The as predicted Australian crime wave & its ramifications on NZ


Auckland gun violence: More than 350 people shot in five years as gang, drug wars surge

Worsening gun violence linked to gang turf wars, illicit drugs and the insidious cancer of organised crime has left more than 350 people with firearms injuries across Auckland in five years.

More than half of the wounded were treated at Middlemore Hospital as violence in South Auckland spilled over into bloodshed, leaving numerous people dead and scores of others fighting for their lives.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has serious concerns about the growing use of firearms. He has written to the Police Minister and will meet Deputy Police Commissioner John Tims next week to discuss how to tackle the spate of shootings and toxic impact of gangs.

“There is no single solution, but every available lever needs to be pulled to stop worsening gang violence and misuse of firearms in criminal and gang activity.”

As TDB pointed out when Australia first started deporting their criminal underclass to NZ, there would be an unprecedented crime wave that would reset the Country’s criminal underworld.

That crime wave is now here…

Kiwi deportees from Australia causing escalating crime wave in New Zealand

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New figures reveal Australia’s crackdown on Kiwi criminals has caused an escalating crime wave in New Zealand.

Since 2015, Australia has sent back over 2000 people and more than half have committed offences since being back in New Zealand. In total, they’ve now committed 9000 offences including home invasions, assaults, and child sex crimes, and more than 2000 instances of “dishonesty”, like theft.

…these men have no roots in NZ, they have no community to support them. Instead they are dumped on the creaking underfunded none existent infrastructure of ‘prisoner support’ which serves only to catch prisoners out and send them back to prison.

These 501s have swamped the domestic crime scene with a level of violence that is far in excess of what the domestic NZ gangs use and with their South American Cartel links, the 501s are importing a purer and cheaper meth that is causing enormous damage in our communities.

NZ hasn’t experienced a sudden influx of hardened criminals like this before and this in turn has domestic gangs arming themselves to protect them from the new level of 501 violence.

Our Police aren’t trained for the level of sophistication and brutality the 501’s use, our underfunded community programmes have no hope of rehabilitating them and our prison system is easily corruptible.

We have a perfect storm of problems and Australia is simply shipping more back.

This importation of a crime wave is going to have serious ramifications.

Current Police crack down – Police have reacted with an avalanche of arrests and targeted Organised Crime raids, the problem is that our prison system just isn’t designed to rehabilitate prisoners and may end up becoming a vast recruitment driver for the 501s, especially as NZ Prisons are so ripe for corruption.

Prison reform – Any hope for meaningful reforms inside our justice system are going to be bitterly disappointed. As the gang wars get worse, NZers won’t be demanding prisons that rehabilitate, they will be demanding prisons that punish and the indiscriminate violence 501s trade in will make that call incredibly easy.

Price of P will go down – With the South America Cartels providing purer, cheaper product, the price will plummet this summer as the 501s establish market share and get their

Brain bleed Hospitalisations to surge – With that purer product, expect a spike in brain bleed hospitalisations as long term meth users get product they physically can’t cope with.

Direct selling to community – Now supply lines are settled and 501 has dominance in the market place, expect more direct selling into the community with an explosion of dealers pimping P.

If the only Police tactic is to arrest everyone and see who is left standing, it will fail long term. Police Intelligence are gong to have to make a very conscious decision as to who the real threat is, the domestic gangs or the 501s.

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  1. Northland has had shooting every week for the last 6 weeks. Not in the local free paper, head buried in the sand by sections of this country.

    Scumo should be handing over some of the Australian federal budget to help us, and the rest of the pacific for his stupid idea which has done nothing, but help criminal networks spread.

  2. NZ Police operational tactics aren’t usually shared with media are they ? We’re stuck with these criminals, and rather than using them as a chance to whop the cops, slimey Aussies etc , I’d be fairly relaxed about letting them kill each other. Some innocent children might get snuffed out, but that’s the New Zealand way, their future pathways already look grim, and as Lilian in the street said, it diminishes the bad gene pool when kids are killed in certain circumstances.

    At every single level, everyday sort of people, and pathetic sort of people, and people doing thankless sort of jobs, can be brutally impacted on by bad bastards – let them kill each other – that’s the cost effective way; they may be victims too, but that’s nothing new either.

  3. I suspect the Polis know who the real threat is (at least under the new Commissar and well before), as do one or two pollies – unfortunately not the ones in the ‘inner circle’.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and good things take time in this space going forward, and they want change that sticks, and rhubarb rhubarb.

    • OnceWasTim: “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and good things take time in this space going forward, and they want change that sticks, and rhubarb rhubarb.”

      Heh! Word salad, I believe it’s called. You quoting the PM there?

  4. Australia is exposing a loophole in the law to export as many undesirables as it can to NZ. Regardless of the party at the time we have just accepted it like morons. Sure there has been strategically placed catcalls in the media from the Blairite moreover these had less effect than a sheet of wet toilet paper trying to stop an 18 wheel mack truck. Then when in the company of Scomo she rolls over on her tummy for a tickle.

    For the life of me I can’t believe we haven’t been inventive back to Australia (I dunno a transportation fee of $2m a pop for commercial airlines). No, like the good little nerds we are we quote the UN chapter and verse and it’s our society that gets screwed over. It’s the political equivalent of the Aussies shitting over our fence into our pool and then we pay for the pool to get cleaned.

    • Andrew: “Those 501s have led a life of crime.”

      Indeed. They’re hardened criminals: that’s why they’re being deported.

      “Best of luck trying to reform them!”

      No amount of rehab will make the slightest difference, by the looks of things. NZ ought to apply rehab resources – such as they are – to homegrown crims. There might be a prayer of making a difference with the local lot.

  5. Hopefully the NZ Police are monitoring the activities of the 501’s I doubt whether they will change their behaviour coming home to good old NZ. Gangs and drugs are a bigger threat and do more damage to our communities than International Terrorists IMHO ????

  6. Hopefully the NZ Police are monitoring the activities of the 501’s I doubt whether they will change their behaviour coming home to good old NZ. Gangs and drugs are a bigger threat and do more damage to our communities than International Terrorists IMHO ????

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