Golriz may be many things, an anti-Semite she is not & we shouldn’t tolerate Israeli apologists smearing her!


Green MP Golriz Ghahraman accused of anti-Semitism over Instagram post

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman has been accused of spreading a “disgusting centuries-old anti-Semitic trope” after sharing a social media post accusing Israeli authorities of “medical apartheid” in the fight against COVID-19.

Moses said she has never accused any other MP of anti-Semitism, and it’s not something she does lightly. 

“Ghahraman repeatedly spreads disinformation and anti-Semitic tropes about Israel. I understand she enjoys the attention that comes with doing so.  


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After watching the madness of the Orange Lives Matter Insurrection, we should utterly reject this attempt by Israeli apologists to inject toxic Trumpian polarisation into the NZ political debate.

Comrades, Golriz is many things, but a fucking anti-Semite she is not!

Sure there are times when Golriz’s identity politics stuff has us all rolling our eyes and banging our heads on walls, but that’s like 15% of her content, the other 85% she is on the fucking money and we sure as Christ shouldn’t allow a bunch of jumped up Israeli apologists smear her as a fucking anti-Semite!


This is, as it always is, about the brutal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people!

This is, as it always is, an attempt by Israeli apologists to distract from that brutal occupation by labelling critics anti-Semites!

What the Israeli apologists want you to ignore is the image of Israeli’s inoculating their own fanatical settlers on occupied stolen Palestinian land from the Covid virus while the actual owners of that land, the Palestinians, don’t get a vaccination.

That image is jarring.

That jarring image reminds you about the brutal occupation the Palestinians are living under and the injustice of it.

THAT’S WHY Golriz is being smeared as an anti-Semite!

This ludicrous fucking intellectually bankrupt argument being pushed by these Israeli apologists, – David Fucking Farrar leading that charge – is because of a technicality in the fucking Oslo Accords that hands responsibility for medical safety to the Palestinians – that any attempt to criticise Israel for not inoculating the Palestinians is somehow fucking anti-Semitic!

Let me roll up my fucking sleeves here because I’m about to get medieval.

How fucking dare you use the fucking technicalities in the fucking Oslo Accord as your justification!

Israel did all it fucking could to undermine and DESTROY the Oslo Accord!!!!!

You are seriously cherry picking some technical changes of function as your justification to smear Golriz as an anti-Semite from an accord the Israeli’s promptly breached???

Technical changes that were never fucking honoured and were envisaged as a gradual change towards self governance that never fucking occurred!!!!

It’s now clear: the Oslo peace accords were wrecked by Netanyahu’s bad faith

I thought the peace accords 20 years ago could work, but Israel used them as cover for its colonial project in Palestine

Let me get this straight.

Israeli apologists are attempting to use the dysfunctional Oslo accord (that Israel used to continue brutally occupying Palestine) as the excuse to call Golriz anti-Semitic because she righteously criticised their refusal to take responsibility for Palestinians living under their brutal occupation???

This is a sick joke with no punchline!

What is most outrageous of course is that the Oslo Accord can’t be used to justify not immunising the Palestinians BECAUSE Article 4 of the Geneva Convention states categorically that it is the occupiers responsibility to ensure medical care and services to the occupied.

Attempting to fucking use the totally corrupted Oslo Accord (that the Israeli’s ignore whenever it suits them) and pretend that somehow trumps the Geneva Convention obligations is sophistry at its most corrosive.

These Israeli apologists are simply attempting to bring the Trumpian polarisation of politics into NZ by branding anyone who righteously criticises their brutal occupation of the Palestinian people.

It’s anti free speech, it’s anti human rights and it’s disingenuous in the fucking extreme.

Fuck that.

Golriz is not anti-Semitic, as the occupying force over the Palestinian people, Israel IS responsible for the immunisation of Palestinians and we should not allow Israeli apologists to take our focus off the continued suffering of the Palestinian people.

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  1. Does the Palestinian Authority have any part in vaccinating the people in the occupied lands?

    Would Palestinians accept vaccinations from their occupier?

  2. Good work Martyn. Mewshub is not worthy of the proper word. No wonder folks are losing trust in MSM. Easier to control in NZ than US too☹️

  3. Golziz has proved on many occasions that she is an Iranian Israel hater and antisemite on a par with the US ‘Squad’. Being photographed with Minto and Fowler is a bit of a giveaway. The PA and Hamas are responsible for their own people’s health and are sourcing their own vaccines. There is no ‘brutal occupation’ except in Bradbury’s imagination. The failure of the Oslo Accords is directly attributable to Palestinian violence -intifadas – and rejectionism. You can ‘f word’ ’til you implode but you can’t change the truth. This deluded, biased young woman has no place in govt.

    • Cut out the lies and bullshit Gaby. Your unfounded accusations, intolerance and overt racism is tiresome in the face of the informed comment on Israeli human rights abuses evidenced this site. Golriz Ghahraman is a New Zealand MP of Iranian ethnic origin who was elected to Parliament. However, your hero, Juliet Moses who claims to speak for all Jews irrespective of their adoption or otherwise of the politics of Israel, is a New Zealand born self-avowed Zionist. From her political and propagandist activities, it is obvious that unlike the MP, her first allegiance is to a foreign state. As for the continual game of ‘antisemitism wack-a-mole’, are you NZ Zionists ever going to give up? How pathetic, Ms Ghahraman is now antisemitic because of who she was standing with in a photograph. To extend that to insinuating that should be banned from parliament for not being a practicing Zionist, is frankly as absurd as most of your contributions on The Daily Blog.

    • “The PA and Hamas are responsible for their own people’s health and are sourcing their own vaccines. ”

      Really, Gaby? This may be of passing interest to you”

      “The World Health Organization (WHO) says Israel is blocking vital medical supplies from entering the Gaza Strip. The U.N. agency says it is impossible to maintain a well-functioning health system if necessary supplies are not available.

      The World Health Organization is renewing its appeal to the Israeli government to allow necessary medical equipment, spare parts, and repair crews to enter the Gaza Strip.”

      Ref: https://www.voanews.com/world-news/middle-east-dont-use/who-medical-supplies-blocked-entering-gaza

      When a people are occupied by a foreign force you can’t blame the oppressed for the injuries inflicted on them.

      Israel stands accused of being an occupier.

    • “The PA and Hamas are responsible for their own people’s health and are sourcing their own vaccines. ”

      Really, Gaby? This may be of passing interest to you;

      “The World Health Organization (WHO) says Israel is blocking vital medical supplies from entering the Gaza Strip. The U.N. agency says it is impossible to maintain a well-functioning health system if necessary supplies are not available.

      The World Health Organization is renewing its appeal to the Israeli government to allow necessary medical equipment, spare parts, and repair crews to enter the Gaza Strip.”

      Ref: https://www.voanews.com/world-news/middle-east-dont-use/who-medical-supplies-blocked-entering-gaza

      When a people are occupied by a foreign force you can’t blame the oppressed for the injuries inflicted on them.

      Israel stands accused of being an occupier.

      • It is a pity that you, like Gaby, have a deficit when it comes to critical reading and comprehension skills. Obviously, there is no point in analysing the information for you as it won’t change your distorted assumptions anyway.
        It would also be interesting to know what evidence you have for stating, “The UN provides ample funds for healthcare…”

  4. Robert Fisk may be dead yet his first hand journalism regarding Israel’s atrocities live on.
    It was. That long ago that Israel’s prime minister threatened to bomb New Zealand because they disagreed with them in the UN.
    There is nothing anti Semitic in calling out wrong doing.

  5. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. put it this way when he was approached by a student who attacked Zionism, When people criticize Zionists, King said, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism.”

    Spot on, Dr.

    • Dr. Martin Luther King sure as hell would have second thoughts these four plus decades later, with the evidence that all he stood for is now being defiled by the evolving genocidal Zionist project. When internationally, even members of the Jewish faith shudder, King, being a staunch human rights activist would be convulsing with rage!

    • Gaby you show gross ignorance and bias.
      Zionism does not just include some jews but also many others from outside of the jewish religion.

    • Goby is being sick and absurd to suggest Martin Luther King would today support a country which carries out Lynchings against the ‘inferior race’ …. ‘SHOCKING: Palestinian Lynched By Israeli Settlers, Media Ignore It’ https://youtu.be/GHMJP3S2VgI

      … The modern facts are dramatic drops in support from usa Jewish people towards Israel with its present day Zionist extremism…… https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/israel-is-driving-jewish-america-farther-and-farther-away/2018/09/21/de2716f8-bdbb-11e8-8792-78719177250f_story.html?noredirect=on
      “America’s Jews are watching Israel in horror”
      “….Israel’s transformation under Benjamin Netanyahu: the rise of ultranationalism tied to religious extremism, the upsurge in settler violence, the overriding of Supreme Court rulings upholding democracy and human rights, a crackdown on dissent, harassment of critics and nonprofits, confiscation of Arab villages and alliances with regimes — in Poland, Hungary and the Philippines — that foment anti-Semitism. The prime minister’s joint declaration in June absolving Poland of Holocaust culpability, which amounted to trading Holocaust denial for good relations, earned a rebuke from Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial. ”

      “A poll for the American Jewish Committee in June found that while 77 percent of Israeli Jews approve of Trump’s handling of the U.S.-Israeli relationship, only 34 percent of American Jews approve. Although Trump is popular in Israel, only 26 percent of American Jews approve of him. Most Jews feel less secure in the United States than they did a year ago. (No wonder, given the sharp rise in anti-Semitic incidents and high-level winks at anti-Semitism, from Charlottesville to Eric Trump’s recent claim that Trump critics are trying to “make three extra shekels.”) ”

      Goby is shitting on the memory of MLK ,,,, just as he shits on the definition of anti-Semitism.

      Lets face it Gaby aka james from the standard is a shit ,,,, how many other posters, because of a history of shit postings ,, have to change / hide their internet user names ?? .

      Goby / james from TS does …….

      • reason: From what can be gleaned from some of on-line comments, Gaby is female and not likely to be James. At one stage it seemed she may be the alter ego of the Zionist apologist and propagandist, Juliet Moses, who is associated with the NZ Jewish Council and Israel Institute of NZ. However, this is unlikely. Gaby makes shit up and constantly links to fantasist Zionist sites. Moses, on the other hand, seems to have a more direct line to the propagandist talking points that are generated in Israel. The only apparent similarities are that both are self-opinionated, assume to speak for all Jewish people or when generalising know what ‘most people’ think or believe.

        • aom 95% + certain that Gaby is james from ‘The Standard’ for quite a few reasons …. starting with one of the first times james posted here ,,, using his james internet handle ,,,, and which I provided information about his numerous sick right wing postings.

          Gaby appeared and started posting shortly after ,,,,and has identical views and posting styles to james, which includes calling anyone posting negative information about Israel as anti-Semitic ,,, denying the racism of Israel Zionists ,,, being extremely right wing ,,, making stuff up ,,, twisting facts ,,,links to pro Zionist sites ,, etc, etc, etc.

          Caring more about punctuation and correcting a misspelled word when discussing things like dead children is also a trait Gaby / james from TS did ….

          I argued with james many many time at TS before I got banned for ‘potentially libelous’ non libel truths about Wayne mapp ,,, and then got a permanent ban for suggesting they molly coddled him….

          …Anyway my point is that Gaby and james from TS are indistinguishable
          on every point you can measure them on ….

          There is actually a poster named gabby at TS ,,, who does very short, often sarcastic, and pointed posts ,,, I would place money that james received criticism from double B gabby ,,, and half plagiarized their user name ,,,, perhaps he suspects gabby is LPRENT or something….

          I’m also sure Gaby would have denied his james id at least once ,,, especially when bringing up things like james endorsement of ‘charismatic’ Jair Bolsenaro ,,, but not once has he tried to refute it.

          Pride and conviction.

  6. Gaza has been under a blockade for over a decade and the health system was struggling to serve its community before covid. Under Article 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention Israel must follow through with a vaccination programme in the West Bank and on the Gaza Strip. International Humanitarian Law must be respected and Israel needs to take responsibility asap. Israel will never achieve herd immunity while 5 million Palestinians are not been vaccinated. Surely virologists and epidemiologists in Israel agree. For everyone’s sake a rational resolution must prevail.

    • What the hell has this got to do with BDS Gaby? Do you for half a minute think that those of us who observe the boycott are going to suddenly change our attitude and fall at the feet of Netanyahu? It seems you are once again getting carried away with your self-appointed propagandist role. Israeli spin doctors must tear their hair out with you constant mis-fires.
      You can be assured consulting with Israel or any other country on any number topics is no big deal. In fact, negotiating with China served as a opening to raise their human rights record. The same has applied to many other ‘difficult’ diplomatic matters arising from relationships with other countries – including Israel. Obviously, the pariah state is obviously seeking publicity in order to seek a bit of recognition for something other than its refusal to vaccinate Palestinians as is required by international conventions. Besides, Israel had to move damned fast as it is entering a second spike. In the past month there have been over 8000 new cases and 49 deaths.

  7. More pathetic mis-firing eh Gaby? Who the hell do you think will stop supporting BDS because the PM will have a few functionaries talking about how Israel is handling its roll-out? No doubt, NZ previously briefed the other countries on its effective containment strategies. We didn’t need to make an attentions-seeking song and dance though. Wonder why? In fact, in the ways of international diplomacy, it will no doubt be an opportunity for participants to press Israel on why it is ignoring world opining and various internationally recognised resolutions by not vaccinating Palestinians.
    As for your other panty-ripping exercise, if what you say is true, then at least the Palestinians are paying – no doubt a few shekels at most. The US pays $3.8 billion in foreign military aid to Israel, along with about $8 billion of loan guarantees. We all know how the IDF uses that to subjugate, imprison, steal land from and murder Palestinians. Unlike you, most people don’t consider this as funny!

    • Most people would consider you funny, though, spewing the same old tropes year after year, chewing your tail and getting nowhere. Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Am Yisrael chai!

  8. This morning on BBC world service an interview with Prof of Epidemiology Dr. Manfred Green from the Uni. of Haifa Israel was conducted. The Prof. proceeded to explain how Israel had by now vaccinated 20% of the population and the general tone was upbeat. At no stage did the the interviewer ask why Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza were not being vaccinated. Even though Israel is being pressured by the WHO it continues to resist and is being aided by allies within mainstream media. State influenced media outlets are hobbled and the truth is denied.

  9. Interesting the way the Israel trashers go into full tail-chewing rabid conniptions when their antisemitism is called out, Bradbury’s hysterical litle expletive laden rant being a prime example. Why could this be? Oh, I know cover blown and the truth hurts.

    • Goby is shitting on the memory of MLK ,,,, just like he shits on the definition of anti-Semitism.

      Goby has called John Minto out for being on the wrong side of history in his fight against South African apartheid ,,,

      But the lesson from history is exactly what Goby fears …..

      ““Montreal Olympics: African boycott of 1976 Games ‘changed the world”

      ‘Apartheid’ appeared on the front page of every newspaper in the world, and people started pressuring their own governments.”


      And Speaking of kicking teeth ,,,, Goby has his own foot in his own mouth so much ,,, he’s toothless.

  10. Given the Zionist infatuation with their “version” of ancient history in justifying an illegal occupation (Lebensraum?); how can it be anti semitic when the Semitic speaking populations included all of Western Asia and parts of Eastern Africa i.e. the origins of the present Arab nations. Selective capture of the term by Zionists to further their own political and racial objectives. Seems rather similar to what a bunch of Ayran delusionalists tried a while back?

    • Oh dear, the same pathetic ignorance and self-embarrassment. Do you possess a dictionary? Look up ‘antisemitism’ and read the definition. It is very precise and specific and applies only to Jews. Unsurprisingly, a German invented the term.

      • Since you insist on boring people to death with your nonsense about the term, ‘antisemitism’ let’s try explaining once more. A somewhat ethnocentric but not legally binding definition of the term is that: “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.” Yes – that is the IHRA definition. You have never been able to provide substantial evidence that anyone on this site is antisemitic. No! being photographed with a human rights activist is not antisemitic.
        You seem to miss the point that the IHRA does not suggest that criticism of the politics of Zionism and its attendant racist violence as practiced by the Israeli Government is antisemetic.
        While on the topic, it would be helpful if you did something about your own racism. You should also realise that commenters on this site couldn’t care less about your religious identity, it is your unsubstantial arguments and wild accusations that they take issue with.

      • After Hebrew was gradually replaced by Aramaic and Greek, Hebrew died as a living language for well over 1-2000 years until a version was cobbled together in the 20th century and a modernised version taught widely in Israel. Most of the “Hebrew” speakers are in Israel.
        The majority of people who align with being Jewish have a first language that is not the newly spawned “Hebrew”.

        So the Semitic description applies to many languages and not just the newly revived and constructed modern Hebrew which contains language and words from many sources including Arabic. Hebrew is definitely a minority language, still, with Yiddish, Arabic and Ladino (related to Spanish) still being the most used. Over a million people in Israel speak Arabic as their main language.
        As schools and the military teach modern Hebrew then there is a growing core of folk who use Hebrew as their main means of verbal communication.

        Criticism of Israel is definitely NOT anti Semitic, a term used to attempt to dissuade criticism of Israel.
        It is the only state that is associated with such a stupid transparent ploy. A political stunt usually employed by stupid or dishonest people.

        Criticism may generate discussion and learning.


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