Judith vs Jacinda over Willow-Jean Prime


‘Outrageous;’ ’embarrassment’: Judith Collins and Jacinda Ardern trade letters over Trevor Mallard saga

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and National leader Judith Collins have been swapping strongly worded letters regarding the “totally inappropriate” saga in the House earlier this month.

I’m a politics geek and I can’t honestly remember Parliamentary Privilege being abused the way Mallard did.

Winston used Parliamentary Privilege for the Winebox Inquiry, but that’s the correct way to use the power, what Trev did was way off the charts, however we really shouldn’t forget the awfulness of Willow-Jean Prime on the night either. Like, there’s a lot of attention on Trev for his definition of woke justice, and rightly so, but let’s not forget how Willow-Jean Prime used her woke cudgels..

Collins also took aim at Labour MP Willow-Jean Prime’s comments in the House that night.

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Prime, who said National’s statements in the House were “horrific”, characterised National MPs as saying, of the alleged victim: “It really sounds like she asked for it. Her skirt was too short. She was drunk. I didn’t like what I heard.”

She added “you said it” in response to an uproar from National MPs.

National’s shadow leader of the House Chris Bishop strongly pushed back on this, saying National MPs didn’t, in fact, say this. Prime was forced to withdraw and apologise for her statement.

In her letter, Collins said Prime’s contribution to the debate would have been an “embarrassment” to Ardern.

“It was your MP, Willow-Jean Prime, who outrageously and falsely asserted that Opposition MPs said about a victim.”

“My MPs did not say that, did not imply it and would never do that.”

…priceless. Criticising Mallard amounted to being a rape apologist!!!!


Trev was channeling woke justice, and woke justice is a faith based religion where you must B-E-L-I-E-V-E the woman and if you dare challenge that, then you are a rape apologist – which is EXACTLY what Willow-Jean Prime tried to do to Bishop in the debating chamber

“It really sounds like she asked for it. Her skirt was too short. She was drunk. I didn’t like what I heard.”

…WJP really should lose her electorate seat for that.

Woke justice sees due process as a heteronormative white cis male privilege and has all the evidential threshold of the Salam Witch Trials. In this world it is far preferable for 10 innocent men to go to prison than 1 guilty man walking free, because you know, Patriarchy.

This becomes a political problem for Labour if it triggers the Kavanaugh effect.

Trump bewilderingly grew his Senate majority in 2016 off the back of the Kavanaugh show trial because mothers and fathers watching that fiasco stopped fearing their daughter would be sexually assaulted and started fearing their sons would be accused of sexual assault.

Labour need to avoid the Kavanaugh effect and remind WJP that this isn’t Twitter thread hashtag politics and she’s only handing National culture war ammunition.



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