Kris Faafoi has gone into hiding over Hate Speech law & would Debbie Ngarewa-Packer get prosecuted?


Graham Adams devastating critique of how the Minister of Justice Chris Faafoi has avoided any media interviews on the Hate Speech laws is painful to read.

After his infamous train wreck of an interview (followed by an equally appalling attempt by the Prime Minister) Faafoi is now officially in hiding in the hope of avoiding any more attention to an issue that is internally polling 80% in the negative.

The fact that neither the Minister nor Prime Minister can credibly stand 5minutes questioning over what will and won’t criminalize speech is a testament to how poorly they have thought this through.

Look, Comrades.

Put aside my contempt for a blasphemy law, put aside my contempt for criminalizing the misuse of pronouns, put aside my contempt for how either of those things will protect us from the next white supremacy terror attack and put aside my argument that the Christchurch atrocity was a cascade intelligence apparatus failure, put all that aside and let’s just focus on what you think you are getting here.

I appreciate you all think you are gaining the power to smite the dirty racists, the dirty misogynists and the dirty transphobes with this hate speech power.

I appreciate that, but you all seem to be living under this delusion that Labour and the Greens are going to stay in power forever and because we are so noble and good on the Left, we would never abuse these powers.

But we aren’t going to be in power forever!

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Currently Judith Collins is gleefully executing members of her own Caucus for disloyalty, imagine for one second what happens if someone as ruthless as Collins takes the Prime Ministership with the power to imprison you for political opinion?

Because you all realize that Political Opinion is one of the protected groups as well right?

With the boot on the other foot, you don’t think all those National Party and ACT Party activists you all love to spit on won’t immediately report us all to the Police for our comments against National?

Take last weeks NZ Herald column by Maori Party co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer. It was a glorious tub thumping fuck cracker polemic that would have rallied Maori voters while alienating honky. But you can immediately see how a Don Brash or a Bob Jones would seize upon her use of Colonizer and use these new Hate Speech laws against the very people we are claiming to protect!

Whenever the people give the State powers to strangle free speech to protect us from those we loath, it’s never used against those we hate, it’s always been used against the Left!

If the immorality of robbing others of free speech because you are easily triggered won’t make you sit back and reflect, then maybe the knowledge that the legal hammer you so desperately want to use against others could be easily turned on you might.

Comrades – we are the Left, we should be championing free speech, not repressing it! We can’t allow brittle millennial trigger culture to hand the State powers that history tells us will be used against us!


The speed and glee with which the Woke are demanding the criminalization of speech means the knock impacts are being ignored.

By giving Police resources and budget, we inadvertently provide incentives for them to create a Stasi.

But what about inadvertently creating more radicalization?

Why has NO ONE asked if this heavy handed over the top approach will actually generate more radicalization?

Won’t we be inadvertently creating a thousand new radical recruits by allowing Woke activists to play out all their revenge fantasies by constantly demanding Police investigate everyone they hate?

Why is everyone so excited about gaining powers that inadvertently cause the very radicalization the woke claim they are fighting?

It’s because this isn’t about social policy, it’s a revenge fantasy for the woke to hurt those they disagree with.

No wonder Faafoi is in hiding!

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  1. Also, just how exactly did hate speech laws end up as a recommendation in the Royal commission when the terrorist was a foreigner radicalized overseas?
    Unless of course it was a complete whitewash of government agency failure and pushing an agenda.

  2. There’s a whole new hating-on-speech law here now, arriving by stealth. Ostensibly it is about “Gay conversion therapy”. Yeah..? Nope.

    The “Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill” targets anyone at all who talks to anyone else, including children about “transitioning” and related matters. So if your kid starts asking you about this, you as parent will need to be very, very careful in what you say by way of reply.

    The bill is NOT directed at some freaky extremist religious practices. Faafoi spells that out:

    “Faafoi said it was about letting people be who they are, and to avoid the harm that could come from these practices regardless of whether they were being pushed by “a priest or a parent or the rugby coach down the road”. ”

    From this link: Newstalk 30th July (thanks Anker)

    • Also from that link, “”Asked whether parents could be jailed if they stopped their 12-year-old children from taking hormone-blockers, Faafoi said anyone intentionally changing or suppressing someone’s gender identity or sexual orientation could be breaking the law.” “

      • That’s disturbing

        as an aside will it be illegal to try and concert a straight person into becoming gay? Surely the door must swing both way?

  3. I believe in free speech as I believe it is one of the cornerstones of a democratic society.

  4. Reminds me of a Pam Ayre joke. A person fell over a cliff but caught a branch that held for a while and they called out ‘Is anybody there to help me..’ And God replied soothingly ‘Yes, I am here. Let go of the branch and I will hold you safe.’ A short silence and the voice whimpered ‘Is anybody else there’.

    If it is Labour hanging on a cliff and thinking that Kris Faafoi will save them, then they should think again. But they seem very hopeful when his important portfolios are stacked up. How can one person do them all justice!
    Minister: Broadcasting , Immigration, Justice.
    Emergency Management (Acting Minister)

  5. Absolutely Daniel.
    As silly as this may sound people in public places are whispering to one another when asked why they reply you have to be careful what you say these days.
    This is worse than dreadful why are we in New Zealand doing this?
    Take away free speech introduce hate speech is taking away individual rights.
    This stuff leads to violence.

  6. As I mentioned in a previous post this hate speech legislation encapsulates Labour and their policy delivery woes perfectly.

    Some in the Labour cabinet seems very light on real life working experience and are largely derived from academia and politics. Actually nutting something out and producing a soliution from a plan from start to finish is something that appears alien to them. They need support staff every step of the way. But the trouble when you get someone else to produce your whims is they may not be able to deliver all or any of it, probably none more likely. Hence all the non delivery on important policy.

    Exacerbating this is ministers in roles they have no expertise in, Faafoi a classic example.

    This legislation is terrible because laws that are vague are bad laws. When you’re are relying on police and judges to just wing it, it’s bad. When your own citizens are the lab rats for a new law, it’s bad. But when the very individuals who want this legislation can’t even verbalise what it is they want, then this is why whoever has tried to interpret the vague whims of the Prime Minister and her Justice Minister has ended up producing the shitter it is.

    Worse still, both the PM and Faafoi are supposed to be experienced law makers and yet the impression they give is they are rank amateurs.

  7. Riddle me this, please, anyone:
    A person can bash their toddler to death and get Home Frigging Detention!!!

    A person can try and answer their child’s questions about the whole transitioning whatever, and potentially get up to five years in jail, under the proposed new law.

    What happened to “Kiwi-as”??
    What happened to us?

    • Is there a law against anyone trying to influence your child toward some unnatural orientation ? or is that OK?
      D J S

    • What happened? It’s not that hard Kheala.
      Labour. The Greens. The UN. That’s what happened.

      • This new legislation, in terms of the harm it would potentially wreak on families and on children’s lives, is a live grenade.

        By using it as a mere political football you risk scoring an own goal for your ‘team’, with that live grenade.

        • Kheala
          But hang on, Labour have the ball right now Kheala…so an own goal would be scored by…Labour, not so? Football jokes aside, right now, you and me…all of us, the laid-back citizens of NZ are up against a massive force coached by Helen Clark and the UN strategy team, with Jacinda and Chloe playing upfront and Chippie, Kris and Grant at the back. Their game plan is to change NZ forever into some sort of ‘model UN state’ – being something very woke, pc and somewhat socialist I presume? ‘Kiwi as’…Kheala, it’s as good as dead. To fight back is a very very big ask for the average chilled-out law-abiding Kiwi who is simply being steamrolled at every turn. (eg. Every doctor at Middlemore did NOT want the Fiji Covid case coming to NZ, they were told Fuck You by govt – just as a small example. eg. Nobody wants this law, we’re being told Fuck You by govt – another small example.)

  8. Gosh I’m so pleased that many posts are concerned as to where we are going under this Ardern Labour Government,
    It’s tearing NZ apart I’m terrified.
    What has happened to NZ after 4 years of Ardern?

    • I agree. There’s so much division in society now, although I’m not certain exactly how much of it has to do with Jacinda Ardern personally. You could see divides coming in before the pandemic, and before the Christchurch massacre, but perhaps it is an effect of the times we live in and not the labour government? I’ve also noticed widening divides between different age groups; post coronavirus, the attitudes are markedly different. The young, who weren’t born or who were very young at the time of the New York terrorist attacks in 2001 and the global financial crisis of 2007, are overwhelmingly optimistic about the future. Older generations, now that they’ve also been through the Christchurch earthquakes and the global pandemic, are, for lack of a better description, over it. The young also haven’t experienced personal trauma, think job loss, the loss of loved ones, health scares, etc. So the divides between different age groups has definitely widened post pandemic, in my opinion.

    • Not so fast, little Johntroll.
      That is your standard response when we try to discuss any of the problems and concerns about AO/ NZ and our future. However, many of the other concerns, eg numbers of homeless, children in poverty, the 15% GST, run down Health System, low pay for Nurses, etc etc … Those were the legacy of the previous admin, from the previous decade.

      However, this present legislation is all their own creation.

    • I know lets vote for David Tova’ s new boyfriend and someone called Judith, now thats what you so called lefties should call terrifying

      • You’re replying to John and calling him a “Lefty”?

        (And Tova is happily married since 2016…)

  9. Lets get real about this?
    The United States of America ( What ever the fuck that is? ) controls our AO/NZ.
    And this is how America’s panning out. A bit fucked.
    And that’s how AO/NZ’s panning out. Also a bit fucked.
    While I’m no God botherer I think you’ve got to listen to Chris Hedges.
    “Christopher Lynn Hedges is an American journalist, Presbyterian minister, author and television host.”
    Chris Hedges | The HORRIFIC State of the American Empire
    Like the democracy of the USA, OUR democracy has been sequestered by capitalists. AKA greedy, criminal scum bags with zero social conscience and 100% bold and greedy sociopathy.
    We AO/NZ’ers are in bigger trouble than we might imagine. Global heating plus looming financial crisis both here but particularly in the USA is suggesting a war. A big fucking war. Perhaps a war to end all wars.
    Hands up those who don’t want to be dragged into a war between two factions of a global, psychopathic, stiff dick competition?

  10. Martyn, you fear someone ‘as ruthless Collins’ imprisoning you for an unpopular un-pc opinion. Funny, I think that would never ever be a right wing Prime Minister. It would always be a leftie, a righteous wokester, like a Green PM, or a Labour PM like the one we have now. Because that’s what the UN want to see. So don’t fear a change of govt to the right. They will repeal your law for you and all will be fine. And they wouldn’t give shit about the UN. Who does!

  11. I am one of a rare breed: a centre-right feminist.
    We tried to warn you about a smiling, woke, bubble-head
    You called us hate-filled racist, Islamophobic, transphobic, bigots
    You reap what you sow.

      • It’s undeniable. Hubbard won the heavywieght gold for lifting. Now quit your fucking bitching and engineer a greater biological woman.

  12. Ok Kheala even if there is some legacy what I see is a Labour Government without any plans or actions to remedy the situation.Indeed in most cases they are making things worse.
    They made election promises to deal with these issues with no idea how.

    • I’m sure we’ll disagree again many times 🙂
      But essentially, we all hope for things to be better for AO/ NZ.
      We just have different thoughts on how to get there, I think.

  13. Yes what is best for all of NZ should be the goal despite the fact it’s a difficult task to keep everyone happy.

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