TDB December Predictions vs January Realities 


We are in the first month of 2021, so how were our December 2020 predictions panning out?

  • Trump & Georgia – All eyes will still be on Trump during January as the final days in the Bunker start to play out for him. Is Trump a craven coward who is pulling one last scam to shake down his followers for hundreds of millions or is he really a full blown sociopath who will launch a military strike against China or Iran? If the Dems can win Georgia they finally take control of the Senate and they will have actual power, the Corporations will not like that. Expect one of Biden’s first challenges to be a wave of climate refugees crossing the Southern Border.

I think Trump and Georgia shaping things has been borne out. The armed insurrection he’s fanning could still be complimented by some crazy military strike against Iran in the dying days of his presidency. I still think Biden will have issues on the Southern Border spurred on by climate refugees.

  • China – Their Wolf Diplomacy to whip up nationalistic fervour is masking a fear of internal dissent. Expect China to violently take Hong Kong, sabre rattle over Taiwan and threaten anyone in the West who says otherwise to send a domestic and international message of brutal strength.

China’s aggression has only lifted towards NZ and Australia and they have cracked down on Hong Kong. Expect much more of this.

  • Covid – It will continue to disrupt enormously. The issues of rolling out this vaccine to everyone will be a huge challenge that will need to become an annual ritual requiring 75% to gain herd immunity. The logistics of that are huge and we will be lucky to reach 75% globally by the end of 2022, so the economic damage won’t really start healing for another 2 years.

I think this is bearing out. America was supposed to immunise 26million people, they’ve only managed 6million.

  • Climate Crisis & Social Unrest – The economic stresses of Covid alongside more climate extremes will see a wave of famines in 2021.

I think this probably stands post Trump’s Qanon lunatics.

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Trump’s Orange Lives Matter Insurrection risks destabilising the entire United States of America as they also hit over 4000 deaths a day from a Covid pandemic now utterly out of control. China will seize this moment while America and Europe are weakest due to the pandemic to stamp their authority brutally on any enclave they feel is a big enough an examples to quash domestic dissent while reestablishing fear amongst its enemies abroad.

The climate crisis and social unrest due to the economic whiplash of the pandemic will be the backdrop to these two main International actors.

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  1. ” If the Dems can win Georgia they finally take control of the Senate and they will have actual power, the Corporations will not like that ”
    Bomber despite a congress and senate majority the Corporate Social democrats are beholden to the corporations and vested interests in America. MONEY TALKS and democracy takes a back seat. If there was no deals or collusion then Bernie should have been the nominee and got to put his policies and plan before the American people in a general election but he was stopped before he could do so. His supporters and considerable support was dispensed with as if it was an aberration and never really existed.
    Biden and his colleagues are no more Democrats in the true sense of the word than Ronald Reagan was a socialist. This will be a rerun of Clinton and Obama the men who campaigned on change and hope but failed to alleviate the entrenched poverty and despair of a lot of marginalised Americans.

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