Let them rent cake??? Jacinda is blaming US for the housing crisis???


What on earth is she doing???

Jacinda Ardern says public bears some responsibility for housing crisis after failed taxation attempts

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is putting some onus on the public for the housing crisis, saying the Government had tried taxation to ease the soaring market three times without public support.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

SHE is the one who ruled out a capital gains tax.

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SHE is the one who ruled out a wealth tax.

SHE is the one who green-lit $100Billion into property speculation.

SHE is the one who failed with KiwBuild.

and SHE is the one who decided to continue a racist drug law by refusing to reform cannabis.

I appreciate that last one has nothing to do with house prices but I could really do with a joint after reading her comments.

Can I get a hell yeah?

Tough crowd.

Brothers and Sisters, having Jacinda blame ‘us’ because property speculating boomers have leveraged themselves into a powerful interest group and make meaningful change difficult is kinda like Trump blaming all those pesky voting citizens for losing the election.

Leadership requires doing difficult things, sure forcing all those property speculating boomers to hand over some of that ill gotten booty ain’t going to be easy, but that’s the job isn’t it.

Blaming ‘us’ for her lack of Leadership on Housing should be a giant flashing warning sign that the Prime Minister is disconnected from the reality of the situation.

This is Jacinda’s ‘Let them rent cake’ moment.


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  1. When she says The Public, does she mean the public who are screwing over the public, or the public being screwed by the public? I really don’t know who she is talking about, or to, but one thing is for sure: if there were only 15% swing in public support, maybe the 15% of public being screwed, that should be enough for her to be thinking about doing something. The question then becomes: if I’m getting voted out next election, whose interests should I further, today? Probably this has occurred to her, and so she squealed that life as one of the most powerful, future-assured people in the world, wasn’t fair.

  2. The Green P.s ‘wealth tax’ would have done a huge amount of additional damage to property price affordability, as everyone with more than $lmillion in equity would have to choose between paying tax or levying their equity to buy more property. Hard choice, between paying tax or investing in more property at tax-payer supported rates.

    This is just another example of the Green Party policies having no basis in reality, and creating totally predictable adverse outcomes. I think Jacinda is one of the worst PMs we’ve ever had, but at least she got this one right ruling out the wealth tax which would have brought in no income while worsening housing affordability.

    CGT might be just as bad unless it is on everything, including the private home. Many rich people looking to invest in property faced with CGT on additional properties but not on their family home will simply put the money into lifting their primary home value, having the same overall impact on house prices as buying additional property. Housing supply is the issue, not CGT/wealth taxes.

    • Ben, There has to be a reason why both National and Labour, have failed to implement housing stock, with the former actually flogging off houses. It could be incompetence, but it still looks like policy to keep people down, and the reason why is hard to see – I think.

      Ardern blaming the public, is just Pontius Pilot stuff – somebody probably told her it would work.

  3. The trouble is the whole of the Labour party, the Green party and the Maori party are as middle class lucky as you can git. Ain’t no reality there cept from ‘ma man from sudan'(aka Ibrahim Omer from Eritrea) ….he knows.


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