Woke dogma as social policy in Oranga Tamariki at its most disgusting!


Read the horror of this disgusting situation…

Oranga Tamariki wants girl removed from couple after three years because it says her cultural needs are unmet

A traumatised and neglected Māori girl was placed in the care of a Pākehā couple. They have provided her with a safe, healthy, loving environment for nearly three years. No one disputes that the girl, now nearly 6, has received excellent care from the couple.

But Oranga Tamariki and the girl’s iwi want her removed because they don’t think the couple can meet her cultural needs.

Over a recent week in the Family Court in Napier, the circumstances that led to this battle were laid out in painstaking detail. Also laid out: a series of gaps, mistakes and falsehoods perpetuated by Oranga Tamariki social workers.

…The deplorable lies by the social worker who was saying one thing and writing corrupted reports.

The refusal to provide any cultural support to the pakeha foster parents.

The disgusting manner in which the social workers manipulated the process.

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The financial damage to the Pakeha foster family.

The psychological damage to the young Māori child caught in the middle.

The constant deception by Oranga Tamariki management.

The lies told to the replacement family OT were trying to line up.

And all for what? Because some jumped up little woke wanker believed a Māori child who had been with a while family for 3 years was wrong.

The thing that makes me most incandescent with rage is that this whole sick fucked up situation IS NOT Māori tikanga!

There was no mana here, no respect, no Aroha, just woke identity politics dogma!

I have argued time and time and time again that Oranga Tamariki, which is a neoliberal experiment in welfare, needs to be closed down and replaced with a real Māori tikanga focus as I believe those values are far more beneficial to all children, regardless of race because the hollow neoliberal model only cares about cost.

What we are seeing in this appallingly racist approach by these jumped up woke culture warriors is critical race theory NOT tikanga.

This appalling case mirrors what OT are doing elsewhere by stealing back Māori children who have already been placed with whit families.

Right now OT are gagging Newsroom over a similar case where OT played the exact same woke race city all theory over 4 Māori children placed with a Pakeha family…

Court orders Newsroom to remove Oranga Tamariki video

UPDATE Judge orders Newsroom to remove from our website the Melanie Reid documentary on Oranga Tamariki taking children from foster parents in a ‘reverse uplift’

A High Court judge has ordered Newsroom to remove from this site a video documentary on Oranga Tamariki social workers removing children from their ‘forever’ foster home.

In the High Court at Wellington, Justice Francis Cooke also directed Newsroom to remove two other articles, one a full text story on the findings of the documentary and one reporting the reaction of Children’s Minister Kelvin Davis to the story, and remove a photograph that appeared on a fourth story.

…the fucking audacity is that Oranga Tamariki have managed to censor that story under the pretence of looking after the 4 children’s welfare which they clearly are not looking after.

This is a reminder that the Sate looks after itself while pretending to care about you.

Oranga Tamariki took this story down before the rest of NZ had a chance to see it, and they have done that because once the rest of white NZ realises what Oranga Tamariki have done here, there will be an explosive backlash against Labour.

Oranga Tamariki placed 4 Māori children with a white foster family.

Oranga Tamariki told those 4 Māori Children and the white foster family that it was a ‘forever family’ in that the Children would no longer be endlessly moved around and could finally call this place home.

The white foster family sold their home and bought a bigger home for their new family.

It lasted 2 years.

Then Oranga Tamariki came under heavy criticism for their Māori baby uplift programme that uses big data algorithms to save the State down stream costs in what is nothing more than a neoliberal welfare experiment and that criticism of due process and compassionate outcome sparked a panicked response to review all Māori children placed with white families and then insanely remove those vulnerable children from those white parents.

By pretending to care about the 4 children they are traumatising, Oranga Tamariki have managed to temporarily censor Newsroom so they can buy time to desperately get their story straight before Pakeha NZ realises what they’ve done.

Panicking and just removing Māori children from white homes they’ve been told are permanent, Oranga Tamariki have shown they are a broken and counter productive agency who are actually endangering and causing pain in Children’s lives.

If a Māori child can be place with whanau and supported at the start, fine, but you can’t place children in a family, tell them it’s permenant and then lie!

This latest case of stealing back Maori children from pakeha families is NOT tikanga, it is woke critical race theory and if National ever worked their shit out, this would be the issue they pick up and criticize rather than bullshit ‘Aotearoa’ referendums.

The damage these woke critical race theory cretins are causing these poor little children alongside the trauma they are committing against the foster parents is an abomination.


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  1. You used stronger language than I would although it represents my feelings about this example fairly well. While I don’t necessarily agree that we should give children everything they want it would have provided some valid insight into this example if we had knowledge about how the young girl felt. Your comment about her receiving excellent care would tend to suggest she was happy there.

  2. Martyn, I often disagree with you being more Conservative in my views, but I absolutely admire the way you are taking on all these issues fearlessly and highlighting the cruelty, foolishness and stupidity of the people making these decisions about families. Thank you!

  3. The cynic in me believes National already knows about this and are planning to use this type of example as guerilla warfare closer to the election cycle. The realist in me is that they are just too lazy and feckless to dig deeper than they are.

    As a concept this example shows the weakness of Wokeborg. Like it’s namesake while powerful it is incapable of changing its trajectory and this in the end will be the demise of the Blairite. The social experiments in social welfare (hotels), law and order (let’s be friends with the gangs) and children (school lunches, OT) and Maoridom (He Puapua, water rights) have been lessons in ham-fisted application of puritan dogma.

    Outside of Delta coming into the country and being successfully eradicated without lasting economic damage the downward slide for the government is on.

  4. Wtf! Are they crazy. They have found a good placement for this children. The parents really want her and they are thinking of removing her?

    Where do cultural needs come in Maslow hierarchy?

    Batshit insane

  5. Askshully culture is very important we only have to look to other countries to see how important their culture and their language is to them, yet we are to quick to put the boot into the Maori culture here, oh! unless there is a buck in it.

  6. I know of other cases where Maori women had their children taken by the state back in the 60s and given to Pakeha women who never allowed them any visiting rights or when they did they were bloody horrible to them and these aren’t cases of abuse or neglect, their kids were taken cause they were not married as they did this sort of thing in those days.

  7. Of course culture is important, but in this context, safety and attachment bond, stability would trump culture

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