New Zealand government urged to condemn Israel’s attacks on Palestinian human rights organisations


Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa has written to the Minister of Foreign Affairs this afternoon urging Nanaia Mahuta to speak out and condemn outright Israel’s declaration of six Palestinian Human Rights organisations as “terrorist organisations”.

“This is another outrageous abuse of human rights, for which the Israeli regime has become synonymous”, says PSNA National Chair John Minto.

“Our government must speak up and hold Israel to account for this savage attack on legitimate human rights organisations”

The groups identified as “terrorist” by the Israeli government are:

  • Addameer, which supports Palestinian political prisoners
  • Al-Haq, a human rights organisation that works with the United Nations.
  • Union of Agricultural Work Committees
  • Bisan Centre for Research and Development
  • Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees
  • Defense for Children International – Palestine.

“One way or another PSNA supports the work of all these groups. They have been targeted because they are effective in bring Israel’s daily human rights abuses to international attention – and demanding accountability for Israel at the International Criminal Court”

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“New Zealand must stand with the indigenous people of Palestine who suffer under a racist, apartheid regime reinforced with unbridled brutality from the Israeli Defence Force”

“This attack is straight out of apartheid South Africa’s playbook which used “suppression of terrorism” and “suppression of communism” laws to outlaw the liberation movements of South Africa, the ANC and PAC (Nelson Mandela was a leader of the ANC)

“This attack on human rights groups is a signature move of totalitarian states around the world”

Under Nanaia Mahuta Aotearoa New Zealand has been all but silent in the face of Israel’s racism and apartheid. This complicity by silence must end now.


      • Compliance with the PRC’s ethnocide is the price No Zealand elites are prepared to pay for 30 pieces of silver.

    • yeah, like the housing crisis, the homeless crisis, the hungry children crisis, the lack of hospital beds and nurses crisis, the kids not going to school anymore crisis,

    • That frankly is not a good enough reason. Nanaia should call it out for what she is, especially as she is an indigenous woman whose culture has been trampled on.

      But no mustn’t upset the bullies of the world the USA who think they own the world.

    • It is absurd for the NZ government to be part of the anti Turkish move, which is blatantly political, emphasizing the belief of the US and Britain that they are International Law and can themselves steal and kill with impunity. The US does not even recognise International law with respect to its own citizens. This anti Turkish move and our governments pandering to the Israeli Nazis make me deeply ashamed to be a New Zealander. We will pay for every action our government promotes against the true and honest people of Palestine. The Israelis are not us. Their is more Jewish blood in my little finger than in the whole of Israel. This is not Antisemitism. To oppose Israel is to oppose evil. Those who support evil have no place in NZ. They are not us.

  1. Yesterday, i wrote the following email letter to Minister Mahuta, to several other MPs, and to a few others;


    Dear good people,

    I am forwarding a grim warning from Jewish Voice for Peace that Israel plans to shut down Palestinian human rights groups by labelling them “terrorist”.
    This is ‘beyond the pale’ . It is time for the NZ public and government to say NO!!!
    I haven’t met Raja Shehadeh, founder of the human rights organisation Al-Haq, but I feel like I know him, as I’ve read 3 of his books. A good principled man!
    Martin and I have visited the Ramallah HQ of Defence of Children International Palestine. We are very familiar wth the work they do to expose the oppression, administrative detection, beating, even killing, of Palestinian children. We have tried to tell others about the report prepared by DCIP and AFSC (American Quakers) NO WAY TO TREAT A CHILD.
    There is so much fear of being seen to criticise any action of the Israeli regime.
    The time has come to overcome that fear! ”

    Two problems:
    1) Even if the NZ went as far as verbally condemning this action, the Israeli regime couldn’t care less. Much stronger action is needed.
    2) But politicians need to be pushed by the public.
    ps Note that the warning of attacks on human rights activists comes from Jewish Voice for Peace

  2. There was good reason for optimism when Nanaia Mahuta became the Minister of Foreign Affairs and to give her her due, it seemed she was initially very nuanced in balancing her dialogue regarding China. Since then however, it is obvious that the US has pulled on The PM’s leash which has resulted in an obvious sudden loss of independent diplomacy. One of the consequences today is that NZ has had its Ambassador to Turkey designated as persona no grata for joining a choir of undiplomatically calling for the release of a Turkish dissident who is currently awaiting trial.

    Given the current lack of diplomatic independence and an eye on the legitimate interests of NZ, it is no surprise that Israel gets a never ending free pass. Sadly, no amount of urging by NZers of conscience will elicit even a comment of concern.

    It now remains to be seen if our current toothless Golan Heights peacekeeping contribution extends to defending Israel when its endless stirring of the ME pot results in declarations of war.

  3. Aren’t some Jews also indigenous to Palestine?

    But anyhow one mans terrorist is another mans Freedom Fighter

    • Of course some indigenous Palestinians are Jewish. The issue is not religion, it is Zionism
      An interesting book about pre-Zionist times, is Palestine is my Country, The Story of Musa Alami by Geofrrey Furlonge. The words are basically Alami’s, dictated to Furlonge. Alami explains that in his village, in Ottoman times, when “2 male children were born in the same quarter at approximately the same time, the 2 mothers were put in touch by the midwife ..and each suckled the other’s son. whereupon the 2 boys were deemed ‘foster-brothers’… Musa Alami’s own foster-brother was ” the son of the Jewish grocer down the street,”

  4. NGO Momitor has confirmed that the 6 groups listed by Israel are fronts for the PFLP which is held by the US Israel and the EU to be a terrorist organization. Israel has seized their funding and closed them down. Our govt will not intercede to defend terror groups. Well done.

    • Kia ora Gabby,
      As a simple soul, I would appreciate it if you enlighten me as to the credentials of NGO Monitor eg., where are they based, who funds them etc.
      Many thanks

    • Having difficulty spelling? Priceless given your abusive criticisms of others who have overlooked spelling errors before submitting content to this site in recent months!

      As for NGO Monitor, it is a typical Israeli propagandist outfit that has little substance but has pretensions of being an internationally significant organisation. In this case, they are attempting to give cover for the latest attempt to shut down reporters of human rights abuses. Why do they bother? The usual dogs that are wagged by the Zionist tail are once again yapping in concert, supportive of the slowly emerging totalitarian state they seem hell-bent on fostering!

      Perhaps someone could explain the relationship between a number of MKs and EU designated Zionist terrorist organisations Kach and Kahane Chai. How do the terrorism links substantially differ from those organisations that the Israeli Government was associated with PFLP?

  5. I think we should do a complete turn-around and acknowledge that Israelis are too fearful of everything to stand on their own feet and make decisions relating to the Palestinians welfare and the land that has been designated for Palestine along with the airspace and ground water and amenities should be administered by the United Nations.
    All the Israelis should be adopted as penpals by the rest of the world so they dsn’t feel so lost and vulnerable. It appears that they cannot rise above the horrible behaviour shown to them as a people. And how could one push that to the side of the mind. A friendly letter arriving every two weeks would raise their spirits.

    And a properly enforced system of compensation after each damaging missile or shooting by either side, which has been suggested already, would be a good idea. We have looked the other way too long. The Palestinians are bearing the brunt. The young Jewish people need another paradigm.

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