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CNN, whose coverage has been excellent and beautiful, have called Pennsylvania for Biden and while we reel in shock at Trump’s growth of vote and his expansion of support with black males, hispanics and the uneducated, while we look at the deadlock in the Senate and the Republican gains in the House, while we try to calculate the damage Trump’s Presidency has caused – at least, right now we can gleefully declare a resounding scream of joy that this fucking orange tumour of a human being has been fired by the people of America!

Thank you America!

His hatred, his spite, his bewildering malice, his obscene revenge fantasies – it’s fucking over!

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His making black people, Muslim people, women, children fearful for their day to day existence was an abomination of power and a dark moment when America could have plunged into a Crypto-fascist state.

His disgraceful Tax cuts for corporations, his rolling back of climate change legislation, his horrific Pandemic incompetence – all of it goes with him into the trash bin of history.

His Qanon conspiracy theories, his anti science, his gleeful ignorance.

It. Is. All. Fucking. Over!

It feels like we have all been in a  collective abusive relationship with this narcissistic freak.

This is a moment of genuine global relief, that Trump’s malevolence has not been rewarded and celebrated by the majority, but has been repudiated by people of good conscience.

Let’s be clear – this spontaneous explosion of euphoric joy that is erupting on the streets of America right now is because we are seeing the beginning of the end of Trump – no one is celebrating Biden with his tepid nothingness policies that will do little to heal the damage caused – but criticism of Democratic incrementalism is far less important right now than the demise of the Trump nightmare.

We have closed a bleak chapter brothers and sisters and I am so much more emotionally relieved than I realised. We all carried a toxic wound while he was in power, it feels like all the pus is being squeezed from our souls by him losing.

It is so difficult to pin point one moment that managed to sum up his hostile venom, but the revelation that over 500 children separated at the border couldn’t find their parents managed to represent Trump’s animosity best.

Fuck Trump.

I don’t blame his supporters, I understand they have been failed by the two party system, they have been failed by neoliberalism, they have been failed by an America that rewards the corporates first, they are lost, they are frightened and they are easily led. For them we must extend the hand of fellowship and basic human decency.

But for the vile creature who twisted their resentment and hijacked their pain, fuck him.

The only thing you can say that is positive about Trump is that he didn’t start any American war. That’s it.

Trump needs to go now, and let the rest of the planet heal.

PS – We would all like to apologise in advance for the country Biden starts bombing after his inauguration in January.

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  1. For the first time in US history, a woman is voted in as US Vice President. (Why has it taken them so long?)

  2. As if you think it makes a fucking difference?

    Trump was not the favoured candidate of the corporates and the corporate media was overwhelmingly against him. That was why he lost.

    He did incredibly well given the unfair odds he was against.

    “The only thing you can say that is positive about Trump is that he didn’t start any American war. That’s it.”
    Well, is that not a big fucking thing.

    There is another positive —a conservative supreme court. At least this will slow the sick moral freak show the West is becoming and trying to foist on to the rest of the world.

    • Mark having war waged on you because a few rich psychopaths want to steal your resources, IS A VERY BIG THING.
      Trump killed an Iranian general using drones. He also authorised many drone attacks illegally invading other states, supported the rediculous faux nomination of a Venezuelan “president” Guaido who was never voted for and a raft of other made in USA crimes.
      He sucked up to the Zionists running Israel and crushing the Palestinians as well as condoned the compromising of Jerusalem. He withdrew the small support that the USA gave to Palestine financially but strengthened the billions given freely to Israel. An absolute arsehole bordering on mentally disordered.

      But Biden is a war criminal with a history of mass killing at his behest.

      • Trump withdrew from the nuclear agreement with Iran and from the INF.
        He also threatened to go nuclear, three times.

        • Kheala: “Trump withdrew from the nuclear agreement with Iran…”

          As I recall, before the 2016 election,Trump had signalled his displeasure with that deal, and what was supposedly going on in Iran.

          Obama did that deal in the dying days of his presidency. All the evidence suggests that he did it so as to get up Netanyahu’s nose: the two were known to detest one another. Remember that Congress had invited Netanyahu to address it; to the fury of Obama, though he couldn’t prevent it.

          On the other hand, Trump and Netanyahu are very friendly; not surprising things have turned out as they have.

          My personal view is that Iran has been unjustifiably harassed by the US. And Israel, of course. But my opinion doesn’t count.

            • John W: “Israel illegally has nuclear weapons that are not open to international inspection.
              Iran is a baddy as they are accused of moving towards developing nuclear weapons.
              A nuclear free Middle East was proposed with support by many nations.”

              I completely agree with you. The ME situation is dire. The history of Western meddling there – including the establishment of the state of Israel, and unconditional US support for it since – goes back a very long way.

              And for those of us who’ve been alive long enough, we’re well aware of the reasons for contemporary US vindictiveness against Iran. Though I wouldn’t be sure that Trump – or his last few predecessors – knew about it.

              For those who don’t know, it dates from the overthrow of the Shah in 1979. The Shah had been installed in a coup d’état (engineered by the US and UK) in 1953. During the 1979 revolution, 52 US diplomats and citizens were held hostage after Iranian students took over the US Embassy in Tehran in November 1979.

              The students finally freed those hostages in January 1981, just after Ronald Reagan delivered his inaugural address. It’s believed that the hostage crisis cost Carter – who’d been president at the time of the hostage-taking – a second term.

              I vividly remember those events. We held our collective breaths, as I recall, fearing the prospect of wider conflict. Which fortunately didn’t come to pass.

              Instead, we now have the current imbroglio. It’s always been about oil: all that ghastly stuff done by the West in the ME.

              As it is now in Venezuela.

      • John W: I doubt very much that you think that these things you adduce wouldn’t have happened under the aegis of a Dem president. I’m sure that you’re well aware of the realities.

        Anyone in any doubt about this need only go back and look at the record of Barack Obama (and all of his predecessors, come to that). But don’t look at msm reportage, which was almost universally fawning. Go look at the events which actually happened. Have a look at this, for instance:

        There are other sources. Happy hunting.

        • D’E
          You are right and recent history shows no matter what POTUS is elected in, they will follow the MIC agenda. Trump was certainly not squeaky clean but made the lives of millions utterly miserable causing many thousands of deaths.
          The lesser of two evils is still evil.

    • The US becoming less of a viral reservoir would make a difference Mark. Trump lost by more than 4 million votes, it’s only the sick freak show that is the electoral college that made it at all competitive. But yeah, that conservative supreme court is there for a while (barring a sudden death spree), especially while supported by a republican senate.

      • Forget what, the electoral college is just like first past the post and many democracies like the UK use this system. Please be more informed and acknowledge that trump got more votes than Obama and try to understand why this happened some of us can probably help if you are interested in listening

        • “acknowledge that trump got more votes than Obama ”

          Why do you offer this irrelevant factoid? He got more votes than T Roosevelt too.

    • Another positive: he also booted “critical race theory” into touch, though Biden and Kamala will no doubt quickly overturn that move.

      But the expression that comes to mind is “even a stopped clock is right twice a day”. Trump’s cancelling of Obamacare looked mindless and vindictive, and his hostility to (and ignorance of) science was embarrassing and downright dangerous.

      • PP II: “Trump’s cancelling of Obamacare looked mindless and vindictive….”

        I remember reading about this on sundry US blogsites before the 2016 election. Obamacare was wildly unpopular among the middle classes: because of the way it was structured, it put enormous upward pressure on the premiums they had to pay.

        In addition, large sections of the populace considered it to be SOCIALIST! Only a short step away from COMMUNISM! You know how paranoid the Yanks are about anything that they perceive to be socialist. And therefore communist. Yeah: weird, I know, but that’s Yanks for you.

        • The majority of yanks wouldn’t have a clue what communism is.
          China for example is communist in name only.
          They approach it but never got there.

  3. Bernie said this a month ago, and it is even more relevant now:

    “We cannot go back to business as usual after we defeat Trump. We cannot and must not go back to business as usual,” the Vermont senator said during the virtual event Monday night. “Progressives today understand that if we’re gonna stand up for working families, stand up for the poor, stand up for the children, stand up for the elderly and the disabled, stand up for the minority communities that are under attack all across this country.”

    Noting that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and economic collapse deepened wealth and income inequities that existed prior to the crisis—which has been characterized as the most unequal recession in modern U.S. history—Sanders urged Democrats to embrace a bold alternative vision and take action to fundamentally “transform our country.”

    “We must have the courage to think big, not small,” said Sanders, “and have the courage to envisage a very different kind of America and a very different set of national priorities.” Calling Biden Victory is Step One, Sanders Says

    See and hear Bernie saying this and more, at this link: Bernie Sanders Tweet 3rd Nov 2020

    • I’m a bit disappointed if this is all Bernie had to say because without any specific plan it is empty rhetoric.
      I don’t see any suggestion being made anywhere that biden or harris have any plans for this kind of transformation.
      D J S

      • Bernie was either bought off or threatened. His switcharoo was just to sudden and complete.
        If Bernie was the Dem candidate Trump would have been thrashed.
        Trump and Biden as alternatives leave many with no one to vote for. Both are/were bad news for the world.

        But the Corporate power and money had their way, as its them who rule the USA and Western world. The politicians have but little power. In the USA they are bought.

      • Bernie is speaking to progressives, to “millions of progressive, grassroots activists”, as he makes clear in his Thank You video tweet today.

        He is calling for a “People’s agenda” and a “Powerful movement that demands that that agenda be implemented”. He has inspired a movement before, and he is calling for such a movement again now. He has the ability to inspire and to motivate, in a way that mere rhetoric could never do.

        • Bernie was looking great this time in the early primaries until the first one that was an “open ” primary;meaning that anyone Democrat or republican could vote for the Democrat candidate. Many Republicans proudly claimed to have voted for Biden in that primary for the candidate they would prefer Trump to be in opposition to. Then covid turned the primaries into a circus.
          There are some peculiar and not very democratic characteristics of the American system of democracy.
          D J S

  4. “Progressives Made Trump’s Defeat Possible. Now It’s Time to Challenge Biden and Other Corporate Democrats.” — Norman Solomon Its time to challenge Biden and other

    Without a strong progressive program as a rudder, the Biden presidency will be awash in much the same old rhetorical froth and status-quo positions that have so often caused Democratic incumbents to founder, bringing on GOP electoral triumphs.

    The evident defeat of Donald Trump would not have been possible without the grassroots activism and hard work of countless progressives. Now, on vital issues—climate, healthcare, income inequality, militarism, the prison-industrial complex, corporate power and so much more—it’s time to engage with the battle that must happen inside the Democratic Party. Full article at the link.

      • Jack said today that he was enjoying being there and he looked quite at home. He lived in NY for a while, when he was the TVNZ US correspondent. He was there for the 2016 US election.

  5. The U.S. has in the past had the audacity to question the election integrity of other countries. After this farce they will not dare. In a way I wish Trump had won so that at least the other half of their party, the Democrats, would have started to unravel in the next four years. One more term of Trump may have exposed the Dems once and for all and brought about change. Instead, like a care home resident who stops taking their antibiotics prematurely, the infection is able to survive and grow even stronger. The contagion of war mongering neoliberalism lives. And this is what the American public were forced to vote for, sleepy weepy joe, who some have described as quirky while others have called a bumbling, senile serial abuser who condemned millions to prison or death. He is Obama without the charm or manipulative skill, and twenty years older. The less said about his soulless, phony deputy, who no-one voted for, the better (see progressives such as Jimmy Dore for a full briefing on this psychopath). Expect the media, corporates, pseudo celebrities and government’s to fall in line and gush over these wax figures for months or until reality hits, whichever comes first.
    So go to him Jacinda, Joe exposed in full view, let him drape his arms over your shoulders and draw you in close, let him caress your neck with his runny nose as he sniffs your hair hungrily, and feel his lips touch your ear lobes as he gently whispers “Jacinda, my wife, let’s start another war”.

  6. Why the cheering? What makes you think the Democrats are any different to the Republicans? For example, both were in agreement on sanctions for Venezuela because it wont let the US plunder its natural resources. Sanctions that threaten to potentially kill an estimated 40000 and up to 100,000 people in that country.

    The last Democratic government started far more wars than this one too.

    So hooray for what exactly?

  7. Watch how the Corona Virus hype dissipates once Bien takes office. Because let’s be honest, Biden is going to do exactly the same things (i.e. next to nothing) that Trump did, but when Biden does nothing the MSM will be cheering on how the virus magically disappeared due to Biden’s expert leadership.

  8. One bright spark for the future: the US now have their own ‘Green Chloe’.
    Democratic state Rep. Chloe Maxmin, a progressive champion who ran on the promise of a Green New Deal and offering a “politics as public service” in a strong GOP district, is the new Senator for the State of Maine.

    Two years after winning a seat in the state House of Representatives, representing conservative, rural District 88, Maxmin secured a win in her challenge to state Senate Republican Leader Dana Dow. As in her first campaign for elected office, Maxmin won over voters in state Senate District 13… by engaging deeply with her community and offering a platform focused on climate action, investing in universal broadband access, and treating healthcare as a human right. Green New Deal Champion Chloe Maxmin

  9. The sad thing is that Trump is not the problem and those who have swallowed the MSM narrative of the last 4 years clearly have no understanding of the issues in play.
    Lets us consider some facts, Trump got more votes than Barrack Obama, Democrats lost ground in the house and yet Biden got more votes than Trump. There have been a huge number of Biden votes with no down vote on the ballot. if you don’t know what this means then this is part of the problem. Yes trump is not a nice person but Biden a 47 year politician voted for the Iraq invasion, was VP when Hillary provided seed funding for ISIS, is already talking about going back into Syria and remaining in Afghanistan, a d supporter of the Industrial War Machine

    • Yet Democrat Mr Obama leaves the White House having authorised ten times more drone strikes than George W Bush and having been at war for longer than any President in US history.

      Celebrations due indeed, just as I did when this rhetoric laden weasel, war monger left office, did you Kheala?

      • The G W Bush/ Dick Cheney instigated war on Iraq had caused some 650,000 casualties by 2006, according to Lancet: Lancet, Iraq War Casualties.
        A Reuters survey of 2008 had put the number at a million Iraqis. Reuters Iraq Deaths Survey Jan 2008.
        There was a sharp drop in the annual toll from 2008, the year that Obama was elected President, according to this article: National Geographic, Iraq War Deaths

        How many of those were drone strikes? We do not know, as Bush did not even acknowledge the existence of the targeted killing program: Obama final drone strike data.

      • President Obama deserves credit for even acknowledging the existence of the targeted killing program (something his predecessor did not do), and for increasing transparency into the internal processes that purportedly guided the authorization of drone strikes.

        However, many needed reforms were left undone—in large part because there was zero pressure from congressional members, who, with few exceptions, were the biggest cheerleaders of drone strikes. That was written for the Council for Foreign Relations, on 20th Jan 2017, the first day of Mr Trump’s administration. Obamas final drone strike data

        So, what did Trump do? He revoked Obama’s executive order requiring greater transparency.

        President Donald Trump has revoked a policy set by his predecessor requiring US intelligence officials to publish the number of civilians killed in drone strikes outside of war zones.

        The Trump administration said the rule was “superfluous” and distracting.

        As of March 2019, “There have been 2,243 drone strikes in the first two years of the Trump presidency, compared with 1,878 in Mr Obama’s eight years in office, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, a UK-based think tank”. Trump revokes Obama rule on reporting drone strike deaths.

      • The two long running wars Obama’s Admin was involved in were both initiated by G W Bush.

        Extracting forces from a region – during Obama much more unstable than it was before Bush’s US engagement in the first place – is not as easily done as involving troops in the first place.

        The world is more complicated than you think. Simplistic comparisons are asinine.

  10. Probably the best Bomber I have ever read !

    I loved the raw cathartic emotion ,entwined with lashings of genuine relief .

  11. I think I would hold off on that “resounding scream of joy” until we find out what sort of presidency the Biden variety turns out to be.

  12. For the US election to be called all 50 governors must submit their certifications + Congress must vote to accept them. Although any other outcome is highly improbable, rules are rules.

    Last I checked we have four States remaining.

    • Exactly. MSM and social media giants calling the result should concern anyone vaguely intelligent enough to realise due electoral process has to be followed.

  13. His QAnon conspiracy theories

    The QAnon conspiracy theorists are not gone, however. Several newly elected Republican House Reps are closely affiliated with these, according to this article in Daily Kos.

    One of these is Marjorie Taylor Greene.
    But it’s not just that Greene is a QAnon promoter. That bit is only part of an extensive list of conspiracy claims Greene has adopted. Greene has made numerous racist videos and rants condemning Black and Hispanic Americans, Muslims, and Soros. She speculated that the Charlottesville rally of white nationalists that resulted in violence and the death of one counter-protester was an “inside job” meant to discredit the right, speculated that the Las Vegas mass shooting was staged by the government in order to justify new gun laws, and promoted “Pizzagate”…

    Others of her activities are described at the link, including this:
    In September, Greene posted to Facebook an image of herself holding an assault rifle next to pictures of Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar, declaring that “Hate America leftists want to take this country down,” and that “Americans must take our country back.” (There’s more, but it gets too depressing to repeat it.) Ms Greene’s win of a new seat in the House is also covered at this Guardian link .

  14. According to one cnn reporter Kushner has finally translated the writing on the wall and is trying to convey that to his pa-in-law.

    • They got that wrong. “US news website Axios is now contradicting an earlier report by CNN that Jared Kushner had advised Trump to concede.

      “The Axios report quoted an unidentified source “close to Jared Kushner” as saying he has advised Trump to pursue “legal remedies” to the election.” From today’s Guardian live updates at 17 15.

  15. Such a massive release. And Biden said he understood Trump came from not looking after the people.

    I think any old idiot could’ve been Trump in this situation, if they had no conscience. So not a NZer, unless you were Billy TK or the Bishop chap.

    The US election clears the air of fucken nonsense. And lets keep on that line.

  16. Trump still has a valid ‘legalistic’ path to power.

    The Atlantic maps out the route:

    The good news is that there has not (as yet) been an “Orange Revolution–style mass protest sustained over weeks”.

    The spontaneous outpourings of mass joy on the streets of America at Trump’s electoral defeat has hosed down the possibility of an ” Orange Revolution–style mass protest sustained over weeks.”

    Trump may still issue a call (by tweet) for mass protests of support, but will his call be answered by his followers? My feeling is no.
    Because Joy trumps hate.

    The people really will decide.

  17. Newspapers don’t get to call elections: There’s a few months of legal action coming before anything is decided.

    (Famously the NY Times ‘called’ the Bush/Gore election in favour of Gore…)

  18. Massive media propaganda effort to force Trump to concede

    Tara Robinson
    9 hours ago
    Force him to concede?! This election isn’t certified yet. The media cannot declare the election, more propaganda, lies and fake news. Just wait. The level of corruption will be revealed on a massive scale. Mark my words, Trump will be President a second term and will be vindicated beyond a reasonable doubt.

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