Who Else Is There? Why the Right Needs Winston Peters.


IF WINSTON PETERS did not exist, the Right would have to invent him – and it can’t. Peters is a product of the assimilationist era of New Zealand’s social history. That period between the end of World War II and the 1970s when the central objective of race relations policy in New Zealand was to create “Brown Pakeha”. Citizens who were proud of their  “Maori heritage”, but otherwise determined to make of themselves and their offspring well-educated and well-adjusted citizens of New Zealand.

A young Maori person emerging from the University of Auckland with a law degree in 2021 would be extremely unlikely to see themselves as a Brown Pakeha. In the nearly fifty years that have elapsed since Peters’ graduation, the assimilationist policies of the 1950s and 60s have become the focus of bitter criticism. It is difficult to see a contemporary Maori law graduate devoting their newly-acquired skills to derailing the bi-cultural project on behalf of the Pakeha Right.

That being the case, the Pakeha Right is stuck with Peters. Who else can be sure that his critique of “Maori separatism” will not be met with angry charges of racism and white supremacy? Peters’ Maori ancestry cloaks him like a political force-field, allowing him to speak out fearlessly where Pakeha right-wingers are tongue-tied by timidity.

In addition to his ancestry, Peters brings the invaluable gift of sincerity. He dubbed his party “NZ First” because he is fiercely and unquestionably loyal to the country that made his rise to power and influence possible. He refers often to his dual inheritance: of being a judicious blend of British and Maori cultural influences. The New Zealand he prioritises is a projection of his own experience – the best of both worlds.

Peters’ other big advantage is his age. Many commentators fail to grasp the importance of the fact that he has been a politician for more than forty years. That he entered Parliament in 1979 means that his career has spanned the whole of New Zealand’s recent political history: from the era of his mentor, Rob Muldoon, to that of his erstwhile protégé, Jacinda Ardern (who was not even born when Peters first became an MP). Along with the Baby Boomers and what remains of the Greatest Generation, Peters remembers the “old” New Zealand, and can justly claim to have resisted most of the worst aspects of the “new” New Zealand. Political longevity and consistency, properly presented, can be an attractive combination – as the career of Bernie Sanders attests.

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Such is the scale of the problem facing the Right. The sheer impossibility of finding another politician with Peters’ extraordinary credentials. How can they not ask Peters to front the fightback against bi-culturalism and the forces which, in his speech to NZ First’s AGM on Sunday, 20 June 2021, he dubbed (with his trademark wicked accuracy) “Ngati Woke”? Who else is there who can pull the Right’s irons out of the fire?

But, if they can’t invent him, and they can’t do without him, then those committed to preserving the state bequeathed to New Zealanders by the imperialism and colonialism of the Nineteenth Century, and fine-tuned by the social-democratic nation-builders of the Twentieth, are going to have to protect him from the weaknesses that have plagued him from the very beginnings of his political career.

Peters is prone to the worst kind of cronyism: to building and maintaining tight little cliques of confidants and admirers who learn very quickly how to navigate their boss’s idiosyncrasies or find themselves ejected unceremoniously from his inner circle. The danger here for Peters is sycophancy: the absence of a warning hand upon the shoulder in precarious places.

How much more effective Peters might have been as a political leader if he’d been willing to take advice from someone other than himself? Certainly, he could have avoided the pitfalls (and enormous costs) arising out of his seemingly insatiable appetite for litigation. He might also have avoided the many errors arising from his aversion to individuals as talented and ambitious as himself. Those who are truly great recognise and welcome the greatness they see in others. They do not drive it away. To be the only big bullfrog in a tiny pond is no great achievement.

If the Right is serious about asking Peters to defeat Ngati Woke, then it must also, for once, make sure he has all the financial resources needed to do the job. Too often in the past, Peters has been forced into the orbit of interests in search of a political fixer. If Peters has not learned by now that any attempt to draw a veil of secrecy across such negotiations is bound to end in disaster, then he never will. Under no circumstances should those keen to harness Peters’ talents leave the management of NZ First’s funds to its leader and/or his friends.

This, then, is the Right’s mission – if it is serious about bringing the drive towards a bi-cultural state to a halt. Conservatives must know by now that neither Judith Collins nor David Seymour have the chops for this critical historical task. Only with Peters’ help can Labour be defeated.

But, if the more conservative elements of the ruling-class are serious about bringing into play Peters’ unique strengths, then they must be equally committed to protecting him from his own worst weaknesses. He needs people around him who are not too proud to admit that there is no one else. Experts who know all the latest campaign tricks. A team willing and able to give this extraordinary performer the opportunity to do what he does best: be the Winston Peters that Winston Peters invented.



  1. Always loved watching Winston perform. It’s entertaining and his clear and straight messaging along with that winning smile is pure acting talent that nobody does better. Winston is too old school, his voters are old and their life views are old. Nothing wrong with being old. Times have changed and the younger generations are now wanting change and the voting numbers are starting to swing there way and will soon turn into a landslide majority, but not yet. If Winston can hang on he can still apply the handbrake and help the right wing conservatives maintain their grip on society. I would rather he be gone and lets get on with it.

    • “It’s entertaining and his clear and straight messaging along with that winning smile is pure acting talent that nobody does better.”
      Once upon a time yes. However he’s now just old and grumpy himself – not witty and charming.

  2. If Winston is going to try for power he needs to ride himself of Shane Jones . He is a creep who loves himself and does nothing for the Peter’s brand.

  3. How do I love thee Winston? Let me count the ways.
    I love thee to the depth and breadth of your lapels
    I love thee to the level of every day’s
    Most quiet need, by whiskey, beef fillet and candle-light.
    I love thee freely, as white men strive for right.
    I love thee purely, as they turn from woke malaise.

    I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
    With my lost media gigs. I love thee with the breath,
    Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
    I shall but love thee better after Labour’s death.
    …Your biggest fan–Christopher

  4. I agree with Trevor Sennitt.
    But during his long political career Peters has watched one minor party after another gain widespread support for its policies, presented by a charismatic leader naively welcoming entrants into their party and encouraging “democratic ” decision making within that party. Only to have the whole thrust of the original ideas that brought the public interest sidelined by some carpet baggers that colonised the little party to utilise its momentum for a completely different agenda. The current example being the Greens.
    Winston is not going to make that mistake again at this time of his life, so allowing the “right” to provide advice and policy while he entertains as a figure head without controlling the direction is not going to happen.
    D J S

  5. Surely he’s past his use-by date now?

    Winston is a Muldoonist not a right winger. (Remember Muldoon? He was the isolationist/socialist that just about killed off the NZ economy). He’s also the Gold Card guy – so not exactly right wing.

    He has two barriers to reentry:

    1. Most of his voters are dead already, so unless the US Democrats run the next NZ election, they won’t be voting. 🙂
    2. He takes the blame for enabling this current shambles of a government so is regarded widely as a traitor.

    • The right don’t need a Winston, we have our own David Seymour. Do we?
      David Seymour and the ACT party are the only logical coalition that can save National (the party that Winston labelled “the s*x m*ni*c party).

      A formal coalition between ACT and National can easily win the next election, especially without Winston sticking his racist oar in.
      Winston is as irrelevant as Billy Te K was.
      Let’s just give Winston a knighthood, let him fade into his own septuagenarian, racist and white-privileged greying obscurity.
      Let Winston make his coalition with Billy TK, or Kim DotCom or a comeback Colin Craig.
      Sorted? Let’s see?

      • The neoliberal changes we made in 1984, should have been a National Party “tranche” like Regan and Thatcher’s financial “correction”, designed to re-distribute government assets into the far more capable and socially responsible free-market.

        But Rob Muldoon made us find a different Trojan horse to introduce our changes.

        Muldoon was the Trump of the 70’s and 80’s because of his populist, socialist form of ‘alternate Truth’ rule.

        The Gold Card concept was our idea, via Winston and was a nod to Rob Mudloon-esque socialism. We needed Winston, to placate those young to middle-aged home-owning Kiwis who loved Muldoon’s form of benevolent Nationalism.

        In ’84 and ’85, Boomers were paying >20% interest rates after NZ ‘s dollar went “commando” thanks to our quisling Lange’s Labour, but, Boomers have had year-on-year massive capital gains ever since.

        Let’s face it, in 2021 aging Boomers don’t need free bus passes, Waihiki Ferry rides or Old Age Pensions, when they have had 35 years of neo-liberal inflation driving up the value of their houses.

        Now that Winston has gone, his supporter base has too, he was collateral damage to soften the Neoliberal Revolution, which, happily is now complete.

        Long live the right! Socialism like the Gold Card will be dead and buried without Winston to be its champion and knight errant!

    • IF Winston has reached his used by date, how about Andrew Little? The one has achieved a few things in life and done a bit for his country, the other is unable to do anything even when in a Majority Government with all the funding he could use.
      Maybe it ain’t the right that is the problem for Labour, maybe Labour is just full of highly educated idiots that should never have left the bowels of a University for Public Relations and other assorted bullshit.

  6. His time (Winstone) is up and soon so will the mostly elderly that have continued to voted for him. Its time for our next generation to step up and ditch the racist, divisive and discriminative rubbish that is flowing out of his mouth. And until this happens we will never be the successful world leading, innovative country we can be and want to be.

  7. 1. As a NZF voter I am acutely aware of the campaign to destroy Winston.
    2. My list (a).The Jack Tame attack(and the likes) (b) The SFO coming out a week before the election stating charges were pending against NZF.(c) the leak around his super overpayment.(d) the polls and media stating that a vote for Winston would be wasted vote. I see these issues as interfering with the democratic process. Just let the election take its course cos he woulda been out anyway-you didn’t have to cheat.
    3. There are too many unknown powerful forces for Winston to make a comeback.
    4. The left and right both hate him because he stands up and fights. As a small man playing rep rugby for Auckland taught him the only way to take a big man down is hard and around the boot laces.
    5. He opposed the mass immigration that has contributed to that mother of all crises the housing crisis. The crisis from which all other crises stem. The only crisis that really matters.
    6.Winston’s greatest asset is that unlike all the others he is not shackled and can speak his truth. His swan song may be his best performance which could be a massive piss take. He has come out of the blocks nice and hard.
    If you think about it he is in a great position. He may not care if he is elected but can still get his message out there. Because he is so hated and his message is so unique he will get a lot of attention and can have some great fun taking the piss.

    • I can’t help liking the man.
      Wee anecdote: Back about 1980, I was walking through the terminal at Wellington airport, and glanced up and happened to see Winston walking towards me. He smiled at me, a random member of the public, and I then understood the meaning of the expression, 1000-watt smile.
      And he’s still younger than Joe Biden.

      • Winston, the man who can walk upright in a pencil plane. Very short man, put his nose skyward and ignored the peasants. Hmmm.

  8. Love Winston or hate him he certainly had an apt phrase.
    I always remember when he called David Seymour’ the highest paid beneficary in the country'( after his Epsom rort) and Ruth Richardson ‘the hungry enzyme.’ ( probably a lot of you youngsters will not remember the hungry enzyme television ad).

  9. I think winnie’s a crook and he’s only ‘back’ because someone powerful has something on him. He’s on a hook and now he must jiggle like the little worm he is to their tune. And it’s something bigger than like winnie allegedly scamming WINZ?
    If you plug winnie into the bnz, add fay richwhite Group and the findings of Paul White ( RIP Aye Boys? ) of The Wine Box Inquiry fame to the whole apparent white wash you get a stink more fetid than a diseased, dead cat drowned in the header tank.
    ( On that note. A seasoned lawyer and politician ‘accidentally’ double-dips? Like Whoops a daisy, how silly of me? Absent mindedly overlooks the fact that he was in a relationship? Yeah, fuckin right. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against people scamming WINZ just to get by but I do have a huge problem with rich, exploitative bastards scamming WINZ simply because it’s the sport of those with a misplaced sense of entitlement.)
    The Natzo’s need winnie because winnie appeals to those with diminishing levels of testosterone. Winnie’s the wrong tree they bark up in the wrong forest albeit for the right reasons yet they can’t be told. There’s nothing as sure as a closed mind, I guess.
    No one will ever get a straight answer out of winnie nor will he find any dirt juicy enough for us to get our teeth in to. That, is why he’s where he is. A Machiavellian confederate in a pin stripe suit spouting logical fallacies.
    On a lighter note? The natzo’s must be feeling desperate to trot out the old three legged donkey that’s winnie. Something’s up?
    Could the Elephant of truth finally be knocking down the kitchen door? Or perhaps this one just needs a paracetamol?
    The Guardian.
    This, is peter ‘Cheers for that $130 + Mil bestie Jonky and you’s Kiwi taxpayers’ jackson’s best work ever
    ‘Meet the Feebles’
    The lead rabbit happily dancing and shouting “ I haven’t got myxomatosis ! I haven’t got myxomatosis! “ is as hilarious as it was prescient. judith collins comes in with a shotty though and dispels all sense of joy.
    ( RIP Ma and Pa. )

    • One more thing…
      Well, a couple more things actually.
      What the fuck is wrong with this picture…?
      The Guardian.
      “Getting Australia’s trade deal over the line with lamb, pavlova and a side of ‘soft diplomacy’”
      Does it say to you, as it says to me, that Sco Mo has just jumped over Damien Peter O’Connor ?
      “Damien O’conner is a New Zealand Labour Party politician who currently serves as Minister of Agriculture, Minister for Biosecurity, Minister for Trade and Export Growth, Minister for Land Information and Minister for Rural Communities in the Sixth Labour Government.”
      So? A cadre greedy, lazy old Kiwi porch dogs just got jumped by a lousy, mangy, moulting, worm infested Aussie fox?
      Damien O’conner looks like a lovely fellow who’s just shit his pants at the 21st birthday party where all the aunts smell of cheap hair spray and the men, with their red, shiny faces are drunkenly grouped together in a corner and quietly mumble gibberish about sheep and Sheila’s. The Gay men laugh the loudest by the way and for good reason.
      HELLO !? We’re an agrarian economy. That, is all we are. We’re not tech, we’re not tourism, we’re not mineral rich, we’re beautiful, elegant, intelligent and wondrous and we make the worlds best foods and wools and we’re bent over getting fucked by the grubby, vulgar australians and the world is watching!
      How the fuck did that happen?
      Damien? Yoo Hoo ? Daaaammmmiannnn…… Hello…? Anyone home?
      You’re the minister of the most vital and important financial elements of our AO/NZ and you look like a train conductor who’s lost his whistle.
      CER? Heard of that ? No? Here it is:
      Closer Economic Relations
      The Australia–New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement, commonly known as Closer Economic Relations (CER), is a free trade agreement between the governments of New Zealand and Australia. It came into force on 1 January 1983, but the actual treaty was not signed until 28 March 1983 by the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Minister for Trade, Lionel Bowen and the New Zealand High Commissioner to Australia, Laurie Francis in Canberra, Australia.
      What’s not written here, that I can find anyway, is that CER was also a means to traffic AO/NZ farmer goods to markets once swindled from our farmers. Mostly by crooked Kiwis now living in Australia. Jimmy wattie? Ok, he’s dead. Not a great example. How about micky fay and davy richwhite of BNZ fay richwhite group? Or the now infamous psychopathic pedophile ron brierly?
      Today? At those markets, a kg of wool is bought for .70cents and laundered into a jersey and a pair of socks retailing for hundreds and hundreds of dollars.
      Sco Mo’s in GB schmoozing fuck face johnson while our farmers are left to suck on the Australian sav’.
      NZ farmers? You guys… You guys have been soooo fucked over. I mean, more fucked over than a hogs arse in a Wellington Strip Club.
      That other thing I mentioned?
      The means by which our politicians and their mates grease each other’s palms at our expense is entirely legitimate. They’re smart enough to not commit literal crimes to maintain their scams and swindles. They set in place legislation to protect themselves well in advance of their wrong doings and I must congratulate them on their open-air criminal genius.
      What they’ve done to our farmers redefines the concept of stealing worms from blind hens or candy from a baby. What’s more, they found ways where they could make the hens and babies pay the scammers to steal their worms and candy from them.
      The mushroom growing analogy comes to mind. “ Keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit.”
      Farmers? I sometimes hope you remain unaware of just how fucked over you’ve been. I know from bitter experience that ignorance can sometimes be a blessing.
      The Guardian.
      The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical concepts
      @ CT. Thank you for giving me an oppertunity to vent. I have an Omron digital blood pressure measuring device in the top right hand drawer of my desk for such occasions.

  10. I am by no means a Winston voter. In fact at the last election I was glad to see the back of him.
    I have changed my mind. I welcome what he is calling this govt out on. The way Labour conducts itself, in the most entitled, arrogant and condescending fashion, they way it plays with people’s minds and with our hard-earned money like it’s monopoly money, is simply shocking. Excuses, dodging and incompetence from the very top down. Ideology always gets in the way of common sense.They are simply not good managers of something as big as a country. They have no control whatsoever of the bureaucrats. Someone has to stop that. Now I don’t care if it’s Winston or if it’s National or some new party. But this cannot go on or this country will become a poor man’s paradise. Actually, it’s already well on its way to becoming poor man’s hell, which is sad. (As for Winstons reference to using Aoteroa, at least John Key has the decency to have a flag referendum to ask the general population. He could have simply changed it without asking.)

      • Thank you CIP.
        I will try never mention John again. Wouldn’t it nice to asked by Jacinda if we would like to change the country’s name? Or to be told if you drive big ute it needs to be for work or farming only, otherwise you pay a levy. Or to hear that heads will roll over the 5 beds for 1.9 billion. Or to be told that we are not on top of the vaccine rollout. Or to hear that a speaker accusing someone of rape is not acceptable thus he is gone….you know, no bullshit and no dodging.

    • Well Blinky, what Winnie will need the most of, is some serious celebrity endorsement or candidates before 2023. It will be great reality tv between now and 2023.

      Fringe “King-makers” like Winnie need celebrities, like my namesakes Peter and Christof Weir needed the celebrity power of Truman, in The Truman Show.

      The New Zealand Party in the 1980’s had the dashing and Perrinesque-hirsuit, Bob Jones, later to become Sir Bob Jones

      The Maori Party tried celebrity when they teamed up with Kim Dotcom, but, Dotcom was a lot too German after all and as Basil Fawlty once said in an episode, “I mentioned the war once and I think I got away with it Polly”. The Maori Party met their ‘alles Mein’ with the wrong celeb.

      Billy Te Kahika Jr enlisted Jami-Lee Ross’s, celebrity status. The aluminium tin-hat did not quite fit Jami-Lee’s head as well as it did Billy TK’s Result: both came in, under the margin of error.

      Labour on the left, was helped by having celeb pulling-power with Willie Jackson and Tamati Coffey. Not John Tamahere though, he was just a bridge too far, like Simon Bridges was for National. I digress.

      What NZF needs in 2021 – 23 is real CELEBRITY, but certainly NOT Shane Jones’s semi-eloquent, circumloquacious brand of snake-oiliness and unintentional buffoonery and awkward haberdashery.

      What Winston needs is a bit of right-wing brand recognition, but not like Peter Williams (ex news presenter), or the QC lawyer. What he needs is a range of proper right wing A-listers.

      Mike Hosking and Paul Henry spring to mind. Duncan Garner and the cricket guy with cramp in his leg do also. Winston needs them, more than he currently has oily Shane Jones.

      Winston’s brand of celebrity, needs right-leaning deep thinkers, like the four horsemen I mentioned above.

      Richardson …. that’s right … Richardson, still don’t know his first name – the cricketer – my domanatrix just made me remember his name, she had to beat it out of me. I digress again

      What about The Apprentice-esque Winston being like Donald Trump and Mike Pero and saying to Shane Jones “You’re fired as Shane! Don’t let the door hit the back of your hat, on the way out!”

      Imagine if the NZFirst Celeb audition tapes to replace Shane, were leaked to John Campbell

      Celebrity Apprentice Music fades in…Cutaway to Winston on the phone (who smirks sexily and coquettishly towards the camera and winks):
      “I have two signs in front of me “Yes” and “No”, give me your answer Mr Hosking and I will hold up the sign to the camera and announce your candidacy in New Zealand First for 2023″

      Cutaway to Winston on the phone (who smirks a little less coquettishly towards the camera and winks):
      “I have two signs in front of me “Yes” and “No”, give me your answer Mr Henry and I will hold up the sign to the camera and announce your candidacy in New Zealand First for 2023″

      Cutaway to Winston on the phone (who smirks squeamishly towards the camera and winks):
      “I have two signs in front of me “Yes” and “No”, give me your answer Duncan and I will hold up the sign to the camera and announce your candidacy in New Zealand First for 2023″

      Cutaway to Winston on the phone (who glares towards the camera and winks):
      “I have two signs in front of me “Yes” and “No”, give me your answer Richardson and I will hold up the sign to the camera and announce your candidacy in New Zealand First. By the way, you’ll need to tell me your Christian name for the billboards we’ll make”

      NZF back to being Kingmakers through celebrity pulling power in 2023

      Sorted Winnie.
      Sorted if you sack Shane .
      Sorted if you have some decent celebs.

  11. “Houston this is NZF1, we have a problem.”

    “This is Houston. Say again, NZF1”

    “The secret slush fund used by the right to support our mission has malfunctioned.”

    (…..the New Zealand First Foundation, which rocked the party’s campaign last year, might still play a hand in the party’s fortunes in 2023.

    “It’s certainly problematic. It is a kind of an albatross around the neck. And a lot will depend on that ultimately.

    “But they can counter it, I’m sure, It comes back to the vision and the values, and having something positive to offer.”)


    “Roger that NZF1, we will try to land you remotely. Godspeed”

  12. Uh Oh. NZF reconciliation with the Right hits a speed bump.

    National MP Chris Penk has deleted a Tweet saying NZ First leader Winston Peters “can f… a whole country” after being told to by party leader Judith Collins’ office.


    Would marriage guidance and relationship counseling be helpful here?

  13. Winston is one of your lot. He’s a socialist.

    Winston loved arguably the greatest socialist in NZ history, Sir Robert Muldoon.

    Winston supports the socialist Ms Ardern, who is the heir apparent to Sir Robert Muldoon’s legacy.

    Socialism, as an ideology, is on the left.

    Winston is a conservative socialist, so he is a left winger, and not from the right.

    • Winston Peters has spend his whole career mining a rich vein of racism in this country for political advantage. Switching as it suits his purpose, and his audience from Asians to Maori, and then back again.

      Exploiting and fostering feelings of xenophobia and racism amongst a predominantly European white constituency for political gain is a distinctly far right tactic.

      He gets away with it, because as Chris Trotter points out he is Maori himself and so can say things that a white politician would be pilloried for.

      Winston Peters is a populist right wing politician. The name gives it away.

      New Zealand First, America First, Germany First, ring anyalarm bells?

      • NZ has a million more people (25%) now than it did in 1990 with zero Govt (both National & Labour) planning for the impact across public services & we can all see the results reflected in for eg. unaffordable housing market & a systemic low wage McJob economy for those who actually work to support those living off taxpayers charity.

        I’ve never voted for NZF however it’s not racism to call out incompetence no matter what colour it is.

        • And this country was destroyed by “leaving it to the market”.
          Neoliberalism is a right wing ideology and is a failure.

  14. Hilarious seeing the right wing apologists trying to distance themselves from NZF.
    Wasn’t that long ago the Blue Circus courted Winston vigorously for his support.
    And you can bet your bottom dollar the power hungry Opposition would jump into bed with NZF if it meant getting their dirty mitts in power again.

    • Jase
      Wasn’t that long ago I recall power hungry Jacinda jumping into bed with Winston. Or did she not? Yes? No? Hilarious!

      • @TheKraut
        Winston chose to form a coalition with Labour. Not with National. He turned down the Blue Circuses bribes.
        So yeah, I guess the alternative was a National minority govt. that would have been just as effective as it’s previous wasted 9 years in power. Hilarious indeed!
        Sir, you are truly in denial if you think J. Collins would turn down ANY opportunity to be PM. She would form a coalition with the Devil himself to obtain power. Her political career thus far speaks to this.

      • Without Winston, Dear Jacinda would still be in opposition. But don’t remind Labour and its fee paying members of that, cause it gives them much grief. Never mind Covid. 🙂

  15. Dear Chris
    Here is why the country needs as many Winstons as we can find:
    “Little is ordering a review to find out what the holdup is – where that (1.9billion) money is. Because the ministry simply cannot answer his questions.”
    That is simply staggering! Little should really resign.

    • Little knows full well National fucked mental health. When we needed upgrading of health infrastructure, increased staffing, the current issues were caused by Nationals massive unabated immigration policy, Key and Coleman said no more money, do more with less. Key and Coleman scampered.

  16. The worst thing about Winston Peters, apart form his conservative, right-wing, dog-whistling racism, is he doesn’t have an environmental bone in his body. The same can be said of his verbose sidekick Shane Jones, who once called the Pacific Ocean “just a little ecosystem”. These are truly yesterday’s politicians, out of time even when they were at the peak of their popularity. In these times of planetary meltdown, for these decrepit fossils to get anywhere near the reigns of power again would set us back decades regarding the radical actions and policies we need to be implementing.

  17. By the way, Chris, have I been banned from your site for my ‘veritable’ comment? I’m not up up with z’ computer ways. That’d leave you with GS and Geoff as straightforward welfare state social democrats.

  18. Hi Chris, what you are missing is the demographic that led to a spectacular loss of support for NZ1st and Winston’s abject failure in our last election. You still don’t get it.
    In the 2017(?) Election, Winston and Ron Marks championed their stance which was looking after the interests of firearm owners and users. In the hysteria following the Christchurch fuck up, Winston threw his supporters under the closest, heaviest fastest moving bus he could find.
    250000 firearm license holders with a brain Chris. He isn’t coming back!
    The shift was and is to David Seymour and Act. They stand for less governmental interference in our everyday lives. Despite our different political ideology, I believe you would agree that would be a good thing?

    • I think you are correct about he gun lobby
      gone for good from NZF to ACT
      (I’m not but I know a number who are – farmers who are not bandits but were treated as such.)

      And that 2% is a big % when at the level of also rans

    • Chalk it up. Yet another achievement for Winston that surely must stand with his Gold Card. His decision was the right one. Good riddance to the guns. Nobody needs a military style weapon unless they’re in a war zone. Getting rid of them was an historic achievement and is the envy of the world.


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