Judith promises to never, ever, ever, ever, ever resign as National Leader & we on the Left are thrilled


Judith Collins won’t resign as National leader – even if polls slip below 20 per cent

National leader Judith Collins says she does not intend to ever resign, even if her party’s polling slips below 20 per cent.

Collins was speaking to media before attending a National Party caucus meeting on Tuesday, following a dire week that saw two bad poll results and widespread criticism of her decision to attack Siouxsie Wiles for not wearing a mask while outdoors.

The National Party leader herself has admitted to getting the level 2 rules wrong while visiting Queenstown, with her mask off while ordering an ice cream at a cafe.

National hit 21 per cent support in an early-September poll from Curia – its own traditional pollster.


She loves power the way a Great White Shark loves blood.

She’s finally reached Hitler in the bunker level crazy and is vowing to raze National to the ground just so she can hold onto the Leadership.

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I mean you gotta hand it to her, girlfriend just wants it more!

To rouse the corpse of Don Brash, to cavort with the fallen one Cameron Slater and to declare that there is no poll number too low for her to manically cling to power, she’s riding the atomic bomb all the way to ground zero.

I haven’t seen self mutilation like this outside a BDSM club in Amsterdam.

To declare that you will never ever, ever, ever, ever resign is bewilderingly brave, she’s telling her cowardly National Party MPs that she expects them to fight or die.

I don’t think National Party MPs have that level of decision making or courage which is why they don’t have the bottle to take Judith out.

She is promising to sabotage who ever attempts to take her out. She has total loyalty from National’s most talentless MPs and rules by pure fear now.

It feels very scary inside the National Party now.

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  1. The National party caucus not only lack courage; they also lack integrity, cohesion, a sense of purpose, policy and choice. If not Collins then who?

  2. Entirely predictable that she would rather sink the ship than save it by handing it over to someone who can save it. And yet at the same time NZ has never needed a good opposition breathing down the government’s neck more than now.

    Labour have shown, in spades, how a lack of foresight, risk analysis and planning and capability to achieve objectives can really harm us. What I have seen over the past 5 weeks of the failed covid elimination goal is this government simply making it up as they go, flailing around like a beached whale. There was no plan, just a Hail Mary.

    Jacinda and her ministerial entourage only ever do anything if the blow torch is on them. Because the opposition are so dysfunctional it allowed the government to get away with aimless drifting for months in the face of Delta. Now, months behind on vaccinations with Delta out in the community, the economy shitting itself through Auckland being annexed, the health system no better than it was 18 months ago and housing turning poisonous, things are going to get very hairy.

    Thanks National!

  3. Hahahaha great stuff, I was waiting for you to write that! Otherwise I would have had to write it. Yep, she’ll have to be fired, make no mistake they will get rid of her. Just a matter of timing. Personally, I want her gone now, but to be honest…why? If you were their chief strategist, you tell them it can wait a while. MAybe until we get a poll with National at 15% hahaha. Look, we all know, Labour won’t do anything, let alone achieve anything meaningful from here on, due to lack of will, skill and talent. They’ll be focussing on saving face for ditching the virus elimination plan. They’ll be fighting daily case fires and MIQ anger stories for a while to come. And in the end, they’ll get caned for not having prepared the country enough. Hey, Labour didn’t even come up with the 90% Project – The Herald did! They ‘out-sloganed’ Labour, how’s that even possible???! Back to your story…yes, Collins Gone Girl, in production now, to be released sometime soon.

  4. Long may she remain NZ Nashnull’s Parliamentary leader. Many gen X, Millenial, & Zs just look at you with a “are you fucked in the head” expression if Judarth is mentioned at all in conversation.

    • So true she is a particularly good example of a really awful Gen X Dino personality, soon to be extinct. There are plenty more where she came from too, just go to your local golf club.

  5. They wanted to have no lockdowns. They didn’t want to close the borders. They were prepared to go with death to those weak enough to succumb and the survivors to, well, survive.The master plan.

    And they’re using the same model in their party. So gone are Dowie, Barry, Kaye, Muller, Wagner, Adams, Bennett … Next time round the furniture moving people in Parliament will be moving all the spare chairs out of their caucus room into the Act one.

  6. You can contrast Collins’ stance with the former Labour leader Andrew Little who was prepared to sacrifice his own political ambitions for the good of his party. Collins cares more about herself and her position than she does for her party.
    If this does not spur National MPs and members to dump her (probably kicking and screaming) then they are completely spineless and the party will likely disintegrate into factions which will probably either form their own parties or join others.
    ACT will be loving this.

  7. And all the while whilst this goes on, inequality worsens, housing affordability decreases, cost of living explodes and poverty and hardship increases. Well done us, let’s look forward to another couple of terms of incompetent and ineptitude…

  8. The ‘Dinosaur party is resigned to the wharepaku. Labour’s sister party Act will rise once more!
    2023! The Sister Act Coalition Government!

  9. Judith Collins says she will never ever resign. But she can be challenged for the leadership.
    Stock up on the popcorn folks, because it will be an entertaining scenario watching JC hissing and spitting hellfire and brimstone, if/when she loses the leaderships She will make sure National’s dirty washing will be publicly outed for an airing. Bring it on!

  10. I’ve finally worked it out, I was a bit slow really: Judith Collins is an ACT party operative sent to destroy National. Simple really, why otherwise would a skipper want all their crew to perish on a striken vessel? The irony is that the crew are still loyal to her.

    • Inspired insight Peter Kelly. ACT had its operatives inside the Lange Labour government to implement its freemarket trickle-down , so it’s not too far a stretch to join the ACTual dots and links from ultra-right wing operatives like Collins and Slater into National.

      If anyone does try to roll Judith (shudder & yech!), it will be another Trump style witch-hunt in similar ways to how Trump went after Liz Cheney and the others who turned on him. And let’s face it, JC and CS are way scarier are Trump.

      I like mary_a’s “Stock up on the popcorn folks” comment above. Slater, Collins and the right-wing operatives have been influential in ‘kneecapping’ smaller, less popular parties. The Collins and Cameron cannibalisation of National in 2021 is just another iteration of this. Makes me happier than the Roger-ing infiltration of Labour in the 1980’s.

      Except now, there’s no state assets left to sell, so the motive will be purely personal.

      I’ve ordered my takeout popcorn online.

  11. With Judith Collins it does appear she regularly as clockwork suffers from “Foot in Mouth Disease”. That is every-time she say something it always means she looks like an idiot for saying the comment.

    A while back she demanded that politicians – which she considered ‘essential workers’ – should be in parliament because she just couldn’t get the hang of Zoom and wasn’t smart enough to figure out Zoom.

    And so she managed to bugger off out of Level 4 Auckland to Wellington on the pretext of ‘serving NZers and especially those in her electorate’. She probably could ONLY tolerate Level 4 Auckland for say about 2 weeks before she found some self-serving way of getting out of the city. Her excuse, as I said, because she wanted ALL politicians to be in parlament.

    What I have noticed about her to date is whilst Auckland remained in Level 4 for almost 5 long weeks Collins was gallivanting around the lower N.I and into the S.I. on what I can only call a Grand Tour of Self-serving, Photo Opportunistic Attention Seeking purposes.

    She obviously gave little or scant thought about those Aucklanders even within her very electorate who have had to survive and be law abiding citizens during Level 4 whilst she was having a chance to enjoy a meal at a restaurant etc with some National Party supporters.

    When National demeaned itself to being lower in the Polls Collins swore ‘Blue and Blue’ that she would resign as leader. But as the pay packet and perks of the job was constantly assured into her bank account thanks to the generosity of the NZ taxpayers she now comes across as an opportunistic self-serving trougher.

    She cares more about herself and HER image than anyone else in NZ and especially those in HER very electorate. What an insult to National she has truly become. Not exactly a credit-worthy person to be a leader of a party let alone a country if by some misfortune that insane little woman became prime minister of New Zealand.

    She is paranoid and insecure. But National got what they voted for. If any of the MPs have the guts to stand up to her then I hope they do. But they must be aware how mentally insecure and unstable she is and she will blame everyone else but the face staring back at her in the mirror. She has demeaned National but I am sure all along she has wanted to be its leader. But the way she has now taken National is into oblivion.

    I can hardly see that political party surviving to celebrate 100 years of existence in the mid 2030s with Collins at the helm in its current state of destruction. The destruction is all mainly due to EGO and self-interest.

  12. While it no longer surprises me, it’s still disappointing to see how easy it is to distract people into missing the point completely…. This claim of Aunty Judiths is pure theater.. She knows better than anyone just how tenuous her position is, and she knows full well why it is that the “news media” have given John Key air time when he is as relevant to governing in NZ as I am to cordon bleu cooking skills… She knows that cousin Chris is being set up to replace her, and she knows what that will do to the party of the old empire.. And I would guess that she won’t care unless her payoff isn’t commensurate with her “position”… Let’s face the facts.. Since when has the colonial privilege party ever been honest, and open about what goes on within the party hierarchy? When have they ever been honest about the true agenda behind their actions? John Keys job is to ensure that whoever leads the tories is both open to the bidding of Keys owners, and competent to impose a program that ensures their agenda is followed as ordered… Judith isn’t that person.. A fundamentalist evangelical nutcase is the perfect person for that job, and that is exactly the person Key, with the willing assistance of the NZ news media, is working to install in place for the next election.. They need to win this one, as another three years away from the levers may make it too hard to reset back to becoming a convenient house pet for the warmonger Biden, and his gang of christian terrorists.. NZ needs to be totally beholden to both China, and the USA if the plan is going to work smoothly.. Key had us perfectly placed for that, and they won’t tolerate any watering down of that helplessness…


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