      Only if by winning you mean, 15,000 deaths from covid in a population of 10 million.

      Only if by winning you think allowing 15,000 people to die a preventable death is worth a slightly better economy compared to its neighbors.

      Sweden’s COVID-19 response hasn’t saved economy

      According to Adam Sheridan, one of the authors of the study, the relatively small difference is likely due to consumers in Sweden independently deciding to restrict spending out of health concerns.

      The findings suggest that consumer spending “will drop even absent a government intervention,” Sheridan said…

      “If you accept that the difference in mortality in Sweden and Denmark is caused by the different policy choices, then our findings suggest that you actually don’t lose that much extra spending for each extra life you save,” Sheridan said.


      • Sweden had less deaths in 2020 than in 2017 which was a bad flu year.
        Swedish deaths in 2020 were 5% higher than in 2019, but 2019 was a low death year.
        I recommend Sebastain Rushworth’s blog. He is a young Swedish doctor in Stockholm. Very balanced and factual.

        • bad flu year. Jesus. This guy is an anti vaxxer, covid-is-nothing-but-a-bad-cold kind of guy. Cut the rubbish Andy. You remind me of someone called Pat from another forum.

        • Just because Andy said some quack Dr said. Doesn’t mean its true.

          Howsabout some proofs of that satement. Eh Andy?

          Sweden has recorded its highest death toll since a famine swept through the country 150 years ago

          …..After refusing to implement a full coronavirus lockdown, Sweden in the first half of this year recorded its highest death toll of any comparable period in the past 150 years.

          Sweden recorded 51,405 deaths from January to June, according to Statistics Office figures reported by Reuters.

          That was its highest death toll over that six-month period since 1869, when the country was dealing with a famine that started two years earlier; 55,431 Swedes died in that period.


            • Andy: one of the commenters on this piece is spot on:
              “Without a comparison of other Nordic countries I find this whole analysis rather suspect. Just because the analysis is long and elaborate does not mean it is a good one.

              It avoids the most obvious comparisons such as comparisons with Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland with significantly fewer deaths.

              The analysis also entirely avoids an analysis of long COVID. It makes the classic mistake of equating COVID19 with the flu when the latter does not affect multiple organs in the complex ways COVID19 does leading to long term health problems for a large number of people infected who survived COVID. The flu has no such comparable effect.

              It also completely ignores that Sweden did engage in social distancing and took many active measures. Thus it was not treated like the flu at all. Public transport, restaurant visits, number of people in the office was significantly reduced. Thus there are too many missing parts to this analysis.

              But as usual I suspect this will get voted into the stratosphere by deniers who latch onto anything opposing the mainstream narrative.”

              • I put any comment that has the word “denier” in it straight into the bin

                This article was written by an Emeritus Prof in Epidemiology and “daryl” chooses to use a random comment in the article to reinforce his dogma.

    • 15 thousand dead current death rate 10 time greater than neighbouring countries so what do you count as a win .
      Germany had more people die in WW2 so we’re they the winners of the war.
      Get vaccinated and stop a funeral

    • No Andy. You’re clearly an anti vaxxer/ivermectin/conspiracy touter. Try medicine, science and fact and turn off the devices. Some fresh air will do you the world of good.

      • I am non an “anti-vaxxer”. I’m all in favour of safe effective vaccines.
        Reading fact based blogs from Swedish doctors doesn’t make me a “conspiracy theorist”

        I get plenty of fresh air, exercise and eat healthily , but thanks for your concern in any case.

        • You say you are not an antivaxxer but you are prepared to get infected and then transmit a deadly virus to other people. You’re like someone wandering around with a bomb or an AK47 just waiting to be triggered.

          Would you go to a covid party like they have in Italy where people attempt to gain natural immunity? Those people die, shit deaths.

          • ” but you are prepared to get infected and then transmit a deadly virus to other people ”

            based on what evidence?

              • How so? Actually I give up. I have presented a couple of links to quite good fact based sites. If you Branch Covidian types want to sacrifice children to your pagan gods then so be it. I prefer to live in my world, which is somewhat more sane.

                PS John Minto is a good guy 🙂

  10. In May this year hackers breached the security systems of a New Zealand DHB and released personal health records into the public domain. There was justifiable outrage and the government was quick to reassure the public that everything was being done to bring the perpetrators to justice for this egregious crime involving the most confidential of information. Fast forward to this week. The government is ramming legislation through Parliament under urgency and without debate which requires employees to hand over their health records to private businesses and which explicitly penalizes those pushing back against forced vaccination. Private medical status is now public and obvious to all those within a business and those wishing to interact with a business. This government is no better than a criminal organisation

    • The hackers held the public to ransom for personal gain; this government is holding the public to ransom on behalf of various stakeholders. The public should have ruled out paying the vaccine ransom to the government as it only encourages further offending.

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