Why You’re Being Told To Believe We’ve Just Sold Out To China



Now, leaving aside the very legitimate points of hesitancy which New Zealand has over, you know, allowing the same five countries which majority-declared that Iraq ought be invaded for possessing “weapons of mass destruction”, to decide via declaration aspects of our core foreign policy for us …

… the stupid thing is that NONE of this is actually based on genuine concerns of a geopolitical nature. Helen Clark has already come out and shown some of the allegations about the previous Labour-led Government in relation to the Five Eyes to be simply untrue. The *current* Labour-led Government, in its previous term, pursued a fairly active *continuance* of rapproachment with the United States … and I stress that it was a *continuance*, because it actually *began* during the previous Labour-led Government’s 2005-2008 final term.

Meanwhile, as we saw not all that long ago – during the previous Parliamentary term in fact – all the outrage from certain corners of the commentariat was about how the Labour/NZF Government was actually seriously jeopardizing our relationship with the People’s Republic of China. Mysterious “definitely not bans” on certain of our key exports to the PRC ensued as a result, a Chinese diplomat made pointed remarks about poking out eyes in our direction, the list goes on.

I suppose you can forgive the PRC for expecting New Zealand to be a pliable little not-quite-ally. After all, it had faced zero opposition getting a *literal PRC spy* elected into our Parliament, who had then proceeded to arrange direct face-to-face contact and photo-ops for prominent members of the Government with the PRC’s head of secret police, etc.

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Except … hold the phone ! That didn’t take place under Labour! That took place under National! The blue-coloured, (more-) neoliberal right-wing ‘conservative’ party. Those are the facts, well documented after they came out – and then supplemented by quite the cavalcade of additional supplementary evidence showing a web of influence and influence-peddling going on both under National’s watch and pervasive throughout the National Party itself.

So why is it that we’re only NOW hearing people in certain places jumping up and down about how New Zealand has purportedly – just recently – Sold Our Soul to the People’s Republic of China?

(Which further can’t be the case – if it were possible to do such a thing, the National Party would have (part-)privatized it and hocked it off overseas at the first possible opportunity along with the power-generation assets and the farmland, etc.)

Well, it’s simple. Across the world, a lot of people want to be annoyed with New Zealand and our present Prime Minister in particular. It’s right there in the obnoxious Telegraph piece which kicked off this whole kerfuffle once more – Jacinda is spoken of as “tiresomely woke”, and the headline blares that she (rather personally, which is curious – we are not a Presidential democracy, after all, nor a monarchy … except in exactly the same way the UK is) is the “West’s woke weak link”.

New Zealand has weathered – and continues to weather – the pandemic better than seemingly any other country in the Western world. From afar, we look (and I stress that it is just that – a look. Appearances *may* be bitterly deceiving) to have some sort of idyllic actually-sane-and-rational society all of a sudden (just don’t mention the housing prices). Jacinda has become a domestic symbol in polities across the globe for , no doubt , the sort of people who were once multi-coloured-hair-dye University campus “communists” who these days go about “cancelling” people.

In other words … in the (post-)Colonial Metropoles of yesteryear, they just can’t have it, this business of a *Colony* outperforming the Mother Country or the would-be (still) World Hegemon. It’s an embarrassment! And one doubled down upon when it comes to the sorts of people parading about with Her Graven Image in their own domestic contexts, to boot.

So how to attack Jacinda and our Labour-led Government? Why, it’s quite simple. They’re “Red”. Literally, that’s the party colour – and to a certain sort of (fifth) columnist, Red is quite simply a ‘red rag’ to a bull-scatology-artist. It’s easy (and fun, too!) to portray Labour as being COMMUNISTS – a “pretty communist” as the protest sign in 2017 held aloft by an agrarian opponent of Labour’s had it.

Except how can you POSSIBLY portray a fairly unremarkable in many respects middle-of-the-road modern neoliberal-consensus party as being THE DREADED RED MENACE these days ?

The obvious one would be via the Dancing Cossacks of the Modern Era – and I don’t mean the Muldoon kind, but rather the Reds Under The Bed formenting chaos in one’s domestic elections. The Russians, that is. Except that just wouldn’t fly as applies New Zealand – not that it shall likely stop somebody from printing bizarre contusions about Jacinda the personalized puppet of one Vladimir Putin, the Wellington-based KGB agent once upon a time.

But instead, it’s the PRC confection that’s been chosen for this purpose. Because at least THERE, there might LOOK like some sort of contusion and/or collusion occurring – if you seriously massage the facts so as to outright obviate many of them (and I am thinking in particular of New Zealand’s actual record of statements and engagements in the direction of the PRC over the past two years in this department).

Yet as I say – this is utterly un-about the actual situation of New Zealand under the current Labour administration. At least with regard to our relationship with the People’s Republic of China.

If it WERE about our rather problematic entanglement with the PRC, then we should have heard all about it with reference to the previous shenanigans occurrent under the National Party.

Except we didn’t – because the sorts of people who are these days up in arms about our Labour-led, indeed our Jacinda-led Government … tend to quite *like* the National Party and the sorts of noises *it* makes, so wouldn’t want to embarrass them and thus ‘let the side down’.

So instead, the party which has actually moved us AWAY from our far-too-close and actually-worrisomely-penetrated strangulation-embrace with the PRC, is being castigated for somehow turning us into Airstrip One Of The South Pacific for the impending Sinification of just about everywhere. Never mind how much in the way of political and literal fiscal capital we may have poured into attempting to provide a viable alternative to PRC for the battleground states of the Pacific. Never mind the aforementioned trade consequences for our statements on the PRC’s various ‘controversial’ actions in recent times in Hong Kong etc. Never mind the PRC’s OWN quite vitriolic remarks against us, on everything from our decision to close the border to the PRC in the early weeks of Covid-19 through to our previous concordance with other Five Eyes nations upon PRC-relevant matters. Never mind our own decision to block Huawei from participating in our 5G rollout. Never mind our drawing cordially closer to the Americans, or any of the rest of it.

For it quite plainly Doesn’t Fit The Narrative these chicken-hawk fish-and-chip paper-purveyors wish to broadcast about our country, our sovereignty, our aspirations, our vision, our future.

The contents of those headlines have been weaponized both at home and abroad by people who have just been LOOKING for something, anything, to have a go at what they think our Government represents. The lack of substance almost precisely becomes its enduring appeal – anything you like may be projected out thereupon.

You’re a right-whinger who wants to live-action roleplay Cold War Mk.II Electric Boogaloo? Ok, so wail about how the GODLESS COMMUNISTS are running New Zealand as part of the Sixty Ninth Internationale in confederation with “Red China”.

You’re a more middle-of-the-road sounding Anglosphere sort who secretly yearns for the days of the Sun never setting upon a certain opium-dealing empire? Well then – talk up the notion that New Zealand has quite literally ‘sold out’ both Her own people, and also our traditional mates across the Tasman into the bargain (and scrupulously, conspicuously forget about just how uneven that relationship has been both recently and in the past).

You have some problem with the local SJW brigade wherever you may so happen to be in the world at large? Turn “Jacinda”, the “Tiresomely Woke” “Weak Link” of the West, as the headline blares at you … into the proxy target for your outrage at them kids down the road tone-policing John Cleese. Or whatever it is these days.

Politics, particularly of the popular-elective variety and especially as conveyed through the conventional or even unconventional news media – is effectively an exaltation of the Symbolic over the Real. That’s all it comes down to, in the end. Symbolic choices, some of which may actually bear real consequences – provided the symbol is weighty enough that its bearers come to believe in it themselves.

And soon enough and sure enough – just as the Gulf War Did Not Take Place [to reference me some Baudrillard], or more especially as Iraq HAD Weapons of Mass Destruction … Or At Least, Saddam Was A Nasty Enough Guy That We Were Totally Justified In Rolling Him Anyway –

The ‘facts’ fade away into distant, diffident obsolescence and thence obviation outright. To be replaced with the inestimably more enduring general feeling, general perception, which suborns all else beneath its subconsciously-resonating yoke.

A propaganda campaign, you may say – carried out by none other than those former-yet-future (post-)colonial would-be world masters.

Whether of the Media or the more overt Imperial centers of power. Wherever they may so happen to be.


  1. The external criticisms of the woke Ardern as the one who is trying to cosy up to China, surely doesn’t match up with the sentiment inside NZ that her government is less friendly to NZ-China interests than National would be.

    While it can be assumed that it is Labour who is more likely to seek an independent foreign policy, which can also put us at odds with our “traditional allies”, it is National that is seen to be more pro-China than Labour, more pro-business with China and enjoys more electoral support from the NZ-Chinese community. Parking our current relationship with China on Ardern and her wokeness is incorrect.

  2. Pure ranting dribble! The problem with New Zealand is it doesn’t really stand for anything and consequently is full of fragile Kiwis. Mahuta after twisting herself into a pretzel tying to play both sides for public consumption, only out of pure terror at getting on the wrong side of a totalitarian regime and having New Zealand’s only remaining export industry smashed. Unlike Australia New Zealand’s exports are easily replaced by others.

    • Phil the term “totalitarian regime” I take is aimed at China or is it aimed at the USA. which is run by a cabal of billionaires with nearly half the people not bothering to vote, many in protest because the situation does not change with parties.
      It would appear the the Chinese Govt has much wider support through its very different system of elections. Both countries have elections.

  3. Newshub’s The Nation had a Muslim special this morning, where without evidence Tova called China’s treatment of religious minorities egregious, a panel guest called China bullies, and Foreign Affairs Minister Mahuta compared the situation in Xinjiang to the genocides in Cambodia and Rwanda. Not exactly warm sentiment. I see no one on the show once mentioned our treasured Five Eyes partner, America, bombing the Middle East Muslim world back to the stone age in their endless wars in recent years. The US president even called for a Muslim ban. The only thing that matters to mainstream media is exploiting the narrative which arrives on their desk every morning (today – China bad, tomorrow – Russia bad) through the use of hyperbole and breathless opinion and wild eyed automatons regurgitating incendiary rhetoric. Balanced, objective, evidence based truth telling should be the starting point for real journalists. Tova should zoom someone like Max Blumenthal or Danny Haiphong on the show, those willing to deep dive to reveal the facts, people and events behind the claims.

    • EW
      Yes your comment is well expressed but how the hell do we put up with the stream of outright lies in our news about events reported from the sources such as Reuters.
      Most Kiwis appear to be deceived when you hear and read the innane repetition of false or skewed information ex Reuters – prompting cold war and worse. You can read opinions based on false information in most comment streams on TDB and elsewhere.
      Look at another side and try not to get taken in by any unsubstantiated info.


    • Yes, what about getting John Pilger on, Anne-Marie Brady, other luminaries, local journalists and people of the area of all faiths, really have it out

  4. Capitalism is merely a plug-in hybrid form of communism. Big Bosses lording it over everyone as we normal humans try to go about our business while unknowingly funding a democratic-capitalist autocracy the Big Bosses can hide behind with our money. Communism and capitalism are the same thing. Either way and you dance to someone else’s tune while they empty out your pockets and currently you’re powerless to stop them. If you’ve paid a huge power bill recently then you’ll know what I mean.
    I’d go so far as to write that the poor wretched bastard bravely holding up his placard doesn’t know just how right he is.
    The AO/NZ we had before roger was as good a system as we could have wished for and if you want a better system than rogers all you need to do is look backwards to see forwards and act accordingly.
    We had a well oiled politic by and large. We paid our taxes which became funds managed by our politicians and apportioned out as required. There was no homelessness, no child poverty, no multi billionaires.
    Then came roger. roger decreed that the ‘market’ what ever that is, knew best. ‘Competition’ was the new thing, like mullets and flared polyester trousers.
    Some people kindly suggest that rogers nomics seemed like a good idea at the time but which tanked, poor old roger, and certainly, if you’re the one or two who’re now sitting on billions of dollars of ours that you never earned then rogers nomics will seem like a tremendous idea. But for the rest of us rogers nomics was ( IS ) a bit shit. A lot shit. A massive mountain of shit roger squeezed out onto us all.
    The huge problem that Labour ironically has now is how to release us from the shackles of rogers nomics while allowing our crooked abusers to make a clean get-away with our money while easing our AO/NZ back up to a level of prosperity we should have been enjoying for the last 40 years ( And well back into our history. ) The National Party was formed by the merger of Auckland bankers are money lenders in the late 1920’s. Yep. That’s a fact. And guess who’s money they began to fiddle with? Tourists? No. Casinos? No. Magical, gold plated wish-granting Unicorn shit? No. It was the early Post Colonial farmer’s wool primarily but also actual Otago gold. If you’re down that way, you should check out the open cast gold mine at Macraes. Is awesomely impressive. And a stunning drive to get there from Middlemarch across to Palmerston on SH1. Travel west to east late in the day and enjoy the sun back lighting that beautiful countryside. It’s a bit like West Texas but prettier.
    Everything you’re being told about your politics is a lie. The national party wrote the liars manual then they inserted roger into Labour to infect our workers party with national’s particular greed virus which acts like herpies. It flares up now and then when our defences are low and no matter how the msm pretends to lather cream on it, it just keeps coming back.
    The only way I can think of that might be curative is if we all become involved in the healing process and that’ll only be achieved through education leading to awareness which might encourage people to make a truly informed vote.
    I sat in my Dr’s waiting room the other day and was force fed Ellen DeGeneres right after some hideous TVNZ morning show. What a fucking awful, pointless, brain farting, giggle fest puffing out of $ix figure people. There was Aunty John Campbell mooping and wooing his signature floofy snuggle gabble while beside him there were old chickens and turkeys laying boiled eggs. No wonder then, that we’re fucked.
    Mike hoskings.
    “During the 2017 election campaign, Hosking was appointed moderator of one of the televised leader debates, and was again accused of political bias by much of the New Zealand public. This led to a petition for his replacement being widely circulated, and collecting over 75,000 signatures. Debate host and organisers TVNZ responded that it would not placate the petition signers, and affirmed that it will keep him on as moderator.
    “TVNZ responded that it would not placate the petition signers, and affirmed that it will keep him on as moderator.”
    The oily little jonky’s pet and Ferrari driver was a moderator. Sit still, have a cup of tea and let that sink in.
    See? The national party, an historic coalition of bankers and money lenders who’ve been stealing from our primary industry for over a hundred years still have control over what should be OUR msm.
    I thought it was only communists who controlled the media??

    • CB
      You covered a lot of ground that in principle hits the nail squarely.

      Communism – the govt owns and runs all things.

      That doesn’t exist in the world today anywhere.

      Socialism – Seeks to work for the support of the whole society. Not well accepted by the greedy mob who just want more.
      Socialism structure supports democracy right from within the workplace through to govt.
      It is not communism or anything like communism.

      Communism as a movement grew rapidly in the UK. USA and many EU states after the “successful” revolution in Russia and that scared hell out of the bankers and capitalist hierarchy in the Western world so all stops were pulled out to discredit those communist movements, denigrate the leaders and run a full MSM campaign to socially criminalise the ideas behind communism.

      Senator McCarthy at a later stage sought to mop up any residual sympathies for communist / socialist sentiments and “communist” became a mindless label to ostracise people who didn’t conform to the capitalist program.
      McCarthy still lives trough the pens of some bloggers here who just don’t seem to understand what “Communism” is.
      The residual Communist Party in NZ had candidates in NZ elections which gave an alternative to voters who despised the capitalist and neoliberal anti social mantra.
      NZ would never vote for a communist govt but have been shown a very successful socialist leaning govt that gave NZ much of its foundation for improved sharing within a capitalist led system, during the 1935 swing away from greater poverty and lack of concern for most of our society.

      The present Labour govt will have to publicly reject the ideology and damage done by douglarse and his Mont Perlin Society crew including richardson with her followup so neatly presented to the national party to drive home further the same agenda.
      The neoliberal infiltration during the Lange govt is plain but it still continues and has proliferated into the public service. They never give up and incremental gains establish a better platform for their ongoing behind the scenes assault on the NZ people and their collective wealth.

      I do not subscribe to Communism at any level but do support the ideas of cooperative workplaces where the democracy of decision is a paramount feature to their outstanding success comparatively.

      If you are unfamiliar with the idea of democracy in the workplace the economist Richard Wolff has many utube lectures canvassing workplace structures.
      Do your own research and he is not the only source of alternatives to better hierarchies in the work and living space.

      The Chinese govt is run by the so called Communist party, the continuation of a movement that pulled China out of the clutches of war lords, foreign colonial power and developed a system that is evident today. But China is not a communist country as the state does not own all businesses and services, but has kept control over capitalist activity from gaining power to disrupt the successful functioning of the largest state on the planet.
      There will always be some dissidents and agencies like the US congress funded NED that instigated the Hong Kong unrest ( with ludicrous USA flags being waved by the mobsters), and now concentrate on a narrative about Uighurs and genocide with little or any evidence that is reliable.

      But WMD in Iraq is not a gold standard but must create doubt on the US based lying propensity.
      “Saddam Was A Nasty Enough Guy That We Were Totally Justified In Rolling Him ”
      The statement completely misses the point about what took place. Approximately a million plus deaths and many times that casualties and grieving families took the toll of the US/UK hegemony to grab oil, Privatise many govt functions, extract trillions from US taxpayers to fill the coffers of the warmongering Military Industrial conglomerate wealth stream, break up the Iraqi state again after the USA put Saddam in power as their proxy in the first place. He was a CIA asset.
      His gassing of Kurds using gas provided by the USA through France is one of his crimes.
      The fuller picture is never presented just the propaganda of convenience at the moment.

      Afghanistan came with it the excuse being one guy in a cave there blew up the three WTC buildings with absolutely no evidence of any link even. The all time conspiracy theory itterated by Bush , of 19 Arab hijackers was never based on evidence, as no evidence exists and that is well acknowledges since.
      A near 20 year long occupation resulted and NZ was drawn into the fabric of the lies and murderous assault on humanity, an off shoot of our 5 eyes coalition.

      It is frightening how easily we give excuse to harm others but untimely also harm ourselves with a legacy and distorted thinking.

      Jacinda has not announced NZ leaving the 5 eyes. Many would see that as unfortunate but the bravery to do that and facing the push-back would be momentous and probably harm NZ with sanctions for not complying.

      So the “firm” continues to bombard Kiwis with crap news and fears of thinking about detaching from the war machine.

      The Telegraph article mentioned was written by a journalist embedded in the UK defence sector and closely connected with MI6. So what can you expect from his attack on Jascinda.

      Do readers bother to find out just who he is and his connections. I doubt it. He just gets a free pass and his diatribe parroted by many who just confirm their limited understanding of how they are being manipulated with their defenseless membership of the flock near shearing time.
      The mustering dogs of the media know how and when to bark to move the mob in any direction they wish. Some of those dogs drive Maserati as mentioned and get well fed obviously.

      So when you see/hear “communist” being thrown at someone you are being scammed. The ignorant farmer with his sign just reveals his low level of understanding about his mission. Mr McCarthy and the blind disciples evangelising a myth but showing their extraordinary belief system. Fairies may appear.

      New Zealand has sold out to China, the USA and other by not protecting our land from foreign purchase.

      Both Labour and National have committed that grievous but deliberate error for different reasons.

      That is not China’s nor the USA’s fault but a fundamental mismanagement by Kiwi govts and Kiwis for allowing it. Land is not a part of the WTO agreements nor should it ever be a trade-able item outside of direct Kiwi ownership. NZ based holding companies owned by off shore capital just need not apply. The OIO does not do its job and gets bypassed in sovereign decisions.

      Land is a finite and precious asset shared with many indigenous species, and the human Kiwis need to protect it with loyalty not born of political expediency.

      China does not have a rocket base here nor a massive Embassy in Thornton close to parliament, and I wager that diplomats in the Chinese embassy don’t carry guns nor are allowed armed body guards.

      Huawei do not get 5G contact is spite of having the most advanced and proven 5G systems but Nokia do.
      The US pressure on Australia to smear China with propaganda has shown that when China pushes back and the Aussie economy is affected then the US does not come with an economic rescue package to address that. More fool Australia.

      Ukraine is learning a similar lesson on three fronts much too late.

      South American beef is now replacing Aussie beef on Chinese plates. Aussie wines also have been easily replaced. What is the gain for Australia, more access to the US markets if so its not obvious.

      The US deals in sanction rather that market access. Stick and carrot is only used when Stick followed by military is not feasible. NZ will not get US carrot unless all else fails. Compliance with US smear attacks on China and Russia is not in our interests. We need to remain independent of that but should get balance in our MSM coverage.

      While we remain a 5 eyes participant spying on the world. our unfriendly position on those being spied upon is not ignored.

  5. “At Least, Saddam Was A Nasty Enough Guy That We Were Totally Justified In Rolling Him Anyway –”
    Two photographs stay in my mind from that era. Possible both in the same newspaper.
    One of Blair and Bush smirking as they shook hands. The other a little Iraqi boy lying on a hospital bed with both legs and both arms blown off by a cruise missile.

  6. What a great article. China doesn’t have 750 Military Bases around the Globe or wastes a Trillion dollars a year on its Military, like America does & thats why they are losing out to China? And now the mouse that roars, the Dis-United Kingdom, having self sabotaged & destroyed its relationships & Trade with Europe via Brexit, now finds itself irrelevant, isolated & alone, now attempts to revive its former glory as a Colonial Empire by dictating to it’s former Colonies, such as NZ, who it can or can’t do business with? It’s pathetic, just bugger off you Pommie bastards! Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Five eyes Alliance just a Intelligence sharing arrangement, not a Geopolitical arrangement? NZ should abandon the poisonous 5 eyes spying ring, its a toxic relationship? NZ has the right, as a Sovereign Nation, to have its own independent Foreign Policy that’s free from meddling & interference from the Imperial ambitions of the UK & America? NZ Trade & Exports were thrown under the bus in the 1980’s by the UK when they joined the EU & we owe the Poms nothing! It forced us to find other Trading partners & NZ found a good Trade partner in China. NZ understands that China’s internal problems are their own business not ours! And China, with its unstoppable rise as the next Economic Superpower along with it’s ambitious Belt & Road Initiative is laying the ground work to a Future that’s built on Trade, not War! Contrast that to the dying, declining & Bankrupt US Empire which has nothing to offer but chaos & destruction along with its lapdog poodle, the UK, these former Hegemonies are hellbent on Warmongering & committing War crimes on a Global scale & dedicated to never ending, Everywhere Wars of Plunder & destruction! The UK, America & even Australia can continue their “lemmings” run over the Cliff but NZ would be wise not to join them!

  7. Doesn’t matter a flying shit how you paint the situation. Perception is everything in politics, whether it is correct or not. At the moment, the Aussies, Brits, Yanks, and to a lesser degree, the Canadians see NZ as not playing in the team and we are kow towing to the CCP Chinese Criminal Party.
    The CCP are using us as perfect propaganda against the other members of the Five Eyes, and other countries, claiming we are the perfect example of how the world should bow to them. The Australians are calling Ardern a closet communist, and referring to our country as “New Xiland.”
    That pisses me right off.
    This government had better smarten their act up fast, or our reputation and security will be at serious risk.
    They won’t be getting my support for the first at the next elections either.

    • Perception is important but what eyes you view the world through determines your perception.
      The 5 eyes have mainly fallen in line kow towing to US/UK to the US generated smearing of China. We have not gone along with that completely so are being bullied and threatened into working against our best interests of not smearing others. The US has much more to hide than any other nation yet we don’t smear them. Similarly with the UK and its shocking legacies.

      Kirk showed what courage is when he confronted the environmental disastrous and immoral nuclear testing in the Pacific. He got international respect but not from the perpetrators of testing.
      Lange held a firm line on nukes and NZ accommodating them. Once again international respect given but not from the perpetrators of nuclear hegemony.

      So a bit of guts is needed to face bullies without shaking shitless until you comply and get walked over with the muddy boots polluting more than your international standing.
      Calling of names usually passes and name calling from cowardly clients of US/UK camp followers must be recognised for what it is.
      Being called “Xiland” may upset you if you let it. It might cause others to snigger with the irony of such small mindedness.
      Our reputation internationally has gained in strength by not being a complete doormat.
      If the CCP states facts fairly and with full context then what is to be feared.
      As time passes fears become more easily put into perspective.
      NZ has done no wrong.
      We are needed by 5 eyes and they fear any sign of our minimal independence albeit not interfering with the spying role we play.

  8. Ayson is on to it – he wants our Defence Minister to talk and sound like Ron Mark (the guy on the conference call of Five Eyes Nations Defence Ministers last year which apparently agreed on co-operation on democracy and human rights – something Cabinet had not discussed first). As he says Biden will send Kurt Campbell here (check his wikipedia page to confirm what follows) and he will ask us to join the Quad – a military dialogue group (not a formal defence pact) involving the USA, Japan, Oz and India (formed in 2007, security “friends” not part of NATO).

    Talk of 5 Eyes minus 1 is to soften us up for Quad plus 1 (ya can all stay in 5 Eyes and be sort of independent, if ya join the Quad). Or ya can leave Five Eyes, and be replaced by Japan. Or ya can stay in Five Eyes and be less independent.

    • The story of the knight Circuit and his quest to slay the dragon.

      Now that the (not so good or not so bad) King Joseph has replaced the white nativist barbarian tyrant rex Donaldus, Camelot has been restored. And once more knights have been gathered together and sent out on great quests.

      One is the knight Circuit.

      He of the great clan of the crooked mouth (renowned for their hatred of golf and golfers – they held a gathering of all the golfers of the land and by midnight ended the game of golf for many centuries – a bit like the red wedding).

      He is wise. He knows that G is the 3rd letter after D in the English alphabet. And 10 is the 4th number after 7. He thus knows that D 10 is a stronger hand than G7.

      And he knows the lay of the land and the importance of modernisation in the managing of flock security. Which farmers who know, what needs to be known, call quad bike safety.

      But what is not known is whether the knight Circuit knows the mystery of synchroncity. For confrontation, without design for peaceful co-existence, leads to war.

      Nuke vs nuke in Europe, and an area free of nukes in the south – led to a new balance without nukes in Europe. Was the example of the south required for this to happen, or was it memory of a past occasion? When one had missiles on the border of another nation until they moved missiles onto an island on another continent – then they agreed to have no such weapons close to the other.

      For its only the wisest of knights who understand there must always be a way out of confrontation.

      Forming security alliances (note 1914) does not always prevent war. I might posit USA with Germany and the UK with Austria-Hungary and Japan with Ottomon Turkey (either Hong Kong or nationalist Taiwan as Sarajevo/Balkans).

      Of course one could pose the trade war with China (talk about one extreme to another – giving away economic supremacy because of greed for China market profits, then in regret going full metal jacket “GENOCIDE”) as a reprise of the policy applied by FDR on Japan.

      What is known

      The USA has recognised that China has a one China policy, but has not chosen to accept that this includes Taiwan (and claims to be nuetral on any Taiwan declaration of independence). Taiwan is not a nation state because the nationalists ruling the place did not declare one before the PRC was recognised by the majority of the UN as the government of the one China (1949-1971). Maybe that means recognition of any Taiwan autonomy is dependent on China’s assent.

      Israel does not accept it’s occupation and settlement of the West Bank involves the territory of another nation state because none was declared there between 1948-1967. It’s cultural suppression/oppression involves taking Palestinian land and imprisoning those who protest this. Maybe this means Israeli recognition of a Palestinain state is dependent on them not being able to get way with annexing the land and then puting “the unwanted people” into refugee camps for the stateless awaiting resettlement.

      There are those who support Taiwan autonomy and those who support a Palestinian state anyhow. But only in the USA is there pro pro eretz Israel sentiment and also resistance to a one China.

      What is predictable

      The dragon will plan to blockade Taiwan (until it agrees to talks, on Chinese terms, for future governance arrangements) with a ban all foreign shipping and airplanes within 200 miles. The US military will determine there is no scenario in which they can successfully challenge this – the only option being air attacks from a distance on any Chinese assets involved. Acts of war/escalation that achieve no purpose.

      The American mistake

      Promoting another colour revolution, democracy in Hong Kong – there was a deal done whereby by 2047 there was direct rule from Beijing – while also proposing the selling of weapons to Taiwan to perpetuate its resistance to one China policy on the mainland.

      Then the effort to create military alliances for democracy and human rights – and cry FIRE, GENOCIDE. Cynical and obvious.

      What is possible

      The what does the US want and what does China want balance.

      China wants one China and more (operating outside the world market system as an imperial economy)
      Who but China wants them to have more?


      The USA does not sell Taiwan weapons and declares its opposition to nation state independence for Taiwan if China ends any threat to take Taiwan by force and agrees to 50 years of continuing autonomy for Taiwan.

      That safety valve called time.

      The US ends sanctions on Hong Kong, if the people of Hong Kong have freedom of international movement (can come and go).

      China commits to the free movement of shipping and the equal 200 economic zone rights rights of ASEAN nations whereever and whenever there is any claim made by China – as a sign of goodwill (after their covert aircraft carrier military buildup on atolls).

    • Ron Mark also embraced Israel with its human rights record. A man of principle?
      Of course he didn’t need NZ govt approval nor direction.

  9. I did not bother to read any of the ‘sky is falling’ articles in the MSM referring to the subject of this article which has confirmed my view that they would be right-wing propaganda from those suffering at the thought that a young female left leader could prove to be better at managing the biggest worldwide crisis in many years than the existing stale male right-wing failures.

    • Bonnie you are onto it.
      Deep seated but very much controlling native thinking of many “White complying Male” power brokers and their sycophants..

  10. Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”.

    He warned ‘us’ in 1932 about the dangers of technology. Using scientific and technological advances to control society may give more power to totalitarian states to change the way human beings think and act.

    The Mel’Z’ generations are at the forefront of making a theory turn into a reality. And so to did the Unabomber.

    NZ is definitely becoming dystopian, so if NZ became an unsavoury proposition because of this, we could be the thing that the Chinese may feel that we are not to their taste?

  11. I want to agree with the sentiment here. I know it is right.
    But this is sooo badly written that it waffles about and affirms the opposite viewpoint in mere length and convolusivity of itself.
    A 100% rewrite to 20% of the length would achieve more to validating the facts herein without labouring the reader (no pun intended) to the point of boredom.

  12. What these other nations don’t get is that you simply don’t bite the hand that feeds you. They’re all big mouth for now, until one day they suddenly won’t be.

  13. So if the story you present here is the true, what you’re saying is NZF and Labour knew what was going on and how to avoid this situation, yet they deliberately and publicly behaved in ways contrary to their aims? Well, that figures. The solution is obvious then: do it the right way. If they don’t know what they’re doing, or what is going on, the solution is this: stop trying to be “open and transparent” all the time, and use secrecy for things that are supposed to stay secret. It is contradictory for every MP to be a woke rock star spouting great speeches for the twitter-arena, when silence is the route to success. If ministers in leading roles won’t stop trying to impress an irrelevent public with information they can’t process or interpret, and they won’t step back from the cameras, promote some that will. That will match the persoanlity of the Labour’s Party, settle their support base, calm the farmer’s horses, fix innumerable issues in all areas, and save me the hours spent decoding the ramblings of a Morrinsville farmer in 2017. The next time Morrinsville has a problem, get them to call Marlborough. They have a better memory.

  14. What a load of crap Left wing lies and propaganda.

    “(Which further can’t be the case – if it were possible to do such a thing, the National Party would have (part-)privatized it and hocked it off overseas at the first possible opportunity along with the power-generation assets and the farmland, etc.)”
    Correct me if I am wrong (which I am not because I just checked it) – LABOUR were the ones who set up and privatised the power companies from 1986-89.

    Likewise Telecom, 1987-89 and Jim Bolger (National) was opposed to it

    Oh wait, who sold off NZ Post? – You guessed it. LABOUR from 1987-89

    Three of our main income earners for the government, and essential services whose role government is to ensure reliable supply. Not to mention the major employers in NZ. – Unemployment anyone?


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