Newshub-Reid Research Poll: Left crash – Right Rise!


Well, well, well – Labour’s free speech fiasco explodes and does exactly what TDB warned it would do, empower ACT…

Newshub-Reid Research Poll: ACT soars to 11.1 pct, Labour plummets to 43 pct and National still not cracking 30s

For the first time since her historic election result, the glow from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s gold medal win has tarnished.

Labour has hit hurdle after political hurdle and it’s hurt badly, in the latest Newshub-Reid Research Poll. But National and Judith Collins won’t be cracking the champagne – they don’t even make the podium, because an old ally has become her greatest threat.

…TDB has been predicting for sometime that ACTs rise is no fluke or protest vote, but instead a seismic shift on the Right which seals National into a political death spiral.

Part of National’s historic loss was the changing demographics, Nationals zeal for self-mutilation and a large chunk of unprecedented solidarity that brought vast female 45+ Vote home to Labour, but a chunk of it was ACT becoming a right wing values party.

Freedom of speech, gun rights, cancel culture – these became rallying calls for disaffected right wing vote who were sick of National’s social conservatism and yearned for a modern values based right wing politics.

ACT have stepped into that culture war gap and as debate polarizes, they will cannibalize Nationals vote.

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ACT are better at culture war value positions than National whose openly racist dog whistles are ham fisted and banjo twanging.

Don Brash unified the Right as National Leader but ACT intends to hollow National support out and become the de facto Opposition.

While Seymour is Leader, this reactionary right will stay within the spectrum of decency however if one of those vile social climbers beneath him took over as ACT eclipsed National, we are in for trouble.

The magnitude of how far right ACT are isn’t acknowledged while they’ve been fringe but this will come to a head in 2023 when ACT vs Labour-Green are the parameters for a vastly more polarized political debate.

Much to the shock of the woke, the Hate Speech legislation is going down as well as a cold cup of sick and thanks to proxification via social media, all those Woke screaming for the desire to start narking on fellow citizens social media is making those fellow citizens recoil in horror.

Drop a drip of power onto your average Middle Class Identity Politics Spinoff/Stuff subscriber and they mutate into a thousand Tiny Hitler’s, a phalanx of little sisters whose eyes gleam with the same Dogma Cult of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

What we are seeing is a reaction to woke fascism.

People want solutions to housing, inequality, climate change & covid recovery, what they are getting are blasphemy laws, criminalising the misuse of pronouns and an $800million bike bridge.

Shitting on Mike King also isn’t helping.

Under the Hate Speech powers being proposed, the first you will know there is a problem is a knock at the door by Police asking to interview you about what was in your heart when you wrote something on your Facebook page 2 years ago.

In a cultural landscape of woke micro aggression policing, people will stop fearing minorities facing hate speech and they will start fearing being accused of hate speech.

I’ve told you a thousand fucking times that we on the Left will be damaged by eroding free speech and pursuing petty woke issues over economic justice.

That damage starts now.

Could the Woke please stop handing ACT ammunition?

5 years in prison for stopping your teen using puberty blockers isn’t helping.

The interesting breakdown on gender by Roy Morgan gives some insight into how the 2023 election strategies might play out.

I’ve argued for some time that Key’s successes at winning 3 terms was driven by his appeal to 30year old Labour voting women, they stuck with National in 2017 but moved by Jacinda’s Covid leadership caused a seismic shift towards Labour.

So Labour plus the Greens dominate in the female vote where as ACT and National dominate in the male vote.

There is no way for National or ACT to win that female vote back, indeed the hard right element of both parties means they are likely to scare more away, but what it does allow for is National and ACT to raid the left for their male voters, especially those alienated by the woke culture war stuff.

It’s no surprise that Simon Bridges is releasing a book on masculinity next month.

The Left aren’t politically delivering beyond keeping Covid out while their activist base alienate with a militant cancel culture shrillness.

0n this poll, Winston is back.

I’ve been warning that woke backlash from the identity politics left will trigger the dormant political fault line of ACT and ACT are growing to the point where they will eclipse National- and it’s happening.

National already have those Ute protest votes, Nurses don’t vote ACT and Landlords already vote ACT – a 9% drop is Labour losing the suburbs and that’s culture war issues not economics.

That shock 9 point drop by Labour will be hard for the woke today because voters are responding to them not Labour and Jacinda – this is what a culture war actually looks like. Voters are frightened by the idea of the woke gaining Hate Speech powers  to come after them like they did with Rachel Stewart.

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  1. You’re right. Mostly what people want is to be housed, fed, healthy and treated fairly. Things Labour were elected on.

    They’ve given up entirely on housing, an unforgivable disgrace, and more or less by virtue of the former, people lower down are unlikely to be fairly treated and less likely to be healthy, each week incrementally worsening.

    Instead they give us precisely what we did not ask for, abysmal totally unnecessary legislation carrying big prison terms. It’s all these dipsticks can manage.

    From the PM down, get your heads out of your arses and start delivering on what you promised and stop wasting everybody’s time with fuckwit social engineering. Either that or give up.

    And how the fuck did the useless Green Party go up? How?

  2. Sue Moroney’s comments just threw fuel on the fire, didn’t they. Not a lot of self-awareness there.

    • But…. remember how people used to buy into the equally stupid right wing racist mantra,” If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

      Stupid comment by Moroney in the current political climate though.

      • Or “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to worry about”

        Or “Hate speech, when you see it you know it”

        Lot of stupid going on, indeed 🙂

  3. Watching ‘Labour’ flop off the table is like watching socks wash on wool cycle.
    We’re being groomed to be handed over to american billionaires as the planet melts.
    “Winston’s back” ! So is genital herpies. All we can do is scratch the itch until it becomes a pain in the arse. The real problem here is that no one’s got the ability to creatively think our way out of this shit.
    “Newshub-Reid Research Poll” Who the fuck are they?
    See? That, right there, sounds like bullshit hitting the ground. “Plooooop! ” Bull goes ” Oh yeah baby.. Laid a bigun ”
    Is this it…? Is it? If it is? We. Are. Fucked.

    • Ever wondered why there is only one sock getting washed?.. I’ve never worked out why….its always one sock that gets washed,… maybe the other ones always under the bed,…I dunno…its like neo liberalism, always full of excuses why they don’t get to be taken to the cleaners….

      But she’s a rough night out there, CB,… I’m thinkin of the mariners and their safety. She’s a howlin’ winds and heavy seas for them.

  4. I think being homeless and hopeless and unable to ever be able to own a home in your own country whilst the traitor who said she would fix rising house prices lied directly to our faces may affect the party calling itself Labour more than the free speech fiasco. Greedy selfish people vote right, greedy selfish people now also vote left. Genuine caring and empathetic people have no party to vote for. Not in this greed fuelled country anyhow.

    • spot on @ex-Labour I am losing count on how many people I talk to these days who don’t know who to vote for ( Green, National and Labour voters).I make suggestions Read policies I say that narrows the field a whole lot.Many are considering not voting for the first time in their lives.

      • That will be how the Natz get in, Labeen voters are so disgusted with the woke policies and decreasing rights and lack of accountability becoming more obvious by the day aka Dome Landfill, roads full of trucks, overcrowded schools, hospitals and Covid breaches by opening up the borders, that they stay home.

    • Yep, Ex-Labour, you are correct. Okay, National created this problem of oversubscribed NZ and they are the ones that left us all jam-packed like sardines in a burning hulk spiraling towards oblivion, but the ultimate frustration is the cockpit full of blinky-eyed squawking chooks that haven’t got a clue how to put out fires!

      Kiwi people traditionally like to have their own homes, and while a rental can make a nice home it’s also nice to feel the sense of security that belonging to a patch of land and some buildings can bring, even if it’s a fragile dream. Everyone needs a home where we can live, belong, and share, and it is utterly tragic and dangerous to see so many people now homeless, and increasingly hopeless.

      It’s a terrible thing that among the tens of thousands of New Zealanders for whom hope is some sort of sad, alien concept, there are growing numbers of children inflicted in their mother’s womb with foetal alcohol spectrum disorders, meth addiction and worse. Children being violently attacked and abused. Damaged, broken kids who face lives of abject misery and with little or no hope of ever escaping. Too many dying hopeless. Seeing and hearing about children like this and seeing and hearing constant, infuriating reminders of the failures of successive NZ governments to work effectively to solve social problems, it’s hard to imagine NZ avoiding a kind of ultimately tragic reckoning.

      Hopelessness, like Covid, is a potent contagion but unlike Covid, hopelessness is not as quick to kill and it doesn’t necessarily need to kill the human machine to wipe the humanity from it. Hopelessness is also far reaching. People who have nothing, and have nothing to gain, have nothing to lose. Why wouldn’t someone lash out at a system that hates them, or the people in that system? That’s when rich people get stabbed and burgled. That’s when rich people start reading that gangs are recruiting record numbers of new gangsters.

      I voted for ACT in the last election solely on the basis that Labour shafted firearms license holders. Certain things the govt did after the Christchurch shootings made me sit up and take notice, and I told people “Holy shit, look what the politicians are doing to those folks. They’re just ignoring everyone’s rights and treating them like absolute dirt, threatening them, and vilifying them to distract the rest of NZ from certain unattractive realities.” The law changes themselves were bad enough alright, but they were actually overshadowed by the devious methods employed to pass them. ACT were the only people in parliament who stood up for what was right, and though it may well have been a cheap pitch for a couple of hundred thousand votes – ask NZ First whether it worked!

      So yeah, it might have been Judith Collins 10% better off now – if she hadn’t behaved so reprehensibly during the First Tranche “consultations” (three days of utterly cynical faux democracy), but she did, so she’s not.

      And Labour – well, if the rest of NZ had backed the shooting community – all the plumbers, posties, lawyers, electricians, farmers, bankers, wives, husbands, partners and lovers and everyone else that has a legitimately earned firearms license here in NZ, all Labour’s subsequent failures, wastes, and travesties could have been sorted out a lot sooner. After all, it became blatantly obvious during its political firearms law meddling that this govt had set up to do business in the sort of way that didn’t involve any real level of democracy. Trouble was, most people were too busy laughing at gun owners to notice.

      I am worried as hell about this country’s political landscape right now. I might yet simply vote again for ACT, for the same reason as last time, but it would piss me off hugely if I felt forced to do that because the rest of the options remain so bleakly uninspiring.


  5. Winston may be able to attract those ladies back . I doubt if he would go with Labour again if he got back into power. So much of Labours lack of any real leadership is starting to show . You have the side shows of Kris with his foot in his mouth again Angry Andy fighting the much loved nurses and gangs getting the nod of approval while the police are struggling to get new recruits.

  6. Sue Moroney’s comments were astonishingly stupid. It was clear from Jack Tame’s discussion with Steven Price that the proposed laws are impossibly vague, but Moroney managed nevertheless to ignore that and say: “If you think that what you’re about to say or tweet might be hate speech and might be captured by the law, don’t do it.”
    Say what? The whole problem is that people have no idea what will be proscribed and neither does Ardern and Faafoi who are managing the introduction of the laws (nor, it appeared, does Steven Price, who is a media law expert).
    Moroney’s smug arrogance is telling. It’s essentially a patrician talking down to the plebs, who isn’t self-aware enough to understand the painfully obvious limits of her intellect.

    • Yep. The translation of that quote by her is “STFU!” …to anyone/ everyone who might disagree with her.

      “Freedom of speech”? What a sad joke.

    • Again, by her statement, they are passing a law carrying up to five years imprisonment, – the terms of which they are unable to define or to clarify!! Just how loopy crazy is that??

  7. The PM and the whole of the Health Dept poohing on Mike King isn’t going down well with my apolitical younger male relatives either: Mike is emerging as a heroic male role model, and boy do we need them.

  8. Labour have become complacent. They need to know that even their most staunch supporters have their breaking point. And, they have found mine.

    By my recent reading of parts of the new education curriculum, they are in effect grooming our children to accept radical medical interventions in their own otherwise natural development through adolescence and puberty. To me, what they are doing now is a form of child abuse.

    As well, they have brought in this new bill which denies parents the right to even question that mandated “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” indoctrination.

    Our children are being experimented on, socially and medically. This is horribly wrong.

    • They are deliberately ignoring the housing crisis with our neo lib finance minister refusing to allow Kainga Ora headroom to borrow more money to build more homes. Grant is far more willing to please the financial gods than he is to ensure people are housed. And Grant, it’s not as if most can afford to buy a home anymore now is it? So what is it, mass dysfunction and homelessness or intervention? It’s not both.

      If Labour continue to ignore housing, and I mean do not start mass building immediately then they deserve to lose, big time. Fuck them, they’re a waste of time.

      • Yes. There are several other lines of action they could take towards increasing housing supply, too. They need a multi-pronged approach, and to think outside the box.

      • i disagree i am mt roskill the whole area is being torn up for high density house your talking bull shit our problem is disconnect between houseing and incomes nobody is going to like the cure that is higher intrest rate and crash the housing market and proesto there goes the economy

    • Kheala – You and a couple of others have provided good factual input about current education policy, and its questionable impact upon the natural development of children with the gender and sex issues which preoccupy the Greens now being imposed on young kids. Thank you for that.

      I ditched the Greens after their Muslim vigil performance that awful night in Auckland. The current overreact about conversion therapy, while simultaneously threatening parents who are legally and morally responsible for the well-being of their children, is so bad, that I shall never vote Labour again either. Unfortunately, that still doesn’t solve the problem of children being robbed of their innocence or legally tinkered with, or why it is being done, but if it is diversion tactics, then I agree with the person who described the government as evil.

      • children being robbed of their innocence or legally tinkered with

        Yes. Something is very wrong, right there.

      • I think that if our children know that we will always speak our truth and always be honest with them, no matter what stupid laws are passed, then that is what will really matter further down the line.

  9. There’s only so much you can ride a one-trick pony; or listen to your favorite tune before it gets annoying. Outside of covid all this government wants to do is pander to their minorities. Without the old coot there is no handbrake and insanity arises.

    Wait till the sheeple realize that getting vaccinated won’t open the country back up and Delta gets a hold and Hendry, the pink lady and St Ash bully the Blairite into L4 on steroids. The key is to watch Europe. If low death rates for those vaccinated hold then the game is over and the current situation becomes politically untenantable.

    • FGS Frank the Tank don’t live up to your pseudo. We don’t want to run over and crush everybody who offers some good advice and helps us. I agree that what we have is totally unsatisfactory, but I think a lot of us are searching for something definite and reliable and aiming to help us so don’t drown us in negatives. Some are better than others, they aren’t all equally bad, and soon we will have to sort through the discount bin and see if we can find a matching pair of something

      The original closing date for submissions on The Counter-Terrorism legislation: The closing date for submissions is (was) 25 June 2021.

      But the government wants YOUR feedback so get to it. Don’t just talk here, rein in your anxieties and distrust, and spell it out in polite but firm words to this benighted government that is dog-paddling in circles. Say your concerns now before legislation is passed and you find you have committed an offence by passing critical remarks about some aspect, and there will no doubt be many to criticise.
      Providing your feedback –
      Your feedback will help to inform decisions on whether and how to update our laws.
      You can have your say by reviewing the Discussion Document and answering the specific questions relating to the six proposals.
      Discussion Document: Proposals against incitement of hatred and discrimination [PDF, 408 KB]

      Submissions are open from 25 June to 6 August 2021. You can submit:
      through the Citizen Space website(external link)
      by emailing, or
      by post to Human Rights, Ministry of Justice, SX10088, Wellington

      An earlier RadioNZ piece on it:
      The Radionz report said: Public submissions open today and close on 6 August. The government’s discussion document includes steps on how to submissions.

      • Lol. They won’t listen to anyone. They already have the answers they want. Don’t worry at this stage they are going to lose middle class white females in suburbia and we won’t have to worry any more

      • Of course they’ll ignore anything that doesn’t fit, if they read it at all. Just like they did with the 1000s of submissions they received against their failed changes to our firearms legislation. Submissions which were read & “digested” in under a week, so they could ram the legislation through.

        We want your opinion, yeah right. If we wanted your opinion, you would have been contacted by UMR.

      • They did the same thing before they sold our local aquifer. MANY people responded against it, including three different local groups (w/ two local Iwi). The water, our underground aquifer, was given to China, within a couple of weeks of closing date. And within ONE WEEK of Eugenie signing off on that, signs appeared around the town warning us of actual water shortages and the need to be careful with how much we used.

        THAT is how much their “Open for submissions” means. Nothing at all.

        • The above happened last year. Closing date for submissions was early Feb. Sale went through by end of the month. Water restriction notices were up in early March.

        • Here is some more of that picture, which may be increasingly relevant for the future.

          The site for the Xi water vampires to set up shop and drain the aquifer is closer to Kawarau than to my own town. That wider area is smothered in tinder-forest, the climate-harming pinus radiata plantations. So as the next drought hits, and this area explodes into California-style firestorms, …water access will be at a premium, – will be essential if we are to fight the fires.

          As well, the Kawarau timber mill has recently been left to die, by the govt. So, there are likely to be ever increasing spread of wilding pines. And, China owns much of the forest land as well, I think (though I have not checked specific ownership of this forest area).

          Can anyone out there see the insane mess we are creating? The inferno-building for the future?

  10. The less Covid-19 is in the headlines the lower labours polling will be. Many people voted for them because they felt safe during that time. They didn’t necessarily vote for labour because of their other core party values or agenda. In fact many of these people will not be pleased with some of the latest decisions from the government.

    Without Covid-19 labour are probably polling around 37-38%. The last election result was an outlier, we are generally split 50/50, even in Keys era the right only pipped the left by a couple of percent. If this government continue to announce policies aimed at the left side of their party their recently aquired center right voters will quickly find a new home. Centre leaning voters are generally doing OK in life, many prefer the status quo. Labours issue is keeping the left faction of the party happy without scaring the centre.

    • “keeping the left faction of the party happy”

      I’m not sure what you mean by “left”. This government’s priorities seem to be mainly in identity politics, which I regard as a perversion of left-wing politics. And plenty of neoliberals support identity politics – they can be called “progressive neoliberals”.

  11. We got rid of the Natz when they started selling list MP seats for $100k, but Labeen can’t wait to get the neighbours and citizens narking on each other for that poor taste joke, lack of pronouns after their name, mentioning asian statistics or dictionary definition of a woman. give the millennial red guards a bit of power and NZ has our own #Kiwiculturalrevolution2021

    “Launching the movement in May 1966 with the help of the Cultural Revolution Group, Mao soon called on young people to “bombard the headquarters”, and proclaimed that “to rebel is justified”. In order to eliminate his rivals within the CCP and in schools, factories, and government institutions, Mao charged that bourgeois elements had infiltrated the government and society with the aim of restoring capitalism. He insisted that revisionists be removed through violent class struggle, to which China’s youth, as well as urban workers, responded by forming Red Guards and “rebel groups” around the country. They would begin to hold struggle sessions regularly, and grab power from local governments and CCP branches, eventually establishing the revolutionary committees in 1967. The groups often split into rival factions, however, becoming involved in ‘violent struggles’ (simplified Chinese: 武斗; traditional Chinese: 武鬥; pinyin: wǔdòu), to which the People’s Liberation Army had to be sent to restore order.” from wiki

    • save nz That rings a dull bell with me. How did Hitler get strong, had brownshirts visit people who spoke out against him, didn’t he, and helped them understand different? Then get them to see who the real culprits were who held the country back and got advantage didn’t he! He had a repressive father and got beaten I think, so was brutalised – those people look round for people to unload their rage on. (Keywords google – was hitler beaten as a child). And the peeps will follow someone with firm opinions and listen to whom they present as being ‘not one of us’.

      Leighton Smith and Mike Hosking are amongst some who might be influential in that. Helping the peeps to see who are trying to put one past the authorities, getting money and advantage they don’t deserve (all in rhetoric or belief, don’t need actual statistics, don’t want to be proved wrong). Conclusion, sad, mad, and bad.

      • The first thing totalitarian government do is suppress freedom of speech by criminalising it. Happened with Nazis as well as PRC and all oppressive governments. They then send out the witch hunts of disillusioned mobs to intimidate people who are indoctrinated to blame other groups for their plight rather than government policies.

  12. Remember the Sue Moroney Effect? Every time she ran against National — National gained more votes every time! Once Moroney did not stand National would lose lots of votes….National MPs use to pray for her to stand against them

  13. Fabulous comments by everyone.
    Again and again Labour Party fails to deliver.
    I must say again Tremains cartoon pretty much sums them up.

  14. I try not to go into personnal stuff re our policians but Jacinda seems to have no shame in the way she can stand in front of the Island people and apoligise for past wrongs while do nothing about those here now hiding out afraid to go home due to covid or poverty. Daily our immegration dept is making people suffer. It would be appropriate reparation for past wrongs if there was an amnesty given to all overstayers . This would help in our fight against covid because then they could get the vaccine without fear of being exposed.

    • Try harder Trevor Sennitt and tell us something positive about someone or something. That would be helpful.

      • At the moment I despise Labour and despair about National Act is unknown the Greens are invisible NZ First is a one man band facing obscurity after 1 more defeat in 2023. What is left TOP is worth looking at . If I was younger I would be looking at Australia but happy to life the rest of my life doing my own think and pointing the bone at the wrongs that could be righted if we had some who cares in power.

  15. All MPs should get off twitter and the woke insanity would stop.
    Go out and see the real people and family’s.
    Not the tiny minority of woke twitteratti who spit bile and venom about anything that they dont agree with.

  16. The Daily Blog comments are becoming a bit of a blocked s-bend lately–full of malodorus right-wingers just loving all the attacks on the Govt., Greens, and left generally.

    It is one thing to point out the obvious failures, lack of capacity, neo liberal bent of the Labour Caucus, and the fifth columnists that dominate the public service as they operate the State Sector Act in the interests of private capital wherever they can.

    But the thing is–what to bloody do about it? NZ is a tale of two cities–50% own just 2% of the wealth, thousands of people in poverty in a land of plenty. A blog loaded with left wing writers should be more than a Tabloid style whinge fest, it should be an organising force. John Minto realises that and so do other writers.

    Community action and direct action has to be organised to shift the Labour Caucus and rark things up to get some action on housing in particular. Occupy appropriate empty residential and commercial dwellings for a start. Picket the hell out of MSD offices–embarrass the PSA members that sanction, stand down and humiliate working class people in vulnerable situations.

    Hate Speech can go sod itself for all the use such bourgeois arguments are to people living in motels and running up vast debts to MSD. Get the picture–Labour is in power alone and they still will not deliver or plan to deliver–for the NZ working class in terms of state house mega build and basic income paid to all citizens via IRD, & cherry on top, WINZ/MSD disestablished. Labour has done many reforms, $20 min wage, increased PPL, may do Fair Pay Agreements etc. but it is not enough, and it will not be enough until the working class fightback.

  17. Given that I have been a “doomer” , since 2007, and am convinced that Near Term Extinction is the unavoidable fate of my species, the only interest I have in who governs us is how it might impinge on my personal decision making.
    I gave my vote to ACT at the last election solely on the grounds that D.S. was the only one with the brains and balls to vote against the charges to the Firearms Laws. Those changes represent the most unfair, illogical, ignorant and ultimately unenforceable law since the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975.
    That vote was a one time event.
    I am aware that my attitudes and beliefs are shared by only a vanishingly small percentage of the population, so I will probably never vote again.
    Any new party that puts an equivalent of the 1st and 2nd amendments to the US Constitution as cornerstones of a N.Z. Constitution would get my vote.
    What NEW laws/principals would get yours?

      No more sales of Aotearoa to foreign interests, to overseas buyers.
      Vast amounts of our land are now in foreign ownership.
      This has to end.

      2. Same for water. NO MORE SALES OF OUR AQUIFERS!!!

      3. End the madness of pinus radiata plantations. They are harmful! to our land, to our waterways, to the wider environment, and to the climate. They are wrong in so many many ways.

      Those are my top 3. If some one went with them, with absolute commitment, they would have my vote.

    • 44 South, I voted ACT for precisely the same reason as you. So did lots of people I converted 🙂 They looked around, and all they saw were some piles of utter carnage over there, and then over in ACT’s direction they saw a little bit of remaining hope for our country’s democracy. No brainer really, sad as the overall situation was.

      What would make me feel better about NZ’s direction? Wholly idealistic but (in no particular order):
      – I’d like to see fewer hard-earned NZ dollars going overseas dressed as bank profits.
      – I’d like to see kids getting back outdoors at traditional school camps with parents helping out and having a break and having a laugh.
      – I’d like to see kids having real heroes to look up to instead of gang members.
      – I’d like to see land being treated better and more farmers learning the simple secrets of getting carbon out of the air and back into the ground so that they can then tell the politicians to get the fuck out of their businesses. Farmers can save the planet, EV’s cannot.
      – Violent criminals should be adequately contained. It’s not about revenge and it’s not personal and it’s not racist, it’s simply about practicality – the cost of violent criminals being free is too high.
      – Anyone being caught importing drugs or constituents of drugs gets a deterrent sentence that does actually deter the living fuck out of any other ambitious types in the most serious way so that they clearly understand it would not be worth the risk. In reality it would simply be a kind of incentive scheme that rewards a more positive evolutionary train of thought.
      – Women having three, four, five (eight!) kids, all addicted at birth, all removed to care, all with a life sentence. Women like that – and guys of that nature, should be rendered unable to have children, either temporarily or permanently. Children should have the right to not be conceived – it’s the point at which their suffering begins.
      – Reign in the bloody UN. NZ is being smashed by UN treaties and bullshit that have little to no relevance to us and are causing division and huge financial waste.

      – A discussion on NZ’s population size / growth is overdue. The Covid vacuum will end one day and immigration will again begin putting massive pressure on our country if it isn’t managed properly. It is tragic seeing parents on TV who are separated from their children and I know it’s another bad generalisation and that one size doesn’t fit all – but there are those who would not be separated if they returned home.

  18. Looks like I am right on track with my prediction – Labour will not hit 40%, maybe 35%. So that leaves the Greens to get almost 15%. Not with Shaw or Davidson in there! Chloe wpuld have to win AKL – she won’t tis time. Inner AKL is fucked. Hates speech law and concersion…her ideas. National of course will look very different by then, without Collins thank god, and will suddenly be very electable – yes folks, even if Luxon ran the show. He just needs to present a few common sense policies that make sense to all of NZ. Covid won’t matter anymore….I think that’s why they dragging out the vax programme, to keep us being grateful I think it’s over for Jacinda. Pity the election isn’t this year, would spare us 2 years of pain watching her shit on Mike King, defend hanging with gangs, dispute housing statistics, tell us 20 bucks more benefit goes a long way, bullshit us over vaccinations and emphasize affirmative words with that head jerk she was trained to do by her PR team and acting coaches: “And YESSS, and WE ARE keeping a close eye on the issue, and YESSS we are concerned, and YESSS we acknowledge more can be done, and YESSS and YESSS…no you aren’t!

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