Andrew Little – The Cyclops inside 5 Eyes


Andrew Little pealed back the Deep State last week and no one seemed to notice.

Four things stood out.

The GCSB is now using its military grade surveillance powers on domestic ‘drug dealers’ which isn’t really why they gained mass surveillance powers in the first place. We were told this was for terrorism so it feels a tad underwhelming if this is busting tinnie houses.

We have no idea of knowing other than the Eye of Mordor is now being used domestically.

The second thing that stood out was Little’s extraordinary comment that critics of unfettered mass surveillance were hypocrites for demanding accountability over the cascade intelligence failures of the entire intelligence apparatus to prevent the Christchurch terrorist.

This is as irresponsible as his criticism of the Medicinal Cannabis Industry when it’s really his policy that is fucking up!

Post Snowden we know mass surveillance is completely open to the NSA and our criticism towards the SIS, Police Intelligence and GCSB was why they didn’t use the existing powers they have to stop the terrorist.

Those positions are completely legitimate and for Little to purposely misrepresent concerns suggests he’s picking for a fight.

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Which brings us to the third thing that stood out, Little’s aggressive assertion that he will implement new policy which will outrage critics.

My guess is that it will be the face recognition softwear Police have secretly been building.

Allowing the domestic police force to gain real time 24/7 live surveillance of the entire population of the country is a wet dream fantasy for the Police State, let’s see how well they’ve tricked Little.

Which brings me to the final point of Little’s direction.

NZ as the Cyclops of the 5 Eyes.

Little was at pains to express NZs independence within 5 Eyes in a clear nod to China AND America that we want and independent position.

With America on the verge of fascist collapse and China’s economic corruption slowly garrotting itself, NZ will try to be a floating cork between two oceans of interest.


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  1. America won’t attack New Zealand directly so we can buy yank weapons. We will need those weapons if New Zealand wants to have a balanced friendship with China.

  2. The Anti nutjob behind the protests and counterspin media who needs to be locked up!

    The NZ Intelligence Agencies are asleep again.
    Can someone please go and throw a brick at their building and point them in the right direction when they come out of the building?

    • War doesn’t happen over night. There has to be a constellation of lies, and more lies, the loss of love ones ECT before the army can be mobilised. In such a situation, I have to believe that Andrew Little is a good man, because he is our man.

  3. Andrew Little is one of the poorest performing ministers we have. His response is always I am not to blame for all the underperformance in my portfolios and he always gets aggressive with people. Peculiarly unsuited to a life in politics. Should have stayed running Unions.

    At the moment all the talk of war is only rhetoric to detract from issues at home especially in China so unless someone does something really dumb, we dont need to worry particularly. And yes the US is unlikely to throw us to the wolves as we are too close to their mates the Aussies.

  4. This is all neo-liberalism has left, quasi fascism to protect the corporations. It really is an ugly time with fear being used as a weapon to get people to give up everything in the name of security. Just a little historical reminder, the Dark Ages are the time when this happened before. I fear we are at the cusp of something deeply disturbing, unless people decide their Freedom, Camaraderie, and Life are worth more – than the cupidity of a teeny, tiny, few.

  5. The GCSB is now using its military grade surveillance powers on domestic ‘drug dealers’……..about bloody time!

  6. WELL going 5eyes by their record against actual real terrorists who actually kill and maim real people, I’d bet the local tinny house is safe.

    endemic mission creep without the ability to perform real analysis a colossal waste of everybodies time..

    .humit is the oldest and best method but it’s not hip and groovy like ‘puters.

  7. Technology will contnue to provide many different tools that can be utilused by security/crime organisations (finger prints, CCTV, DNA, infrared cameras) – it is unreasonable to expect them not to use such tools. The concern must be how such data is collected, recorded, used, and who has access to it. The legal right to gather such data and record it must protect the presumption of innocence and only allow search and retrieval under the authority of a search warrant. To ensure this happens should we require the data to be held by an independent authority?

  8. It’s my learned belief that it must become illegal to NOT do drugs. All of them. You name it? You must do it.
    Otherwise you’ll turn into a ‘Gary’.

  9. ‘These persons who are corrupted by the process of ruling over their fellow men are not innately evil. They begin as honest men.’ Lord Acton.

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