Why cancelling Judith from Pride might be a really dangerous decision


Judith Collins hits back at Big Gay Out organisers after revelations National might be disinvited due to conversion therapy vote

Judith Collins is hitting back at the organisers of Auckland’s pride festival Big Gay Out after they revealed her and her MPs might not be invited to next year’s event after National voted against a ban on conversion therapy.

It follows Pride organisers also telling National the party’s no longer welcome.

“No we wouldn’t want to welcome the National Party to Pride because of their really dangerous and harmful positions,” says Pride organiser Max Tweedie.

Tweedie says National’s vote against a ban on gay conversion therapy equates to a vote in favour of the abhorrent practice.

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“Vulnerable young people, vulnerable people generally, being submitted to these practices – that we know don’t work, that cause harm in every instance, and can drive members to our community to at worst suicide – that’s what the National Party is supporting.”

Max Tweedie of course believes that Judith Collins press secretary is a member of a Hate group (something the Court actually ruled against remember) so if that’s Max’s starting point, cancellation is demanded by woke dogma.

Could I suggest that perhaps cancelling Judith from Pride is an incredibly dangerous game for the Woke to play here?

I appreciate in the echo chambers Max exists in, everyone loves the militant and exceptionally angry Trans movement.

Could I humbly suggest not everyone does?

It’s not that NZ is particularly transphobic or homophobic, there are pockets of that of course, but the vast majority of Kiwis are pretty accepting and accommodating for the rainbow community because of the work that community put into gaining that acceptance.

NZ supported gay marriage when it happened and the legislation making it far easier for the Trans community to get the legal paperwork they need to live passed the second reading state this week!

Last month we celebrated 35 years since the homosexual reform legislation and I vividly remember that debate.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family in the 80s that was very clear about homosexuality being a personal choice that was as valid as anyone else’s choice so the debate was the first time I was exposed to the naked malice and rage from many Christians at the decriminalization of homosexuality.

It was a view that was in stark contrast to the rainbow communities values of love, family and inclusion. Indeed ‘Pride’ was developed as an acknowledgment during the AIDS epidemic that if people didn’t love themselves, they wouldn’t protect themselves with condoms.

It seemed to me then as it does now that the rainbow community worked hard to be accepted via a campaign of genuine love and compassion which eventually succeeded.

Enter into this, the very militant and angry Woke Trans rights movement.

To appreciate how much these new Woke activists despise their own rainbow community activists from the 1980s and 1990s, just listen to those involved with over taking the Pride Parade a couple of years ago…


Remember, Stuff.co.nz and RNZ use those people as commentators regularly.

Add in a violent and vicious power struggle between Gender Critical Feminists and Trans non binary 4th wave feminists and you have a middle watching this schism in fascinated horror.

Include easily triggered micro aggressions on social media and you have a pure temple movement that excludes through its inclusion, where slavish devotion to woke dogma trumps all else.

Into this toxic soup of debate comes the plan to criminalize parents for stopping puberty blockers from a piece of legislation most Kiwis thought was about preventing Christian nutters from praying the gay ghosts away though exorcisms.

Cancelling Judith will give a focus point for all the ill will the Trans debate has caused, banning her will give that ill will a political home.

The 1980s rainbow values of family, love, inclusion and acceptance could prevent this, unfortunately the current woke activists can’t see that.

I think the radioactive way this debate has been conducted with toxic Woke warriors has generated far more resentment than Max Tweedie has calculated.

Cancelling Judith from Pride might be a really dangerous decision.


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  1. Wokeborg can’t help itself – it has one goal. Assimilation of all and destruction of all competing thought. History supports a short, sharp and violent war where puritan thought is eventually destroyed by common sense and the will of the balance of society.

  2. A gay friend of mine always voted Labour, right up until gay marriage passed through Parliament. From then on he told me he votes National. When I asked him why, he said “I vote with my wallet now”


  3. This assumption that those who aren’t for them are against them, is childish petulance, but dumb is dumb, and the big picture escapes them; victimhood is global currency – exclusivity is self-defeating – morons.

  4. Meh! who cares who is or isn’t invited to the gay parade or whatever its called now.
    Used to be a specticle with 30 odd thousand onlookers enjoying the parade and party atmosphere…nowadays not so much as its not what it used to be because the militant element has taken over and ran through the whole organisation like a bad prawn curry, its just a shadow of its former self now.

      • Ohhh bert how witty, would never have thought you would refer to National or Key in any of your posts….how original of you, outstanding! I would say ‘keep it up’ but unfortunately you know nothing else, the blinkers seem to be working for you though.

    • As a child of the sixties whose coming of age was in the seventies, I find free love isn’t what it used to be. IMO the gay “movement” peaked when Felix and handbag house was playing out in clubs – circa 1993/4 – the rave and EDM scene just mashed it all together and people got on with their lives. Still enjoy the odd night out on the K (the road) – who cares if they cancel National – bloody conservatives can kiss my a… – that’s one thing that hasn’t changed since forever.

  5. Yes Labour Party today can’t cast a shadow they have betrayed the original principles of the Party.
    I’m right and Pronoun totally agree.

    • John I do not agree with you, I was talking about the LGBTQ activists, not the Labour Party. The LGBTQ’s are becoming more tribal than the Taliban in Afghanistan, less coherent, and bigger haters. They need to grow up, acquire respect for others who differ from them, learn basic good manners, and accept that there’s nothing wrong with being cisgender- or as boring as they are.

  6. Judith turning up would be the ultimate act of virtue signalling given her position on gay issues depends on what’s politically expedient that week. But banning someone generally makes the person doing the banning look small and petty and tends to make a martyr out of the one banned. You also run the reputational risk of your event being known as the one that bans people rather than what is celebrates. Newspaper columns and tv segments will define it as that.

    • I hate Judiths politics buts she’s incredibly gay friendly she just didn’t agree with the locking parents up part of gay conversion therapy.

      In fact she’s actually pretty damn socially liberal which is why it’s quite hilarious that some lefty’s equate her with the alt right.

      She’s pro abortion pro trans rights pro gay marriage but shock horror pro free speech and not criminalizing people for not being those things

      I hate her politics economically cos she’s a neoliberal I do find it hilarious that people are turning her into like marine Le Penn in their minds though

  7. Omg I just took the time to watch that video………

    These young people are very all or nothing thinkers. That is the best I can say.

    I feel desperately sorry for all the older members of the Rainbow community who fought so hard for their rights and now have to deal with these destructive people.

    Are these the people who are pushing the radical trans agenda, which imho is anti-women?

    This could backfire on the Rainbow community. I believe NZders are reasonably tolerant in the main, but won’t have a lot of time for these activists once they are exposed.

    Having a close relative associated with SUFW, I have to say they are a sane bunch of people and a million times better than those in the video clip

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