9000 crimes from Australian 501s – don’t tell me you are surprised NZ?


Come on. Not one of you can seriously be surprised by this right…

Kiwi deportees from Australia causing escalating crime wave in New Zealand

New figures reveal Australia’s crackdown on Kiwi criminals has caused an escalating crime wave in New Zealand.

Since 2015, Australia has sent back over 2000 people and more than half have committed offences since being back in New Zealand. In total, they’ve now committed 9000 offences including home invasions, assaults, and child sex crimes, and more than 2000 instances of “dishonesty”, like theft.

…these men have no roots in NZ, they have no community to support them. Instead they are dumped on the creaking underfunded none existent infrastructure of ‘prisoner support’ which serves only to catch prisoners out and send them back to prison.

These 501s have swamped the domestic crime scene with a level of violence that is far in excess of what the domestic NZ gangs use and with their South American Cartel links, the 501s are importing a purer and cheaper meth that is causing enormous damage in our communities.

Our response to date is to simply accept Australia dumping prisoners here, but with the climate crisis set to burn Australia from the face of the planet, we should be using the deep resentment this 501 policy is causing to justify shutting down the border with Australia when their citizens start fleeing the oppressive heat waves.

NZ is a lifeboat, right now Australia is exploiting our good will by dumping any none citizen into our lifeboat causing enormous social fiction.

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Let that resentment grow, let it poison all it touches, let these 501s cause their damage, because when the next wave of climate disrupting events occur, there will be a feral hatred of Australians that can be easily exploited when they start trying to climb into our lifeboat.

Let Australians reap their bitter harvest.

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  1. No Zealand was a lifeboat… now it’s a Chinese outpost and a haven for foreign capital… bring on the lumpenproletariat and the downfall of the illegitimate No Zealand puppet state.

  2. Or Australia could end the ability of NZers to travel, work and live there freely. So Kiwis would be on the same basis as people from Hong Kong, China, Canada, US etc – trying to immigrate there.

    Careful what you wish for.

    • OZ want Kiwis, even though in our own country we are not wanted as “too lazy and unreliable”.

      “Kiwis are being promised $2000 if they relocated to Australia to take up short-term agricultural work, in a campaign to fill worker gaps over the ditch.

      The campaign is being advertised on the Australian Government’s jobseeker website, and information was also sent to Kiwis in an email vaia not-for-profit hostel, backpackers and travel organisation, with New Zealand urged to do their “big OE in OZ”,” according to NZHerald.co.nz.

      Participants need to work for at least six weeks and at least 120 hours in agricultural work.”

      NZ needs to stop allowing OZ residents to come to NZ and automatically get benefits and rights. Instead NZ should adopt the same criteria as OZ for immigration, aka free movement but not automatic rights to NZ benefits, health and housing.

  3. On the contrary this will be a slow moving poison affecting NZ. These are hardened criminals that will look to profit from pain and misery. Once covid is over and the economy as predicted stalls (there’s only so many outdoor pizza ovens, X3s and Managawhai batches you can sell) law and order will become a larger issue in NZ’s politics where Woke Coster won’t be able to fudge the stats for too much longer. Added to this on defence for the government is an untried Poto Williams and a “Kelvin’. Expert this to be a ‘seeping pus’ for the government going forward.

    As for ‘Stayla’ – they don’t care. The middle over there is far more redneck therefore a ‘deport first, ask questions later’ is a gold standard political strategy. Look at the silence from Australian Labour over this. It’s akin to throwing your rubbish over the neighbour’s fence and at no stage has NZ had the gumption to seriously challenge this being the UN-guided nerds we are.

    • Yes, using guns in crime & against Police is much commoner in Australia (with their “superior” gun laws), plus as a bonus it is well known that if you fire on Police in NZ, they will break off a pursuit, even if you just use a blank firing toy. Also lots of money in meth, so it’s a business worth protecting.

      • So all the sturm und drang around the urgency of changing our Arms Act and not waiting for the Royal Commission may all have been for naught.

        I’m reminded of Hyacinth from “Keeping up Appearances”, for some reason

  4. It’s time to boot Australia out of NZ. First expel their bank the ANZ. Second refuse to accept their cast offs. NZ does not need Australia. They treat us like shit.

  5. NZ Police are no match for the Aussie Gangs, they play hard ball with their pea shooters, our Police don’t have the skill set to deal with these low life who basically require a bullet in the back of their heads. P is destroying many NZ rural towns and all this Government does is sit back and watch, Time for Cindy and the NZ Police to harden up against P and these Aussie Gangs IMHO ????

  6. 9000 Crimes they are the ones that got recorded, what about the unrecorded crimes and the damage done to our communities. Does this Government have a strategy to deal with these Gangs ???

    These Gangs are a bigger menace to society than the International Terrorists who successive Labour/National Governments have been obsessed with.

  7. For their own safety and safety of others, these big tough men committing sex crimes against children should be deported back to their own country, with a Bible and a castration, to get the help they need

  8. Before deportation they need an Mfat diplomat to offer each 501 an opportunity to renounce New Zealand citizenship. Then turn back any plane they are sent on.

  9. Isn’t wanting gangs to come to NZ part of NZ’s free market competition?

    NZ has been turning a blind eye to Asian and South American gangs becoming dominant in NZ for decades.

  10. The argument with the 501’s is a poor one. No, i don’t like them either, and no I’m not surprised by the crime wave they’ve causing, but Australia is only doing what we do to non-residents who commit serious crimes here…we put them in our prisons awhile, and then we send them back to wherever they come from. That’s the big problem here, none of these scumbags are applying for permanent residency in Australia despite how long they’ve lived there. So ofcourse the Aus government is going to deport them back home. Wouldn’t you? Have I missed something here?

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