How Does Privacy Mesh Work?


Enjoy the benefits of fresh air through your house without compromising your home security and feel safe against the threat of intruders. Privacy mesh, also known as one-way mesh or DVA (Diminished Vision Aluminium) mesh, is an ideal security door feature to enhance your home. Privacy mesh allows the home occupant to see out without allowing anyone outside the door to see in. Additionally, privacy mesh is manufactured from durable materials and is designed to be kick-proof against opportunistic thieves.

There’s a knock at the door. You’re home alone. You know it’s probably someone that you know, or a delivery, but your heart still beats a little faster as you walk to the door, tense and alert. And what if it’s not a well-meaning neighbour or friend or delivery? What if it’s someone who is casing your house, looking for weaknesses to allow opportunity for a quick smash-and-grab burglary? .You also need to check security doors price before buy.

There are many reasons why installing privacy mesh is a great idea, but the main reason is the peace of mind that you will get from the enhanced security that privacy mesh will give you. If you have installed privacy mesh in your security door you can breathe easier, knowing that when you go to answer your door, you will be able to see who’s there, but they won’t be able to see in, to see whether you’re on your own and vulnerable or whether there’s grabbable valuables nearby.

Jim’s Security Doors have two thicknesses of one-way mesh available: a lighter mesh designed to fit a diamond grill or cast aluminium style security door; or a heavier style mesh that exceeds the Australian standard for security doors and doesn’t need to be reinforced within the frame. One-way mesh is manufactured from a flat sheet of aluminium that is perforated with vast numbers of tiny downward-angled holes, restricting the vision from one side of the mesh, but not the other.


Which doors can privacy mesh be installed in?

Privacy mesh can be installed in any of the security doors available through Jim’s Security Doors Ringwood, ranging in style from the more modern, minimalist designs through to the ornate cast aluminium security doors. For installation options, or to book a professional to install privacy mesh at your home, click here.


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Will privacy mesh stop insects?

Yes, absolutely. One-way mesh is designed to let air through, but like fly screens, the roles are too small to allow insects through. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve left a door ajar at dusk and discovering a horde of mosquitoes have made their way into your home. Traditional flywire doesn’t last very long and will tear or warp easily, allowing insects free reign to enter your home. Privacy mesh is a more durable, long-lasting solution to keeping insects out of your home.


Is privacy mesh really strong enough to keep intruders out?

One-way mesh has been rigorously tested to ensure it cannot be kicked in or slashed with a sharp tool or knife. Because prospective thieves can’t see through to the inside of the house, your property becomes a less attractive target. Thieves want an easy target, a fly wire that they can kick through or slash, or a door that they can see through into the house, to know whether there’s occupants at home or valuables close to hand for a quick smash-and-grab robbery. Quality privacy mesh will deter thieves and keep your home safe.


Can privacy mesh help save on electivity costs?

Save on air-conditioning expenses and ventilate your home naturally without worrying about intruders. With privacy mesh, you can feel confident enjoying the health benefits of fresh air on a warm night or during the day without feeling concerned about being unsafe in your own home. A consistent flow of fresh air through your home helps to regulate the temperature without the need for spending money on electrical air conditioning.


Is privacy mesh a good choice for pet owners?

Why put up with having to regularly replace flimsy, ineffective flywire every time your poorly behaved (but beloved) pets attack the screen or push against the wire when you leave your house without taking them for a walk? Privacy mesh will stand up to enthusiastic clawing or paws pushing against the door without warping or tearing the way traditional flywire does.


Is privacy mesh easy to clean?

Privacy mesh is very low maintenance and is designed to be rust proof and corrosion resistant, however it will benefit from regular cleaning to ensure it functions properly and looks great. Use a vacuum brush attachment to gently remove loose dirt and general dust build-up. For more thorough cleaning, use diluted gentle dish soap or a mild detergent to wash the privacy mesh and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaning products to ensure the metal isn’t damaged during the cleaning process. 

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